Daniel slip it off Henri

September 19, 2014 Montreal, Quebec City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This BOY, likes to get girls off of plenty of fish, he’s charming friendly and everything you’d ever think you could get in bed. BUT YES BUT! He enjoys pulling the condom off and telling you four days later just enough time for plan B to not work, then let’s you worry and worry and when he’s bored of fucking with your head he tells you he can have kids…. Fcking puke he is… Gatineau Quebec

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Karma Cuz

September 17, 2014 Montreal 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Guy like to blow,up u mind n l’île everybody life si badly that he l’île tout expose people , nous life nigga,nous money on girl n he go on backpage tout find love Cuz,hé aint able tout hey a bas bitch on réal life lmao saying hes,bas n tuff y’a right

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Vanessa Caine

September 16, 2014 Montreal 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This tramp runs around Mtl spending her welfare and baby checks of coke and alcohol .she is a total mess. Gets drunk and fucks taxi drivers or anybody with a car to get a ride home to he har 10 inbred cats. She stinks of cat piss and is a lowlife home wrecker . This slut Fck my ex and my uncles at a party for coke then had the nerve to say she was raped. Watch out this whore loves to scream rape after she wakes up in strangers bedsss. Get a life and stop sucking every dik in mtl for blow. Atleast get money. I heard she fucks her brother when and her best friend told me that she confessed when they were drunk. That’s insest and nasty. They both look like aids victims . She been a prostitute since 16 and will act like a total maniac when she drinks. Get help u disgusting little girl

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Is Emma Kush Hot As She Thinks She Is

September 15, 2014 Montreal, The Dirty 42


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I start wit this girl Emma girl from Montreal?!?!?  She is all drugged up and its pretty easy to tell what she does for a living.  She has it in her head she is extremely hot, but many of us beg to differ. I wanted to see if you like the duck lips and those long ass eye brows Nik?

She could pass for Bomba’s sister.- nik

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Goonie Goo Goo

September 12, 2014 Edmonton, Montreal, Winnipeg 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: Remember that old Eddie Murphy joke about Aunt Bunny, the bigfoot? Well, I met one of her kids. Her escort name is Electra of the Montreal escort agency, book-herself. She is also known by the names Imane Chaa, Imane Lechat and Zarah. This girl had so many hairs sticking out of her chest tattoo that I had to question whether or not the tattoo was shaved hair or ink. She also had tonnes of hair on her arms, back and butt. Shaved bigfoot. Then there was the smell. I could smell her ass standing facing her or maybe it was just her breath, but she needs a lot of mouth wash and soap. She also needs to stop eating fresh fish out of the local rivers as she tours across Canada as an escort. Also, she’s looking to get a nose job to shave done her gonzo from the Muppet show like beak in Los Angeles. Save the money you’re making as an escort to put towards regular laser hair removal before people figure out your secret as a shaved bigfoot. Goonie goo goo.

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Cottage Punk

September 10, 2014 Montreal 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is the biggest fuking idiot most retarded girl ive ever came across shes so oblivious to shit that happens to her its halarious shes the most bimbo brunette ive known shes slow as fuck she a slore from way back in high school fat ugly loser anyone cud tell u about shes a ugly man looking pimpled up face bitch with saggy ass tits with a tuked in ass you cud mistake for an old man she thinks shes a boss acts big n talks hard till im face to face askin her whats good she runs her mouth because shes mad her man dont give a fck about her stupid ass i got told to beat this girls face in n i said no cuz i feel bad for her lost ass she gets fucked in the ass like the little dirty cunt she is she called me crying ,shaking. Like a skeleton when i was infrount of her . This girl aint shit n wont ever b except a someones main bitch .. She bails dudes out of jail so they cud cum out and fck other bithes she shares a man 24/7 n waits till he gets home to get played more lol anyways eat a dick bitch n if it aint u who postsd me ask if i care EVERYONES BOUT TO GET POSTED

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Country Escort

September 10, 2014 Montreal 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittany Kelly. This girl is the nastiest, custiest girl you’ll ever meet. She will fck anything with a pulse. I’ve heard people talk saying she was dating an older man while being with her ex and another guy. She has a little boy that she neglects, is a party whore, does crack and brings men over to have sex with them. Also claims she loves her baby dad so much which is in jail, yet this slut is all over everyone’s man. Brittany is disgusting girl you will ever meet. Has a sugar daddy along the side for personal needs. Will lie and play mind game to anyone to get out of a situation. Steer clear of this double crossing slut

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Melody Pregnant Again

September 8, 2014 Montreal 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this will b the third time I believe that this whore got posted! 3children all different bbydaddies, she strangled herself with her straighter cord when bbydaddy num 2 was leaving she used Mth on this pregnancy. She has none of her kids. She acts hard but wunt do tha walk. I seen her at sev pouring out her probs at the cashier like they care to them your just another Meh addict slut. When she has this baby there is this agency that will take the baby away right after giving birth and will be placed somewhere safe. She claims she’s trying to sober uhp but she’s just a low down dog. Me and several people herd her bitch about her first bbydaddy signing his rights over. I talked to his gf and she said that they don’t know 100 percent if that’s even his kid. So back to her she’s still using pregnant. Go back to the rez and do the world a favor and never cone back u fckinnnn drug addicted bitch. Natives like you give us natives a bad name

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