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Tender Mike

February 12, 2014 Columbus, Marshall University 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy mike render is nothing but a pathological liar and believes nothing bu his own lies there so bad. He tells people he owns a gym for cheerleaders and he has all this money and cars. Truth to the story is that he doesnt he uses a lady that is so blind to what is going on if it was my daughter or family member this was happening to i would put a stop to it real quick, she bought him 2 cars and gave him a busimess american express card tha uses on other people including buying dinners and taking the students out from the gym with out them knowing he does such a thing, Mike does nothing but go around and promise all these wonderful people all kinds of things amd lies to no other to either get with them young girls included or try and get them to work for him at his gym which isnt his the resl owner even said herself he does nothing but spend the company money and has no idea to be a business person she is so obsessed with this guy that she is building a new facility because he said if she doesnt he will not talk to her anymore and build his own place lol yeah like that would happen that dude doesnt even know how to do his payroll or know what goes in or out financially, all je is worried about is making sure he gets what he needs to get no matter what he does to do it he is on the prowl to scope out the next best business plan for himself something that is already established and that he can say he owns that would be done by finding an older lady causing her to get a divorce and telling her once again all these broken promises to get it just like the last one. Mike also claims to be a firefighter as he gets pictures off the internet and says its him only because he became obsessed with a 17 year old girl at from the gym a couple years back because she said that she loved firemen. You can see how fake the pic is

Is he a cheerleader?- nik

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Jake Jones #Winning

July 18, 2012 Kansas City, Marshall University 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jake Jones from Marshall, MO. This two-timing bastard wouldn’t know how to tell the truth even if he was on his death bed. He has cheated on every girl that he has ever dated and treats women like trash. Messaging 50+ girls on Facebook may have been cute in high school but bro come on you’re 23.  He isn’t going to school and lost his job…which was working for his girlfriend’s brother-in-law…for not showing up…meaning everything he has is due to his girlfriend. (Or is it “ex” girlfriend?) Can we say winning? He lost his license and of course he didn’t pay for that either. He is lower than scum …even his brother and best friend ratted him out. And if all that isn’t bad enough…. Anything that ever happens is someone else’s fault. He thinks he is a “beast” and will threaten to beat anyone’s ass. Jake, people talk and you’re starting to get sloppy with your game. I’m sure that you will enjoy having DRDs.. That’s what happens when you have had sex with 90 girls and your number is still rising. YOU ARE TRASH…and definitely don’t look good enough to act the way you do

Deer hooves have gotta be the forgiest thing you can put on your body…other then handlebars.- nik

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Bobbie The Bed Hopper

May 9, 2012 Marshall University 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, bro this is Bobbie Dunfee. She has slept with every lame dope head in the city of Huntington in the past 4 or 5 years. She is 28 and now she is sleeping with a 50 year old broke junkie. His wife died 9 months ago and she crawled in the woman’s bed already (who does that) and ready to spend up the money the man is getting from the accident. She has some kids that she don’t take care of. Her parents have em cause they know she’s a h*e bag that has a different man around the little girls all the time, and she gets stupid high and passes out with them in her house. She is known to carry a different DRD around from time to time, FACT NOT FICTION! Shes just your common everyday nasty h*e. Just shooting a warning out about her cause on the real she has messed up some real good dudes and its crazy!

Collecting on the insurance money no doubt.- nik

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One Of The Prettiest Girls I Have Ever Seen

January 19, 2012 Marshall University, Richmond, The Dirty, Would You? 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I’m a huge fan of your site and have a “Would you”. This is Miranda Harrison she’s from Richmond, VA but attends Marshall University. She’s one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She’s a beauty queen studying theater. She has a beautiful face, and a nice body. So would you?

Answer: No, her face is overweight.

