Carmen Ortega Had A Blast In Manhattan

February 17, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 70 108,613 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Carmen and her co-workers from Lourdes Ent. Hanging out in Manhattan after weeks of sucking old man Greg… they need blowoff some steam pun intended.  Here is Carmen Ortega with Nikki Benz and Amy Anderssen and her delusional ass. 

This package looks expensive.- nik


Carmen Ortega Was A Great Experience

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Nightclub Discrimination

February 17, 2014 Manhattan 1 9,268 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: What is wrong with you all New York. We tried getting into a simple party to chill and turned away at the door. We did not have the look or dress attire? Seriously, biggest joke. On top of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose being the drunk idiots that they are, New York is now discriminating. Why do reservations in advance if you will not let people in based off of their looks. NY, did we miss something here? Michel and Sean are douche bags.

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Andrew Saltas

February 14, 2014 Manhattan 29 10,102 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: He goes by the name Andrew Saltas! He lives in Queens New York and is probably the dirtiest asshole ever. This steroid user who is a hulk wannabe is one of the biggest liars in all of Queens. Ladies beware. He goes to the gym and claims how he isn’t a steroid user and talks about how every girl talks to him all the time. He is so into himself it’s ridiculous. He thinks he is hot shit but he really isn\’t. His hobbies are probably using steroids, lying and taking advantage of not just girls but people in general. He is always finding new girls to talk to and sleep with, and the worst part is that he does this while he is in a relationship with someone. He goes after girls with money and tries to fit into their family, he claims how he has never cheated and how he was cheated on but rumors tell it otherwise. This Jersey Shore wanna be douchbag goes around bragging how he has slept with over 100 girls and how he has lost count in the last 4 years. He is nice to girls at first takes them out for dinners and then wants to have unprotected sex with them. He probably carries most drd’s so if you have ever slept with him do yourself a favor and go get checked out. He also says how he is a musician he plays his guitar and thinks he is a rock star. Meanwhile he is just a loser that doesn’t even drive his own car and lives off the money of all the rich girls he dates or as he claims ” all the bitches he fucks” . This guy is just bad news, he seems like a cool dude at first but he is the worst and most pathological liar ever. Everything he talks about is so shady and he is just full of shit. Stay away from him in general, he is a con artist and will take advantage of you in any way he can and then drop you and act like he doesn’t know you. He is a big loser and he should be known for who he really is, which is a liar and an asshole, if you see him in queens and you are a girl do yourself a favor and stay away unless you are into drd’s , if you see him around and you are a guy stay away from him too he probably likes that side too.

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Deann Lumbert Setzkorn

February 14, 2014 Manhattan 5 6,664 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is the Whore, Liar, Manipulator, and Husband, Boyfriend stealer, Cheating, Backstabbing Ho around town! She has gone and got married again, for the 6th time…. She is the true definition of white trash!! She has ruined countless relationships, she has spread her legs and spread her drd’s around the town of Winfield and now she is in Manhattan, Kansas doing the same thing. She’s already cheating on her new husband but I hear he’s already doing the same to her ( Greg Setzkorn ) These two are disgusting, manipulating individuals who deserve every bit of KARMA that comes their way! Shame on you both!!! She is on the dirty in Winfield already and needs to be exposed for the true Whore she really is!!!!

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Pretty NYC Girls Rosie And Madison

February 10, 2014 Manhattan 9 7,279 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, OK so… I checked out an “arrangement” website that we all know.. these girls are advertising themselves as a package and using the names “Rosie and Madison”.  I want to know their real names and I thought maybe someone on The Dirty might know. They seem to be too pretty to be on such a desperate website. I don’t get why girls on that site don’t just sign up on eros. It is the same thing but quicker. I think the one on the left might be this girl Samantha from Michigan but I’m not sure so I don’t want to mention last names…

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Please Just Go Away

February 10, 2014 Manhattan 5 9,865 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl, Kate Wilson is the biggest attention seeking whore who is full blown certified crazy. This girl worked as a prostitute for years and is a desperate attention seeker who will do anything just to get someone to look at her. Shes a joke. She supposedly paid for a “guy’s” jeep and then went and got his name tattooed on her ribs while he’s still hanging out with his ex behind her back. That’s right “sweetheart”, you’re not hot like you’re twisted little brain likes to think. Hope it hurts that he told her all of your personal “affairs” and makes a joke out of you behind your back every time you’re away. Disgusting, go lose some weight, ballerinas aren’t fat and please drop dead or disappear before your ex comes looking for you.

She’s got a heavy photoshop hand.  Not even flip phones have that much blur.- nik

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Kate Calabrese delusional Model

February 7, 2014 Albany, Manhattan 51 8,841 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kate Calabrese the delusional “model” if you see her instagram and FB this girl needs more than a filter she thinks she’s a model it’s hilarious because she pays people to take her pics. We posted a status the other day talking about her she was first person to like it and comment it. Like bitch you’re orange and have wrinkles with yellow teeth. You look stupid posting pics of you smoking weed in your pictures. You’re videos are hilarious on instagram talking shit about everyone and stupid singing videos. Youre white. We posted a status about her being orange and she commented on it. Like bitch you’re stupid it was about you. Then posted another status how she post pics on IG and still needs more filter. She’s a hussy sleeps with every guy around and wonders why every one hates her. She can’t keep a job gets fired from her jobs because she does drugs. Drives a shitty 1993 Corolla. Bitch go away ain’t no body got time for your dumb ugly ass.

Delusional horse…just calling it like it is.- nik

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Eve Berreta Is Everyone’s Favorite

February 6, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 34 98,501 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Eve Berreta from Marine Park, Brooklyn but she’s becoming a hoe epidemic blessin all cities from Miami, AC, etc. I f*cked her on the hood of my car parked outside a casino in AC because I didn’t want to pay for parking.  She was more than down.  She’s young but ready to do it all just for a name.

I see 2 fingers. Not strong enough to really consider Eve to have a legit ITG.- nik

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