Wannabe Model

March 18, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 10 9,851 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I honestly dont even know where to begin with this so-called “model”. She thinks she’s extremely sexy and hot when all she’s ever gonna be is incredibly easy. She has no ass or tits but she tries to pretend that she does. Her body literally creates optical illusions by her having wide hips and traffic cone tits and it makes her LOOK like that she has big tits and a round ass when there isnt anything there. There is literally nothing sexy about her. She’s also confessed that she cheated on one of her ex boyfriends with over 20 guys. One of those guys was 36 and she was 18. All you have to do to get in her pants is be either a decent looking guy, get her hammered drunk (which is also very easy to do), or be one of her ex boyfriends and tell her that you still love her. she was sending my friend naked pics of her the same day that she told him that she wasnt single anymore. She’s also dirty as hell. she gave one of my closest friends 2 DRD’s and threw him under the bus saying that he gave them to her when it was the other way around. she may not look like it but this girl has slept almost double if not more than her age in guys and i feel bad for anyone who dates her or wants to hook up with her. you will have some of the most boring and bland sex ever and you will be constantly cheated on. the worst part of this is that she’s not even 21 yet and all of this will become alot worse once she starts bar hopping and picks up random guys from bars in st charles. all men AND women should avoid this girl.

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Fake Player

March 14, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 11 6,778 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: his name is james Gilbert he likes to play girls and lie alot. this dude thinks he can play with girls feelings and get away with it sorry your fake

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Cindy Rodriguez McSkeezer Marries men for citizenship

March 11, 2014 Kansas City, Missouri 2 5,603 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her entire family are illegal immigrants. She married my friend for citizenship and left him within months of their wedding because she only used him to get herself legal. A $20,000 wedding. She told him they’d be together forever she never had sex with him but has plenty to go around for everyone else. She is such a whore, she has been with at least 10 guys in the last year while she is STILL MARRIED! She married the same guy twice and still isnt divorced after 2 years because her citizenship isn’t legal yet.

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Premature Pham

March 11, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 14 9,318 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Matt Pham. This squint-eyed shit has slept with every girl in West County, Valley Park, and down at Mizzou. He c*ms in one minute, on a good day. His dick is small, he really fits his stereotype. He’ll fck anything that walks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has the clap. He treats people like shit, and thinks he’s better than everyone else. He beats his mom when he’s drunk. Altogether, worthless scum. Jackoff. Do-gooder. Maggot. Asian. Gringo.

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St. Charles Biggest Douchebag

March 4, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 2 7,516 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is 32 year old Taylor Patterson, one of the biggest douchebags of St. Charles County. He not only goes out everynight to a bar or the casino but has had two DWI’s & the second one he hasn’t done anything about. He thinks he is one big stud when deep down he’s a no good loser who uses women & then after he gets what he wants he just stops talking to them. He drives a big ass van known as the “rape van” has a filthy house, works in the car business, & apparently can’t keep it in his pants. Who knows what diseases he has, I feel sorry for any girl that encounters this fcker!! Karma dude, karma.

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Samantha Campion

March 3, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 69 7,032 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Homewrecking whore, has had and given chl***a to multiple people. Druggie. Has kids with different dads, altogether gross slut.

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West County’s Brittany Early

February 27, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 36 7,340 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: BRITTANY EARLY. This sloot is disgusting. Everyone in west county has her tit pics, she’ll send you nudes before she sends them to her boyfriends just to get your opinion on them. She also likes to send videos of her fingering herself to girls and guys. She has had sex with everyone and their cousins. Her dad\’s a cop and if she dosent like you and you’re doing illegal shit she’ll send him on you. She has gotten the clap multiple times and shes only 18. WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE SHE HAS

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Sophie Sassafras / Kansas City burlesque

February 18, 2014 Kansas City, Missouri 17 7,306 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sophie is a user, a thief, a liar, a cheat and worst of all, delusional about having talent. She says that she’s a retro girl for hire. To me that means give her money for sex. She collects sugar daddies on facebook who pay her for cheap thrills. She tries her damnedest to be a local celebrity. But she uses up her resources with a circle of people and then has to move on. She says she’s a performer, but she stumbled through the same bit every show. She says she’s a producer, but her shows are full of fatty chicks and bad burlesque. She says she’s An mc and radio dj but she has no public speaking skills. She will use you fot your weed and your drink buying generosity and then move along when you run out. Her Mom pays her rent while she steals from charity organizations. Nobody in kc likes her or takes her seriously. But she genuinely thinks she’s one bar gig away from stardom. Avoid this girl at all costs unless youre just looking to get laid. Cover your nose though. She’s been known to have stank vag.

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