Sassy New York Hottness

March 21, 2014 Charlotte, Manhattan 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: WhooHoot!This sassy New York Chic thinks she is god’s gift!Seen her out and about in southpark,and talked with her in the office.She is so sassy,but sexy!Hot as fire and curves in all the right places,but she will cuss you out in a heartbeat! Why do these New York chics think they can dis any guy? And then make ‘em beg! WhoooHoot!

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Albany’s Disgusting Duo

March 20, 2014 Albany, Manhattan 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK MY FRIEND!!!! I have double the trash! remember that post about Leena Mukherji on here,the one that goes around calling non black fair skinned girls “black” when she looks like a monkey with her features? lips looking like a flat tire, eyes melting off her face and a huge bellpepper nose! well this is her partner Chene Woods! these 2 boy crazy drd infested pieces of trash need to be put on blast! Chene woods is 1/2 black and 1/2 asian but is ashamed of her Asian side. She looks like a muppet with her 2d flat face and slit eyes that are parted a good 8 feet away from each other! these 2 throw themselves on men but they are made fun of! they are extremely catty in nature which comes from insecurity. Chene has a drawer full of pills that she has to take to subdue her psychotic behaviour! these 2 are pure trash! they talk behind people’s backs and are intimdated by pretty girls! New York state will give you an award NIK for putting these 2 ugly beasts on blast! Notice in the photos, Chene has poop stains on her pants! she doesnt even have basic female hygiene! both have flat pancake butts and flat chests! who the hell wears capris with socks and sneakers!? how old are we! NIK, please upload all the pics,1 one or 2 pics wont do these 2 beasts any justice! They brag about sleeping around and dating guys who are taken..but by looking at them, its hard to believe any guy would even look their way. NIK.. Please do the honors! all of New York will thank you!

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We Had Sex And Now She Will Not Talk To Me

March 18, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 403

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl’s name is Katie. Lives in NYC now. Graduated last year from college. Met her on OKC the first night, could tell she wanted the D, but I had a lot of work to do that night, plus I wanted to build up some suspense over the course of the week.  About a week or so later, she comes over my apartment. We make Buffalo Chicken sushi, which failed because I’m a sh*tty cook. Anyway, we turn it into a Buffalo Chicken rice bowl, but before we finish, we turn our cooking session into an all out make-out sesh.  We did everything and I mean *everything*. If you can imagine it, we did it like 3x over. Anyway, we had a great sexual chemistry and connected on many levels. Yeah, she was kinda sl*tty, but she was smart and had her job at Rachel Ray Mag going for her.  F*cked again that morning and I never heard back from the b*tch. It’s not just girls who get used….guys too. All I’m saying is if you see this girl, she’s all yours…just don’t expect a call back.

You can almost see thru her like a ghost.- nik

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Dude won’t leave my friend alone

March 13, 2014 Manhattan 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: this guy by the name of Andrew Harrison who calls himself “El Rey” is a scam artist of many. He has been making fake profiles of a buddy of mine and won’t stop. He has made over 13 fake profiles on FB and one on IG. He lives in New York and has been making my friend live a nightmare. Like what kind of low-life person has the time to make those up with lies. I also heard from my friend he scammed him into sending money to a “girl” he “knew” and my buddy found out and now this Andrew guy is pissed and making these profiles to get back at him. I for one am tired of him requesting me and reading all this fake info he’s throwing out there about my friend. Also if he’s confronted he’ll lie through his teeth. Now if you can put this guy on blast that would be great because he is just a criminal that not many people know about. if you want me to elaborate I can tell you more. plus he’s blocked myself and a handful of other people as well but his profile is readily available for others to see.

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The Epitome Of YOCO

March 13, 2014 Manhattan, The Dirty 90


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Jordan Anthony, the complete personification of YOCO. The first time I actually met this girl in person I was absolutely shocked at what she really looks like. She’s not even remotely close to being attractive but she certainly has a way with Photoshop. Follow away fellas because this girl LIVES for creepy likes and comments from randoms. When she’s not busy posting selfies of her big fake titties and duckface, she’s usually good for a very entertaining hyper-desperate status… something along the lines of “why don’t I have a boyfriend?? someone snuggle me!! tell me I’m pretty!!!” Well Jordan, it’s probably because you’re an insufferable c*nt with the brain capacity of a small autistic child. Her latest MO is blowing up everyone’s newsfeed with her promising new business venture promotions, i.e. every ridiculous pyramid scheme you could imagine. “Get rich AND skinny like me with blah blah body wraps” …sorry Jordan, the rest of us actually went to college and have real jobs. But beware, your entertainment could be fleeting: post one comment that she doesn’t like and “*insert string of generic insults* I’ll just delete you!” Ouch, burn. What ever will we do with ourselves now that Jordan Anthony has unfriended us??? Good thing there’s plenty of other stupid self-obsessed whores out there to make fun of… and of course, The Dirty!

