Bee Garreau, Cornwalls Bicycle

August 15, 2014 Montreal, Ottawa 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brigette “bee”  Garreau. She has two children, gave them both up and doesn’t have the slightest clue who the father of either one of them is. (Yet her daughter is living with one of the possible fathers) She has to take BV pills to have miscarriages because she’s had more then five abortions a year. But goes around writing statuses about other girls being “baby killers” . She calls everyone around her a slut/whore/drama starter but she’s a stripper who sells her dirty pussy for low ball prices in the back. She has no friends because she sleeps with everyone’s man, and when she does find a new friend she dusts them somehow to. She likes to have what she can’t get, and then starts a bunch of bullshit when she loses. She claims everyone loves her “princess peach” she needs to take a step back and realize they only love it because it’s a sure lay for the night, she’s easy sleezy and full of diseasiez. LOL watch out Cornwall. Can’t trust a hoe.

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Jenny from the Block

August 15, 2014 Montreal 132

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, this is Jen ortel, I dont know how this ratchet bitch has not been put up here yet..I would like to start off by saying this stupid idiot moves every 3 months from place to place because she cant keep a house cause of her heavy drug use.this chick is so stupid her boyfriend cheats on her all the time, even tho there in the same house,he cheated on her with her own bestfriend tams in her own house..he even cheated on her on camera at one of there friends wedding.She is a low life that smokes crack with her kids in the house! how she still even has her kids is beyond me!.. she is a manipulating con artist and this crack head needs to be exposed!

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Hamid Nassim Babazadeh

August 13, 2014 Montreal 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hamid arbatsofla babazadeh , hamid babazadeh, hamid arbat or ( Kevin ) is a con artist , thief, scam artist kolavardar in montreal quebec . He has scammed many poeple . Hamid sais that he gets anyone approved in credit applications for cars , or mortgage approval , loan from the bank , property investments or for Iranians or anyone that dosent have a Canadian passport that he has connections in the immigration . But what he is most good at is scaming woman ages35 to 60. He goes for 2 type of woman the one that are either single mothers or single and for woman that are divorced or married . He starts by telling them that he wants to help and his always there if you need anything . He uses words like un conditional love , loyalty , we need to built , soul mate , friendship is forever , I know what women want when I look in their eyes and talk about astrological signs .He pretends that he relates to you that he made it from the bottom to the top ( the top is when he makes 3000$ a month ) he flirts and smiles a lot for no reason his a smooth talker and acts like a gentleman it’s ALL PART OF HIS SCAM until he gets the cash .He wears his club clothes or a cheap suit to make it look like he has a good job and money . Hamid leases cars under someone’s name and after 6 months pretends he had a accident when usually the cop just takes it away. Hamid arbat has a suspended license for over 5 years until now with 6 court dates

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Scotian Envy

August 8, 2014 Montreal 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet the worst woman u can possibly meet Alice Williams aka destiny aka Scotian envy. This girl is a gold digging manipulator. She escorts and smokes crck. She has 5 kids and they all were taken from her 6 yes ago. She’s an unfit mother. She’s sleeps aaround for money andspends it all on crack. Now she has her oldest daughter and instead of showing her beautiful child to finish school and get a good education she smoking up with her and allowing her to sleep around. This chick nerds to be exposed.

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Eazy Breezy and Todd arthrell

August 5, 2014 Montreal 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two are the definition of ratchet! Todd is a fake ass bar owner from Versailles! His bar had been shut down more times than I can count! Not that it’s a big deal, it’s a dirty coke bar with nothing but dirty smuts working there! He too is a coke head and is nasty as fck! He puts his dick in whatever walks through the door! He’s currently up on rape charges too! His new flavor of the week is this nasty little skankbox they call “breezy”, but her name is Jen! This cunt will spread her legs for whoever will look her way! She’s been fcking Todd since she started working there, even though his GIRLFRIEND is the manager! He’s been screwing her and god only knows who else! He better get his shit checked after this one! This bitch had slept with damn near everyone in the area wether it’s for money or blow! She would guck customers upstairs and in the kitchen to get whatever she could! Please get the word out about these two! Their disgusting cm dumpsters!

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Julien Geremie

July 30, 2014 Montreal, Ottawa 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well hello the dirty readers! If you have read the last article on Julien Geremie, you WILL enjoy this short but sweet article. Not only is the monster slut back and better! But he’s having more orgies and anal sex than before! Few of me sources found a few pictures of him online. I thought I would share some with all of you people. We can’t forget that Julien works for Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario and should be LET GO because of how iconic his pornography is becoming. What will we think of think of the kids! Fire him..

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John Mckenzie Montreal Loan Shark

July 29, 2014 Montreal 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the biggest clown in montreal. He runs a loan shark company, pretends to be some real estate tycoon, and extorts people for there business. Read about him on the net John Mckenzie. His family supports him financially he has no money and claims to be some big high roller. He fucks everyone he knows and even his own kids don’t want him around. In the picture he is the guy with the bow tie, what a clown. Don’t be taken for a ride by him, he runs the following companies, Bridge Financing Consultant, Angel Investor, Suntrust Financial, and hides behind other people in other businesses.

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Male Gold digger

July 29, 2014 Montreal, Toronto 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone meet Darlington Sackor aka dee, and if you’ve met him you already know what it is. I was dating this guy for 2 months and in that duration of time I’d have to pay for everything. I even went as far as to pay for his clothes.. He’d use the excuse that he had sent most of his pay cheque back to Ghana and still had to pay rent. I felt sry for him and would put up the cash. It turns out he had a girl the whole time and was using me just for money. I later did even more research on this guy and it turns out I’m not the only one he played. He had girls from as far as Vancouver sending money to him. He’d also lie about his age and the fact he had a kid. Beware… he may only come into your life to take your money.

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