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Megs Trash Is Back

March 17, 2014 Jackson, Mississippi State 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Megs trash is back and bangin her best friends fiance! She doesnt try to hide it but claims she still loves her “bestie” morgan roobinson! sad part is that she conned some guy had a wife to apparently leave his and move her in with him , she moved out a month later ,then went back to wannabe white boy gangsta rapper dead beat dad jeremy shedd and bailed on him again for the married guy . she walked on justin seaton only to return to jeremyy again within a few weeks . three months later shes living in a hotel with jeremy and they commence to fighting in front of their child , long story short jeremy goes to jail , simple assault,possesion,and is slapped with a no contact order . that was megs thrash needed to hear , she suckered an unknown amount of money out of justin seaton under the ruse of house keeping and other odd jobs and misc. loans , all the while banging her best friends fiancee in an abandonned building off fortification that was under rennovation by said fiancee Eddie stewart . who hired megs trash and justin seaton both to help with the rennovations and tanked the job in the ninth hour and stiffed his entire crew , except megs thrash of course! shes D meat whos gone through more dope heads then a 5 dollar pipe that magicaly cant be broken . shes manipulative and sinister and takes no issue with using her child to gain anything she can from her , shes got more issues than her mother who wont even utter her name and now shes free of jeremy shedd and looking for a place to stay soon so watch your couch or she may be crashing soon with wichever long haired hippie meth smoking dopeboy she ends up with next .

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Spreading All Over

December 11, 2013 Mississippi State 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lori Fancher on October 2013 in Horn Lake at Northwest Community College. She cheated on me with a bunch of other dudes and then tries to tell me it was nothing. She gots 2 kids and supposidly a third on the way. That hoe try an tell me its mine when she fuking every guy out there with no protection. She still drinkin and partying around though

People stuck in the corner (quarter shot) need the confidence boost.- nik

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Dirty Basketball Player In Brazil Kenny Dawkins

December 3, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Mississippi State, Rio De Janeiro, The Dirty 29

(Click on the image above if you want to see his Greg)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this jerk (pun intended) is from Holly Springs, MS but played basketball in Paulistano, Brazil & now in Sao Paolo, Brazil is not only a lying dog but a chronic masturbator. He lied about not dating or hooking up with women in Brazil because it has a high HIV rate, THE highest in the world. but I caught him LYING about that cause now he has a GF there the last we spoke I was AT WORK when he Skype called me & decided to jack off, I found out later he was with the dumb ass broad later that night. For her its ok I guess. He lied to her saying I “offered my services” & he could’ve used a magazine or porn but I told the idiot I never offered anything. I WAS AT WORK!!!! And he had always watch porn & still would call me & jack off. Poor moron barley speaks English & believes anything her first jungle fever experience tells her. When he came back to the states last year he slept with 2 girls back in Mississippi, he told me this.

5 hearts is not bad for flaccid (no homo).- nik

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Giraffe With +2s

October 8, 2013 Jackson, Mississippi State 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! Former wannabe model Jamie has set upon the path of fitness now! What do you think about her transformation and +2′s?

Thank god for the +2′s or she would be a he for sure.- nik

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ADPI Is The Model Sorority

September 18, 2013 Dirty Greeks, Marquette, Mississippi State, Montana State, Montclair State, The Dirty 136



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so sick of people on this websites claiming ADPI has ugly girls. That is not true, all you other jealous sororities mind your own damn business. Don’t be jealous because ADPI runs your campus. Yeah maybe Iowa has easier girls to sleep with, but other campuses are not like that. We don’t really consider Iowa real ADPI’s. So stop with your insults and give us the damn respect we deserve!

Nice shorts… is it just me or does it say “STD Day” on their shirts in the first image. I think the point the OG Iowa poster was trying to make is that ADPi has beat chicks (across the board).- nik

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Hot or Not Miami

June 11, 2013 Miami, Mississippi State 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Miami this is Juliana. Columbian-Japanese tranny that I was unfortunate enough to have a one night stand with. This girl (or man, you decide) has fcked all and every guy in Miami, visitor or local with a big wallet. She has a radar for wealthy men, so beware. Ever wonder what a gold digger looks like? Well this is IT. She’ll f*ck your best friend, brother, father and mother given the opportunity. Just be sure to buy her some champagne – she cant tell the difference between the cheap or the expensive – don’t worry. She’s easy to trick. So Nik the decision is left up to you, would you f*ck her or not, tranny and all?

Answer: No, her eyebrows have to much mobility.

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Incestuous Fail

April 7, 2013 Mississippi State, New Orleans 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this horrible skanky person is Kiera. Her cousin, Gary, (Judge a Book by its Cover) has been posted on here for the crap he gave my cousin and so many other women. Now, because my cousin is a sweet girl and has been nice to Gary, he has become infatuated with her because he cannot differentiate kindness from someone liking him in a more-than-friends way. Despite my cousin continuously telling this guy that she is in no way interested in him, he seems to refuse or accept that she is happily in love with a mutual friend of theirs, who was even Gary’s roommate in college. So, instead of accepting this, Gary got this psychotic person to contact my cousin via FB, while she was in the hospital with her terminally ill father. This pathetic freak told my cousin that instead of being there for her father she should be more worried about GARY because he was CRYING over the fact that my cousin is with someone who she loves. This skank went on to say that my cousin’s father was not her responsibility and how she is selfish because she is more concerned about her father than this b*tch’s cousin’s “feelings”. She even told my cousin that all the people she loves is dead or dying because Karma is paying her back for being so selfish for caring about her family instead of some guy’s obsession with her. What makes it worse is that she told my cousin that she should be Gary’s “teacher” because, even thought he is 32 years old (with an ex wife and child!) he does not understand his feelings or what they mean. So, yes, apparently my cousin, who is caring for her father and mother, is an evil, inconsiderate spoiled brat for caring more about her family than Kiera’s cousin . Oh, to top it off, Kiera and Gary tried to blame my cousin for Gary having a seizure because he was so stressed and upset that she began dating and fell in love with someone, and to make it worse his ROOMMATE from 11 years ago! Oh the horror! *Side note* My cousin and her boyfriend have been best friends for almost 12 years (and secretly in love) since meeting in college, at least 4 months before meeting Gary.

Interesting affects, not sure what the effects supposed to be.- nik

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Queen Of The South

March 18, 2013 Jackson, Mississippi State 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Mallory Bridges. This is her son Brody Pee (yea she dresses her son up like a girl, get over it). (single-mom, the boyfriend dipped out quickly after the baby was born) Mallory is well established in Mississippi. She has made her rounds (if you know what that means) through Jackson, Hattiesburg, Yazoo, Starkville, Humphreys, Biloxi, Greenwood, Greenville, and even New Orleans, (to name a few). One person stated “that girl would date a tree if it gave her attention” . Don’t get shit twisted, she is a very blonde(my favorite) and proud-to-be -skanky(my favorite, yet again) woman, but Nik, what do you think about hitting it? She seems* to be fuckable in some pics but others -not- so much. so , would you? cause im considering hittin it!

What’s with the close-up of the stash?- nik

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