Scum Bag John Petro

May 9, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to start with this guy. He lives in Medicine Hat where his girlfriend lives, but he goes to school in Calgary and fcks any girl who gives him the chance. He met me in a bar and came home with me and the next weekend I saw him leaving the same bar with another girl. This guy is a real piece of work and has his poor girlfriend completely fooled, He acts so innocent but he’s not… If you’ve slept with this guy you should get checked, he definitely makes his rounds.

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Medicine Hats Preggo Sloot

May 6, 2014 Medicine Hat 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Alicia Giesbrecht, she is a complete skank. Watch out. She’s 17 years old and will date you. Move in with you. If you don’t fck her she will get upset and throw a fit. She will use all your money and cheats likes there’s no tomorrow. When you finically kick her ratchet ass out she will tell everyone that she’s pregnant with your kid and will demand you pay child taxes. When she is not pregnant at all. She’ll try to destroy your life and find a way to get you arrested. She has been pregnant so many times and will fck up your entire life. DO NOT TOUCH! You will catch her c**p!!

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Pamela Harvey the Ripoff Artist

April 16, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok pplz so this is Pamela Harvey, she’s from Medicine Hat and is a crack head, rat, cheating whore, she was screwing around on her husband Cory Rieger while he was away working rigs, she parties it up abuses her kids, the man she was with did everything for her, from taking er to multiple drs to try n find out what’s wrong with her ( nothing but some loose screws obviously) to buying everything needed and wanted… She took 40,000$ out of his account in two months while he was away working, she forged his signature on his vehichles n sold them with out his permission, she ruined his new vehichle and left it parked on his front lawn, took everythig in the house except a couch that was ruined, a chair, and his bed and a few clothes…. She stole his dog out of an 8 year old kids hands at the store while his new gf was inside then coward behind her friend Jackie dopp when his new gf called her out on it, she f**kd a guy named leyote on the floor on her birthday infront of a bunch of other guys… She’s been busted for trying to sell perkasets, had her ass kicked numerous times by Arron hodgkinson(?) she charged him with rape while she was fu*king him behind her husbands back, her affair bf will stickle called her hubby while he was up north workig n said to him ‘ I’m not fu*king ur wife’ which was a dead give away, told her ex stepdaughter that her friend Jordan was resting in her hubby’s bed while he was away at work, she tried charging her ex hubby with theft for a couple dirt bikes that he got while they were split up, yes she made a deposit for him for them but he paid the rest ($1500) lol she’s so fukd up she can’t talk straight, I mean honestly y would u fck around on a guy who doe everything possible for u??? And then her bf will stickle and her get into a accident on a highway in Edmonton cuz their fukd up and fighting and he puts a bag over head and they crash!!!! Ppl beware of this low down dirty dirty douhe water she’ll scam u lie to u and steal from you after she’s done her best to make u feel sorry for her!!!!

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Jessica Frasier Gets what she Wants

April 16, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessic Frasier. She dates someone and will cheat on them yet won’t actual do anything with the person she is dating. If she doesn’t get what she wants she will find away to get it no matter what, even if it means almost taking someone’s life. Like she did to my friend who she dated for 3 years. She cheated and had a kid with the guy she cheated on even tho everyone thinks its someone else’s. Then when she thought something was hers and wanted revenge. Got someone to go after them and almost k((l them. Well she sat there doing nothing, she did her part in setting it up. Jessica only ever wears pajama pants, you will never see her in anything else. The kid she had she never wanted she tryed to k**l it before he was even bore. She is now huge on the drugs and is really huge and her face is sagging. As well she as had drds before, and who knows if she does now or not.

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Jordan Mcslootbag

March 24, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is jordan mcmanus. She’s like 20. She has a kid (obviously). She’s addicted to c*ke. She fuked everyones boyfriend behind her baby daddy’s back. She fcked my boyfriend in a park .. He treated her like the pig she is and left her after c*mming in her face. She’s had the c**p many, many times. Can that be transfered to a baby ?? She also checks out your website a lot and makes fun of girls and is always so mean and bitchy. Taste your own medicine c*nt

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Mr Calvin Foster

March 18, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 130

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello the dirty, To my shock im am very suprise no one has put this BOY up here yet. Anyone who knows the name calvin foster has nothing positive to say about this worthless piece of skin. Let’s start it off with the cheating. I once fell for this man cause he was good with his “Words” just to find out hes cheating with 4 other females. He currently has a “Girlfriend” by the name of Nicole Rickett but is sleeping with Casy Coljee, Kelly Molyneaux, Alexa Maino, Alyssa Mecloud and more. This is not me making stuff up this is FACTS, don’t believe me ask his ex Latisha Hayden. She is a wonderful women who finally grew up and left his sorry ass, it’s a shame it took me that long to realize as well. He happened to be sleeping with me while he was dating her. He tells you all the sweetest things, does stuff for you ( ONCE IN A BLUE MOON) call you the love of his life and all types of other bullshit to get what he wants. For instance his cars, I bet no one knows all his cars Skyline, Bike, Bmw, Silvia and whatever else he has were financed by the girls he are messing with ? Mr.Baller ain’t that balling. Calvin is far from what people think he is, he sits at home with that loser paco and does cke all day. Hes never even has a job in life NOT ONE i tried to get him one with my dad he never showed up. He has no credit, he has so many tickets to his name he can’t even insure his own cars so he gets girls to do it. The same girls that get him the cars. He doesn’t have all that money he “Shows” people. ANyone that knows him knows all that money is his friends Jah’s money. Calvin is a BUMM that uses people. Call me a hater call me whatever I just want to make sure no female falls for the same shit we all did. Good luck to his girlfriend, explain this one to her. If she believe you, your better than I thought. SKUM ASSS BOY

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Cheap, Yet Expensive

January 23, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 370

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Patricia Bruce. She actually lives in a town called Medicine Hat. She’s a mother of two kids, and she’s a broke/bankrupt low-class slooot. She’s on every website you can imagine looking for married or single guys to sleep with for money. (She found my husband.. sent him lots of pictures and slept with him. He denies it… But I know its true. I saw the pictures he took) She hides it from the bank because otherwise she owes money based on her income. She doesn’t work, and gets her money from guys. Basically she calls it a “friendship” or “companionship” for money. The only way I can see it is this…. If you sleep with people for money, you’re a hooker (cough cough… Escort). She tells guys she’s only had one relationship from online sites (which is BS… I’ve done my research with other people who have slept with her)… And she’s gone all over the USA, Canada, and apparently overseas. She won’t care if he’s married or not… Waiting in hotel rooms until they get back from work, but spending their money during the day. Shes so dirty she sends ALL guys nude pics and videos. What a sloppy dirty girl. I’d be so embarrassed if I was her ex husband or her kids. I’m surprised they’re not taken away from her yet. She has them one week on, one week off. That week off shes out slooooting it up, so If you want to pay for sex… Or get dirty naked pics from the sloppy seconds girl… Just look her up. Or place an ad on Craigslist saying you’ll pay for sex. She’ll reply. Tell her you’ll create a porno and pay any money… She’ll reply. She’s dirty… Very dirty… And can be all yours (and every other guys at the same time). Thanks you home wrecking dirty old girl. Why don’t you go get surgery to fix those loose “p-lip” to match those old saggy fake breasts.

That’s a large windowed trailer…- nik

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Is Brian Schneider a Man Sloot

January 21, 2014 Calgary, Medicine Hat 56

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nude model Medicine Hat and Alberta, He models nude only, for groups of ladies in art groups.

Masterpiece…- nik

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