Now that Facebook is dead, what are these girls going to do when Instagram dies?- nik 

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Dog Ugly Cross Dresser

March 13, 2014 Albany, Manhattan 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, For some unknown reason, I had messaged this worthless, dog ugly, self-righteous, cross dressing, asshole. His name on Facebook is William A J Thompson, and he is from Schodack Landing, New York. I can’t for the life of me remember why I even messaged him, I don’t talk to people I don’t know on Facebook, but I’m sure there was some reason. All I said was “hey :” days later, he messaged me back “Good bye. I hate fake people like you so good bye!” I replied asking him wtf he was talking about, and how the hell was I “Fake” when he does not know a thing about me. He went on to say that since i color my hair blue, that makes me fake and immature, and also said that “my kind” is the reason America is going to hell. Seriously?? This dude knows NOTHING about me besides the fact that I have blue hair. He claimed “I know a LOT!” and proceeded to tell me to leave him alone. I told him I would gladly leave him alone, that I don’t need or want assholes like him in my life, that I don’t add people I do’t know, and the fact that I couldn’t even remember why I messaged him in the first place, so obviously wasn’t important. I also told him it was pathetic to judge me for having blue hair, when I wasn’t judging him for Cross Dressing! (his profile picture is a picture of him in the dirtiest mirror I have ever seen, and he is wearing a long blue dress with high heels. Yet, I’M the fake one? PLEASE! What REALLY pissed me off was when he said at the end “You have wasted my time because only classy ladies like Taylor Swift may talk to me. The rest can fuk off!!” Ugh, this guys is a complete scum bag. I never imagined I would ever submit something on here, but I need to know…. is this piece of trash REALLY above me like he seems to think? Now, I am not saying that I’m the hottest girl out there, but personally, I do not think I am ugly and I don’t know why ANY girl would want to talk to this creep. I realize by posting my own picture, I will probably get TONS of nasty comments about me, but it would all be worth it if I just got this loser posted on here. I wish I knew if I could post his facebook page on here, because I would love for the Dirty Army to just BLOW UP his inbox.

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Ugly New York Tines Writer Bullies Disabled

March 10, 2014 Manhattan, Wisconsin 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: By the way Nik, The Dirty saved my life. I had a nutso chick who was going to get me jumped by bangers in Chicago outside of my school. Police were able to find out stuff about her through the Dirty and realize she wasn’t the victim. And people call you a bad person. Now check this out as far as bad people: As you know Nik, ugly people are mean. I worked at the University of Wisconsin Madison newspaper, The Daily Cardinal, with this guy, Rob Gebeloff. He would come into the office and bully one of the freelance writers who had cerebral palsy. He’s supposed to be some journalist for the downtrodden but we know, Nik, when it comes down to it, no amount of intellectualism will help a bitter non-player get over their fake nerd complex. I’m in a wheelchair myself for MS and hot women are the nicest to me, really good friends. Given that I still love my ex-wife and always will,, Im cool with friends. But hot people feel better about themselves so they aren’t dicks to the helpless. And mainstream journalism should get off it’s high horse. That’s why I sent this.

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Core Creep

March 8, 2014 Manhattan 1

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This Loser Would Screw your friend of 20 years while you’re prego and she looks like cow dung. He might be able to screw all night but much to your chagrin, it won’t lead to any orgasms for you! He’ll try to get cha in the ass but tell him you know all about his dirty d**k! He’s a compulsive liar and a natural born cheater. He’s also a big regional sales rep for a BIG corporation meanwhile, he’s always crying poverty. This is a lowdown no conscience creep to the core girls! Watch your step, or you’ll step in deep sh*t with this piece of work!

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