Jess Aleks Needs To Be Exposed For The Dirty Drug Addicted Trash That She Is

January 13, 2014 Melbourne, The Dirty 110

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jess Aleks. She is an Australian girl from Melbourne. She has a pretty strong following on instagram and is getting more followers by the day. Her IG is amazing and she posts the prettiest things, the only thing her followers don’t know is she is a former bottle rat/promo girl who started stripping which lead to escorting. She came from nothing! Moving out of home at the age 16 with a drug addiction (ice was her choice). She has now moved on to coke which keeps the weight off for her sugar daddy/boyfriend. He likes them thin. She has the tackiest fashion sense and looks more like a drag queen than female but he is no prize either!

This girl is a wh*re who was “lucky enough” to start dating one of her wealthy clients, mind you he is a morbidly overweight. He has a few “legit” companies but most of his money comes from drug dealing.  He buys her everything but she always carries on like its all her! Please. She’s a dirty whore with DRD!  She never posts herself out with friends because she doesn’t have any! Her life revolves around being at her boyfriends beck and call and buying designer labels she can post on IG. She won’t even talk to get former best friend Jade because she reminds her of her dirty days.  It’s the same old story about some white trash escort hiding her filthy past. Her followers call her their inspiration, if only they really knew!! The things girls will do for a few designer bags!!

Every escort/pornstar looks for a ticket out. They don’t view getting paid for sex as a negative thing. It’s more like a job interview.- nik


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Kaysha Louise And Sharah Fitzgerald Are A Joke

January 10, 2014 Melbourne, The Dirty 19

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, these 2 peasants sisters believe they are they sh*t and the hottest thing even in Australia.  We both know they got plugged in by Imogan Lovell and now see rich American clients when they are here on business and away from their wives.  This is why she does photoshoots all the time and you never see them printed anywhere.  They are for an underground clientele of rich old men.

So you are saying they have an hourly rate… I wonder if there is a discount because of the arm girth?- nik

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Shelley Darlingson

January 7, 2014 Melbourne, Sydney 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is a adelaide stripper, from the crazy horse, with fresh new +2s and a body to die for after 4 bastard children to different fathers, however they do not take your eyes away from her ha*oids and prolapsing issue, or her tragic face. This girl is psycho paranoid schizo, diagnosed, and want sympathy for it, she’ll take your heart and your wallet. She is a rude bitch for a paranoid freak, and soon as someone comes in with more money she leaves you and clings to them like a fly on shit. Don’t feel sorry for the ugly girls, they are all the same, they only feel sorry for you if you have cash in your wallet. so would you pay?

I can see why she does such an aggressive crop..- nik

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Rabbi Abraham Glick

December 24, 2013 Melbourne 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: A little public service announcement. Police in Melbourne are investigating Rabbi Abraham Glick, who is part of an ultra orthodox Jewish cult for molesting boys in his school. He has been known to get young men all over the world to attend his school out of promise of “free tuition for college,” only to be put in what can be described as full-time predatory atmosphere. What is worse? Yesterday he sued one of the victims for posting information on Facebook against him. Feel free to google this rapist rabbi.

Nothing is free.- nik

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Imogen Has To Be Working On These Lavish “Vacations”

December 19, 2013 Melbourne, The Dirty 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Imogen (real name Teigan) is constantly posting pics of her trips all around the place while she’s “working”.  I’m sure we can all guess what type of work she does but I would love to know if anyone can confirm that she is a working girl?

I’m curious… what is Teigan’s job? Who is her employer?- nik

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This Is Why Imogen Lovell’s +2s Suck

December 13, 2013 Dirty Army Strong, Melbourne, The Dirty 71



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, saw a post a few weeks ago about boobs jobs in Thailand. I live in Thailand, and plastic surgery/medical tourism industry is huge here, people from all over the world come to Thailand for medical procedures and treatments. While having lunch, I was reading ‘Bikinis and Martinis’ a Thailand lifestyle magazine, and noticed none other than Imogen Lovell telling her story about how she had her boobs done in Phuket, Thailand. Who knew? DA Strong!

Do you notice how square they are at the top.- nik

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Demi Dalle-Molle

November 5, 2013 Melbourne, Would You? 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Demi is a dancer under the name dani diamond, at the crazy horse review in adelaide, she is a die hard lesbian, proud and loud, however she will sleep with any guy secretly, it’s all for show and to fit in, no money need be exchanged she loves a bit of the dick, although if money is there it doesnt matter if you are 50. however the young moneyless ones for free are always her style… so boys have a crack if you want, shes free for all, nothing a paper bag cant fix, she like tatts on guys, however be warned if she smells like maggot step back her pus it squirting out of her infections.

Ummm???- nik

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Bluest Eyes

October 23, 2013 Melbourne, Sydney 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’ve been a follower of the dirty for less than a year, and this is my 1st submission. You’ve been searching for the perfect pair of blue eyes so here’s my entry. This girl is from Texas, her name is Bunny Meyers and is a blogger and a youtuber going by the name grav3yardgirl. It’s really hard to find flattering pictures of her since 1. She definitely isn’t your type 2. She loves crazy faces on cam. That is her real eye color and I’ve never seen such a pair of eyes with more intense color. Ignoring everything else, how are her eyes?

They’re contacts.- nik

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