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Erin Montze Garcia

October 20, 2014 Mesa, Tucson, Westside-AZ 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Trained by 3 niggas KEVIN “Looney goon” from BD, & his two homies at a party someone even recorded the hoe on Snapchat. Then 2 more niggas “Jorge santos & Oscar villalobos” at a different party

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Ike’s Love And Sandwiches In AZ Is Just As Shady As The Others

September 13, 2014 ASU, Dirty Business, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, The Dirty 112


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m a former employee (Supervisor) of Ike’s Love and Sandwiches. I worked at the Mesa location and then was transferred to Tempe as a shiftlead. Chase Ottney and Marco Matriz (who are secretly lovers) wrongfully fired me when I complained that they were violating my rights. They were also blatantly sexist, racist, homophobic etc. However, I’m a first generation college student in my senior year, I sat down with Chase to ask if he could ask Marco to treat me with more respect (I was called ‘bitch’ by Marco often).  Chase became visibly agitated and said that what they discussed was none of my “f-ing business” I said okay. Since this environment is so hostile, and you only have two shift leads, I’ll stay on the schedule so you guys won’t drown (mind you this shop has been open less than three weeks). He said no, I was fired. I’m now wrongfully terminated and not sure where to go, but bad publicity is needed. Ike’s is shady. And I refuse to be silent.

You need to hire a lawyer.- nik


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Patrick Sheehy Is A Couch Dwelling Perv

June 28, 2014 Mesa, Scottsdale, The Dirty 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this hard on the eyes mini man from munchkin land lives on various family members couches. When I met him he knew I had no interest in sex. He would not stop talking about it. Always sending me his perv texts. To think this guy has two teenage daughters just astounds me. He does not understand the concept of no and then the chubby asshole stole my house keys when I wouldn’t kiss him. Do not trust him, let him in your home or anywhere near your children. He’s all drama and problems. Do not give him the time of day!

Who gets turned on by tulips? Weird.- nik

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Ric Gonzalez

June 13, 2014 Mesa, Scottsdale 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I hooked up with this cute guy who I thought was honest, didnt use protection, now I am H** positive! Please warn all the gay guys on your site about Ric so they dont get dirty! He hangs out at Charlies after work.

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Cowboy Manslore

June 3, 2014 Mesa, Scottsdale 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy right here is Rj Seymour. He is the nastiest guy ever. He barely showers, he hasnt brushed his teeth in over 5 years, he wreaks of bad b.o and he just became a man slore. He left his wife of 15years to screw some side chick. Hes been going back and forth from his ex to the side chick without showering in between. Now hes screwing some new chick and is doing the same to her. He tells his ex wife he loves herand wants to work things out, tells the side chick he wants to be with her and wants to protect her and what not and hes probably making promises to this new chick just to get in her pants. Rj you are 37 years old, grow up be a man and stop sleeping around. Nik, please show the world how disgusting he is.

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Self Homewrecker

May 13, 2014 Mesa, Westside-AZ 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl put partys before family and would cheat on me every chance she got. I’ve gae her more than half a dozen chances and finally got fed up and filed for joint custody of our 6yo son. Two of the pictures are from what finally made me leave her. I came home one night and she was nowhere to be found with our son, then I saw these pics in her phone. Since then she’s been sending me nude photos and trying to get me to come over for sex even though she’s fuking the guy from the pictures. I could write a novel on how dirty and fuked up this bitch is.

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Playboy Miss Social Needs To Stop Giving Girls False Hope

April 20, 2014 Mesa, The Dirty 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amy Piccirilli AKA Amy Skylar is running for PBMS April 2014. Amy does not have any real supporters for PBMS. Her only real supporter is her husband who is spending all of his money just to have his photo shop drag queen win a pathetic so-called fake Playboy contest. Amy goes around bragging about how she takes all these schedule II drugs such as 30mg Adderall 3x’s- 2mg Xanax daily. Amy gives everyone this pitiful, sad story about her kidney’s and then gives everyone the link to her gofundme account to donate money. Her gofundme account makes it known that she is scamming people for money to make everyone feel sorry for her medical condition, but she makes it obvious that she needs the money to remodel her bathroom. It does not make sense for someone who has kidney problems to take all these schedule II drugs. There are tons of Youtube videos of Amy drunk and drugged up. Someone who has a a kidney condition would not be drinking alcohol, nor would they be taking Adderall and Xanax. Amy goes around and tells a different story to each person that she speaks to where she starts to believe her own lies. The funny thing is that she speaks of her rotten teeth in her gofundme. I wonder why her teeth are rotten? You can see she photo shops all her pictures and makes herself look like a tranny. In reality, she is chunky and has thunder thighs with cellulite. I am sure the rest of her secrets will prevail in the comments below.

Anybody know if Russia owns Ukraine now?- nik

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Psychotic Liar, Zach Price

April 14, 2014 Mesa, Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh nik, there are so many things that i can say about this BOY. Zach Price is a conniving, heartless thieving, psychopath. I currently have a restraining order against him for threatening me and my family, also for stalking me and knowing where i was all the time, knowing when my car was or wasn’t home, because he’d be outside in the middle of the night to see if i was home or not. I would never feel safe with him around. And i always made the mistake to sleep at his place and weeks after certain nights i would come to find out that my debit card had been charged for ridiculous things. He would even get up n the middle of the night to look through all my things and my cell phone to find God knows what, to use as an excuse to yell at me the next day. One year i went to Mexico with my family and his own Mother called me and let me know that he had been having a girl over, staying the night. This guy was literally a nightmare and he has been in and out of fines, probation, and jail ever since i got the restraining order. LADIES!!! they work! do not be afraid to get one! Don’t say i didn’t warn you…

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