Marine Corps | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Megan Collins (Buford)

June 25, 2013 Marine Corps, Sacramento, San Diego 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik  I was hooking up with this chick here and there for the longest time. I met her at her job where she would bring me free drinks all the time. Now I’m not in the military but my brother is and out of respect for him I have to make her famous. just recently I fu*ked her and she was playing on her phone and laughing out loud, when I asked her what was so funny she said: oh a picture of my husband. I had no idea she was married and I told her that shit wasn’t cool. She told me it was ok cause he is deployed and we had been fuking for longer than their marriage. She drinks all the time and flirts with only the guys that give her big tips. I’m done with this whore but watch out she’s probably looking for the next dick in the charleston area. Last I heard shes in California with her husband cheating on him over there. Let everyone know!

Not cool.  She’s over hyping her warm hole.- nik

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Douch Baggery

June 21, 2013 Marine Corps, Portland 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, The name that best describes this Oak Grove slore is “Door Nobie.” Why? Well folks its because everyone and i do mean everyone in our small town has taken a turn. In the short 8 months that I have know this loser he has slept with 13 girls (never using protection)and that’s only the ones i know about.I can tell you right know that this tool really is nothing to write home about. This puke named , Jeremy Brian Mayer HAS WAYYYY more dick in his personality then he has in his pants. He is a real mother f*****. For reals. he sleeps with a 22 year old (he is 37)and then sleeps with her mom. ripped the family to shreds. (WHERE DID YOU MEET THAT ONE LIL GUY? AMBER ALERT?). His first date that he will take you on usually consists of a trip to Good Will followed by a movie back at his trailer.At this point you will realize that this schmoe has zero swag. The fact that his timing is way off on EVERYTHING will make you wanna run for the door.But don’t worry as soon as your out the door there will be a bag hoe ready to take your place. So warning girls and possibly guys of Oak Grove, this tool is DIRTY, DIRTY, BLEACH WIPE DIRTY.

That’s a cheap date.- nik

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El Do’s Finest

June 5, 2013 Air Force, Marine Corps, Wichita 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok here goes her name is Amber Dawn Chavarria. Has got to be the dirtiest, nastiest dope slut in the whole town (and she isn’t even from here originally) Her husband (Rashad) is in the military over fighting for our freedom and this whore is cheating on him daily. She used to have these close friends a MARRIED couple (contact me if names needed) but got in real great with them and while the wife is asleep on couch she goes in and gives him head. Well weeks down the road the wife finds out. Kicks him out and now amber and this guy are living together in a shitty rundown garage apartment living off the checks that her husband gets from the military. All they spend it on is dope. LOSERS!! On top of all this amber and her husband have a little girl together and she has the nerve to do all this. Thankfully in the past 2 weeks her parents have taken care of the baby cuz she is in no shape to at all. She has nothing, but what her military husband receives, Oh and she sells 5-10 dollar items on a facebook swap page which im sure she steals from people. I want her on blast because people have tried numerous times to email or FB her husband but she has all those passwords. This dirty dirty sloot has got to be stopped! Just to top it off she is the biggest bitch i’ve ever met in my life. Thinks her shit don’t stink but it smells worse than a trailor park septic tank!

Pass it on…- nik

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Lickin’ A-holes

April 23, 2013 Marine Corps, San Diego 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This definite ex marine douche bag is Mike Tedford. He’s a personal trainer at a well known bootcamp in San Clemente who has a problem with his height so he gets all jacked on roids. After dating for 5 months I found out I was pregnant. He said the steroids make him sterile and that this wasn’t possible. The day we found out he broke up with me, said he never wanted kids and this wasn’t what he wanted and took off. Only then to keep sending me harassing messages to try to get me to move home so no one would know it’s his baby. I don’t want a thing from him or to do with him but I feel other women should be warned. He’ll beg for you to be his until things don’t go his way. He also just loves licking a**hole, obsessed with it, which was really awkward. Just beware ladies, I don’t know how many kids he actually has out there but this is not a MAN.

That tat might as well say ‘Papi’…Forgy.- nik

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Nasty Red Bluff Sloot

March 18, 2013 Marine Corps, San Diego 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to begin? This chick’s name is Holly Browning. She kept her husband’s last name even though she divorced him the day he got back from Iraq. She was planning on divorcing him before but then reconsidered because she needed that hazard pay she would collect since he was in a war zone. Stupid bitch likes to play the victim in every situation. She claims her husband was “mean” to her and thats why she divorced him. Truth is she neglected her 5 kids, sat in her room all day playing video games and drinking wine coolers. She makes all her friends believe she is this awesome Christian woman that was abused and overcame her situation and went on to go to nursing school. Truth is she has been in college for 5 years now with no degree, neglects her kids, hooks up with guys she meets online, let a guy move in with her and her 4 kids after a month of knowing him (who is supposedly a drug dealer according to her oldest son)And did I mention she rapes her ex for 60% of his paycheck? Not like she needs it, her mother is a millionare and pays for everything, even the house she and her boyfriend lives in. And one more thing, she is applying for a scholarship, claiming she doesn’t have any money, 4 kids to take care of ect. ect. but she gets over $5000 a month… Put this bitch on blast, let the world know what a manipulative, attention seeking whore she is!

Gold digging 101.  Thanks ma!- nik

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Marine Dush

March 11, 2013 Marine Corps, Wichita 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: My sister dated this marine for a few months. she cooked for him picked him up when he was too drunk to drive and let him have his friends at her place on weekends. Chris Spartz found out she was pregnant and at first told her to get an abortion and if she didnt he would leave when she said no he left and denied the baby it was born premie their little girl is 1 now and he doesnt care he only yells at her about having the kid. He gets with women and uses them for a place to party for a few months then abandons them he has done it to so many women in T***e palms I feel they need to be warned this man will use you for sex, a place to party, a place to crash so he dont have to stay on base, rides (even though he has a car), and get you to pay for alcohol for him making you believe his snake like charm and then f*ck you over like he did my sister. after he is done with you all he does is spread lies and put you down. beware women of Twentynine he will use you and leave you. coming back whenever he wants sex.

Male slumber parties = for the gays.- nik

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Motto Marine

February 13, 2013 Marine Corps, Ohio, Ohio State, Omaha 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy thinks he’s the top of line Marine. All he does is post has been pictures of him on deployment and drops lines about it to pick up girls. The truth is he’s a drunk (with a DWI), a beater (charged with Domestic Assault), and to top it off has a small penis. Warm the girls out there about this POS!

Posting pics ‘in action’ is both douchey and unprofessional.- nik

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Molester Marine

December 11, 2012 Marine Corps, San Antonio 468

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik his is Isaac Lee Carrillo he likes to sleep with under age girls his current girl friend just turned 17 he’s been with her for over 7 months he even tried to throw her out of his car on the highway & this loser is married and has a child with his wife but he’s to busy sellin drugs and sleeping with lil girls & selling & smoking dro all day to care i think this loser needs to be in jail he’s a poor example of a marine & should be stripped of that honor

Did he try and photoshop someone into that bottom pic, to ‘look like a player’.  I think so.- nik

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