Is This Really Entertainment

November 9, 2011 Memphis, The Dirty 12 8,301 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, kinda of speechless, going to keep it very short.  This is so bad it’s almost amazing?!

Stupid.- nik

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Gorgeous Kara

November 7, 2011 Memphis, The Dirty 9 7,314 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kara. She lives in Tennessee and is absolutely stunning.  You have not said one good thing about any girls from TN, so I wanted to send her in, so we can finally get a good review. And Nik, I see you traveling the country all the time to party, you ever coming here?

I am coming to Tennessee next year, but I don’t want to be around chicks who pierce their face. Face/lip holes are a -3 in my book.- nik

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Not Sure If She Was Raised By Wolves Or At Goodwill

October 31, 2011 Memphis 22 5,601 Views

Not sure if this chick was raised by wolves or goodwill

Not sure if this chick was raised by wolves or goodwill

Not sure if this chick was raised by wolves or goodwill

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ali Snyder. She is from Bartlett, has been going out and doing drugs since she was 12 years old. It’s pretty obvious the damage it has done- just look at her style. She wears shirts that she cuts up for her bra to hang out, and her midriff to show. I guess she thinks if her stomach is showing that no one will be looking at her face. She meets guys on facebook and has sex with them and thinks that makes her their girlfriend. She runs around bars in Memphis, barefoot and in skinny jeans and a homemade bellyshirt, looking like she just rolled out of bed. Several people have told me she rarely showers or wears shoes, and that is she is just all around dirty. She moved to California with her friend who got expelled from highschool for doing mth. They are most likely staying with some old man they both screwed for shelter and some spare cash, and using a YMCA to shower at.

Wherever it was she was unwanted.- nik

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Ashley Daniele Is A Slore

October 26, 2011 Chicago, Memphis 43 8,169 Views

ashley daniele is whore

ashley daniele is whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the names Ashley Daniele. Cute little hot sexy blonde girl. Yeah that’s what you think until you get to know the real girl. Sure whatever, shes smart, goes to university of chicago….ha probably paid her way in, rich *ss doctor family or slept with the board the runs the acceptance stuff…yeah that sounds more likely. Ashley Daniele has slept with all of Chicago and possibly all of Memphis. This girl is beyond fake. The only reason guys ever like her is because she’s attractive. My boyfriend and I have been dating since high school (3 years) then he started talking to Ashley and all of a sudden he starts comparing me to her? What the f*ck? This whore has guys wrapped around her finger. AND SHE WINS F*CKING EVERYTHING. SHES always the one teachers want to take on trips, SHES always the one the wins president for sh*t she didn’t even run for. How the fuck is that even possible? I’ve talked to this girl once and she had her fake nice personality on. Yeah f*ck that. This girl is a straight up h*e and no one wants her here. ESPECIALLY ME. She thinks shes so pretty and perfect and amazing when in reality, shes a little sl*t. She rooms with her best friend Leah Robillio and i’m pretty sure they’re lesbians. I heard she slept with her biology teacher so she could pass the class. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. It pisses me off when people talk about how nice or sweet or pretty she is. SHES A F*CKING SL*T AND I HATE HER WITH A PASSION. Shes not even a real blonde, her hair is so fake. And im almost positive she puts colored contacts in, what a fake. It’s just so annoying because everyone loves her. I don’t even know why. Rot in hell Ashley Daniele.

Whats the point of sending her to college, she’ll drop out and be a stripper or ‘personal assistant’ anyways.- nik

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Gangster Video

October 26, 2011 Memphis, The Dirty 49 9,617 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, look at this gangster… Not going to lie at about 30 seconds she was driving me crazy and after that I could not stop laughing at this… Had to send it in.  You gotta give her props, and Nik, I swear she has chest hair do you agree?

Coolio would definitely bang that chick.- nik

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King Of The Douche

October 24, 2011 Memphis 4 9,965 Views

King of the Douche

King of the Douche

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, OMG look at this dude. His name is Jason Ellis. Im a girl and i cant stand looking at this pictures. First of all, if you are taking pics of yourself at a tanning booth…THAT IS PATHETIC! He must think hes SEXY! cuz he puts his phone number on every pic he posts, it says Callback#90. I mean, SERIOUSLY?!?? Please set him straight.

He must be a male gigalo…they mainly cater to men.- nik

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She’s Back On Here

October 23, 2011 Memphis 17 7,070 Views

She's back on here

She's back on here

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick named Jill Leppert was on here with her twin sister Jenna “representing” the dirty south. Nik, you are seriously agreeing with the fact that this wh*re, who thinks shes the hottest piece of ass walking in Memphis, can represent the dirty south?  Shes got some kind of mole growing out of her eyebrow that I cant help but stare when I’m having a conversation w her. Plus if she didnt have a twin sister, she would totally just blend in with all the other sl*ts in Memphis.  She dated pretty much everybody!  I mean why do you think the prettier twins had a bf for so long and this girl hasn’t? Boys usually stop calling her after few dates or just sleep with her.

Her twin’s face is kind of Horsey.- nik

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So It’s Ok For Twitter To Show Child Pornography

October 18, 2011 Memphis 11 6,012 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is spiraling all over the web, a 14 year old giving head to a classmate outside the school doors. Lets put some parents on blast and twitter for allowing it.

In Memphis they don’t believe in ages.- nik

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