Stripper Exposed, Eden Bradshaw

March 28, 2014 Montreal 19 8,881 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is EDEN BRADSHAW, first she fcked my boyfriend. and I always knew she’d end up being a hoe!! Now she just making this easy for me! This bitch fcking men and stripping, and tries to drag under aged girls in with her and her pimp!!!! But she always posting about God and shit fcking ratchet bitch. EDEN is a nasty ass hoe, who will put anything in her mouth for a dollar!!! Right now she strips at Sources Du Sexe on Des Sources in the west islland, under the name JASMIN even though she lives in ontario now!!! This is the nastest, coke whore fcking strip club ever. If she recognizes you she pretends you u got video camera and tries to get you thrown out. I had my nigga go in on the low just to see how far this bitch would go- For only TEN DOLLARS ladies and gentlemen, you can get her completely naked, touch WHEREVER (including that sweaty ratchet pssy), blow for 5 more dollars and then a fast fck for 20. She also escorts on the downlow and puts her numbers into any guys phone who wants to “date her”. he said he could smell her when she was still on stage ahhhh! I feel bad for her lil brother mostly, I heard she even fcked one of his boys & he still don’t even know about it!! She already had me banned from the strip club cuz I went to laugh at her, but I swear go, ask for Jasmin and ask her”if she likes chocolate” that’s the last thing she said before she started slurpin on my boy! It’s open season for this bitch.

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Another Backpage Slore

March 27, 2014 Montreal 13 9,415 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Krystal is another Backpage whore, she thinks she is all that and a bag of chips cause she has a fat ass when she really looks like a tranny… She post her facebook photos up on backpage she has no shame. You can find her at Hess Village every weekend looking for her next victim..beware men this girl is full of drds!!!

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Sabrina Abbate thinks shes a Celebrity

March 27, 2014 Montreal 64 7,452 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Sabrina Abbate. She is the most obnoxious woman in the entire universe. When she is not picking her nose, she is trying hard to convince her “friends” that she knows a lot of celebrities. She thinks that one day she will make it into the acting world and become a famous actress … HA, PA-LEASE! She is extremely two-faced and this girl CAN NOT be trusted. I am disgusted by this girl’s behaviour.

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Pros – Ti- Not

March 27, 2014 Halifax, Montreal 21 9,776 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oressa Keddy, here’s the valleys cheapest prostitute. You can buy this cute gal for only 150$ a night. She has been selling herself across NS as far as Alberta. Not only has she had sex with her own father Russell Keddy she also in the past has enjoyed having sex with Brian Keddy and Cullen McDonald her two other brothers. Her father is in jail for molesting and touching his own kids which Oressa still talks to and also sent nude pictures of her oldest daughter to.. do sent she seem like mother of the year? Well she lost all of her children to CPS. . Just to get pregnant again for her 4th child at 23 years of age.. to get that taken from her to.. she has just about every disease you can catch. … and isn’t afraid to spread it for a 12 .. she loves to bang pills or bang old men over the age of 60 for her fix. She is the nasty dirt bag native in this whole valley. She thinks she sexy when her books sag as bad as her vagina does and her ass has plenty of stretch marks to please a man I’m sure. Now if you’d like a cheap whore call this Valley girl yours and see what you can catch.

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Russian Escort

March 27, 2014 Charlotte, Montreal 1 9,417 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: My name is Anna Plakina, and im an escort. Lol i got pimped last summer by someone who i thought was a really good friend, his name is Uzzy from Pineview (boohoo .. What a shitty deal LOL ) I claim that I didnt know better and that It was a long planned out setup by him from the very begining. bUT everyone knows i had to comply. I also claim after I learnt of his true intentions I ran off to mtl 3weeks later and hid out there from my shame and embarassment. but honestly.. Who really knows what i was doing there. Anna claims she stopped but we all know a TRUE SLUT NEVER STOPS. Anna has sex with EVERY AND ANY guy she sees, talks, and chills with. She dresses like a complete whore and can dust a q of coke in 5 days. All it takes is a requests and she will be on your tip for any booze you offer her. Shes really proud of the fact shes ‘russian’ but all she is , is a cheap whore. Dont trust her she will screw you over the first time she gets. She never helps her friends. Shes a shitty friend. I also heard she fcked all the boys she used to chill with in the jean darc block of her last residence. Johnny, devon, anthony, his brother, ALL OF THEM. AT ONCE TOO. Pfft shes not even something to look twice at. And lets not forget nick mcguinness. LOL. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW. IM DYING TO HEAR PEOPLES EXPERIANCES. FREE OR NOT HAHA

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Give Homewrecker Ariya Khongkham Something To Eat

March 24, 2014 Montreal 59 10,170 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Ariya Khongkham, this girl is a real bitch from Montreal.  She was flirting with my boyfriend even if she knows about me.  I caught his texts with her, and she was talking all trash and dirty to get him. He cheated on me and broke up with me for her!  When she finally got him she turned him down. this girl got no shame smh! i can’t believe my ex cheated on me with this midget!! She looks like a 12 years old kid. She’s the reason why its over with my ex. Just exposing her for being a teasing whore thats all.  Everybody should know what she did to me and better watch out when you see her face. She has a long history of cheating, from what I hear she sends pics of herself to guys in relationships (including to my ex) so I guess its no surprise that she’s at it again.

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Jen The Smurf

March 21, 2014 Montreal 3 9,932 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m sure everyone knows who this is, but her names Jennifer Dinh. She’s a little smurf looking asian chick who thinks shes hot shit. She went to assumption and fcked around wit 90% of the dudes there, younger and older smh!! She trys getting wit everyones boyfriend and prides herself on it… if thats not a whore, idk what it LOL. She fcked around wit that black dude dallas boow while he was wit victoria baltzer AND that fat chick jordan. She’s a big dirt squirrel. She likes giving brains to anybody, she dont give a damn who it is!! She used to give head to Irvin all the time and any other dudes willing in the parking lot at school. Talk about gross!! I feel bad for this girl. Now shes in a rship wit some asian dude, now she thinks shes all holy. nah girl, we all know bout you!!

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One Word: Disgusting

March 21, 2014 Montreal 17 6,123 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Just wanted to show you this poor excuse for a woman. She is a mother of a beautiful little girl but goes around posting these pictures on facebook (publicly). Im completely stupefied at the fact that she lowers herself to this level without any shame whatsoever. If you see her on facebook (Lokita Vro) you see a bunch of picture of her cute little girl right next to things like this.. posing up in her underwear, at the strip club or just looking completely drugged out. Her own friends tell her to stop but she seems like she would rather broadcast herself as a ratchet 20$ whore. What do you think ?

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