Bojana Djukic Found Her Millionaire

July 15, 2014 Hamptons, Manhattan, The Dirty 203

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, illegal immigrant Bojana Djukic is still in our country, now New York, and has latched her claws onto Oren Alexander, founder of ‘The Alexander Team” of Douglas Elliman Real Estate. The Guy is a millionaire many times over. I hate bitches like this, they come from all over, and take our money and men. I don’t know where you spent your Independence Day weekend but she spent it in the Hampton’s with other members of the ‘A-Team’. Basically a bunch of rich douchebags. This bitch needs to go back to her sh*t country and wake up cuz all she’s ever going to be is a pay for play whore.

Which one is she?- nik

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Belgian Soccer Fan Axelle Despiegelaere

July 14, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 132



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I gotta ask your opinion on the Belgian soccer fan who landed a contract with L’Oreal after her World Cup photo went viral.  Personally, I think she is super cute despite having a funny shaped nose. Just wondering how she rates in your books.

5.000928772999827. She is not even hot. I don’t get it.- nik

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Brian Daley, Nudist

July 11, 2014 Albany, Manhattan 20


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s some photo’s of Brian Daley I found on his cell phone this morning. The guy is obviously a closet exhibitionist that posts explicit nudes online to,,,, several “GAY” Tumblr sites. So, he needs a taste of reality here! Check out Brian Daley from Poughkeepsie, NY

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Howard Stern Looks Like Death

July 9, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 208


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we all know Howard Stern’s radio show has been crap for a few years now. People are canceling their subscriptions like crazy and his audience is dwindling. But have you seen him lately? He dresses in all black like the 2nd coming of Johnny Cash and even wears scarves in the summer to hide his neck. He looks absolutely sickly. He complains about being tired all the time despite only doing 3 crappy shows a week, if that. I mean look at the man. He is a monster! Does he have some kind of illness he hasn’t told anyone about? Certainly you have connections to know what is going on with Don Buchwald’s biggest client. What say you Nik?

He does look rough for 60. All I know is that his hair is fake.- nik

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Brian Daley the Nudist Extraordinare

July 8, 2014 Albany, Manhattan 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: Self-post what else you need to know?

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Dr Cindy Bressler – Suger Mamma

July 2, 2014 Manhattan, New York 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vet Dr Cindy Bressler comes off as being a fat sweet woman wanting to help good looking younger guys. To the contrary! Dr Cindy uses her “celebrity status” to not only get guys but then pays them for their services. In return for sexual acts, Dr Cindy pays them, for gifts, writes them prescriptions (for themselves NOt their pets) and gets on her knees to service them. It’s all a way for her to get what SHE wants – what she MUST pay for bc no one will touch this fat pig. She is a pathetic and desperate woman that services men. Advice to all men… Have fun!

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How Can You Tell If A Woman Is On Drugs

June 26, 2014 Las Vegas, Manhattan, The Dirty 58

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as the world knows nobody goes to EDC for the music. They go to do drugs. I don’t have a problem with this woman rolling. I have a problem with her promoting religious faith and EDC. Good Christians don’t do drugs.

I wonder if she got free tickets for that haircut?- nik

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Biggest Industry Scam Since Bernie Madoff

June 26, 2014 Manhattan 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: All artists, labels & independent companies need to know about this kid Kevin Miles aka Kevin Flloyd I should say. This guy is the biggest scam artist in American history! Not only are we tired of you messing with views, plays, and other artists careers by boosting fake plays with bots such as Xgram & other social media tools. I’m making this post to warn the world not to buy into fake promotions but to work & can get it organically. This guy steals money from artists promising future numbers that can only be reached with the success of platinum records. No way $100 should be able to buy any kind of views to trick the public eye. Not only does it mess up the look for future A&R’s but it deceives the truth on what artist are actually bringing to the table. Not only am I a victim of this scam but I want to warn & help future artists from falling victim to bots & fake traffic coming from ViewMania**com. He’s getting your followers from Fiverr**om. Ive been in the industry for years & never seen such a mockery of fake fans & promotion in my life. I hope people take heed & precaution & don’t buy in to fake promotions, views & lyric videos that he can’t produce! I’m speaking for all artist & labels who work hard.

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