Cave Women of Medicine Hat

September 9, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Steven Stinson(aka Cheddar) and his disgusting girlfriend Danielle Cooper(aka Dani Stinson,corryann cooper,Amanda buck,cortny cooper,cortny stinson) these people so so fucking nasty is amazing they haven’t been posted on here before. First off they bed for food money and pet food they constantly ask for 3 sums with EVERYONE but usually when some idiot falls for it its just Danielle fucking someone else while cheddar watches/ videotapes no matter how old usually under 18 they both disgusting pigs who don\’t know how to clean up after them selves they leave mcdonals and other various fast food hidden in there room for weeks before eating it, Danielle’s even go as far as having sex or offering sexual favors for fast food(taco time,taco bell,KFC and McDonald), animan food and money, they also don’t know how to clean up after there animals as Danielle never changes the one cat box she has for all 30 of her cats one time she just took the nasty cat shit filled box and just put it down stairs so no one would see it.. Cheddars on wish because he’s to lazy to work and would rather sit on his as eating and playing video games its no wonder he’s not aloude to see his kid. Danielle claims to have a job but in reality she baby sits once or twice a month until she loses the job for stealing, they pawn anything they can get there hands on just to get there fast food fix and pot. Oh and Danielle’s been trying to get pregnant FOREVER but can’t probably because she’s an anerexic crack head, she constantly thinks she’s pregnant and will even tell people she’s pregnant then will get mad when she reilises she’s not. They hord animals(30+ cats and 10+ dogs along with god knows why other animals) they move from city to city because eventually they piss off so many people they get an out of town.. Currently there in Lethbridge Alberta using every reasorce possible. Both Danielle and cheddar have genital worts that they refuse to get treated for and Danielle repeatedly has the clap.. Neither one showers or baths unless its aish day and there going to taco time or taco bell, Danielle/Cheddar your both Disgusting people all you do is lie and steal from your friends,family,people you”work” for. You lie to the government to get free money to blow on drugs and god knows what else. Stop begging people for food,money,animals food and get a fucking life, give your animals away to better homes where people can actually look after them get REAL fucking jobs and quit bumming around,its no wonder your family’s and everyone else hates you

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Crescent Heights Pervert

September 2, 2014 Medicine Hat 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: There is a man in the Crescent Heights area named Brian Pickering. He is a pervert. He is obsessed with a bunch of 16 year old YouTubers and even traveled to the U.S, uninvited, to watch some sort of event one of them was in, a graduation or something. He also sent flowers to one who was sick and told people not to send any to her because he already had. He showed some young girls a picture of a tomato that looked like a mans penis, they were 16 and 17 years old. He offers to buy things for young girls and has a t-shirt with a young girl from YouTube printed on it. He tells inappropriate jokes and makes people uncomfortable and has even tried to touch some young girls. The police have been notified about him because of the things he says and does. He told a young girl he wanted to write a poem about her eyes, he also sends poems to young girls he likes. He has a blog with his poems. Everyone needs to know about him especially young girls and anyone with young kids.

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Junkhead Colegrave

September 2, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 12



THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik! meet Taylor Colegrave, one of medicine hat’s biggest scumbags. This girl has been around the block more than once, and loves cheating on her boyfriend Cole Hicks with her ex Andrew Melbourne. Hey Taylor didn’t Andrew give you the clap? This girl loves to spend her rent and grocery money on any kind of drugs she can get hands on, even if the moneys dirty, and by that i mean weather or not stolen, hustled, or ripped off from her family who doesn’t even want anything to do with her. I wont forget to mention she has NO girlfriends, just her “bros” who she has slept with every single one of them. Taylor’s extra curricular activities include stealing from anyone she comes in contact with, feinding off her boyfriend, cheating on him, smoking crack, snorting coke, sleeping, and repeat. This girl is the definition of gross and i feel bad for anyone who comes in contact with her. She thinks shes a “baller” because she wears hats, goes on drug binges, and sleeps with anyone with a pulse. Hide your boyfriend, she already hooked up with mine, hide your money, and hide your kids. She thinks shes a good babysitter until she leaves with everything you worked for.

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Crappy Way to get Caught

August 18, 2014 Medicine Hat 22


THE DIRTY ARMY: She strikes again! Amazing how a person can post pics and they spread like wild fire when people share.

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Medicine Hat Confessions

August 5, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 258

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chantelle Mccutcheon is a dirty whore skank who thinks no one knows that she is the host of a Facebook page called Medicine. Hat. Confessions. she hides behind being anonymous and talks shit about everyone in her cowardly way. She has 3 kids from 3 fathers and never works a day, closing to milk the welfare system. She fuks any guy in her path as she is a dirty skank whore. Don’t think you can hide behind playing games and bullying people online.

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Crappy Way to get Caught

August 1, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was in a relationship with this woman for 2 1/2 years and she left just before the two year mark to have a break. She returned after sleeping around with Shay Packard, Zack Macdonald and brandon Laird. After being with her for a couple months I noticed brown/reddish spots in my groin are. Of course I immediately booked an appt with the doctor. At the doctors appt I immediately texted Amergin Stevens and told her “Welcome to and thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of genital ***ts” She then continued on in denial that she was clean lmfao. Regardless to say she was not going to inform the guys she slept with so I did it myself. She is a disease infest liar and cheater with no morals. I sincerely pity and man she gets her claws into. Not only will she drain your sanity but give you an drd while doing it

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Scum Bag John Petro

May 9, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to start with this guy. He lives in Medicine Hat where his girlfriend lives, but he goes to school in Calgary and fcks any girl who gives him the chance. He met me in a bar and came home with me and the next weekend I saw him leaving the same bar with another girl. This guy is a real piece of work and has his poor girlfriend completely fooled, He acts so innocent but he’s not… If you’ve slept with this guy you should get checked, he definitely makes his rounds.

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Medicine Hats Preggo Sloot

May 6, 2014 Medicine Hat 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Alicia Giesbrecht, she is a complete skank. Watch out. She’s 17 years old and will date you. Move in with you. If you don’t fck her she will get upset and throw a fit. She will use all your money and cheats likes there’s no tomorrow. When you finically kick her ratchet ass out she will tell everyone that she’s pregnant with your kid and will demand you pay child taxes. When she is not pregnant at all. She’ll try to destroy your life and find a way to get you arrested. She has been pregnant so many times and will fck up your entire life. DO NOT TOUCH! You will catch her c**p!!

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