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Marines Cheat Too

April 22, 2014 Marine Corps, Washington DC 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is probably why women end up cheating..MARINES CHEAT TOO! Cpl. Connors from Quantico abandoned his newly pregnant wife April 13 2014 claiming he couldn’t put up with the arguements and refused to continue to go to marriage counseling only after two visits. One by himself and one with here that Friday. He claimed he wanted to work things out and go to the marriage retreat in the future. He then went to see his mother in north Carolina and brought her into his home to have the “courage” to tell his loyal wife he wanted a divorce. What man brings his mother? None because he is a child! He made claims that his wife of a year and a half was physically/emotionally/verbally abusive toward him and he pressed charges on her a week later after. This “marine” knows his wife was never abusive in anyways and many others who know the couple know that..even after an evaluation from family advocacy they stated that they can tell he is lying. Cpl. Connors is the type to get into relationships and run away like a boy while causing drama. It is clear he wanted a contract marriage and is now looking for his next one. Be on the lookout ladies if you like a liar who listens to his mommy more than you and controls all the money and when you can eat than this is your boy. He sits at home watching TV and if you try to have sex with his five inch uncircumcised penis it smells and he probably already has an std from sweetpeaches there. He has no honor to his wife or the corp..he has no courage to be honest and be a grown man and work with his hot redbone wife nor courage at work because he’s an asskisser in the office pushing paper..and no commitment to his job his company or his wife and baby. He is unsat and a bag of ass. Making this kniving liar famous!

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Little Man Big Problems

February 17, 2014 Marine Corps, San Diego 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dated/spoke text this guy on & off for so long. When I started noticing funny things going on I looked into my suspensions & didn’t have to dig deep to figure things out. This guys drd infested, check his track record. This guy is MARRIED (supposedly to the first baby’s mom)…. now he is expecting another or now HAS new baby which popped up out of nowhere to begin with…if we are talking I think I want to know if you’re expecting a child with an ex. Who ever she is she is in a dirty mess with this guy. He is talking to so many people its ridiculous. He doesn’t hide it. He just doesn’t say it either! Idk why I was even captivated to begin with. He seemed charming I suppose. He can talk his ass off. He was always liking or commenting on my things so I caved in. Anybody speaking with this same “Marine”? IF so beware bc this bo-legged little troll loves us 18+. I was falling for him til I realized what a walking lie he is.

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Cheating Bed Wetter

December 27, 2013 Marine Corps, St. Louis 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Calls himself a “one woman man” this walking *** is a cheating bed wetter. Juggling a few girls at once, he is the best charmer and liar u can find. He can make anyone and everything believe his lies , he lies so much he believes them! His new bitch is okay with him fucking other bitches. He’s got Melanie runde whipped. I see him bring in a different girl all the time in the bar. Sometimes a few in one day thought out the day! The bar is his “office” an admitted alcoholic I can’t stand serving him!

This post will make him wet the pillow.- nik

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Two Former Navy Men Arrested For Rape/Sex Abuse

October 14, 2013 Marine Corps, Maryland, Washington DC 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, two former Naval Academy football players accused of raping a female midshipman at an off-campus party will face court-martial proceedings, in the latest in a string of high-profile sexual assault cases in the military that have drawn increased scrutiny from the Pentagon and Congress. The case stems from a 2012 “yoga and toga” party near the academy in Annapolis, Md., where the woman, then a 20-year-old second-year student, arrived intoxicated and later had sex with some of the players. In grueling testimony last month during a military hearing at the Washington Navy Yard, she said she had no memory of parts of the evening and may have passed out.

The next day, the woman testified, she heard via social media of the encounters with the three players, who were subsequently charged with sexually assaulting her and making false statements. The investigation was stymied in part by the woman’s initial refusal to cooperate, academy officials said.

The superintendent of the academy, Vice Adm. Michael H. Miller, made the highly unusual choice of pressing for court-martial against the advice of the investigator who over saw the caseinitial hearing, known as an Article 32 hearing, referred Midshipman Eric Graham and Midshipman Joshua Tate to general court-martial. Midshipman Graham is charged with abusive sexual contact and Midshipman Tate with aggravated sexual assault, and both are charged with making false official statements. Admiral Miller declined to refer charges against Midshipman Tra’ves Bush, the third player accused in the party incident.

These are not a few good men.- nik

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Fort Hood’s Dirty Army

September 23, 2013 Austin, Marine Corps 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Jason Lundquist. He’s a what wed call the Dirty Army strong. 25 year old dirty army boy cheats on his wife like no other. and who does he cheat on her with? His own soldiers you could say. He conned his hot ass wife into thinking he gave two shits about her when he was stationed in germany while fuking around. But its okay right Nik? looks will fail. See mister lundquist thinks hes god gift thinks hes the hottest thing to walk this earth. He’s crazy! talks shit to anyone and everyone thinks he can beat any guys ass. Hes just a shit talker who cant back up his shit. I feel bad for his wife who sits at home thinking hes faithful. I guess craziness runs in there family. Hes nothing but a dirty guy who lies and cheats and steals. I think everyone should know about it . WATCH OUT FORT HOOD! hell lie to you for anything to get in your pants!. Hide your wife! Hide your kids this fool wil do whatever it takes to sexually satisfy himself. What do you think Nik?

Anyone that open to showing off their hindside is for the gays.- nik

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Army Cheater

August 30, 2013 Cincinnati, Marine Corps 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heres the thing… My husband COREY.. is cheating with a fat slob.. Jessica Lewis. We are still married.. She gave him an drd- he tells me everything about her.. Go ahead. you can have him. One day, you will beat the shit out of him to.. like I did when he hit me!

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Psycho Marine

July 25, 2013 Marine Corps, San Antonio, UCLA 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy is named Chris Rodriguez he is a psycho path foreal and hes nasty he will snap on you in a sec he needs to b put away!! hes on CL looking for becareful because he seems nice at first then he goes crazy hes just trying to get in ur pants! I posted him on CL Too so i can let the ladies beware of him im sure he has some kind of disease so fyi beware of this psycho path!!! Nik plz let theses ladies know about him!

Is that a flag on his trigger finger…- nik

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Lisa Gockel/Nasty School Teacher

July 15, 2013 Marine Corps, Richmond 124

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lisa Gockel,is a dirty staulker, that seeks out married men for personal gain. She did this to my husband, sending nude pictures of herself along with perverted texts. My husband fell for her bag of tricks, actually meeting up with her for sex. After she charms victims, her schemes begin, she begs money claims she can’t make it off her teachers salary. These pathetic men end up emptying their wallets,then she moves on to her next victim. She tries to get the fathers of her students to meet with her without the mothers, so she can continue her scheming.Watch out for this one, she has no business being around children.

Ah oh, looks like I’m gunna lose another half mil.- nik

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