Melbourne | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Valeria Rytova The American Apparel Goldigging Kiteboarder

July 3, 2014 Hollywood, Melbourne, The Dirty 80


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Valeria Rytova is a American Apparel Model Goldigging Russian WH*RE. Taking her PHD in Nuroscience at Melbourne University, doesn’t mean she’s smart… She’s known to do do gangbangs with Dov Charney and his side kick Terry Richardson… Her chest is flatter than a kiteboard without bindings.  WARNING: She’s a sneaky Russian that will take it in the ASS for free surfboards and swag. But watch out you’ll catch something that will make your Greg fall off.   She is a dwindling model and has lost her looks and is fading away like a black American Apparel t-shirt in the sun.

Why are the American Apparel ads so creepy?- nik

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Mystery Goddess

June 30, 2014 Melbourne, The Dirty 115



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been following this girl on Instagram for a whole now let me say wow she is the gift of all gods she goes by the name of Minnie I think it’s her stage name, anyone no her real name? I see she is friends with some Gold Coast girls so she must be from that area all I gotta say I’d happily take a bullet for that fine piece of art! What do you think Nik?

No way those +2.5′s move during sex.  What’s the point, guys want a little bounce and mobility.- nik

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Valeria Rytova American Apparel Sloot

June 23, 2014 Melbourne, Victoria 92


THE DIRTY ARMY: WATCH OUT This American Apparel Model… Is a Goldigging Whore! She’s a pretencious COCKSUCKING wannabe vegan who is strung out on LSD MUSHROOMS DMT. This Russian CNT will bleed & rape you dry if you let her… Currently doing her PHD in Nueroscience at Melbourne University doesn’t mean she’s smart… She’s as stupid as a Campbell\’s kid with Down Syndrome. Spawn by a CUNT of a mother Stinky TWAT Lena… Shs learned to swindle and steal like a clepto on CRACK!!! Stealing high end bikes to pay the rent. She’s has known to have done gangbangs with Dov Charney and his side kick David Shama. This SLUT is no stranger to DICK not to say she’s good in the sack… Her cooter smells like a day old opened can of sardines!!! & her asshole is hairier than DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTERS GOATIE! Her Tits what Tits sh’s flatter than a kiteboard without bindings… She’s a crack addict when it comes to surfboards or swag… she’ll suck the chrome off a tail pipe to get what she wants… Lying doesn’t even come close to what comes out of her stank ass filthy crook ass teethed mouth. This wannabe poser AIRUSH TEAM liar wishes she could go PRO. Known from Vancouver to Quebec she’s a dwindling model that no one wants to hire because her looks have faded like a black American Apparel t-shirt in the sun. When she runs out of money yo’ll usually see her living out of her green Subaru at some random beach trying to score free drugs…

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Groupie Life

June 20, 2014 Melbourne 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is marisa mavroudis austrailian groupee extraodawhogives a sheet. always talking about whose shes shacked up with or who shes going to hook up with, one of which is none other then fake equis, the bearded legend. shes not afraid to travel cross country for her prey. Buyer beware!!

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Tatjana Catic Has The Best ITG

June 17, 2014 Melbourne, The Dirty 27



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tatjana Catic (Ig: TatjanaMariposa). Guess she won Austria’s Top Model search or something. Anyways her ITG is in a whole other level and her face isn’t too beat. Wanted to know your thoughts?

I’m a fan of her ITG, the real rack looks sloppy and the arm hair scares me.- nik

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The real Imogen Lovell

June 9, 2014 Melbourne 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is what Imogen Lovell looked like before all her work 4 boob jobs ,cheek implants , lips injected , chin shaved down !!! What’s next for this prostitute ?? She’s a fake and a compulsive lier who has nothing to her name but has everyone else pay for her she’s a user who everyone must see for who she really is. She jumps from best friend to best friend but really has no real friends. Looser if ask me who can’t get a real job apart from stripping or being a pro.

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Yet another Pig, being a Pig

May 23, 2014 Melbourne 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paul Seddon seems to be a loyal partner and family man, but on the sly he has online dating profiles (Seddo70 & Highhopes19) and is telling genuine and vulnerable women that he is single and looking for a serious relationship. However, he is just out to get into these women’s pants before rapidly losing interest once he’s had sex with them & moving on to new victims. He pretends to be exclusive interested and single, but he’s not. He’s a Federal Police Officer and works as a body guard for the Prime Minister and United States Consul and discloses seemingly sensitive/confidential information about his body guard role to win the trust of single women -none of whom know he’s cheating and only after sex. He uses his interstate travel, kid’s activities and irregular work hours as cover for his cheating -as all are plausible excuses for his patchy availability -but they’re not the real reason!

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Bikie Mole Plus Infant

April 22, 2014 Melbourne, Sydney 52

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Shay Balfour or “shaydoll” as she calls her self. This human is truly a one of a kind I mean she is a well known crck addict who worked as a stripper at toybox Gold Coast & budabing strip club in kings cross Sydney. While some random lady and her partner take care of her daughter because she hasn’t had a job or house since her 3 year old was born she’s usually in between patched bike club members beds and the sad part is she brings her poor child around this and smokes pipes with her child presant. As I said truly I one of a kind peice of Aussie scum

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