Marine Corps | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Dont Be Fooled

August 30, 2011 Marine Corps 17

Don't be fooled

Don't be fooled

Don't be fooled

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this loser is Alex Guzman….Hes in the Marine Corps and thinks that just because hes in that hes sooo cool!! Well hes not! Nik he needs a wake up call and let him know that hes a big loser just like before he got in…hes about 20 pounds overweight and girls don’t be fooled by his “swag” this loser is sh*t and sucks in bed with his small greg!!! He really needs to get. Life and tell his girlfriend he cheated on me with her!!! He’s a lameo and needs help bad!!! Help him out Nik hes an alcoholic bad and needs a reality check! What’s your input??

I can’t get over how abnormally large his head is.- nik 

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Dirty Lying Boy

August 22, 2011 Marine Corps 1

Dirty lying Boy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, great site! It’s good that girls have a place to go to see just how big of dirty dirt bags some of these guys are! This is Matty Marier, a typical navy guy with a girl in every port. He cheated on me (with my friend and others) and I had to break up with him. He even told me he cheated on the next girl. He is on diazepam and his shrink told him he’s not even supposed to date.  I feel so sorry for any girl with him…he’s charming as hell and he’ll love you for a few weeks or a month then get’s bored of you and sees other women. He has multiple plenty of fish accounts (one is intimate encounters). YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

He shouldn’t be allowed to date based solely on the fact that he looks lie a great whale.- nik 

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The Marines Should Be Embarrassed

August 11, 2011 Marine Corps, Panama City 17

The marines should be embarrassed.

The marines should be embarrassed.

The marines should be embarrassed.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if there were an award for being the biggest tool possible, this guy would be a front runner. He comes to the club trying to hit on everything with a v*gina. And from what I hear, having a vagina isn’t actually a requirement for getting in his pants. I’ve heard from reliable sources that he got f*cked up the *ss by Trent Hickman in high school. He has a huge gap between his front teeth and well, I’ll let the pictures say the rest. He’s in the USMC and brags about it endlessly. Truth is, he only does bi*ch work and has pulled every trick in the book to avoid being actually deployed. I slept with this douchebag only to later find out that he had a girlfriend, and was cheating on her with at least one other girl that I know of. I broke it off with this jerk. The sex wasn’t even close to worth it.

Guys like this only throw on the uniform to get laid.- nik

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Future Knee Toucher

July 11, 2011 Dirty Predator, Long Beach, Marine Corps 26

Future child molester and pedafile

Future child molester and pedafile

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this kid is Travis Slapnicka he’s a prior Marine that got an underage girl pregnant and then left her and doesnt pay child support or see his kid. He’s a facebook stalker that hits on underage girls all day with disgusting comments and tries to get attention by posting depressing posts on his page, this kid is going on his way to being a future pedafile. Fathers check your daughters friends list on facebook and keep your daughters away from this kid. He thinks he’s gods gift to women and uses his car to try and pick up underage girls.

What are you talking about with this ‘going to be’, he is.- nik

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Beware Of Phil Carter

April 19, 2011 Marine Corps, San Diego 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy’s name is Phil Carter. He is 19 maybe 20 now. He’s in the United States Marine Corps. This guy is a joke. He had the opportunity of a lifetime to marry a beautiful girl named Maria. He was engaged to her and he totally f*cked it up. He cheated on her with some wh*re and then went on about loving her and even tried to kill himself because even he said she was the perfect girl. Through out all of that sh*t he had found out his newest gf was pregnant and now had a miscarriage. He cant keep a relationship with anyone cuz he’s so f*cking obsessed. He needs a life. From what I hear she moved on a long time ago and is already making her own family. I say good for her. But this guy will f*ck you and leave you. And on top of it all he thinks he’s the sh*t cuz he’s a marine. You gotta act like one to actually be one. I’m telling you beware he might dump you for his exfiance even though shes happy without him haha.

I feel so secure knowing he’s defending our country.- nik

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Lying Guido Leprechaun

April 19, 2011 Cincinnati, Marine Corps 33

Lying Guido Leprechaun

Lying Guido Leprechaun

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bastard, pathetic excuse for a human being is Nick Grieco. He is a pathological liar from the west side who still lives with his parents and serves tables for a living, thinking that he is living the “good life.” A supposed “promoter” for all the bars downtown but doesn’t get paid and everyone talks shit about him behind his back. His “friends” cannot stand the sight of him but worse is when he opens his mouth. He sounds like a gremlin that’s trying to be “bro” and hard when really he is one of the most insecure people you could ever have the displeasure to meet. He thinks he is amazing and that the world owes him something because he is in the Marine Corps but has yet to go active. He uses his Marine Corps status as a crutch to get out of situations that his dumb*ss has found himself in, oh and might i mention that he has lied several times about going overseas and used one of his own fellow marine’s unit to lie about where he has been to, WHILE THAT PERSON WAS CURRENTLY SERVING IN IRAQ!? Anyways there’s more so keep on reading. He has lied his way into relationships and then gets drunk and hits his girlfriend (now ex might i add) and thinks its all okay the next day because he “doesn’t remember.” He tells everyone his grandparents own larosas which is a boldface lie and i think everyone from Cincinnati knows who Buddy f*cking Larosa is! He cheated on his ex with over 10 girls who he probably met at a bar and took the club rats back to wherever the hell he could find a place since he still lives under his momma’s roof and screwed the dirty sloots. He brags about how many girls he has had sex with, which is over 40 (apparently) and supposedly he thinks thats GOOD!? Like I stated earlier, he is a pathetic excuse for a man and did you notice throughout this whole paragraph, the word LIE came up about.. hmmm? 20 times? Red flag right there people. Make no mistake, Nick Grieco deserves to be on because he is a complete flake, fake as can be and is going no where in his life. Let me know what you think, Nik.

I’m guessing you were one of the chicks he cheated on his girlfriend with.- nik

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Creeper Marine

March 30, 2011 Marine Corps 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, whats worse then having a GF thats taller then you? Being so hideous you have to find her on Craigslist! They met online from a “casual encounters” post on Craigslist!! This is one pathetic excuse for a “marine” Just tell me whats going on with our men these days?!!?!? Put this creep on blast!

He looks like if Sloth from “The Goonies” had a little brother.- nik

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Military Chaser

February 9, 2011 Cincinnati, Marine Corps 40

military chaser

military chaser

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik this is Jennifer Reber. She’s a complete bitch and a gap that you could park a semi-truck through. She blabs all over her FaceBook about how she goes to the local strip clubs with whatever marine is in town for the week and about how big of a bitch she is.. literally. She’s the most manly girl I’ve ever seen in my entire life. She is either wearing a oversized tshirt from the goodwill from a schools wrestling team that she didn’t even go to OR she is wearing skinny jeans with Peter Pan boots. Her tattoos are completely disgusting. What kind of girl gets one across her chest? Real classy. ‘I think that if I made a song out of my statuses and auto tuned it with a ‘club beat’ in the backround, I’d be the richest and most famous person in the world.’ She is so full of herself.  Way to keep the morale of the men serving our country.. Right? And, I don’t even want to get started on the blonde in the picture with her. Elizabeth Royce, complete bitch as well. She goes to UK but, everytime shes home.. you can catch her in Clifton sucking some random guys dick in a bathroom. These two make me ashamed of where I’m from. They are the kind of girls that drink one beer and have one shot ..then act like they are completely hammered. Plus, you’ve gotta love photoshop. I promise, her face does not look like glass in person.

Girls who take guys to the strip club always have a trick up their sleeve.- nik

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