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Heather Does Huntington

January 18, 2012 Marshall University 7

Heather does Huntington

Heather does Huntington

Heather does Huntington

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sleeze bag is Heather Stanley. She’s the dirtiest female I know. She claims to be this good mother but you can find her get sloshed with her friends Mary, Ashley, and Haley. Heather’s “baby daddy” Seth Frank.. if its even his kid is just as nasty. He took me riding on his motorcycle once and told me his miserable he was with her. I thought he was a decent guy til he tried to get me drunk and have sex with me. So glad I didn’t have my beer goggles on that night. Total creep! Heather text my boyfriend all the time trying to hang out but doesn’t get the clue that he doesn’t wanna mess with her nasty *ss. She still looks pregnant and her t*ts are super saggy. I don’t see how anyone would want to mess with her *ss. If you see this girl wrap it up.

You know you were made to be a big girl when elbows have pits.- nik

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Dirty Derek

January 17, 2012 Marshall University 22

Dirty Derek

Dirty Derek

Dirty Derek

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douche is Derek Mitchell a sophmore/football player at Marshall University. He hangs out at Barcode and Rehab on 4th Avenue. He’s usually trying to sleep with any girl wiling to put out or give him the time of day. He offers to buy them drinks and snorts pepsi. It’s sad his poor girlfriend Robin Waskowski believes he’s faithful but he’s constantly banging my roommate. If you see this man beware and wrap up he’s a total sl*t.

I see you’re not in uniform.  Glorified bench warmer.- nik

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Response To “Speaking On Behalf Of Many White Females”

September 26, 2011 Marshall University, The Dirty 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, WOAH. So that post that was put up a couple days ago got like 300 or so comments? Hah good for you Nik you eat up those tasty topics like candy don’t you. Controversial sh*t always brings out the most “intelligent” people.  Anyway, (No I’m not the poster of the other original! I’m just some random loser.) At first I just laughed and maybe even nodded when I read her opinions, like I’m guessing most people did to. But when I started to read what people were commenting, the lack of common sense floated around like a gross, stale fart. Do some people really think everything she said was bullsh*t? I mean of course it was a direct, offensive blow to the face of another race, but it holds some, well a lot truth to it. Here’s a scenario we are all familiar with by now in America, please bare with me. Instead of using a race to describe the “thuggish” people, select a member of any race that is gang related, Violent, uses Ebonics, is not educated, does not care to contribute to society, or doesn’t bathe well.  Any race you so choose. Now, this guy is standing on the street corner with five of his friends, when a drop dead gorgeous dime piece walks by. (Why is she even in that neighborhood??) He immediately begins to cat call her, harass her, even follow her all the way to her car. Of course she walks quickly trying to avoid him, but he is really persistent, and it’s starting to frighten her. Luckily she finds her keys and gets in fast, then leaves. Ok the point I’m trying to make is that ANY low life gross male out there who doesn’t respect himself, or anyone else, will treat females this way. There is a certain type of man that acts in this manor, and I believe they are pretty easy to spot (sometimes, the scarier ones put on a show and fool you till it is to late!). Really, just avoid them. If you have to, cross the street and walk on the other side. But hey, men are victims of this circumstance to! Except they are dealing with vile wh*res who love having their holes filed with any nasty shaft they can find. Then later, spreading around fresh DRDs to unsuspecting guys at parties. But those females are easy to spot to, usually right away. Cake face, stuffed bra, “zits” around mouth, fried, damaged, overly dyed hair, and of course clothing three sizes to small. Wow I just noticed I gave a better description for chicks than dudes. Ya I know everything I said is like, well no f*ckin duh, but I am just a bored college student with too much extra time. Loll. Bottom line, yes you can say an entire race of males is womanizers, but EVERY race holds those types of people. I’m not going to argue that some races do it more, because I think it is to obvious who in fact DOES do it more but I just wanted to write down another view point. People, just start being nicer. What the hell is so hard and wrong about doing that?

But the white guys you are talking about speak black? Even the white girls you are talking about speak black. So you are still racist.- nik

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Dirty Douche Bag

November 17, 2010 Dirty Predator, Marshall University 7

Dirty Douche Bag

Dirty Douche Bag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Will OToole. He is a dirty cheating underage skirt chaser no wonder his wife left him. He dates underage girls. He is always cheating on the girls he does manage to get most of which are fat, ugly, and need serious psych help. He has a felony arson. He’s a serious manic depressive an total pothead. He attends Marshall but used to attend Shawnee State.

I find it hard to believe this guy has ever had a girlfriend.- nik

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