Beware Of This Woman Beater

April 16, 2014 Maple Ridge 0 8,089 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Donnie MacLennan, woman beater. He’ll give all sorts of excuses or reasons for what he did, but is there any reason that makes it okay to sit on a woman’s chest and punch her in the eye until it looks like this picture? This is not the first time he’s done this, either. Three for sure, and who knows how many more.  He’s been to court and done his house arrest or whatever he got. This is not for vigilante justice, it’s to warn others out there of what this guy is not only capable of, but known for.

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Rayanne Tupman

April 2, 2014 Maple Ridge, Vancouver 81 10,290 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: When she was just 15 years old, Rayanne Tupman would ride the SkyTrain for free. In 2004, Tupman racked up $2,000 in fines from TransLink, and now, at 25 years old, the Maple Ridge mother of two (also a nursing student at Douglas College) is upset she has to pay said fines before she is able to upgrade her driver’s licence. “They are taking food out of the mouths of my children for something that occurred a decade ago,” she whined in an interview with The Province. Adding, “How is this justified that the government can bring old skeletons out of our closets from when we were kids?” Thanks to a new ICBC regulation, they can refuse to issue a drivers licence to anyone with fines that date prior to 2012. To me, Rayanne Tupman still sounds like she’s stuck in that 15 year old mentality of entitlement. Here’s an idea: Don’t be a dumb-ass, don’t think things are a free ride, and you won’t have fines! Problem solved.

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Maple Ridge Slore

February 5, 2014 Maple Ridge, Vancouver 44 8,387 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittany Dinwoodie is the dirtiest whore you’ll ever meet!! she has slept with ever guy in town and has popped out a few kids that she cant stay sober long enough to keep custody of. she claims to be a “battle axe warrior” and gangster as fuck when in reality she is as fake as the 14 pounds of make up on her face attempting to cover that bag of smashed apples she calls a face. someone should sew her cunt and mouth closed so we can finally be rid of this trash! FUCK YOU WHORE!!!!! and your jail birdy bf too

I can’t tell by her unsteady hand.- nik

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Maple Ridge Shasty Mcnasty

January 2, 2014 Maple Ridge, Surrey 3 6,524 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this retard known as Erik Jorgensen, aka Skull, aka Thor needs to go on blast. Where do I start with this loser? First off, he is a rockhound drunken piece of crap, he drove that shady black pedo-van looking thing with sloppily drawn flames on the sides trolling for nasty prostitutes, now he finally got a facebook account and he is trolling philippino girls who live in slums when he lives in far worse conditions than they do and lives with his dad. He took his pics in places like ikea and homesense and is actually tricking these naive girls into thinking that he has a million dollar home when you can clearly see the pricetags and store in the background. If you look at his facebook profile, he lies about going to “harverd” he meant Harvard, surely, and said he is Donald Trump’s advisor (lmfao)… He is a woman-beating goof and leaves a trail of bastard children wherever his dirty d*** takes him, and doesn’t work in order to avoid paying child support. He is not allowed around children, no one but him knows the real reason… but it is suspected that he is a sex offender. Ladies, watch out for this piece of trash and be forewarned. This boy is pathetic.

Who juices their phone from the washroom…- nik

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Maple Ridge Pug Mother

July 16, 2013 Maple Ridge, Vancouver 16 8,215 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ditch pig is Brandy Cripps of Maple Ridge. I met her years ago and her big life aspirations for her kids are to be drug dealers, yet she’s a snitch, figure that one out. She says if her kids don’t want to go to school she’s not going to make them, I seriously question her skills as a parent. She has her kids living in unhealthy overcrowded conditions and scams welfare. She can be found hanging around her other equally appalling friends at the local Tim Hortons choking down donuts to feed her fat jiggly ass. She’s harassing my friend for being with her ex though Brandy cheated on him repeatedly and left him. she’s making up rumours about my friend because his new gf looks like a tall blond model, and she is gorgeous. Brandy is overly-psychotic and jealous and doesn’t even have that good of a personality, she screws over anybody and everybody, I honestly don’t see what people see in her. Nik, please put this unfit sloot on blast.

Neglect is not a skill.- nik

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Maple Ridge HomeWrecker

June 25, 2013 Maple Ridge, Vancouver 22 8,284 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Delaney Seright,She is only 16 years old. She is a flakey peice of trash. She isnt doing anything with her life. The only thing she does is f**k peoples boyfriends while high on pepsi. She likes to rip apart families, and start talking sh*t about babies. She thinks she is all that and thinks everyone loves her. She likes to hit her boyfriends and treat them like dogs, She has gone to rehab so many times she just cant stay off the drugs the only reason guys date her is because her legs are open 24/7. She does not live at home all she does is meet a guy and moves right in the day they start dating. she likes to open her mouth and do nothing about it all she is talk. she likes to cheat on people and get people to cheat on there girlfriends shes dirty. please nikki put this girl on blast.

You shouldn’t cut your own hair (eyebrows included) with such a heavy hand.- nik

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Cheater From Maple Ridge

May 16, 2013 Maple Ridge, Vancouver 20 9,602 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I met this guy, Adrien Scheer, through some friends for work. He was always hitting on all the girls around him… which I thought was just his personality. But he seemed to pay a bit more attention to me. He kept it up for a while and I ended up hooking up with him after he got me really really wasted. Big mistake. I find out later he’s got a wife or gf he lives with who just had his twin babies. Turns out he’s slept with half the town cheating on this girl… thinks he’s so smooth and no one finds out. He’s even slept with some of his buddies wives and gf’s!!
Goes on “work” trips without her and hooks up while there too. Apparently his wife has suspected something for a while, but he’s good at convincing people to do what he wants and makes her feel like she’s worthless. Wish I had known all this before hand!! Well here you go…. hope your wife see’s this asshole !! Try doing less pepsi!!

Who woulda ever expected this from A DJ…- nik

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Maple Ridge douchebag

October 23, 2012 Maple Ridge, Surrey 64 6,293 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik look at this moron. His name is Louie Sparvier. He hangs around with the other losers from the dirty like meth mouth. He likes to sell stolen goods on Facebook and says his hobbies are smashing goofs. His status updates like to say how high he is and about his warrants. You should see this losers crappy ink. Have fun smashing yourself Louie! Nik put this wanna be on blast.

His hand looks like a balloon.- nik

PS: nice satchel…

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