It’s Not Fair

January 28, 2014 Kanye Chest, Manhattan, The Dirty 181


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, let me preface this by saying I’m a woman (and not a closeted bi-curious man). I find Kanye Chest to be super attractive. Whoever performed her surgeries deserves a Nobel peace prize. Bottom line: it’s not fair that most women don’t even look this good. She (well, technically he) is killing the game! Life is so unfair sometimes… I know straight business men and congressmen going gay for him.  Its insane.

I saw Kanye Chest in person. The dude knows how to work a room.- nik

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Lana Shwartz The Backside Queen Update

January 27, 2014 Manhattan 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lana’s x-boyfriend Max Komsky…Him or his roommate clearly wrote this post about her. Max has been obsessing over Lana ever since she found a new boyfriend he wont leave her alone. He even goes as far as sending her bottles of champagne while she’s having dinner with her boyfriend. He is a serious drug addict him and his roommate throw drug-fueled parties at their apartment everyday that are charged on Max’s daddies blackcard.They’re real sleeze -balls!!! Get this the kid Max hates to shower the body oder that comes off of him is so disturbing…BTW – the one on the left is max

Not a very subtle stalker.- nik

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Alan Dove, Fat Arthur

January 27, 2014 Manhattan 239

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Alan Dove the infamous “can’t get hard” loser. Dove has been with more girls than most but hasnt got hard once, let alone release. Its a sad story not being able to reproduce. Maybe the reason for this is HES GAY. He had his friends stick a bottle of Hennesy in his ass while he was xanaxed out in miami. He woke up and they told him it was a tranny, poor kid. He has all the money you need (stolen credit card numbers) and is still depressed. All he does is post gay instagram quotes and ugly seflies… Has to hang out with his coke blowing roommate MAX KUMSKY (KOMSKY). Another poor kid…steals his daddys money to buy an eight ball every friday. Has his daddy pay for his ugly refrigerator looking car and his tiny apt he shares w Alan Dove. Max KUMSKY should just stay home on the weekends, poor kid gets hit everywhere he goes, his stuttering wo’t get any better from these haymakers. KUMSKY has to buy his friends things on his daddys credit card so he can have some cash for blow. These two have a friend FAT ARTHUR “PARTY ARTY” biggest male bottle hoe in the city, poor kid his gf Glo cheats on him. FAT ARTHUR brings his net worth everywhere he goes, on his wrist. TEAM BALLIN…

If women give you a limp wrist you should question your sexuality..- nik

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Jeffrey Ferraioli Desperate Weasel

January 27, 2014 Manhattan 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jefferey Ferraioli who is from Kent New York.. Hes so desperate and pitiful.. He works as a corrections officer and aside from having a turkey neck he and no life! He thinks he can get any woman he wants.. He fat and has back acne along w hair covering his whole body except his head! He gets on craigslist everyday and posts personels ad looking for a wife / girlfriend in every city in the midwest for them to relocate.. He such a cornball and is obssesed w craigslist hookups..

Does that say ‘porno’ or ‘homo’ on his shirt?- nik

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Lana Shwartz The Backside Queen

January 25, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 303


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I had to write this girl up because its about time someone put her on blast. Her friend Gamze was actually featured in a post last week. Seems to me like they forgotten about the Anal Queen. This girl has been f*cking guys left and right since she was 16. I swear Nik at one point if you walked into a club in New York City half of the club literally banged her. Since a little girl something has been missing in her life you can tell by her obsession with Greg. The girl is not even a gold digger she is just obsessed with penis. This girl is so bad that she finally found a nice guy and still has the nerve to keep cheating on him. Yes he lives in his moms basement and deals drugs but hes still a nice kid. Her old boyfriend who used to support her with an authorized American Express card banged her out about a month ago while she was with her current boyfriend. He found out and told her that as long as no one finds out hell still be with her. Poor kid. Really poor kid.

I love New York.- nik

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Justin Ross Lee Is The New Donnie Azoff

January 25, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just saw Wolf of Wall Street and loved it. I have a lot of respect for the fact Jonah Hill was willing to do the film for the SAG bare minimum salary of $60k just to work with Martin Scorsese. His character was so good I almost didn’t recognize him. He was meant to resemble the real life former Stratton Oakmont executive Danny Porush. However, I can’t help but notice he more closely resembled bankrupt wannabe socialite Justin Ross Lee. Comedic. These bright white, false chompers look like chicklets (the old school mexican gum), not actual teeth.

Dude stop submitting yourself. Do you not get it when I delete your submissions ten times a day. Nobody cares about you Mr. Lee.- nik

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The Lebanese Barbie

January 24, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Diana Ismail is an 19 year old from my town. She goes to club Rumor 35 every weekend because it’s the only place underage girls can party. She brings a guy home every week and asks everyone in the club to follow her on instagram so she can be instafamous. She also shows off her triple Ds to the entire world. People need to know the real truth about Lebanese Barbie.

I hate Lebanese food, it always gives me diarrhea.- nik

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Manda Boo

January 24, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: so Amanda or “manda boo” as she calls herself thinks way too high of herself, she was stupid enough to fall in love with some twat who would tell everyone he was with her out of pity, yet he would tell her that she was pretty and so almost all his friends would tell her that as well. Well now cause of this douchebag this girl thinks shes the shit, and has even gone so far as to completely ignore me even though i was always there for her as a “Friend”. well now its time to expose this bitch, maybe shell realize shes not a dime and stop ignoring people who TRULY care for her. someone needs to tell her how ugly she REALLY is and who better than you? Nik, please help this girl so she can help herself.

You can’t suck in all day, put a shirt back on.- nik

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