Marine Corps | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Slooty Tag Chaser

October 15, 2012 Dirty Predator, Marine Corps, San Diego 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Meet Cindy Mays. She is a tag chasing slut. She likes to send videos of her masturbating and naked pictures to married Military men. This bitch does not take no for an answer. Even when the wife tells her to fck off multiple times. Watch your husbands at local truck pulls and four wheeling events. She is on the prowl. It is very apparent she has no class WHAT-SO-EVER. She will “try” to turn your world upside down. Keep this low down dirt skank away from your men. She cheated on one of my friends with multiple guys. We went through her phone and found the pictures and videos she sent to ALOT of men. Mainly married Military men. How gross can you be? She gave my friend ch***dia. He decided to get checked after he saw she was doing. Good thing he did. Would you believe this bitch even after being told by her boyfriend that she should get checked she didn’t. The dumbass slut accused him of cheating. Really? Your phone has the proof. Oh and one more thing, can someone explain how this nasty fat whore even pulls any ass? You be the judge.

That ass will soon level out.  It can’t poke out forever.- nik

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Cheating Wife Of Disabled Vet, Amber McLoud

October 12, 2012 Marine Corps, St. Louis 211

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so nik I met this girl off the interested interested in getting together for some nsa sex. After telling me all the explicit things she wanted to do with me and my greg, she gave me a back story that she was widowed and her husband had died in Iraq. I didnt have her full name but after a little investigation I found out that her husband in fact didn’t die but had his legs blown off in war and they are still married and have received several contributions like a brand new house and 10k for his service. After finding this out I was sick to my stomach and couldn’t hook up with a chick that was cheating on her disabled vet of a husband. I even messaged him on his facebook account to let him know he was married to a cheating whorebag.

Poor guy.  I doubt those are his curtains either.- nik

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Dirty Military Wife

October 12, 2012 Marine Corps, San Jose 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik/people of the dirty, let me introduce you to Leah Sepulvado. shes a lying cheating marine wife and has no shame in her actions at all. shes only 19 and is married to a marine fighting in afghanistan for our freedom, but shes sleeping around and homewrecking everyone else. she thinks she can get away with it because her life has sucked, but theres no way to justify something so mean. i heard that shes even slept with some guy from california while shes been married. shes stays up all night sexting and talking to other guys, i have proof. oh and to make it worse, she claims to be a faithful and devoted wife. sweetie, no. go back to sucking random dick for money. her husband is too sweet of a guy to deal with her, he deserves so much better than this whore. nik, please put this whore on blast…no one should have to deal with such trash, let alone share a last name with it.

Is that a seat belt or purse strap? it divots to much for me to tell.- nik

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Brooke Micale Price

October 11, 2012 Jacksonville, Marine Corps 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Long story short this girl was married lived in Ft. Irwin, CA she like any other loyal wife “not” would go out drinking and flirting. Along came a Marine on TAD flirted and all. Well needless to say she left her husband under the pretense that this Marine was going to welcome her with open arms “not”. Oh wait before she left while still married continue to talk and flirt and have steamy FB chats with said Marine. Felt dumb when she figured she was played and left with no Soldier and no Marine.

That nose won’t be able to wrangle one back.  She missed the boat.- nik

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Naked Soldiers Salute Prince Harry

August 29, 2012 Iraq, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Marine Corps 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, are you seeing this?? Following the release of Prince Harry’s Naked party pics, former and active members of the militarty are showing support for him by posting naked salutes to Facebook. It’s even gone as far as a FB group titled “Support Prince Harry with a naked salute” and already has over 23,000 members. Now I gotta ask you Nik, are they realllllyy doing it to show support? Or is it just an excuse to get naked and act forgy with your bros?

