Matteo Fiorilli Is A Cheating Lying Husband

April 14, 2014 Montreal, The Dirty 7 87,645 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, dirty restaurant owner, Matteo Fiorilli. Be careful to visit him. He does not care about you….only money. He wants to be rich. Nothing this man says is the truth. So much anger!  He just keeps on buying stuff to be a show off in expense of other people. The man can’t tell the truth no matter what. He will turn every story around on to you. Met him from POF.  Talked to each other for 6 months and he finally comes out and says hes married not only that but he has a child but then he is like “we dont need to know everything”. Like omg he just wants to get in not only that but hes a cheater with a child. The only time he cheats when his wife is at work supposedly she works during the day? idk but he is one f***king loser douchebag. WOMEN IF U SEE HIM RUN CAUSE HE IS A LYING. He says his wife doesnt play to his level and thats why he cheats. Umm get divorce but he cant cause of his child. thats all. He stole so much from me, knows how to manipulate and steal what you work hard to accomplish. Has no morals and doesn’t care who he hurts. Definately has a short man complex syndrome. Is he trying to compensate for what he does not have?

Sounds like you are still in love with him.- nik

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Erotika Sky

April 11, 2014 Montreal 5 7,709 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello there, I’m 23 year old sexy Trans. 5’7 150lbs,7 inch of tasty lady cock, 36 b cup breasts. Gorgeous Princess doll to satisfy your sexual fantasy. Even more beautiful in person.(No Blocked calls)

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Little Homewrecker Jessica Graham

April 10, 2014 Gatineau, Montreal 9 10,115 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jessica Graham, she is a “model”. Or at least tells everyone she is because she is a jobless Gold Digger. Doesn’t Matter if the guy is married, in a relationship or has Kids. If he has money she will play her little game to get a piece. She acts all high and mighty thinking she is a princess and better than everyone. She is a mental case that is on medication. Opening her legs for gifts, trips to nowhere special and money. Basically a Prostitute on the down low. She needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and see that she isn’t as pretty as she thinks and that her personality is Sh1t. The only reason men stand you is for you to spread your legs because everything that comes out of her mouth is vapid and pointless. Profile and photos are all over sugar daddy websites and most of her “modeling” photos look more like escort photos.

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Scumbag Of West Island

April 10, 2014 Montreal, The Dirty 106 97,195 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jesse. He is the biggest douche bag I’ve ever met. He has a girlfriend and cheats on he left right and center. He has an Instagram page and I can’t bare to watch any of his retarded videos because he is SO OBNOXIOUS. He has a video that he trash talks his current girlfriend then gets back with her. I feel terrible for her as she seems really sweet and innocent, yet he takes full advantage if her. If there is one person I would love to run over in my pickup truck, it’s Jesse. Just trying to warn everyone about this piece of sh*t scumbag. Surprised no one has beaten him silly, although by the looks of his nasty douchy face.  Someone already has. F*ck you Jesse!!!

Do you need to borrow money to finish that tattoo? I think I have some pizza money laying around.- nik

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Italian Sandra Rizzi

April 8, 2014 Montreal 26 6,992 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik I think the whole of montreal should be aware of this slore called SANDRA RIZZI! this bitch is beyond disgusting…I don’t even know where to start but she definitely needs to get exposed! this slore has had so many abortions that it should be illegal now because that makes her a serial killer. this tramp will fck any black or latino guys she comes across and especially if they are the boyfriends of her so called “friends”….after she got fed up of montreal she moved to costa rica n boy did she do a number over there! came back to montreal in a matter of a day she was getting fucked on the kitchen table at her friends house while everyone is in the living room then calls her bf at the time to come pick her up! about two days later she was sucking cock in a car then told that guy to take her to meet a friend(who turned out to be her boyfriend now…a guy called oli exume)who ended up fucking her up the ass on his desk while he was at work at AIR TRANSAT! this disgusting bitch has no morals or values! she should be exposed!always wanna party and has no money! this chick is completely delusional n needs a reality check and RCMP should really investigate all those abortions! waaaayyyyy too many p.s ladies beware she will have no problem fcking your man!!!!!

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Veronique Lapointe

April 8, 2014 Montreal 5 6,723 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Veronique Lapointe. The dirtiest whore going. She loves sucking off pakis and purple crayons cause thats all she can get, but honestly who the fck would pay her??? Ya sure she got her tits done but her skin is still disgusting like an old lady. Sometimes she gets mistaken for a man w/ a sex change cause she is like 6p2, fake man tits, big size 12 feet…who wouldnt think it was a man before?? She is like mid 30s and keeps tellin people shes still 24 Lol. She thinks she hot and she aint nothing but white trash.Ya keep takin your vacations to 3rd would countries..eww she is a dried up prune. She can only work in Brampton cause guess whats full of in Brampton/.??? She is finished!!!! She is going to burn out, there is not one white guy that would give her 40 cents let alone her 40 dollars for her mono infested cock breath infested spit mouth.She is so dirty she never showers or uses listerine between clients… and the clientd sll come in her mouth ew/ BEWARE OF THIS DIRTY COKEHEAD WHORE.

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Cheating Barber

April 8, 2014 Montreal 1 6,470 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the Barber from that barber shop in the Burgz “Ac Barber shop” . I met this ni**r at a bar talking all that sweet shit in my ears I later came to find that he is a married man with children and apparently he lives in his shop. I wonder why?!! I wonder if his wife knows about him always talking to females and fcking them. He fcks everything. I ran into this girl who says he’s always asking her for money and food and shelter! He thinks he’s cute that he could get any pusy he probably caught some shit. I would like to know who this ni**rs bitch is so I could tell her what he mans really doing on these streets. !

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Kerona Gold Diggers

April 7, 2014 Montreal 3 9,068 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I made the mistake of being friendz with these two gold diggers. Warning for the newbies comin to Kenora, stay away from deez two slootz that are generous with sharing there drd’s. They will do anything for the bling, don’t pay for a thing, leave your c*ck with a sting and go trapping for a ring. Will use you for  andy but are rats when it’s handy. Will chase, will stalk, will try own your c*ck. don’t trust these hoes, they are legit cray cray, have no class.

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