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When Are These Record Labels Going To Wake Up

May 15, 2012 Florida Gators, Lawyer Mike, Memphis, Nashville, The Dirty 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it happened again Lawyer Mike has dropped his newest video for Mother’s Day in memory of his mother!  Nik, when the hell are these record labels going to wake up and give LM a record deal?

Lawyer Mike is the Kenny Powers of our generation.- nik

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Rich Prick John Pickle Has A Small Tool

May 1, 2012 Memphis, The Dirty 14

Rich Prick with a small ****

Rich Prick with a small ****

Rich Prick with a small ****

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it is time this dude got called out and I am just the woman to do it. Unfortunately, I didn’t see all this in the beginning, but now it’s all so clear. This vertically challenged individual is one of Memphis finest. His name is John Pickle and he is short, roided out, and has had everything handed down to him by his daddy. He throws his money around around Memphis and Nashville at girls. He can’t keep one because they finally realize what a true asshole he is. Word on the street he is has been with 1/2 the girls of Memphis and Nashville and has the DRD so watch out ladies. He uses his friends and talks shit about them behind their back. He has had more DUI’s than allowed in life and brags about his little rich boy toys he didn’t even earn. He has had his company handed down by his daddy and doesn’t appreciate the average blue collar working class, because he is stuck up little prick that has never had to earn anything. He gets banned or thrown out of clubs because he has anger issues and disrespects people. He lives in apartment…wow, sounds like a true high roller to me. If it wasn’t for his handed down money, fake friends that stick around because he has money, and human growth hormones he wouldn’t know how to live. Get a life you loser!

Is John Pickle friends with Marcellus from Memphis by any chance?- nik

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Nik, I’m Scared This Will Happen To Me

March 26, 2012 Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Memphis, Newport, Scottsdale, Vancouver 41

Scary Southern Slut Sisters

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m preggo and scared this is going to happen to my stomach. Is there anything I can do about this?

Yes, buy this stuff. STRETCH MARK PREVENTION.- nik

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Meet Callie Dixion

March 5, 2012 Memphis 30

If you have a big dick, I'm your chick! - Callie Dixon

If you have a big dick, I'm your chick! - Callie Dixon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Callie Dixon. She spends her time not going anywhere in life, she’s not in school, she has no goals, you can find her at the Electric Cowboy every weekend trying to find d*ck, she lives rent free in her parents second house, and is definitely a few fries short of a happy meal. Speaking of happy meals, her v*gina smells like an old happy meal. More or less a sad meal I suppose if you wanted to eat it. Ok, lets get down to the dirty. She’s f*cked a lot of my friends (not myself fortunately) and friends of friends, 5 dj’s that I’m aware of; which I guess would make her some kind of dj groupie? Do those even exist? Never the less, she’s got cottage cheese thunder thighs like you wouldn’t believe. (These pictures are old you should see what kinda heat shes packing now, up close; her thighs look like the surface of the moon, with all the craters, divots, and dimples.) Her body seems decent in these pictures, but once you realize shes 5’0 its another story. With the voice of a cat in heat at 4am; you immediately know she has never actually been domesticated. Her front tooth looks like it was attacked by her gums, and the guess who’s winning? Word on the street is, she’s the worst best friend to have in a bad situation, but the best to disappear when there’s a d*ck involved. She would ditch a friend who is in dire need if it means shes gonna get the c*ck tonight. She will seriously f*ck any dude who tells her they have a big di*k. This is why she is dubbed the Memphis’ C*m Dumpster. Enjoy!

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Tag He Is Not It

February 28, 2012 Memphis 0

Tag He is not it!!

Tag He is not it!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Man, Shawn B. Is on the hunt for any woman he can find. He shamelessly uses his daughter to get women and lies about his status and place in society. He is on a dating site called Tagged and I am sure if you have hung out with him your on his sexed or not list. He does not work but instead tries to make people think he has something wrong with him, He clearly just does not want to work. He goes though women on a daily basis and That is NOT said lightly. If you see him RUN the other way. No One needs this kind of trash. He also thinks he god’s gift to women but he is simply just a moron with flabby arms that he tries to keep flexed so it makes him look like Mr. Muscles. Poor thing is pathetic!!! This is not a man you would want to have around.

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Selfish Impotent Drunk

February 22, 2012 Memphis 3

selfish impotent DRUNK

selfish impotent DRUNK

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is another one of Winnipeg’s deadbeat daddies. Meet Gabe Pitre. This bag of bones was warned many times to smartin up and help support his son, but he continues to drink his pathetic life away. So he gets the honors of being posted. And yes! its me :D all this pea brain does is drink and play xbox ,troll for manly looking chix on POF or porn sites, and spit all over everyone. You cant talk to him without getting a shower. And its even worse when hes had a drink..He has the brain of a 10 yr old, and the temper of a 2 year old. (Explains why he works for a moving company)He likes to push women around, and make them feel like complete sh*t. He doesn’t think twice about taking off to go party with his loser friends for days, leaving the family high and dry, with nothing! And yet I’M the bad one! WELL I HAD ENOUGH!! Gabe is nothing but a loser, and has absolutely nothing going for himself. Doesn’t even own a pot to piss in. NO HOUSE,NO CAR, NO $..NOTHING! What a waste of a life. But it’s not too surprising since he comes from a long line of drunks. The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. His mom should be ashamed of this douche. He can go months without seeing his poor son, who thinks he’s at “work” all the time. He’s missed so many things in his kids life, (CHRISTMAS for example) yet he still continues to be a fuck up. this scumbag needs to get his fucking shit together and grow up already..your all partied out gabe, the first sign should of been your limp dick. Hey minute man?!? You’re only 30 but you look like your pushing 45. Hahaa. You make me literally sick when i look at your small, balding head with ur lil snaggle tooth sticking out from behind your beer bottle. I wish someone would take that bottle and smack some sense into you, cuz you deserve it. After everything i did for your scrawny punk ass, taking you back after you spent your whole paycheck in one night, on hotels, hookers,booze and blow..after you hit me in front of the kids, after you only bought your son a dollar store car for Christmas, after you trashed my house cause i went out. AFTER ALL THAT YOU STILL CONTINUE TO ACT LIKE YOUR SOME SORT OF BLESSING TO HAVE AROUND. WELL YOU AIN’T, YOUR A WASTE OF SPACE AND TIME. Anyone who thinks your a good guy is just as retarded as you are. I f*cking hate you Gabe. Go f*ck yourself. If you can get it up that is!! :D.

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The Chad Is The Douche Of Memphis

February 14, 2012 Memphis 17

The Chad is The Douche of Memphis

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out ladies! Chad Hammons has the HERPS and he’s spreading it all over town! He’s usually found at Electric Cowboy preying upon young girls who are to stupid to know any better. Chad is 30 years old…lives with his daddy…has all kinds of nasty infections…drd, STAPH, & ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION!! What’s even funnier is his down-syndrome lookin ass thinks he is hot shit! He’s got fucking caterpillars for eyebrows, haha!!

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How Come No One Cares That Facebook Was Responsible For Cold Blooded Murder

February 13, 2012 Dirty News, Memphis, The Dirty 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you seen this story from Tennessee about the father who shot a couple who de-friended his daughter on Facebook? Why no crisis special from Anderson Cooper? You should add a “Kill Count FB vs. TheDirty” to your site ‘cuz the proof is in the pudding. Keep up the fight.  Click here to read full article.

My score is ZERO.- nik

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