Psychotic Liar, Zach Price

April 14, 2014 Mesa, Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 6 9,441 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh nik, there are so many things that i can say about this BOY. Zach Price is a conniving, heartless thieving, psychopath. I currently have a restraining order against him for threatening me and my family, also for stalking me and knowing where i was all the time, knowing when my car was or wasn’t home, because he’d be outside in the middle of the night to see if i was home or not. I would never feel safe with him around. And i always made the mistake to sleep at his place and weeks after certain nights i would come to find out that my debit card had been charged for ridiculous things. He would even get up n the middle of the night to look through all my things and my cell phone to find God knows what, to use as an excuse to yell at me the next day. One year i went to Mexico with my family and his own Mother called me and let me know that he had been having a girl over, staying the night. This guy was literally a nightmare and he has been in and out of fines, probation, and jail ever since i got the restraining order. LADIES!!! they work! do not be afraid to get one! Don’t say i didn’t warn you…

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Dirty Lana Brea Will Do ANYTHING For Money

April 11, 2014 Mesa, The Dirty 10 96,623 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lana Brea. Better known as Sheehan on her backroom casting couch video. Known for her stripper experience, open legs, and backroom casting couch video. Don’t know her very well but a smoke google search will provide you with a full on video of what she will do in the bedroom or even on a nasty black couch with a total stranger for money. Disgusting. I wish I had saved the picture but at one point she uploaded a picture in a hotel room before she went out to strip and there was a heroin needle in the picture. Get your life together hun.

What kind of fake name is Sheehan?- nik

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Couch Surfing Isabel

April 7, 2014 Mesa, Westside-AZ 4 8,929 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: well nik this is a hoe she ruins ppls relationships and thinks shes hot shit when acutally she ugly as hell haha just a boooty call so watch out for this girl she cheats on who ever shes with just to get somthing out of it and thats a place to live ya shes homeless and just dates guys to live with them then on to the next on

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Have you met Alviras Twins

March 5, 2014 ASU, Mesa, Westside-AZ 16 8,431 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This lil bitch at le girls cabernet doesn’t she remind you of alvira she is not only a homerecker with a serious obsession with being the center of attention high enough to let a guy cum in her ass

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Sloppy Blond

February 7, 2014 ASU, Mesa 6 6,070 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: That nasty fat blonde in the middle is disgusting. Went to party with the brunette and had a sex competition, on who can fck more men. The nasty blonde won. And walked away with a steaming heap of CR**S. Gave c**ps to 5 guys at the party. Nasty ass thinks she is the shit, but is crawling with nasty bugs

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Oh My Lana Is Crazy

January 29, 2014 Mesa, The Dirty 35 102,901 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lana Brea or “Riah” from Le Girls’ Gentlemen’s club is best known for the love she sells inside and out of the adult industry. If only there was a return policy!! Lana/Ryah/Sheehan probably didn’t mention anything about the number of times she’s had DRD!!!! After testing dirty and being rejected from yet another porn company, she started stripping and escorting inside the club. If you plan on hittin Le Girls’ anytime soon, keep in mind that if Riah is dancing on you.  She’s the one you won’t forget. Don’t let her touch your timber.

Who takes a selfie with a broken mirror… amazing.- nik

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Mesa Gold Digger

October 9, 2013 Mesa, Westside-AZ 5 5,445 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me start by saying, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WORK!!!! I am a daily user of your site and just freakin love it! Sooo, this is AMBER GIBBS of Mesa AZ. This girl HAS to be Mesa’s top gold digging slut, and if anyone can put her a** on blast, it’s you Nik! GUYS STAY THE F*CK AWAY!!! This girl is the BIGGEST Daddys girl in history. Any problems that come up with her, expect to deal with her daddy. This girl acts like she is the shi*. She thinks she is so set in life and better than everyone. First off, she sleeps in the same bed as her dad every night while her mom sleeps on the couch.I dont know if it is just me but that is not right. <— Don’t let this mesa gold digging slut fool you. Just because she drives a her parents rides, she thinks she is the shi* and the best around. REALLY SLUT?! It’s a f***ing mitsubishi!!! She tries to claim “no drama” but really this girl thrives on it, even if she has to go to the extent of saying false sh** about FRIENDS she will talk sh** about every person she claims to be “friends” with, even her own family! She acts like a little bi*** if she doesn’t get her way and cries to daddy to get it. She claims she has done everything on her own, EVERYTHING SHE HAS, HAS BEEN GIVEN TO HER. SHE DOES NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF HARD WORK AT ALL,SHE NEVER WORKS AND EXPECTS EVERYBODY TO TAKE CARE OF HER. On top of it, she will talk down on people that get things handed to them, when is NO different at all. This girl is a CHEATER AS WELL!!! She will tell you “oh baby this, oh baby that” and in the same breath will tell the same sh** to another guy — she will continuously call and text his EX’s, because she is so insecure without a man by her side to do all her bit** work. Finally, this girl is ***EXTREMELY VERBALLY ABUSIVE AND — PHYSICALLY TO A POINT**** She will continuously call names and try to break a person down to nothing for her own insecurities. She will shove you around and talk down to you in front of friends and in public places for everyone to see. Last of all, never piss this girl off when she is drunk. She is by far the SLOPPIEST drunk I have ever seen! (and I live in Mesa… We know a sloppy drunk when we see one) if you do be ready to have dishes full of food thrown at you. She is a really bad drunk and will not stop at anything to get that next drink. BOTTOM LINE NIK, THIS GIRL IS AS LOW AS THEY GET, IF NOT EVEN LOWER! GUYS BE SURE TO STAY THE FU** AWAY FROM THIS LOSER, SHE WILL JUST BRING YOU DOWN TO HER LEVEL. Last off the guy she cheated on me with married her 6 months after breaking up and was divorced less than a year later. That just shows nobody can deal with this gold digging slut in mesa.

That attitude doesn’t sound conducive to handouts.- nik

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Tija Terek is A Fraud

October 4, 2013 Mesa, Westside-AZ 19 7,359 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Joe Jenkins aka Tija Terek is a fake and fraud. Straight con-man. He has several children, around 9 with 7 different women but will be quick to say he has none. He uses native women(usually single mothers) at this point in time in many different states for money to say he is some major producer of music. It is all fake and lies, like his spray painted records that he portrays as real. He will say he worked on Big L’s album, which he did not and that is public knowledge. He lives with the mother of two of his daughters in Mesa, Arizona. He travels and says he is on “tour” or promoting some hoax scheme, but in reality it is all lies and he is just meeting up with women he has met on the internet. He lies about having children. He lies about his age, name, everything. So just beware. And feel free to pass on this message to all the ladies that may be effected by this piece of scum. He has been on in several states and even Canada. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the baby momma he lives with, that’s where all those pictures are taken of himself alone in his space creating a fantasy world. And if you have a man, watch out cause he swings both ways. Them “Cali Boys” confirm that. About the only thing that is truthful that falls out of this piece of scums mouth is that he is from New York. But he was a “geek” (persay) there, got ran out and became Tija Terek living a lie leaving behind victims of his scams. Worse thing about it is all these babies out there. Just do a little research before you get sucked into his lies. Ever wonder why he doesn’t REALLY work with anyone? Anyone that takes THAT many pictures would definitely taking pictures of their REAL progress. Stay safe. and pass the message along. Yours Truly, NOT A HATER, Just keeping it REAL *real talk* lol

That must be the first time he’s made $200.- nik

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