Angie Varone Is Miami’s Greatest Narcissist

April 14, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 119 99,653 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Angie Varona – Miami’s biggest narcissist. This girl walks around town like her sh*t don’t stink and as though she is gods gift to men. Well known from her social media websites where she poses with her untoned booty and body wearing next to nothing to fish for compliments. This girl has screwed over a few of my boys and they end up paying for EVERYTHING she wants, while on her Twitter she claims to be taking the ‘hard road’ in life by going to college and working two minimum wage jobs acting as though she’s doing us a favor educating herself when she doesn’t have to (or so she says) – (I must be behind the times, but I thought going to college and working through was a common day occurrence that most people do with out complaining?). My advise to any men who get fooled by her innocent look – RUN, she is a psychopath and extremely clingly! Once you break up with her because you are sick of being disrespected and sick of the loose p*ssy she will blow up your phone telling you how she is SO much better than you and how so many people want her! Social media has got to this girls head!

Those thighs definitely rub together. Show us the rash.- nik


Angie Varona Needs To Stop

Angie Varona Is The Most Vain Person I Have Ever Met

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Julius Peppers’ Baby Mama

April 13, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 26 98,578 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, guess what I found? JPs baby mamas reject booty modeling pics. I don’t get what this chick is crying about everyone knows her back in her Club Play days when she would hoe herself around to every athlete that would give her busted ass the time of day. No one would look at this chick twice but we all know she was getting nailed by Dwayne Wade and Dj Irie,  Who knows how she got JP and managed to get a baby out of him but I’m tired of seeing this girl walking around Miami acting like her sh*t don’t stink when all she did was hit the lotto. H*e be thankful.

I think I see stretch marks caused by the Whey protein.- nik


How Did Claudia Sampedro Get NFL Player Julius Peppers

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Darren “The Weasel” Heitner Is Back

April 9, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 11 94,141 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please blast this nuisance little weasel who just won’t seem to go away. As you reported in the past this asshole made a “parody” twitter account of himself using the name as an attempt to fool people into thinking he’s relevant. The wikipedia page he created for himself (as you also reported in the past) finally got taken down as it should have and the views on his irrelevant forbes articles have decreased drastically in the recent past. Yet somehow magically his twitter account recently went from a couple thousand followers to over 40,000 in a 24 hour period. Oh but surprise surprise thousands and thousands of them are empty accounts with eggs as default pictures which could only mean this dickhead PAID for followers as yet another desperate attempt to appear relevant.  Well as of today he made it a point to “announce” on his facebook that he’s once again attempting to be an agent. He sucked the first time so what the hell makes him think anyone gives a sh*t that he’s setting himself up to fail a second time? As if that’s not enough his new girlfriend is ten times more of a dog than the last one you pictured on the site. This beat ass creature looks like she’s the product of some serious trailer trash incest and has some of the manliest features I’ve ever seen on a girl. Please just remind this doucher that no one gives a sh*t about his pathetic life and encourage him to throw himself into traffic.

This reminds me… I can’t wait for that Life of Pi kid to play baseball in the new Disney movie coming out.- nik


Screw You Nik

Fake Sports Agent

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Maggie Guzman the Fake

April 8, 2014 Miami 23 6,138 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay.. Finally the truth must come out. It’s funny how people in Miami believe anything they hear even if there are no facts to prove this nonsense. Honestly myself as well as many others are tired of this self centered, compulsive liar, hypocrite, home wrecker and leach! Let’s start off by saying that even though she may seem innocent she is really not. Her main goal is to suck every last thing out of you!! If you have been in a relationship with her at first she is very giving and makes it seem as if she really cares about you. Well let me break it down to you. She is sneaky and most of all desperate! As you can see she changes her personality daily as well as her friends. Be careful cause even if she post on Facebook that your family wait till you hear the shit talking she talks behind your back not only about you but usually people you care about. When she is in a relationship she cries about not having money and becomes very needy. Pretty sad when your her age and can’t pay your bills, have no education and no real fiends cause you used all of them. She will stay around till you can’t help her anymore. Then she is done with you. If you end the relationship or friendship on bad terms then here comes more DRAMA!! She goes to see her stupid witch doctor or whatever you want to call it to wish bad on you. Lol she won’t stop either…. She will look up your personal information , stalk you, stalk everyone you know and try to stay involved in your life so she can find out whatever information she can! This is fucking pathetic. Secondly how the hell do you talk shit about Bliss, MV and people who choose to love their lives in the lifestyle and criticize it yet now your on every guys dick, going behind woman’s backs with their husbands (ohh you didn’t think that would get out?) there is proof and if you keep talking shit proof will just start to pour out! It’s also funny how you target people and try everything in your power to be manipulative and convince people that that person is bad, dishonest and more! You waste so much time convincing people all the negative bullshit you can think of in order to make them look bad and to make yourself look fabulous! Well guess what bitch this shit is about to come back and bite you in the ass! What you have done to me and many others eventually comes out. I don’t care how you live your life but stop ruining others or atleast trying. Your disgusting grille, nasty looking old drugged up face , hunch back self ain’t all that. So please do yourself a favor and live your own life without talking shit about others. Enough is enough already! You have used too many people and now we have had enough and are coming together to set shit straight! I don’t need to get into other degrading shit about you cause people don\’t need to know! This is only the visible stuff they can see! So do yourself a favor and watch it! Get your own life, friends and family! Stop pretending and making people feel sorry for you. Get a career , your own shit and stop depending on people! And if you even think you know who wrote this trust me you dont!! You probably don’t even know my name but I am tired of seeing you hurt people I know. The woman you talk shit about don’t give a fck and it’s funny they have everything you don’t ! True friends, family , house , kids and more! Jealousy is a bitch!! And you could have it all if you just stopped wasting time on how to make other peoples lives miserable. It’s so stupid!!!!! You can try and be your ghetto self and act bold but trust me it’s just more time you will waste!! So anyone that has had to waste their time with this girl I’m sorry for you ! And if you think this is bullshit just give it time she can’t act forever! All the people she talked shit about before are now her best buds …. And it’s seems like everyone she knew edited she betrayed or took as much shit as she could from them and left them dry! So sad! I wish things didn’t have to be like this but you brought all this upon yourself. And really you just keep doing it and never realize how any people you hurt along the way! You really used some good people and I don’t know how they let it slide and really don’t give a fck! But as a bystander and a true friend to them I had to put my foot down and rip you up! You are a bad and negative person probably one of the worst I have ever seen ! So here is your fucking trophy of the most scandalous bitch in Miami! And you already have a track record or splitting two marriages and probably more to come! This is a horrible thing and I hope you decide to change for the best! But if I had to bet on it there is no hope for you changing.

