Cheating Barber

April 8, 2014 Montreal 0 6,422 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the Barber from that barber shop in the Burgz “Ac Barber shop” . I met this ni**r at a bar talking all that sweet shit in my ears I later came to find that he is a married man with children and apparently he lives in his shop. I wonder why?!! I wonder if his wife knows about him always talking to females and fcking them. He fcks everything. I ran into this girl who says he’s always asking her for money and food and shelter! He thinks he’s cute that he could get any pusy he probably caught some shit. I would like to know who this ni**rs bitch is so I could tell her what he mans really doing on these streets. !

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Kerona Gold Diggers

April 7, 2014 Montreal 3 9,046 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I made the mistake of being friendz with these two gold diggers. Warning for the newbies comin to Kenora, stay away from deez two slootz that are generous with sharing there drd’s. They will do anything for the bling, don’t pay for a thing, leave your c*ck with a sting and go trapping for a ring. Will use you for  andy but are rats when it’s handy. Will chase, will stalk, will try own your c*ck. don’t trust these hoes, they are legit cray cray, have no class.

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Bleach Blonde Tramp

April 1, 2014 Montreal 2 8,048 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little sl*t Courtney, man where do i start, she just loves waving her big ass tits around thinking she is the hottest thing in the world. she cheats on all her boyfriends and they all cheat on her and she says she’s “heart broken” bitch! youre skank ass cheated first. just letting all my bro’s know. if u need someone to sleep with get someone else cause this sk*nk has been around too much.

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Thinks She’s Hood

March 28, 2014 Montreal 104 9,441 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yoo nik this girl just need to get exposed because she thinks she the hardest bitch at there but first of all she looks like a twelve year old little girl. Her boyfriend goes and dances with other girls and talk to other girl but she goes crazy and gets mad at the girls and says she’s gunna do all this shit when frost of all she’s all talk she gets her ratchet ass boyfriend to do shit for her and she’s obvisly not pleaseing her man good enough if he going and trying to get with other girl ahaha she’s just a little insecure girl thinking she know it all and can fck anyone up. Pleasee someone let this girl know whatsup, she’s not hard and she acts like shes from the slums and is hard bahaha pleaseee I would actually like to see her go to the slum or the gettho and see what she would do there lmfaooo! And someone let her know if she gunna put on some fake ass eyelashes make sure they don’t look like there bout to full off lookin like a little rat

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Irish Gangster Fraud

March 28, 2014 Montreal 24 7,386 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy, Owen Kingsland, appears to be a legit business type. Appears to be successful from the multiple “company’s” he owns… In reality this guy is a fake. hes addicted to GHB and gets wasted every night. He pretends to be close with other girls then goes home alone to take his medication and wack off my himself to youjizz. any success he has is due to his criminal and gangster ways. Owen is a dirtbag misleading teze, and I want everyone to know not to fall for his charm. its all for his self benefit and you wont walk away with anything other than a loss of your time and energy. Ladys beware.. hes in love with a bartender who has a boyfriend. and shes no better than him. to sum it all up! fake bussiness man with a small dick, no tallent, gangster, waste of flesh, drug using, mack daddy looser. bye

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Stripper Exposed, Eden Bradshaw

March 28, 2014 Montreal 19 8,868 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is EDEN BRADSHAW, first she fcked my boyfriend. and I always knew she’d end up being a hoe!! Now she just making this easy for me! This bitch fcking men and stripping, and tries to drag under aged girls in with her and her pimp!!!! But she always posting about God and shit fcking ratchet bitch. EDEN is a nasty ass hoe, who will put anything in her mouth for a dollar!!! Right now she strips at Sources Du Sexe on Des Sources in the west islland, under the name JASMIN even though she lives in ontario now!!! This is the nastest, coke whore fcking strip club ever. If she recognizes you she pretends you u got video camera and tries to get you thrown out. I had my nigga go in on the low just to see how far this bitch would go- For only TEN DOLLARS ladies and gentlemen, you can get her completely naked, touch WHEREVER (including that sweaty ratchet pssy), blow for 5 more dollars and then a fast fck for 20. She also escorts on the downlow and puts her numbers into any guys phone who wants to “date her”. he said he could smell her when she was still on stage ahhhh! I feel bad for her lil brother mostly, I heard she even fcked one of his boys & he still don’t even know about it!! She already had me banned from the strip club cuz I went to laugh at her, but I swear go, ask for Jasmin and ask her”if she likes chocolate” that’s the last thing she said before she started slurpin on my boy! It’s open season for this bitch.

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Another Backpage Slore

March 27, 2014 Montreal 13 9,403 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Krystal is another Backpage whore, she thinks she is all that and a bag of chips cause she has a fat ass when she really looks like a tranny… She post her facebook photos up on backpage she has no shame. You can find her at Hess Village every weekend looking for her next victim..beware men this girl is full of drds!!!

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Sabrina Abbate thinks shes a Celebrity

March 27, 2014 Montreal 62 7,305 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Sabrina Abbate. She is the most obnoxious woman in the entire universe. When she is not picking her nose, she is trying hard to convince her “friends” that she knows a lot of celebrities. She thinks that one day she will make it into the acting world and become a famous actress … HA, PA-LEASE! She is extremely two-faced and this girl CAN NOT be trusted. I am disgusted by this girl’s behaviour.

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