Tierany Rudolph Does Not Look Like A Barbie

March 29, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know there has been posts on here about this girl before. Tierany Rudolph claims to be a “Barbie”. This chick is sooo delusional! Not only is she GROSS without her makeup (which she puts n with a butter knife), but she bangs anything with a Greg!! she says shes a nice person but she’s not! always bashing people and acting better than everyone, yet shes the one always getting arrested!  She also thinks shes Machine Gun Kellys GF.. What do you think Nik?

I think her nose is from New Jersey.- nik

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A Single Mom Issue

March 29, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 304

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m an avid visitor of The Dirty as well as Tabrag. Well done on both sites. I find it courageous to be so outright with your harsh critics and opinions but nonetheless I respect them. I am writing to you asking for advice with a tough situation I am in. I am a 25 year old college grad with a great job. After returning to my hometown after college and studying abroad for a few semesters and being out of the loop with everyone, I became involved with a 28 year old single mother.

She is smoking hot by many people standards and by no means looked like a mother or to be anywhere near 28. She’s a little over 110lbs and probably 5’8. When she takes off her clothes she does have some evidence of child bearing and birth but weirdly enough it doesn’t bother me because she’s worked off all the baby weight and pretty sure weighs less than she did before she was pregnant. She doesn’t even visit this site but is into having a strong ITG. She has a troubled past and has hard a rough time up until before she had her child when she was 25.

She moved to New York from Iowa when she was 17 by herself and pursued a modeling and “promo girl”, actress career and has had a few minor stints at success. Before me she’s be honest with me about her drug and alcohol problems (mainly Pepsi). As well as telling me she’s had 21 different sexual partners (is that too many?). Including her father of her child who is a complete loser and 10 years older than her. He is “self employed” and on the verge of being broke. She accidentally became pregnant at 25 with this guy after being with him in a superficial party drug induced relationship for a year. She made the choice not to have an abortion. She quit the party lifestyle and became a healthy responsible pregnant woman. After her son was born she started partying again in moderation but soon realized she needed to get her life together. She cut down on the Pepsi diet is and finally cut them completely out of her life a year ago along with breaking up with her no good useless baby daddy.

She now works in customer service and pretty much gets paid to sit around and look good with a bunch of other girls. But still wants to be in the entertainment field and has aspirations beyond her current occupation. Her baby daddy is involved in the child’s life and she and him are on good terms and speak regularly. I tell you that huge story to ask you about my involvement. She and I have been together for over a year. I enjoy her company. I can be honest and acknowledge that she is damaged goods and has seemed to have a tough life despite her exterior happiness and beauty. Nonetheless I still love and give all the sh*ts in the world about her dearly. I treat her well and am getting to know her son quite well. I am young and have a future in front of me. She is someone who loves me for me and is grateful of what I have to offer beyond finances and sex. I am totally respectful of single parents and know that it’s not always their decision. Single parents don’t deserve to be single forever do they? Their child is in this world and the parent is having the maturity and integrity to take care of their child. In this scenario, she was a wild child and made a mistake but rationalizes it and praises herself for doing it because it made her into who she is today. I know I can be a great dad and I love the way she makes me feel. Am I crazy for wanting to be with this girl and help her and her son out or what is your advice on this Nik? Is she not going to amount to much more because her child is holding her back? Is she a dream killer?

You can do better. I would cut bait. To be the best person you can be you need to be with someone that will help advance your life and future. All you are doing is killing time and justifying actions. The fact that you wrote me this long love letter means their is doubt. That is not love, that is lust. You like the fact you have automatic sex and you are justifying the statistics of the situation. Bro, you had fun, but you are not a life saver. Go find your happiness.- nik

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Kevin Kennedy Roid Junkie

March 26, 2014 Albany, Manhattan 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Jersey Shore wannabe is Kevin Kennedy. He thinks all the girls want him because he pumps himself full of steroids and is infatuated with himself. He is my ex bf and he spent more time in front of the mirror then i did. when hes not walking around flexing acting like hes the best thing on earth, he is always taking pictures of himself. he lets his friends that have nice digital cameras take pictures of him and claims hes a model. its too funny. trust me ive been with him and hes nothing special like he thinks. he swears he doesnt do steroids but if thats the case i guess he was just born with a tiny penis. he is also a psycho. dont break up with him and try moving on with your life, he;ll stalk you and harass you because he has nothing better to do.

