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Angelisa Benitez Is Not A Smokin’ Midwest Girl

November 5, 2014 Chicago, Milwaukee 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is the “Smokin’ Midwest Girl” HAAHHAAHHA… I see a discounted hooker here. Take off that white eyeshadow and god awful dress and you’ll look less like a trashy cheap chola. Bless your soul Angelisa…


Smokin’ Midwest Girl

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Smokin’ Midwest Girl

October 31, 2014 Milwaukee, The Dirty 87


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Angelisa Benitez. Shes from Milwaukee. She’s hot!!! Damn Nik, waiting for you to spot out the flaws. Mix of white and Colombian… tell me something that is wrong?? Cause nothing is.

Why can I see her ass between her ITG…is that some kind of Milwaukee droop?- nik

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John Taylor

October 1, 2014 Milwaukee 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: John Taylor is a former fat kid who lost some weight and now thinks he owns the world. He will fuck anything with two legs (and sometimes one)! He uses his “cool band” to sleep with 19 year olds and he is 26. He got slapped by his old roommate in front of 1000 people and did nothing about it. Im sick of him walking around like he owns the city just because he isnt as fat as he used to me.

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Amiee Shafer Slore of GM Fairfax

September 29, 2014 Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Wisconsin 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: On march 9th of this year my life changed as I know it….my husband of over 25 Years informed me he had been fcking a whore from his work for close to 7 months. …as soon as this whore got hired at my husbands work place she spread her whore legs and like a idiot my husband screwed her several times in her and her husband’s bed of all places!!.she was stupid enough to spread her legs when my husband lied to her and told her that him and I were getting a divorce when in all honesty we were getting along the best we’ve gotten along in many years..yet the dumb whore had no problem spreading her legs even with her children in her home at the same time…just a pig she isa self centered pig!!
Even though my husband had informed me that he was having an affair I tried to stop it but they didnt stop until I finally did a background search on her and found out that she was married and screwing her husband at the same time. .I got a hold of her husband’s email and informed him of the wonderful affair and that kinda stopped them..but to this day they are still talking and being physical at work..there not able to screw there yet ive been told they have!! There both pigs!! Ive found an email of my husband’s professing his undying love for the whore and I told him even though we were getting along completely fine I demand a divorce. ..hes been groveling ever since begging actually down on his knees for forgiveness stating that she was the easiest piece of ass…im undecided as to weather im gonna give him yet another chance being this isn’t the first affair hes sure the whore thinks shes something special yet he has no problem screwing the easy piece of asses at his work. ..shes nothing special!! And shes the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. .my husband claims that shes told him that her husband is quite pyhco and wants to come after my husband to kill him….if he does come affair my husband I can’t really blame him…im hurt and pissed at the same time…how can he do this yet again! ! And the ironic thing is the other whores hes screwed were also named Amiee just with a different spelling. .unbelievable. .
My husband and I just celebrated our 26th anniversary and weve actually been together for 30 years..the whore is 31..obviously she has father issues being my husband is more than old enough to be her father. .my husband keeps taking me out for special dinners and the such and tells me he doesn’t want to throw 30 years away and the grass sure isn’t greener on the other side matter of fact its mud that a pig like her rolls in…I did find out that its illegal in several states to commit adultery and I will be suing the pig whore no matter how much it cost its well worth it…im seriously considering turning her in to cps being she screwed my husband with her small children in the same home, plus her home is quite disgusting and unfit for her children…
Another thing I should state is when my wonderful husband started this affair my son was in the hospital in the ICU horribly sick for over a month then came home with a feeding tube and I had to take care of him for several months and my husband whined that I wasn’t giving him any attention even though my son needed around the clock attention. ..what a wonderful husband and father!!

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Beautiful And Intelligent Milwaukee Girl

August 31, 2014 Milwaukee, The Dirty 76


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is the beautiful Angelisa Benitez from Milwaukee. She’s 22 and is a model (not sure what for). She is also a Medical Assistant. She works hard for her money. She is all natural. Blessed with hazel/blue eyes. Beautiful beautiful body (Yes, tits are real). She is half white half Colombian. Nik, what do you think of this babe.

There is no such thing as a ‘model’ in Milwaukee. Instagram doesn’t count.- nik

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How Do I Know If I Have A Sugar Daddy

August 14, 2014 Milwaukee, The Dirty 99


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after reading through some posts on your site, I feel like I need some clarification on what qualifies someone as a sugar daddy. My boyfriend is very wealthy, at least by the standards of the area we live in. He pays all of the bills besides my cell phone bill (I insist on paying SOMETHING on my own). He often just randomly hands me cash or his credit cards and tells me to go shopping. I’m not talking hundreds of dollars at one time, but enough to get a new outfit or get my hair done, etc. He’s never bought me red bottoms and I don’t expect him to ever. We’ve been together for 5 years, we live together, and plan on getting married some day. I don’t think of him as a sugar daddy, but I don’t know anymore. Even though we are deeply in love, does the fact that he pays my way and has since day one of our relationship make me a sugar baby?? Please clarify the rules of sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships!!

Who cares… 5 years deep and you plan on getting married. Lock that up and enjoy your life. Travel, eat great food and enjoy sex… there is no title to a relationship, if you are both happy why question.- nik

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She Could Be Milwaukee’s First Dirty Celeb

August 14, 2014 Milwaukee, The Dirty 68


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sloot is Carlie Marie. This female thinks she is the absolute hottest thing to grace the earth and if you disagree, her rage issues surface in a serious rage. She goes around acting like she’s real high class, complete with posing in front of huge houses trying to pretend they’re hers! She’s a stripper at one of Milwaukee’s nastiest clubs and we suspect she does a little porta-potty-ing on the side as there is no way she can afford all the red bottoms and stuff she has on her meager stripper dollars. I just feel bad for her kids. They are going to grow up thinking it’s okay to fight everyone who looks at you sideways, and thinking that half shaved heads and thick flat black eyebrows are okay. Unlike a lot of posts on here, I actually tried to find the best pics of her I could find to submit. Make this girl a DC, Nik. She’s self obsessed enough to qualify!

How can she raise kids with no eyebrows?- nik

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Sergant Snaggle-Joseph Gourdoux

April 21, 2014 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 47

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THE DIRTY ARMY: ARMY Sergeant Snaggle-Tooth Douchebag Joseph Gourdoux ladies is a lying cheater!Dated the douche for a few months. He was a real charmer in the beginning but slowly his true colors came to light. Crabby and Mean Mouthed unless he has his brown liquor and a 12 pack in him. Not to mention, he cheated on me and tells me the day we are supposed to be leaving on a trip out of town for some R&R. He is a sex addict, whether he gets the kitty kat or he handles business himself. He has to have sex and get off numerous times a day. He will hump anything with a hole. He also has a toddler with a TON of baby mama drama (ladies she took him to the cleaners in court). So he is broke and looking for a sugar mama to take care of him and his kid plus feed both of them and help pay all his bills for his house. Cheater, Cheater where’d he meet that no good white trash hoe? The man has a lisp, his teeth are jacked up at best, chipped front tooth and the nice 3 pound fang he has hanging over his other teeth. And he is all of 5 foot 8. Little man syndrome. Watch out for Sgt Snaggle-Tooth Douchebag Joseph Gourdoux of Racine, WI ladies!!

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