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Scott Allan Slifer Used Me To Cheat On His Wife

April 8, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 100 101,882 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my name is L and I have a story for all of you. I was dating a guy I met on for 4 months, I am a divorced women and own two businesses and have no time to meet men so I joined. On Dec.21,2013 I got a email from a man named Scott who in his profile said he was divorced with no children.  This guy spends 1 month romancing me and trying to date me. Finally he said his full name was Scott Allen.  He came to my home and we met, after that the relationship continued and he kept his lies coming, I got suspicious and last week he was in town with me and I went through his briefcase and found out his name was Scott Allan Slifer.  I immediately did a check on him and found he was married and with two children. What an Evil Guy! I ask what kind of a men denies his children and his wife! Well we know what kind of a men speaks so bad about his wife and says he left her because she cheated with another men, I felt awful for him and was very sympathetic with his dilemma. He said he married a Bimbo who’s main interest is to shop and watch The House Wife’s of Beverly Hills. My investigator found your site and told me so I checked! Incredible this women he is married to she looks like WALKING PLASTIC SURGERY and further more she talks and dresses like a bimbo. Not a mother… Incredible that she is younger than me and already looks like she is older with all the make up and of course she looks like worn out Porn Star. These two people deserve each other.  This is a picture of his wife, he would not ever let me take one of him. 

Those lips don’t look 32… my guess 43.- nik


Lori Barbour Slifer Is Not The Christian She Claims To Be

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How Did Claudia Sampedro Get NFL Player Julius Peppers

April 7, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Miami, The Dirty 165 113,154 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Claudia Sampedro has set her sights on NFL player Julius Peppers, who by the way has a newborn with his long time girlfriend.  Apparently, this h*e is shacking up with him and flaunting it to everybody even though she knows he has a newborn baby at home with his longtime girlfriend.  Shame on you Claudia!  You are also a mother, even if you don’t act like it, and you should know better!

Looks like Julius is a Kardashian fan, why not just go for the real thing? O.J.’s daughter is avail.- nik

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Tell Morgan To Stop

April 6, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 132 97,910 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how depressing is this?  I just started following Morgan on IG and haven’t seen this beauty in years… but damn, what the hell did she do to her face?  Looks like way too much botox and maybe some cheek bone work done.  Please tell her to stop this nonsense.  She is such a beauty and doesn’t need to mess with it.

I never understood why chicks enlarge their lips. I thought that fad was done in 1999.- nik

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Avra Jain Is A Raving Lunatic

April 3, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 3 94,490 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am a resident of the Belle Meade neighborhood where the renovation of the Vagabond Motel, a 1950′s MiMo (Miami Modern) building is located. FYI Avra Jain is not rebuilding the boulevard one motel at a time, she is planning to operate a very loud party venue at the Vagabond because she needs the money, and cannot seem to make a legitimate business of the project. I had the misfortune of her screaming at me last night because she is frustrated by the “little people”, me and others, who do not want concert level noise in the neighborhood. She is going to throw parties to make money because she said she spent too much money on the pavers around the outside of the building and already water pipes are bursting and ruining the partially redone rooms. She thinks we don’t appreciate her buying up properties and declaring herself “Queen of the Boulevard” I suggested that she in over her head and should take the $15 million dollars she said has been offered to sell the Vagabond.

How original. A new Miami party spot for drunks and drug addicts.- nik

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