Cheated Too Many Times

October 13, 2014 Montreal 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t assume things when it comes to her smile.. This woman had caused numerous problems for many families, today, she is still doing it. She has a husband and an eleven years old son, but we aren’t sure of his exact age. Even with a family, she continues to ruin others’. She also has two daughters back in Vietnam but she refuses to admit it to anyone. Be careful, this woman lied to everyone she took notice to, and to endless amount of men. She even lies to the men she is interested in that she divorced with her husband. She makes up excuses so that her friends babysits her son when she plans on going on a date. We realized that her son is innocent but he has the right to know the horrifying things his mother does to others. We have to stop this two faced monster.

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Frankie Johnson Gets Naked

October 10, 2014 Montreal, Quebec City 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is from Quebec Canada and says on his Facebook he is a ” stay at home dad” yet he is a nudist? How is being naked around your toddler son who looks 4 or 5 allowed to be legal in Canada? Are they that focused on hockey that they don’t enforce child abuse laws? Someone please strip away custody of Loyk from Frankie Johnson!

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Montreal’s Gutter

October 8, 2014 Montreal 45


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This stupid ugly fat hoe bag is from montreal canada her name is Jessica and she is the biggest hoe around . She is always being pimped by a guy and she loves it . She’s been a hoe since she was 14 and she always will be. This girl is gunna get beat up one day for sleeping with all these girls men. Get a real job bitch instead of selling your ass on eBay you cnt bag. Beware or this bitch ladies , she will fck any black man she can get whether he has a girl or not

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Is She Sexy As She Thinks She Is

October 7, 2014 Montreal, The Dirty 179


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Nicki Minaj wanna be thinks she is the hottest thing in Montreal… but most of us girls think she is nasty.  I had to see what the masses think about this one.

What the hell is that?- nik

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Myling Vu

October 6, 2014 Montreal 177

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Let me introduce you once again to the dirtiest girl in Montreal! Her pssy is so dirty, even a dog wouldn’t fck her! Here are the real pictures she sends to all the guys she thinks she can get money from. That whore sent those pics to our ex-bf’s asking for dinners etc…pathetic slut! She flirts with any guys for money using her stinky pussy. She’s fcking ugly and sneaky so beware everyone! She also has drd, so wear a condom if you gonna fck that dirty cnt, god forbid. If you see her in the streets of Montreal, call her a whore, because that’s all she is!!! xoxo

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Prascillia or Anissa

October 6, 2014 Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City 119

THE DIRTY ARMY: anissa you just turn 20 years old can you have more body count then your age, you look good with your clothes off for a couple likes on insta. really in real life you look so tarnish and use up,i though you swear you wasnt selling your nasty use up pussy your stripper right lmfao just like you only had one aborting here free advertisement hoe ..

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Britt Capstick

October 3, 2014 Montreal 113

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this whore has to be the dirtiest brod in verdun. It took me a whole hour to get this slut on her knees sucking my dick. When she pulled down her pants i legit almost gaged! I could smell somethimg funky already and she didnt even get her panties down yet. Molding hole slut is what i use to best describe this cheesy, fish smelling slut Nik. She must have fcked everyone simple one of her brothers friends poor jono he must be so imbarassed. The rachet whore is so grimy shes got her own personal CLSC NURSE making calls to all her lastest fucks …to break the news that this dirt ball has gave the all **V, and CL***IA HaHaHa fucky classless slut cant even let ppl know herself. Thank god i used a fcking condom on this dirt ball. Britt a few quick tips ……. 1. Close your fcking legs for abit… 2.Stop spreading your deseases to the world. 3. Get a SOS pad, some bleach and scrub that dirt pussy pleasssseeee Oh and to all guys out there who came in contact with this whore and hasnt recieved a call from the CLSC yet, you best make yourself a appointment A.S.A.P…..

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Broke Ass

October 3, 2014 Montreal 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Biggest Waste Man… Acting Like He Has Money… Lol…. Taking His Ex Girls Pictures Of Money And Putting It On His Facebook Acting Like It’s His Money SMDH #nigguhgongetcalledout… Another fcking waste man that’s frontn…

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