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Protect Your Men

November 12, 2014 Coquitlam, Maple Ridge 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, meet CYNTHIA TORRES this dirt bag sloot is a disgrace to all the females out there i have never came across such creature in my whole life before! she will do anything and anyone for some pepsi! she will even fck around with married men! whatever it takes for her to get to that pepsi! she doesnt understand that guys use her just for some head behind safeway super market and then make fun of her and call her a disgusting sloot after they finish jizzing in her mouth i had someone tell me even he double condomed his cause he knows how dirty she is i think this creature should be thrown off earth before it lays eggs what do you think nik?

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Sonya Soohochoff

November 5, 2014 Coquitlam, Maple Ridge 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skank whore slut is the town pump of Maple Ridge. She doesn’t care who she will fck any dick that goes past. She says it is acceptable cause she is hot. I think that is the raging pepsi habit talking cause she looks like a stretched out troll. She has fucked 7 guys from the same group in the past few months. Her vag has served more people than McDonalds. When she is asked what kind of person does that she says a hot chick does!! SHE AINT EVEN HOT. She is the one stop cum dump of maple ridge Watch your brothers your friends your cousins and your husbands cause she will fuck anyone that is near her and has a dick. and can give her a place to sleep… ya that’s right she lives in the car she stole from her ex old man. She has nothing and sucks the life out of everyone around her. What kind of washed up whore goes into her friends house and feeds pepsi to her friends husband and takes him away to get more and sleeps with him….. and defends herself like she did nothing wrong. That is a new level of low and pathetic. She needs to be put on blast for the world to see what kind of stunned slut she is. Im sure her mommy would be proud

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Amber Blais

October 14, 2014 Chilliwack, Maple Ridge 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik Amber Blais from Maple Ridge is the worst back stabbing, thieving, low life maple ridge has ever seen, who rats out here family for a 20, will steal anything from a friend especially their money. She only cares about how much her welfare check will be now that her kids were taken again. Her motor mouth has never seen an off switch or volume control, and the only exercise her ass has done this year is from hopping from one slot machine to the next. The only two things that comes out of her mouth are lies and her dirty unwashed teeth she puts down everywhere and still she thinks she can get any guy in Ridge. Miss know it all can seem to grasp the concept you need to pay your rent, don’t steal, pay your debts and children are to be loved not pawned off on unsuspecting babysitter 24/7 or used as sounding boards.Her most used words are  got any shit”.

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Amie Debolis

October 6, 2014 Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Surrey 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is amie debolis. She is maple ridges stingiest, most selfish, jealous woman out there. She works at shoppers on 203rd and steals the open items out of package and takes them home. She was once my friend but she ADMITTED to me she used me for transportation and used me for money and always try’s to F***K my boyfriends’ friends. She calls she self a bad bitch and coming out on top for what she did to me when actually it’s called not having your own and representing your low worth. She tries to get her uncle to beat people up even though he’s 300 pounds, little does her fam know that she’s a stingy THoT that walks the streets of MR tryinna find a free hoot. But the real question here nick is would you?

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Maple Ridge Milf

July 30, 2014 Coquitlam, Maple Ridge 59




THE DIRTY ARMY: Maple ridge married milf she fcks around with different guys daily I see her giving head in her car in the Safeway parking lot sadly I was victim of hers.

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Karra, a Killer in Disguise?

July 15, 2014 Maple Ridge 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to start Nik. Karra Mclelland is a small little blonde living in Maple Ridge BC, she has two daughters….and that’s what you see from the outside. But this girl has more secrets that yu can imagine. Behind that facade hides drug addiction, alcoholism….and attempted murder! She is so messed up that it clearly shows when you talk to her, long use of drug and alcohol definitely affected her brain. You might think she’s just blonde but it’s not just that she just lost it somehow. Of course her kids are affected by her behavior. None of them can talk properly or behave normally. But as far as I know Child Services is already in the work. She had several visits from them to protect those kids from…becoming like her. Latest news, she tried to kill her boyfriend Kyle. Whatever happens that night is still unsure but there were pills involved. She finally dropped him at the ER….just pretending that she didn’t know that person and didn’t know what happened. He could have died while they were trying to figure out what happened to him. How do I know the story? Because she’s blonde as I said earlier and she bragged about it!!!! There’s now a restraining order against her so she can’t approach her lovely boyfriend she tried to kill anymore. And she has to get her kids ready to leave….because of course police is now investigating and it won’t take long before she ends up behind bars. That’s a sad story really.

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Classic Bottom

July 15, 2014 Coquitlam, Maple Ridge 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok here goes Nik, this Craigslist escort goes by Megan actually is Emily Rosner, works uber part time in the day while swallowing loads of America’s finest sailors at night, if ya know what I mean!.. She recently Accused a friend of hers for stealing a block of F*^#ing CHEESE from her… Wrote a HUGE Facebook post about it, only to take it down in ridicule, she rolls around in a pearl white Caddilac, same color as the liquids of her johns, gotta be her fav color, ya this Caddy she so saved up for NOT! it’s just from a long long line of losers who drained there bank accounts for this bulimic sess pot!.. Oh ya there’s that, I used to take her out for expensive steak n lobsters meals, but when her bestie Carla told me she likes to purge n anal douche, all the trips to the bathroom EVERYTIME after eating made sence.. People be where of this woman she will eat you alive for all your worth n spit it out like a $20 whore!.. PS: she has a tattoo says “sober is sexy” yet she pounds down rounds like a boss!..

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Lochella Grand

June 12, 2014 Maple Ridge, Surrey 306

THE DIRTY ARMY: BEWARE anyone in MAPLE RIDGE or EAST VAN…. there is a slooth on the loose….. her name is LOCHELLA GRAND but she goes by LOCHELLA J. KOSTYK on Facebook and lovancity on IG. She is your typical white trash slut, she is a heroin dealer, cocaine user and oxy popping pill head who is always so doped up on drugs that she cant take care of her daughter, clean her house or do laundry or bathe her kid… the dishes are piled up and bugs are always flying around. It\’s the most infested disgusting house. She is the WORST mother, she gets drunk and leaves her daughter sleeping while she goes to neighbors and gets high and wasted, she\’s a welfare bum loser who cant get off her ass to work a JOB or go to school but she\’ll drive to meet her dealer in E.Van and fuck old married men for free tattoos. She\’s a RAT and a snitch so be careful not to tell her the TRUTH about herself, she\’ll call the cops, make up lies and false reports… yet this diseased cow says she\’s affiliated with HELLS ANGELS… YA RIGHT! Since when do they associate with RATS??? this shit talking drama queen has NO friends and the ones she has are all druggies or recovering druggies and no one hangs with her or calls her unless its to use her, like her dealer, pumping her full of drugs so she\’ll sleep with him. She has so many “issues” and diseases…. her face is always broken out with weird rashes, she CAKES makeup on and looks cheap. EVERYONE needs to know about this RAT SNITCH and stay away from her!

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