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Nicole Myers

September 15, 2014 Billings, Missoula 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Nicole Myers. She thinks she is the hottest chick in town. She has no respect for herself or others. She does whatever she can to put others beneath her when she is lower than dirt. She loves attention so I thought this site was perfect for her! She enjoys going around having unprotected anal sex with married men and spreads her nasty yeast infections to anyone who crosses her path! Her pussy smells like a rotten milk jug. She has no friends and can’t even get a real job unless it’s her mother hiring her. She wears bras that are 4x too big for her because she has no boobs and no sex appeal. Her face is so caked with makeup because she has acne scars everywhere. This bitch is nasty and is looking for a baby daddy with money. Watch out world she is one dirty anal slut.

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Attention Seeker

September 2, 2014 Boise, Missoula 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this is Jocelyn, she lives in Idaho and is facebook famus… -.- this little bitch right here is an attention seeking whore, she has every guy on her ass and she likes to fuck guys over and is just a nasty bitch… i wish she wasn’t alive.. because if she wass’t alive everything would be better and life would be easier.. she gets all butt hurt when her ex leaves her and wants all the attention in the world from all these guys like yuck fuck,, FCK THIS CNT !! she thinks shes all hot and thinks shes top shit, fuck off… burn in hell nasty fucking hoe!!!!!

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Bad Boob Job

July 2, 2014 Missoula 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Megan Johnson, she works at the mall in Missoula Montana and thinks she is the hottest thing to grace Montana. She is 19 years old and just got a horrible boob job with a refund gap. All she does is post selfies on Facebook everyday and add every boy that she can so they can comment and make her feel better about herself. She posts about drinking every single day, she already has one DUI. This is just the beginning of a hot mess.

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Your Favorite Montana Rapper

February 7, 2014 Billings, Missoula 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Your Favorite Montana rapper is more pathetic than ever. Living in welfare apartments with his stripper gf and their kids, asking for rides to wherever on facebook because he has no car, no license, no job…unless you count his music career. He has a following in Helena of fellow losers that have nothing better to do than chauffeur his fat ass around town or let him sleep on their couch when him and his stripper gf decide to break up publicly on facebook weekly. The sad part is that these 2 have kids but dont care about how their fucked up lives affect them. The kids are constantly sick and going to the er but then these idiots are out drinking the very next day. They are constantly posting on facebook about having 3 somes and not being able to find clean girls to have sex with them when dude just lools like he smells. If you want one of his cd’s he can be found at wendys occasionally selling them.

As if chinstraps weren’t douchey enough.- nik

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Kara Was A Cheater Since Day One

January 4, 2014 Missoula, The Dirty 7


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Kara is the trash of Helena, Montana. She is constantly starting lies about everyone she knows. She cheated on her husband from day one. She then cheated on her boyfriends while she was married with her husband and other men. Then she sleeps with anyone elses husband and now has broken up a marriage and is with another womans husband and starting rumors about the wife.  She is bad news and trash. She got +2′s instead of feeding her kids. She lost her home to foreclosure during the same time as paying for the +2′s and has been off and on foodstamps and assistance while she works for the State of Montana. She and her ex-hubby made a website talking trash about her ex-bf that she was with while hubby was home taking care of the kids.

It looks like the state of Montana is still trying to figure out the plastic surgery game.- nik

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Brittany Loves The Crayon

October 22, 2013 Missoula 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittany. She thinks she is hot sh*t because she is dating a guy who has slept with the whole town of Missoula (before and while dating her. She likes the black Greg… gross) and has had it one too many times. She acts like a wh*re, always dressing slutty and trying to seek attention. She has multiple DRD’s. She will deny it but people saw her boyfriend freaking out and trying to cut some bumps off his Greg. Anyways, besides all this.  Why do all the girls in Montana suck?

They have girls in Montana?- nik

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Missoula’s Finest

October 14, 2013 Missoula, Would You? 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, These girls seem to think that they are the hottest thing to hit Missoula. We all think differently. But your opinion matters most. Do you think these girls are hott? If you could choose one, which one would you choose?

Answer: None, each one is posing away their gut and clearly have no knees.

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I’ll Post My Own Info

January 15, 2013 Missoula, The Dirty 293

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I tweeted you and as I stated, I’m posting about myself. Very recently a post went up about a girl that I’m acquaintances with. Based on similar messages I had sent to friends, warning them about a couple of things I’d heard, a post went up on here. I never claimed, nor denied the post. In all reality, a lot of damage has been caused and I don’t want fingers pointed at anyone, so I just apologized for judging her and stayed silent. Well today, I saw my name was brought up on the post! So this is a different “Would You?”, this is a “Would You” consider putting up my post, versus one that dramatic girls are going to post?” I will be very open and I’m pretty honest when it comes to my life. One of the first things they did was insulted my boob job, which, I’m also very open about! So I will attach a couple of photos and you can make the comments, because lets face it, yours will be much for meaningful. I don’t think they expect me to do this, so I assume this will give them less satisfaction and will surprise them that I was willing to do this! My name is Reannon and I currently go to school in Montana. I’m aware that there are rumors about me, that I’ve really hurt guys I’ve dated and that I’ve made enemies with females. I also know I have a past. I made mistakes in high school and for some reason those are being brought up through their posts! That was 7 years ago girls, move on! Your mistakes are occurring now, I was 15! Ha. I’m not a wh*re or bad person, like the posts claim. I would do anything for anyone if they needed it! Including these girls, sadly enough. I’ve learned a valuable lesson not to pass judgement or gossip about people! Unfortunately they could not take that at face value and let it go, so here you go girls! Love me or hate me! Know at the end of the day I will keep being me and I will be successful, FACT! Thanks for the consideration Nik. Lately a lot has changed in my life, so to anyone I have hurt or affected, I apologize! If you would like to personally take it up with me, I would love to give a sincere face-to-face sorry..P.S. they said I was disgusting compared to this girl.

Reannon, if we are going to do this self submit Eminem 8 Mile thing… I demand hotter pictures. Let your +2′s breathe, I want like real almost naked self mirror shots. Not these job interview pictures. Don’t let the great state of Montana down.- nik

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