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Cheating Wife

July 5, 2012 Marine Corps, Palm Springs 5

Cheating wife

Cheating wife

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tess Goodwine, maiden name Tess Ponder. She married her Marine husband when she was 17. First deployment she cheated on him, got a bf, laughed about the whole thing, then got pregnant by boyfriend. He ended up being a douche so she begged for her husbands forgiveness and gave the baby up for adoption. Deployment #2 comes around, she cheats again! Skyping other marines, sending them dirty pictures. I let her husband know right away. Now he is divorcing her, finally!, but she is still here in 29 Palms shacking up with another marine.. i think i see another marriage and another divorce in her future. Not too mention, she has dyed her hair dark, is tanning a lot. I feel she is copying me! I have dark hair and a good tan..anyways. Who is funding this tanning and new clothes. I know she doesn’t have a job. She plagues on marines and cheats! I hope this new guy wises up and gets out before she screws him over too!

That’s the bobbing for gregs pose, which can only mean one thing.- nik

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Should Be On Maury

June 19, 2012 Marine Corps, San Diego 0

Should be on Maury...

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if there was ever a local Maury case this is it. This chick who we shall call Krystal morin, is a sloot, has been with so many dudes she doesn’t even know who the father of her baby is, but keeps telling everyone “oh this is my babies daddy” until the paternity tests come back negative. She is a Marine sloot, who thinks she’s hot, aaannnddd she isn’t, she just always says”I’m not your typical Marine sloot” and BAM as any Marine knows, that’s a challenge. Her daughter is going on2 and still know idea who gave up the batter is, rumor is one option may be her ex-fiance/cousin, hahaha. Stear clear boys, you may be next in line for “Are you my baby daddy?”.

She needs to come up with a better strategy, pluck some of their hair or dig your nails into their arms, draw some blood and go to the doctor.  This will save you on a lot of embarrassment.- nik

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Dirty Tag Chaser

May 30, 2012 Marine Corps 1

Dirty tag chaser

Dirty tag chaser

THE DIRTY ARMY: ~Srry nik if I submitted this twice, I wanted to make sure it went through~This tag chasin sloor lives in northern california. She was married to a Marine and cheated on him several times with other marines and a civilian dude. She served hubby with divorce papers the DAY he got back from Iraq and wouldn’t even let him see his kids after he had been deployed for 9 months. She drained the bank accounts and left him with nothing but bills. Now she takes him back to court every few months trying to get more child support and alimony. She likes to neglect her kids while she plays video games and gets naked for dudes online. She is good at playing the “victim” Her alimony is about to run out so BEWARE! She is looking for her next man and his military paycheck. .

He should make sure those are his kids before he pays child support.- nik

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Sloot Needs A Reality Check

May 22, 2012 Marine Corps 15




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sk*nk’s name is Kaila Comley she lives in the Jacksonville, NC area. She thinks she f*cken hot sh*t!! She worked at the O house aka the WH*RE HOUSE! She walks around like her sh*t doesn’t stink, judges girls when the one she needs to look at is herself!!! She hops from guy to guy in the marine corps. Like WTF?! After f*cking my friend she goes on to the next friend. Really b*tch?! NASTY! You need to be put on blast! She also works with another dirty girl on her Melissa Roberts! LMAO.

She looks like a marine herself, throw a uniform and helmet on her and you couldn’t tell the difference.- nik

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Just Another Dependapotomus

February 15, 2012 Honolulu, Marine Corps 88

Just another Dependapotomus.

Just another Dependapotomus.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Is Christen Bauld. She is married to a Marine with a unit that is stationed out here in Hawaii. I honestly don’t even know where to start with this bi*ch. She has 2 daughters, one from a previous relationship and one with her now husband. These little girls are ALWAYS dirty. People have constantly called CPS on her but MP’s give you a notice before they come and check up on your house so she has time to get her girls all prettied up. They never bathe and are running around in her front lawn that is LITTERED with cigarette butts (smokes in front of her babies AND while she’s pregers) and dog sh*t. Next thing, her husband was deployed at the same time as my husband, she admitted to me that she cheated on her husband with 3 different Marines (and that was only a month into deployment) so when deployment was over I heard a total of 6 guys and she even tried to claim one “raped” her. She has vaginal herpes and didn’t tell any of the Marines she slept with! Can you imagine how far she has spread it on this base!! She leaves her children alone in the house while her husband is intoxicated and leaves to go drink with friends, once someone found her daughter on the floor crying wedged up under the couch!! This girl needs to be put on FUC*ING blast and told that having children and not taking care of them is NOT OK. And cheating your Marine while he’s deployed to Afghanistan fighting for his country is NOT FUC*ING OK CHRISTEN dirty bi*ch.

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December 14, 2011 Air Force, Marine Corps, Sacramento 26


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, i have nothing to say just look at these guys…. after a few months in afghan this is what happens i guess.

Guess they figure their wives are sleeping with other guys so they might as well to.- nik

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Dirty Deadbeat Dad

December 8, 2011 Marine Corps 2

Dirty Deadbeat Dad !!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, beware of this dirty scumbag. Best known for knocking girls up and then disappearing, cheating, and much more. This deadbeat has babies with two different baby’s moms. Got them pregnant and never went back. Now has a third one knocked up! He pays no child support or has ever met his kids! Boys like this should get their manhood taken away, treating his kids like they ain’t sh*t while there’s others wishing they can have kids of their own. Mario Garcia is the definition of a true sperm donor.

Is he also known to be a pedo…how old is that chick.- nik

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Meet Andrew Patterson

September 30, 2011 Biloxi, Marine Corps 10

LCPL I'll f*ck anything with a hole!

LCPL I'll f*ck anything with a hole!

LCPL I'll f*ck anything with a hole!

LCPL I'll f*ck anything with a hole!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Andrew Patterson. Even though he’s in the United States Marine Corps he’s the most pathetic excuse for a human being I’ve ever met! See he has a thing for choking (not in the auto-erotic asphyxiation way!) and beating up his girlfriends! He’ll also sleep with any girl who’s ready and willing regardless of whether or not he’s single. It doesn’t matter if they’re 200lbs and their lady bits smell like tuna because to him “they’re all the same with the lights off”  At 25 he should be spending time with his son NOT going out to bars every night and wasting his money on condoms and c*ke. GIRLS OF OXFORD, MS (puberty age+) BEWARE!

I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. I didn’t even know cats were allowed in the army.- nik 

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