I’m not ok with this. Our troops need to take their duty to AMERICA seriously. How are we supposed to support jokers?- nik

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Stay Away From Saud H

August 24, 2012 Manhattan, Marine Corps 1

38 yr OLD women BEATER/Theif/Promoter/CON ARTIST/MARINE

38 yr OLD women BEATER/Theif/Promoter/CON ARTIST/MARINE

38 yr OLD women BEATER/Theif/Promoter/CON ARTIST/MARINE

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is SAUD H a 38 year old Marine/Promoter/charged with 2 accounts of beating his girlfriends/ professional thief /con artist/drug dealer/pretend muslim/ 2 dwi  jobless and goes by 3 alias names Sayed Saul Saed & tells everyone hes 26 with a degree in BS. He has robbed all of his ex circle of friends for more then 15 grand after he got addicted to pepsi with in the past year. He has no friends anymore. He has lost his Marine job bc they found out about his criminal record of DWI and Domestic Violence. New young girls not from NYC need to be awhare that he is an extreamly dangerous man. Right now he has a gf Mary from upstate who is 23 and he only uses her bc he has no one elseses money to use. Nik tell the city to stay away from him. I’ve recently witnessed him hurting his gf Mary when i tried to help her he has her so brainwashed she ran away. He owes me 8 grand from 2 yrs ago. Nik tell NYC to stay away from Saud he is nothing but a terrible person who will use anyone he can for anything bc he has nothing but debt and a bad pepsi addiction. Beside the fact that he begs his friends to let him stay with them and never leaves. Nyc apt laws r very weird and once someone has crashed on ur couch long enough they are considerd a tenant. He knows the law and how to work the system. SAUD H is a bad person.

How do you get arrested for pretending to be a muslim?- nik

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Cheating Marine Wife

August 8, 2012 Marine Corps, The Dirty, Westside-AZ 117

Chearing Marine Wife

Chearing Marine Wife

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this girls name is Victoria Loeffler. Her Husband is deployed in AGF right now. To his knowlege his wife is at home staying trust worthy NOT! This b*tch has parties every day and lures poor helpless marines freshly out of boot to her parties. She even has a lingerie party eww she like 300 pounds. Well she ends up getting the marines drunk and takes advantage of theses marines. Her friends do it to. They even have a 15 year old at the party messing around with the marines too. When the marines find out shes married she lies and says her husband died or there getting a divorce or its an open relationship. But her husband is very much alive and their not getting a divorce and their not in an open relationship. She and her friends even junped a pregnant girl because her bff Tori’s x josh told them too. She hit the poor girl is the stomach. Thank god the baby and the girl are ok. but this girl and her friends constantly get these poor marines into trouble and harass this poor pregnant girl. We need to let theses marines know to stay away from her and her friends and get some pay back and revenge for the poor pregnant girl. Shes even destroying the pregnant girls marriage to her husband. Plz help me protect them and get revenge on her. And she thinks shes the hottest chick in Yuma and gods gift to men.

What’s up with Marines loving to bang chicks with fat faces?- nik

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Gold Diggin Marine Corp Slore

July 25, 2012 Lubbock, Marine Corps 9

Gold Digging Fat Ugly Shore

Gold Digging Fat Ugly Shore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have seen this girl Marcella and guy Alex Guzman on here multiple times. This girl Marcella Rebecca Fierro has gone from a career in sucking d*ck, eating p*ssy, seen on a website selling her body for 1$ a f*ck! She is known throughout all United States Marines, as the “loosest p*ssy”. Her goal is to try and sleep with all Marines including the married ones. She says she is so rich when all she carries is nickels and dimes, which may be the reason she calls herself a “Dime Piece Of *ss” You can find this girl; mother of two children living in her parents cellar. She claims its a “mobile home”. She doesn’t have a job, unless escorting for free is considered one?. Her latest profession was stealing from Military spouses off of Facebook selling items she didn’t even have. She then got caught and owes million of people, millions of dollars. This low down dirty skeez and this so called fiance for the millionth time are suppose to get married after a breaking up more times than lil Wayne has gone to jail. Even after getting a sex video of her and 2 guys running a train on her, her FAKING multiple of pregnancies, her having sex with an old man and sending him a video while on a mission and last but certainly not least her having sex with his best friend all while they were together. He called her so many names on Facebook, said she was nasty, she has A*DS, and how he would never get back with her but yet he is getting married to her. So Nik, please tell me you can help these nasty people. And this nasty man is defending our country? How PATHETIC is he? Also, his boss has no idea of all these websites Alex Guzmans fiance is on, a couple of Marine wives will have no problem updating him on them.

Millions of dollars…I highly doubt that.  Looks like she shops at Wal-mart.- nik

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