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Cheating On Her Marine

November 7, 2012 Albuquerque, Marine Corps 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, this bitch thinks she’s clever. She decided to marry one of our homeboys who was about to go overseas for the United States military….. They had only been together about 6 months and he was head over heels for her and her baby. I feel so bad because for some reason she thought she could get away with cheating with a guy who his friends already knew. From my understanding this bitch (for lack of a better word) has gotten pregnant multiple times by this guy all the while her husband is overseas busting his ass for her and the UNited States of America. She broke up with her “side piece” after finding out that this idiot finally found out she was married and attempted to contact her husband. Her husband deserves better. She’s not only a homie hopper but a conniving whore and has ruined so many friendships for a marriage she obviously doesn’t give two shits about in the first place. I really just want her to be outed so other men can steer clear and keep their noses clean of this bitch.

Sounds like a stand up dude.  The world would be a better place if everyone did that.- nik

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Skanky Tag Chaser

November 6, 2012 Marine Corps, San Diego 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Vanessa Hernandez-Carlin (formally Vanessa Simpson). She was engaged to a Soldier and living with him in Texas, when she came back so San Diego she faked being pregnant with his child then left him for one of the Marines she was cheating on him with. Surprise, surprise a couple months later they were engaged. She was sleeping around on him behind his back with other Marines on Pendleton. When he deployed she continued to cheat on him and was telling everyone how he beat her and was cheating on her (he never did either). A few months after he got back they got married, she continued to cheat on him, and she said he was abusing her still. A week before the ball she said she was pregnant with twins and then the night of the ball she was drinking, when a friend asked why she was drinking while she is pregnant, she said she miscarried. She kept their on base house a mess, she never cleaned, let the dogs piss and shit all over the floor. She kept two of the dogs locked in the garage, which they destroyed. She is addicted to spice, and smokes it like a fin. She got her husband kicked out of housing twice, why would she do such a thing, cause she was busy cheating with other Marines in their bed. The second time she got him kicked out she left the house abandoning the dogs, leaving them to piss and shit all over the house, with no food or water, trash everywhere and dirty dishes all over the kitchen. She got their pit-bull put down and blamed it on her then husband; there was an MPO that said he couldn’t go to the house! She had moved in with one of the Marines she was cheating on him with, while there was an MPO saying he was not allowed to see her. The next week she was pregnant and a few weeks later, I’m sure you can guess what happened, yep, she “miscarried”. She eventually divorced her husband for the other Marine she had an MPO with, after she drained his bank account for months. She is now living in Oregon with that Marine, married, but she is still sleeping around behind his back. Whenever she goes to San Diego to see her family she sleeps with all the Marines on Pendleton that she can. She is so lazy she won’t even get a job. She lives off her new husband and his parents, he has to cook for her and do everything for her because she’s too lazy to do it for herself. She has had more “miscarriages” then one can count since she’s been married to her new husband. She is one of the biggest tag chasing whores one can meet! She’s a two faced whore, she will act like your friend to your face and talk mad shit about you behind your back, if you’re friends with her beware!! She’s done it to Angela and Leah. As someone said this chick is a hoe fo’ sho’.

Poor guys.- nik

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USMC Midget

November 1, 2012 Fresno, Marine Corps 10

THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik-This is SSGT Jorge Luna, He’s 5’2 with a Napoleon complex. He’s a reserve Marine, which means he cant handle Active Duty. He’s an LAPD cop, which he uses to his advantage. He hazes his junior Marines while intoxicated (punches them in the face and then makes them stand back up for no reason). I met a chic while deployed to Iraq who stood up to this midget and put her boot threw his face. That chic deserves a medal. Nik- Would you take orders from a midget on a power trip?Aren’t you a little old to hang up posters on your wall, and to still be sleeping on a twin.- nik

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Married Crystal Mundine

October 31, 2012 Marine Corps, Sacramento 10



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this married slore sent these pics to a married man she fcked for months and months and months. Has a kid with her ex-Marine husband. You should send these to your husband and stay away from every one elses! You are disgusting!!

Those hearts shouldn’t be so big, I apologize.- nik

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So Called Marine Wife

October 31, 2012 Marine Corps, San Diego 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik check it out. This two faced so called Marine wife hoe bag is Jessica Geboo. She LOVES her alcohol and to cheat. This bitch can’t even take care of her own kid and has to call on other people to do it for her. Would like to know why? So she can cheat while her husband is at work and on deployments. While this cunt was pregnant with her son she was drinking and smoking every day. She loves to lure in her Marine wives on base as “friends” then fck their husbands. She lets her husband’s friends live at her house so when hubby is not home she is screwing them. Sounds like a load of fun huh? Don’t get her way cause she will take all measures necessary to prove her innocence. But I know something she doesn’t know which is the fact that her so called current Best Friend just confirmed she has contracted drd. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. And now how would this best friend know this. Well you see they were fcking too. So now she is not only going after the servicemen but she is interested in the servicewoman too. Let’s talk about the alcoholism for a minute. Her son is constantly pawned off on neighbors so this TWAT can “PARTY” and get wasted and welcome men home with legs wide open. I guess people show their appreciation for the Military in different ways. Let’s expose this before it’s too late.

Odds are that’s not a pregnancy belly.  At least we hope its not.- nik

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Ex Navy Man Slore

October 24, 2012 Charlotte, Corpus Christi, Marine Corps 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Steven Buchanan. From Marion, North Carolina but lives in Corpus Christi Texas now..He works out on the base. He is looking for a trophy wife but the thing is , he is a man wore. Ladies beware. He comes off sweet but he is a asshole. And dont be fooled by the big arms, the penis is really not that big at all. Lol. He is not all that. Who knows how many girls he has messesd around with and has has sex with. Give his newest relationship four to six months before he gets bored and goes out looking for something new lmao. Just wanted to give all the ladies a warning that may come across to just walk away. He is not who hr seems to be.

We can still tell you’re taking a picture of yourself.  Nice try though.- nik

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Kerri Germann, Marine Stalker Or Marine Supporter

October 23, 2012 Cougars, Marine Corps, St. Louis 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kerri Germann (a.k.a. Aunt Kerri) likes to take advantage of Marine Mom’s and not hesitating taking advantage of Gold Star Parents who are vulnerable from losing their child to combat. Kerri likes to pose as a Marine mom, hangs all over any Marine she can get her hands on. She states that she is a Marine supporter but she is really more of a Marine stalker.

Their moms?? why cause she’s their age…- nik

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Tag Chaser

October 19, 2012 Anchorage, Dirty Army Strong, Marine Corps 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl her name is Amelia, she use to live in Anchorage Alaska, and she basically got married with her first husband at 21. Well when he deployed she went to the barracks with her “friend” and had a 15 plus guy run a train on her nasty ass. He came back from deployment and he wanted nothing to do with her after he found out and filed for divorce. Well a year went by and she got “pregnant” with guy number 2 forcing him to basically marry her (he was military) as well and while he was at work she would smoke spice, drink, go out on the weekends and drink some more all while she was pregnant, she would set up fake appointments while he was working and couldn’t go. she would fuck ppl behind his back while he was out and busting his ass working, she even ended up with chlamydia multiple times. Well his deployment came up, and as soon as he deployed she “miscarried” this baby at 8 months! She moved out of state still married to this poor soul and is now living in FORT HOOD TEXAS area I would watch out she will sleep with married, non-married, she searches for rank, and money. She is a tag chasing SLORE, and she only has a few fingers, they called her the 3 finger death punch in the barracks.

Sloots can’t resist making the greg face.- nik

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