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Sexy Blonde From Maui

February 21, 2011 Honolulu, Maui, The Dirty, Would You? 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Skyler from Maui, what do you think of her +2′s?  She thinks she is the hottest girl in all of the islands, I wanted to ask you what you mainlanders think and Nik, would you with this Hawaiian dime piece?

Answer: Can we first figure out if this is a man or not. His ribcage is deformed and his face looks handsome. More research is needed on this Maui Machine. At this point I will have to pass.

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Hide Your Boyfriends

November 9, 2010 Maui 12



THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK THIS CALI H*E BAG (Alexandra PLuta) CAME TO MAUI AND SLEPT WITH EVERYONES BOYFRIENDS! and now the trog thinks shes some multi platinum singer! SHUT YOUR FACE wannabe h*e.. your artist name is SAMANDRIELLA, last time i checked thats a strippers name…Now the trog says she’s doing shows in japan maybe that explains the new pepsi addiction…you should really try eating sometimes..

Answer: No, she has a dream killer face, one of the worst I’ve seen.

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Hawaiian Goddess

September 15, 2010 Maui, Would You? 10

Hawaiian Goddess?

Hawaiian Goddess?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kirsten Stephenson Pino, absolutely stunning. you can’t say no to this one…Would you?

Answer: No, she’s too thick has a big nose a fish looking mouth and lets not forget these were photoshopped.

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The One With The Eyes

February 26, 2010 Maui, Would You? 8

would you?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the one on the left is lindsey– BRUNETTE with the hottest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. would you?

Answer: no.  Don’t fall for the eyes their dream killers.

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Julie, Maui, Hawaii

September 11, 2009 Maui, Would You? 9


Julie, Maui, Hawaii

Julie, Maui, Hawaii


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this hottie is from Canada, i met her in Maui while she was vacationing….would you?

Answer: No, I might Visine her in the eyes just for fun, but that’s about it.

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My Antonio Equals More Strippers

August 25, 2009 Hawaii, Hollywood, Maui, New England, The Dirty 20


THE DIRTY ARMY: So sorry to expose, but the truth will set you free. All this info does is completley justify that being a “reality star” is still a “star”. I danced in a club in milford, CT for a couple months and a fellow dancer was “jessica” from the VH1 show MY ANTONIO. I can’t remember he stage name but i remember she drove from boston, MA to dance in CT which explains the accent. Srry “jessica” u were always nice to me, atleast to my face (forget the time you tried to proposition the guy who drove me to work one day cuz you thought he was the ‘new girls’s boyfriend) . P.S. Nik, I was a stripper, saw the down and dirty of it all. I luv how glorified it is. strippers=prostitutes/and/or single moms. Come on girls give it up. We all start dancing, don’t know how to switch from the act to real life and in the mean time get a drug problem. Need a clear mind to see the truth (I know big boobs make boners and those can be distracting) well…Holla.

So what you are telling me is that the casting for this show was done at a Strip Club.  Jessica are you prego or just fat?- nik

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Dirty Girl?

August 17, 2009 Arizona / UofA, Maui 12

Dirty Girl?

Dirty Girl?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dania, she looks like a transvestite. She wears WAY too much makeup and this girl is out all the time with a different guy, if she doesn’t go out with one she will definitely be going home with one. If you buy her a drink you just won the golden ticket to her v*gina. Some advice lay off the cr*ck pipe.

Wait, that has to be a dude.- nik

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Canary In Hawaii

August 4, 2009 Canary, Hawaii, Maui, Newport, The Dirty 25

Canary in Hawaii

Canary in Hawaii

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik looks like Canary took some time off from Newport and Vegas and is Relaxing in Hawaii, Nik should the locals beware of her?

Good, she needs the vacation to find herself.  She has been eating some bad bird seed lately according to her mood swings.- nik

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