Mark Talavera

June 10, 2014 Manhattan 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: this guy has 3 fake profile on facebook and he will send friend request only black women his skinny ass has a fetish for black women. he will chat with u on 1 profile, switch to his other profile and get your phone number smh he lives in Queens, NY and likes to reach events on

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Iraqi Prick

June 9, 2014 Albany, Manhattan 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put this Iraqi named Ali Alelayawi on blast! this refugess came to America like yesterday and thinks he is the shit! he posts photos of him shirtless but has a photo of a Muslim woman covered and saying that covered women are more beautiful than uncovered women! Which is funny, since he likes to post photos of himself naked! Arabs never leave their primitive thinking. There was also a incident a friend of mine told me about where his dad thought all Africans were “black”. The person he was talking to was a fair skinned north african! Iraqis think that just because a person is African that they are  automatically beneath them. Those big noses and kinky hair you Iraqis have dont come from Europe! that dark complexion didnt come from Europe! No matter how baggy their clothes are or how much hip hop music they listen to. They still think low of Americans and they still see women a s”whores”. This guy talks about modesty and his arrogant ass is posting all shirtless photos of his bony body. Disgusting! Arabs(mainly Iraqis and other places like lebanon) are the biggest self haters on this planet. They wills traighten that hair and get nosejobs to try to look “European”. Nik, please put this wannabe bodybuilder on blast

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New York Rangers Will Win The Stanley Cup

June 6, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 43


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, message for all you pansy Kings fans. The NY Rangers are going to wipe your Cali communist asses back to Russia. Rangers are America’s team b*tches. And Nik Richie is a F*G for being a Kings fan. Everyone knows you are gay Nik. Come out of the closet like Doughty.

Drew Doughty is the best defensemen in the NHL. Easy there butt pirate.- nik

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Barbara Palvin Has To Be A Yes

June 5, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know shes been on the site before, but you still haven’t given an actual answer.  Look at those eyes and lips!  What do you say…yes or no to Barbara Palvin?

The eyebrows are still a little too furry. I’m awake though, tell me more.- nik

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King Kong Hisham Allam

June 2, 2014 Albany, Manhattan 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Can King Kong come and scoop his brother Hisham Allam???? Can someone tell this short, ugly gorilla looking midget to stop stalking females? PARTICULARLY WOMEN I KNOW! everyone has complained about this idiot. this dude is married to some bowser looking chick and is still obsessed with my friends! He got rejected multiple times. He thinks if a female talks to him she loves him. No gorilla, no girl wants you! especially beautiful ones. This guy is also a punk,he tries to gang up on females. This is exactly why I can\’t stand short ugly guys. He brags about being the “best shooter\” in Sudan. A real man fights with hands, he knows he can\’t go one on one with a real man. That’s why he resorts to guns and shooting. The gun is taller than him. I have no respect for male punks! His beat faced wife should see what her “hubby” is doing on the net as well. Stalking and harassing females. He does drugs all day and poses in group photos so he can look like he’s important. Females, if this beast comes anywhere near you in real life or on Facebook, don’t hesitate to call animal control!

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Why Thickness Is Getting Thicker

June 1, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty, Thickness 138


THE DIRTY ARM: Nik, so here is why Thickness is getting Thicker by the post… the girl has been clean of Xanax for almost 3 months.  You can’t really blame her for being hooked on Xanax, when you spend your life sleeping with old nasty men, Xanax is just part of your diet cause of the Amnesia it ends up causing all these hookers.

How does Xanax make you fat?- nik

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Premier Waiter Josh Copeland

May 30, 2014 Manhattan, New York 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey yo Nik, this has got to be one of the skeeviest mofos in all of New York City! His name is Josh Copeland (originally from Red Bank, NJ) and he works at Maison Premiere in Brooklyn. He tells people he has cancer but really he is HIV Positive and worst of all he lies about his status to the guys he sleeps with!! His tastes also run to the “Bryan Singer” side of things if you know what I mean…oh and despit being Jewish he supports Al-Qeada in Syria and elsewhere…he just hates America that much! He is also a HUGE alcoholic! One weekend he actually got so wasted he actually filed a crazy, rambling, racist, pro-se lawsuit against Senator John McCain! Saying McCain was denying him his “gay waiter tips,” and that Obama would test positive for “high levels of negroids,” and that McCain had prevented Rutgers from releasing his transcripts. Of course being a coward once he realized what he did (he got served with papers at work lol) he had his lawyer try to suppress it. Josh Copeland is a menace to gay mean and boys across New York and Maison Premiere customers! Not to mention us his (sometimes former) co-workers! Nik put this trash on blast!

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Natalia Christine, The Staten Island Escort

May 30, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan, New York 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Natalia. This Staten Island trash is a professional dominatrix and escort. Her Instagram is filled with pics of her at her “dungeon” and getting ready for her “clients” She looks like a worn out junkie with saggy tits and a foul smelling snatch. Ive had the unfortunate pleasure of being her client once and she is plain old nasty. She’s INSANE and truly has a few screws loose upstairs. Gentlemen, Avoid this tranny looking hooker…She’s a nightmare.

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