Myling Vu

October 6, 2014 Montreal 137

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Let me introduce you once again to the dirtiest girl in Montreal! Her pssy is so dirty, even a dog wouldn’t fck her! Here are the real pictures she sends to all the guys she thinks she can get money from. That whore sent those pics to our ex-bf’s asking for dinners etc…pathetic slut! She flirts with any guys for money using her stinky pussy. She’s fcking ugly and sneaky so beware everyone! She also has drd, so wear a condom if you gonna fck that dirty cnt, god forbid. If you see her in the streets of Montreal, call her a whore, because that’s all she is!!! xoxo

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Prascillia or Anissa

October 6, 2014 Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: anissa you just turn 20 years old can you have more body count then your age, you look good with your clothes off for a couple likes on insta. really in real life you look so tarnish and use up,i though you swear you wasnt selling your nasty use up pussy your stripper right lmfao just like you only had one aborting here free advertisement hoe ..

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Britt Capstick

October 3, 2014 Montreal 103

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this whore has to be the dirtiest brod in verdun. It took me a whole hour to get this slut on her knees sucking my dick. When she pulled down her pants i legit almost gaged! I could smell somethimg funky already and she didnt even get her panties down yet. Molding hole slut is what i use to best describe this cheesy, fish smelling slut Nik. She must have fcked everyone simple one of her brothers friends poor jono he must be so imbarassed. The rachet whore is so grimy shes got her own personal CLSC NURSE making calls to all her lastest fucks …to break the news that this dirt ball has gave the all **V, and CL***IA HaHaHa fucky classless slut cant even let ppl know herself. Thank god i used a fcking condom on this dirt ball. Britt a few quick tips ……. 1. Close your fcking legs for abit… 2.Stop spreading your deseases to the world. 3. Get a SOS pad, some bleach and scrub that dirt pussy pleasssseeee Oh and to all guys out there who came in contact with this whore and hasnt recieved a call from the CLSC yet, you best make yourself a appointment A.S.A.P…..

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Broke Ass

October 3, 2014 Montreal 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Biggest Waste Man… Acting Like He Has Money… Lol…. Taking His Ex Girls Pictures Of Money And Putting It On His Facebook Acting Like It’s His Money SMDH #nigguhgongetcalledout… Another fcking waste man that’s frontn…

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The Hotel Photographer

October 1, 2014 Montreal 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I use to be one of those naive facebook models that lets photographers convince them that another great pic for my portfolio is what I needed. Well this guy right here is who we call in Montreal as the Hotel Photographer! Since he clearly doesn\’t own or rent a studio he gets you into cheap hotels where he already has friends working to hook him up for rooms and then brings a little alcohol and always suggests a lingerie shoot or even nude! A doush of a kind! He pretends to be all nice and innocent but I recently found out he actually has a severe criminal record and still lives in his parents living room! He goes by the name of CARLOS GUERRA and is also a part time 28 year old rapper 0_0 this is his page : We need to let all the other facebook models know!! HE’S A DOUSHH!

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Waste Man

September 30, 2014 Montreal 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this waste man… Dis dude thinks he is the greatest thing of life, reality check bud, you aint. Taffy grew up playing football getting the girls, playing the girls… THE WORKS. I doubt this niggah has a job. I knew dis waste since time, always tryna get girls to suck his floppy penis… GIRLS DONT DO IT. Booboo you aint even good looking. You look sick. He stole from me, and I was never able to get my shit back… REAL WASTE. Big man acting like he has money but stealing peoples things…. grow up boy! It’s your turn to get played.

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Goonie Goo Goo Revision

September 29, 2014 Montreal, Winnipeg 8



THE DIRTY ARMY: I guess she found out about this article because she changed her facebook profile and the above info is no longer current.
Here’s the new info: She now goes by Lea. She even blurred out her chest tattoo!!! Lmao!!!

Also See: Goonie Goo

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Stinky Tofu

September 26, 2014 Montreal 157


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after the “cheating noodle” post, I HAD TO POST MYLING VU on this site. This is the biggest WHORE every. MYLING VU: Where to start?! The title says it all…stinky tofu smells better than her pussy! This girl has been sleeping around with 20 guys and +. Damn, MYLING, what happened to your LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS?? While you were with Ali, who treated you like a princess, you would lie to him and say that you’re home while you’re out with your other man…banging him..aren’t you ashamed? Of course not! Get a fucking life and stop thinking you’re better than everyone. I won’t even be surprised if she sleeps with Amys ex-boyfriend, Minh or even run after Ken. This girl ONLY loves money!! Gold digging guys from left to right to pay her for club bills, supper, karaoke and drinks..pathetic you are! This girl says that she’s acting “BLONDE” but nah, you’re just dumb naturally…. Hide your kids, hide your man…this girl is the dirtiest asian in Montreal. Hope you like the attention this website has been giving you! Oh and stop sending my friend naked pictures of yourself…you have a flat ass and no boobs. I guess Pheakdy likes them ugly and dirty! Poor man. Here is a naked picture of her..without her make up…have fun MYLING! You deserved a post and you asked for it! XO

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