New York At It’s Best

November 13, 2013 Manhattan, The Dirty 53 93,316 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am not against people having a good time, but a $300 cover for this? New York has truly shown why fashion parties need to be kept out of the club. Sean, Michel, Jean, or Chris, take your drunken parties back to Europe. Not allowing walk ins is a slap to our faces you jerks.

Chicks in NYC are so beat and stuck up… they all act like you owe them something just for eye contact.- nik

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Amazing Rescue Caught On Camera

November 12, 2013 Manhattan, The Dirty 16 94,236 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Monday morning emergency services squad officers literally wrestled a jumper back to safety. In a video released by the NYPD, police pull a man back from a ledge at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.  You can see this guy totally wants to die but they stop that from happening.

Pretty risky on the Cops part by going for the grab. If he would have missed his career would have been over.- nik

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The Difference Makeup Can Do

November 12, 2013 Hollywood, Manhattan, The Dirty 206 103,952 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I came across these before and afters of porn stars and the makeup is literally the only reason these women have careers. I am shocked, they are such a f*cking scam.

92% of women are scams.- nik

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Proof Drugs Make You Crazy

November 11, 2013 Los Angeles, Manhattan 6 10,367 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is straight up PSYCHO!! her name is ashlin jaffe and she’s from orange county but has lived in LA & NYC. she’s a delusional m*th/h*roin addict who’s ruined her looks with drugs and face injections. each month, she’s something new…a signer with an album coming out, a yoga instructer, a skater, actress that’s gonna be in a movie, i could go on and on. she even goes as far as to steal other peoples instagram pics and post them as her own. like the one with the boobs, that’s porcelain blacks picture. this girl’s “boyfriend” ryan bright, murdered his best friend jenson grey at there santa monica m*th party. wherever ashlin goes she reeks havoc on whatever situation she’s in. anyone she tries to befriend, she ends up fucking over. i almost feel bad posting this, but then i think about how evil, stuck up, fake, mean, obnoxious, pathological, she is and maybe this will be a wake up call. no one can stand to be around this girl, the drama she brings is unimaginable. she also is still with the guy (even tho he’s in jail) that was charged w.murder!! who does that? she’s so into drugs and has been for years she’s completely fried, she needs help

People who have trouble opening their eyes are trouble.- nik

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The Prostitute Justin Bieber Had Sex With

November 8, 2013 Hollywood, Manhattan, Rio De Janeiro, The Dirty 44 107,198 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the prostitute bragging about having sex with Justin Bieber while he was in Brazil. My only question is, man or woman?

Definitely a MAN.- nik

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Trophy Wife is a Porta Potty

November 7, 2013 Fresno, Manhattan, New York 4 7,422 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik I finally get what Trophy Wife Julie Lin is about and where she’s getting her money for all her hooker accessories. She’s a Porta Potty. Here’s a question from a Toronto woman who has come to her blog about how to create accounts on SeekingArrangemen[]: (click here for article) Girl asks if she should stay loyal to one Trout. Trophy Wife say, “Spread your wings and legs – don’t get tied down to just one sugar daddy! Who knows maybe a new one has even more assets to offer? Men are like designer handbags, diamonds and shoes: the more you have the better. Unless you and your sugar daddy have had the exclusive conversation, feel free to collect as many dudes as possible – because you never know how many other bitches he has on the side.” Spoken like a true professional. I wonder how much she charges??

She looks like the tag along.- nik

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Would You Ever Date A Guy Who’s Slept With A Prostitute

November 7, 2013 Manhattan, The Dirty 189 102,330 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this guy name of Danny Lachs Douchebag Liar. He is Jewish, I been dating for 9 months.
He’d introduce me to his friends and all. He told me he found me funny and that he really liked my company. I was very happy when all these happened because I already liked him.  I invested a lot of emotional feelings into this relationship and we made out and had sex and I really like this guy because he is caring, loving, gentlemanly and has the sweetest temper I thought he acually liked me too.

I couldn’t detach myself from the feelings I had for him.  He told me he has been single for and I found out he has a wife her name is JENNA SCHACHTER LACHS.  I am devastated and then my friend showed me something on facebook… Pictures of him and his wife going overseas together and taking loving pictures of hugging and kissing each other; just a week before we had sex. And then I found out that they have been married for the past 2 years, but he has kept the relationship in the dark.

I found out he has been sleeping with prostitutes for he says about 5 years (I think it might be longer).  He has been cheating his wife with prostitutes the entire marriage and before. He got PROSTITUTES all the time. Usually two at a time, four times a week.  Looking at his phone and found all these differenct numbers each month to Escorts, massage parlors ett…I reversed look up on the internet thats when I found out what they were. I found pictures of those Prostitutes on his phone also…. I’m pregnant: Now what?

I can’t tell if Hunky looks good for 30 years old?- nik

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Please Help

November 5, 2013 Manhattan 18 7,339 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Samantha Kathryn, an escort from NY. I know she has been posted on here before, but I do not believe it was accurate information. I’m writing you today because I used to be a regular client of hers, I guess you could say I was her sugar daddy. But I also recommended her to a lot of my friends. We are all wealthy, professionals in NYC and Philly. During the time I was a client, I wanted to marry her, I sometimes still do want to. I gave her the world, still to this day, I pay some of her bills and I buy her a new pair of louboutins every month. In return, we have lunch or dinner together, see a movie or just hang out. She makes me happy. I am not posting this because I dont like her or she used me up; I’m posting this because I truly care about her. The reason why I am posting this is because she now sees clients that I didn’t introduce her to. One of her current clients is in the NFL and the last time she saw him, he beat her up. She called me immediately after and came to my home, she had bruises on her face and arms. I asked her to marry me, I told her that I would take her away from this life. She said no, she said the athletes pay too much to stop. She went to get into bed and she knocked her purse off of couch, she was so out of it that she didn’t even stop to pick it up. Everything fell out- money, makeup, her ID and a small bag of white powder- we all know what that is. I didn’t say anything, I just put it all back into her purse. This is why I need the dirty army. She needs help. I’m hoping that she will see this and she will stop; that she will realize that she is not safe. How do I help her? How do I let her see that I genuinely care? Because saying obviously isn’t enough.

You pawned her off to your friends and still wanna be her??? I don’t get it, sounds like you could afford much better.- nik

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