Katie Bremner

July 16, 2014 Montreal, Winnipeg 139

THE DIRTY ARMY: Now Im not deneying that this girl is hot, nice body nice face.. Like most guys, I would deffinately put my cock in and around her face if i was guaranteed no diseases.. I really don’t think at this point a condom could protect you from her viral penis bacteria infested saliva.. Some body had mention that this girl needed an entire other post so here it goes! Katie is a whore.. Shes fcked 7 out of 10 guys in every clique in the point, verdun, lasalle and lachine… Fucked all her poor brothers friends.. In laneways.. For drugs.. This girl is tainted… I mean.. Who eats out their best friend on the hood of a car in front of a bunch of dudes? Katie does.. She’s a bar rat hoe.. Gets drunk almost every day and complains about it.. Thats not a hangover head ache.. The reason why youre head is pounding is because the night before your head was being pounded into a brick wall or a head board if you were lucky… And your throat hurts because of all the dicks you sucked to get the remnants of the cocaine line you took off those very dicks… Its too bad she’s so gross cause she’s very pretty… But all in all dis gyal nastyyyy .. And what up with all the cock sucker pics?? Anyway she wants it lol.. Bring bag and you’ll get to bag!

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Tiffany Belanger

July 16, 2014 Montreal 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Isn’t it funny how most of the Montreal hoes live in the West Island. This girl needs to be exposed. Tiffany Belanger originally a hoe from Ontario and now a Kirkland/West Island hoe. Hide your kids, hide your husband,hide your men from this bitch because she will have sex with anyone with a big black cock. Tiffany claims she is in a committed relationship with her man but always ends up cheating on him. Hope you told your man you cheated on him more than once. Oh well, now you exposed. This hoe pays for hotels to fuck other peoples men. She works at a crappy job and thinks she runs the west. U may think she is innocent looking but she is a slut. You messed with the wrong one!You need to fix yourself up and stop hoeing your nasty fat body! only takes face shots cuz her body looks like Miss Piggy! EXPOSED!

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Amy Miron

July 15, 2014 Montreal 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK so, where do I get started with this Vietnamese girl with a French accent and Irish tattoos hhmmm….well for starters she’s a fcking whack job who popped up out of nowhere like who is this bitch and what hole did she come barreling out of??? She thinks shes so hot and first to call people fat..news flash herps you look like a fkn box of noodles and a sumo wrestler all mashed into one. Your a fkn joke sorry to break it to ya. And the biggest rat cop caller psc ever seen but your so hard right. HA dont make me choke, ya I said choke don’t worry didn’t mean on your bfs dick. Have a nice time figuring that one out.everyone been on that stanky shit. How’s your asshole feeling today or did it fall off cause you think your untouchable and never thought you’d get called out?… You don’t fase anyone around here babe, you really should put your money where your mouth is cause your all talk and actually broke to? Lol your the talk of the town you ghetto little bitch and those ugly tattoos loll. Anyways see ya around

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Verdun Waste Gyal Amira

July 10, 2014 Montreal 154

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik since this site let’s you expose people that’s exactly what I’m going to do,thank you nik! These are not lies like half the shit on this site I have facts. Amira maxcedon aka CHARM should of been on here a long time ago, she walks around thinking she’s hot shit but really is the nastiest girl I know. She slept at my house for 4 days straight didn’t go home and didn’t even take a shower once,she went to work (the strip club) with out even washing her face and reapplys make-up. You think she would at least have some baby wipes to freshen up but this bitch never did. One time she put her tampon in right beside me and it stinked so much,I tried to tell her to go to the clinic but she claimed it was just a yeast infection. Sorry darling but yeast infection doesn’t have that strong of a smell. And she didn’t have her medicare for the longest time so she never got checked out. She once asked me if”you think some things wrong ‘down there’ and it goes away should you still get checked out” of course I said yes,I explained how the procedure would go and she had no clue wtf I was talking about,that means she never got checked out by a doctor. Someone I used to talk to told me that she didn’t use toilet paper when she went to the bathroom ,they knew this because there was none left. I was working with her once and her pussy smelled bad ,later on one of my friends told me she said it was the carpet lol!!! She may fool the people she hangs around with but I witnessed this nasty shit with my own eyes. She would never do her own dishes just leave them their until you see little flies flying around the sink. Guess no one ever taught her how to be a lady when she was young,know she’s fcked as a women. I tried to help her but she thought I was being a nag,no bitch I just didn’t want to see you living like that. But oo well that’s her problem.

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Wannabe Model

July 7, 2014 Montreal 50

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Playboy wanna be Kara cooper. Not only is she delusional and thinks she’s a model but she recently got her boobs done and that was a major FAIL. Check out the refund gap!!. She really should of got her teeth fixed, a nose job hard to miss that honker and took care of her receding hair line. Instead she bought herself bigger tits to look thinner because her body is a sad mess. who’s gonna want that in any magazine/website?  She is a cheater and a home wrecker who left her fiancé to be with a married man. Nik would you??

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Married to Gregs

July 2, 2014 Montreal 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wow wow wow! Dont be fooled by this angel face, you will sure know everything about her just by smelling the shit out of her dirty cnt. She started prostitution at a very young age because she had no parents and now she thinks shes cool because she tells everyone shes a masseuse at absolut and she think she makes big money . She stole lots of people money in club/house. Shes making her bestfriend work with her so she can be less alone in her materialistic bullshit world. Share your stories about her

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Kezia Willans

July 2, 2014 Montreal 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is a dirty little hamster who sleeps with random men on her period, how disgusting can you get? Shes ugly and thinks shes a model hahaha She lies about her age to try and get with older men with money, she’s a gold digging slut who also gets paid for sex, any takers??? She’s open to any guy with a wallets and dick, she will date you and sleep with your friends on the side and leave you with nothing but an drd. This is what I call a poor, sad excuse of a young girl trying to grow up. Complete failure to launch, she has nothing going for her, especially now that she has tainted every dick in spruce grove with her dirty pusy. Rank slut, wait till I see this little bitch.

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Selfies Are An Illness

June 30, 2014 Montreal 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: So here is a link to an article outlining social media obsession. It is now diagnosable as a mental illness, comparable to narcissism, body dysmorphic disorder, and linked to addiction. Not at all surprising, looking back at the long list of a**holes that have been called out on this site for posting their stupid skanky photos all over IG and FB. I wonder if one can be capable of self diagnosis to get the help they need? Luckily, we have The Dirty, maybe through your website they can become more self aware…(click here for article)

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