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Kate McDermott

March 21, 2014 Manhattan 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kate McDermott. She is currently employed by UChic, and I think she has her current employer fooled as she is a well known stalker who uses the “journalist” excuse. She also goes by Katie McDermott and Kathryn Mallory. Anyone who has any run-ins with this individual ought to be wary of her, as she isn’t someone you want to get involved with. I speak from personal experience. I have even had to contact authorities for stalking and harassment in the past.

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Sassy New York Hottness

March 21, 2014 Charlotte, Manhattan 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: WhooHoot!This sassy New York Chic thinks she is god’s gift!Seen her out and about in southpark,and talked with her in the office.She is so sassy,but sexy!Hot as fire and curves in all the right places,but she will cuss you out in a heartbeat! Why do these New York chics think they can dis any guy? And then make ‘em beg! WhoooHoot!

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Albany’s Disgusting Duo

March 20, 2014 Albany, Manhattan 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK MY FRIEND!!!! I have double the trash! remember that post about Leena Mukherji on here,the one that goes around calling non black fair skinned girls “black” when she looks like a monkey with her features? lips looking like a flat tire, eyes melting off her face and a huge bellpepper nose! well this is her partner Chene Woods! these 2 boy crazy drd infested pieces of trash need to be put on blast! Chene woods is 1/2 black and 1/2 asian but is ashamed of her Asian side. She looks like a muppet with her 2d flat face and slit eyes that are parted a good 8 feet away from each other! these 2 throw themselves on men but they are made fun of! they are extremely catty in nature which comes from insecurity. Chene has a drawer full of pills that she has to take to subdue her psychotic behaviour! these 2 are pure trash! they talk behind people’s backs and are intimdated by pretty girls! New York state will give you an award NIK for putting these 2 ugly beasts on blast! Notice in the photos, Chene has poop stains on her pants! she doesnt even have basic female hygiene! both have flat pancake butts and flat chests! who the hell wears capris with socks and sneakers!? how old are we! NIK, please upload all the pics,1 one or 2 pics wont do these 2 beasts any justice! They brag about sleeping around and dating guys who are taken..but by looking at them, its hard to believe any guy would even look their way. NIK.. Please do the honors! all of New York will thank you!

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We Had Sex And Now She Will Not Talk To Me

March 18, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 403

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl’s name is Katie. Lives in NYC now. Graduated last year from college. Met her on OKC the first night, could tell she wanted the D, but I had a lot of work to do that night, plus I wanted to build up some suspense over the course of the week.  About a week or so later, she comes over my apartment. We make Buffalo Chicken sushi, which failed because I’m a sh*tty cook. Anyway, we turn it into a Buffalo Chicken rice bowl, but before we finish, we turn our cooking session into an all out make-out sesh.  We did everything and I mean *everything*. If you can imagine it, we did it like 3x over. Anyway, we had a great sexual chemistry and connected on many levels. Yeah, she was kinda sl*tty, but she was smart and had her job at Rachel Ray Mag going for her.  F*cked again that morning and I never heard back from the b*tch. It’s not just girls who get used….guys too. All I’m saying is if you see this girl, she’s all yours…just don’t expect a call back.

You can almost see thru her like a ghost.- nik

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Dude won’t leave my friend alone

March 13, 2014 Manhattan 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: this guy by the name of Andrew Harrison who calls himself “El Rey” is a scam artist of many. He has been making fake profiles of a buddy of mine and won’t stop. He has made over 13 fake profiles on FB and one on IG. He lives in New York and has been making my friend live a nightmare. Like what kind of low-life person has the time to make those up with lies. I also heard from my friend he scammed him into sending money to a “girl” he “knew” and my buddy found out and now this Andrew guy is pissed and making these profiles to get back at him. I for one am tired of him requesting me and reading all this fake info he’s throwing out there about my friend. Also if he’s confronted he’ll lie through his teeth. Now if you can put this guy on blast that would be great because he is just a criminal that not many people know about. if you want me to elaborate I can tell you more. plus he’s blocked myself and a handful of other people as well but his profile is readily available for others to see.

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