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Beware Rico Barnes

November 17, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham, Mobile 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hes on dating sites now.looking.for lady to scam use abuse and suck off…he now has 5 kids , mine being most recent, and he 11mnths old… Beware ppl he sells cr*ck and will.get at your under age.daughters too

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Trang Nguyen

July 21, 2014 Columbus-GA, Mobile 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this woman called up my husband behind my back for 3 months and after that got him to leave his family for her. Her name is Trang T Nguyen from Columbus , Ga . This happened back in 2011 but the damaged that she’s done to my family is never forgotten . I know it’s not all her fault but also my husband. What I hate is bitches that calls up married men behind their wives back . After 3 months of being with her , he decided that what he did was wrong and begged my forgiveness . We are back together and I’m still working on forgiving him each day . These homewreckers have no idea what they put the families through .

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Scott Slider

May 1, 2014 Alabama, Miami, Mobile 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Scott and his Miami fck. ! Still in denial Lori!!!! He denies u and his children. Maybe u can talk on date night to your friend Electra about your happy marriage.! And I have Moore pics Darlings. I hear u go to Burlington’s for your chopping needs, he takes me to Saks.

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Casino Slore

October 26, 2012 Jackson, Mobile 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Talia Steve she’s a native american or Choctaw Btch as we refere to them. Along with the other females in her community, she is a whorebag. She’s fcked half the male members of the staff at Bok Homa Casino where she is currently employed as Marketing Host. Trust me the only thing she’s advertising is her terrible disease riddled pssy. The guys are just passing her fat ass around and saying “I got next”!, literally. Single, married, in a relationship she doesnt care she so desperate for a boyfriend, she’ll let anyone fck. She’s so fat and disgusting with her stomach hanging down to her knee caps. Being a Slut is the only way she can get close to men, if she’s wont fck they wont even give her the time of day. Please /baby daddy Chucky Nichols and another who was married and passed it to his pregnant wife! She has to be stopped..

She must go for the buffet.- nik

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Comment King Of The Day

August 19, 2012 Alabama, Comment King, Mobile, The Dirty 18

Post: This Is Wrong On So Many Levels

Congratulations Mobile Mike, you are Comment King of the Day. Your constant wisdom of the Christian faith fascinates me.- nik

**FYI- You cannot be knighted as “Anonymous” I refuse to award peasants in the village.**

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White Rapper Going Nowhere

February 22, 2012 Dirty Predator, Mobile 5

white 'rapper' going nowhere

white 'rapper' going nowhere

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is a certified psycho. His music career is a joke. He thinks he is such a big ‘playa playa’ as he says but really everybody just sits back and laughs at him. Girls, run from this creeper! Multiple girls have had to threaten him with restraining orders and harassment charges just to get him to leave them alone. My girl had to get her number changed after he called her over 200 times in 2 hours and to this day stalks her life like there is no tomorrow! Josh Schock is an aspiring musician that rides off others. Maybe if he would lay off the weed, adderol, and alcohol he would realize he sounds like sh*t. He lives with his parents, has no job, and did I mention he is 30?!?! What a loser. GIRLS BEWARE!!!! This guy is a class A stalker/schizophrenic with nothing better to do than troll facebook. .

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Would You With Ashley

October 4, 2011 Mobile, Would You? 2

Would You?

Would You?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashley Adams. I think she is gorgeous! What do you think, would you?

Answer: No, she has a fat jaw, musta sucked her thumb a lot.

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August 15, 2011 Mobile 10



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is ashley holland the slut of the south , for starters she slept with my bffs husband knowin he was married with a kid she seen em everyday(how shitty but w/e) she can’t find a real job besides workin ata hole in the wall store and nasty strip club in NO , she’s a cke snortin wh*re only gets attention because she’s so damn easy… I hope she sees this post and chokes on her tongue!

She should wear a mouth guard when she strips. Tips would increase.- nik

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