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Brandy Adams Wants Your Man

November 10, 2014 Montreal 134

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brandy Adams, she is the lowest of the low..she’ll act like your “FRIEND” but she is really staking out YOUR man.. she’s a DIRTY GIRL who will sleep with anyone who has a couch to offer her to sleep on her kid lives from home to home with her mother,the father of the kid is in the country illegal and is about to be shipped out,cause Brandy refused to get off welfare. So if you see Brandy, just hang ur d*ck out..she’ll do the REST!!!

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Romeo May

November 5, 2014 Montreal 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ratchet shnig ”saved me” while I was mentally ill and was in a clear and full blown psychosis. If you had a conversation with me at the time, you could have easily seen that I was clearly out of my mind and needed hospitalization immediately. I suffer from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and under crisis or high stress there is a chance I can loose my mind and have a psychosis. When I was 18 my close friend passed away very suddenly. I was traumatized and gradually started loosing my mind. I was wandering the streets near Atwater when I came across this disgusting excuse for a human. Him and his friend took me to an apartment, going along with the ridiculousness I was psychoticly blabbering about, and raped me. Then when it was done, I was mentally thrown over the edge and tried killing myself 12 times by jumping in front of speeding cars on De Maisonneuve. Thank G-d, kind strangers saved my life. And the police took me to the hospital. Where I was treated. I’m over this and happy now but this site exists to put people on blast and this asshole scum bag deserves to be exposed!!!! I hope he rots in hell, or gets arrested and then raped in jail. BEWARE OF THIS GUY!!!!

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Hopped the Homies

November 3, 2014 Montreal 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Omg nik this girl i met her at her plwce she works privqtely i kmnew whe. I saw her. She looked familiar. Now only reason why i called her up is because…i just had a bad break up wasnt really wanting to go for another relationship. So i looked up on somesites and found this girl their. At first when i came in i was not sure if it was her. Her place first of wll looks ghetto she has such ghetto ugly tattos like money sign and sweetest firl… When she shohld have gotten dirtiest girl on her . she smells like ciggarettes and as if she never takes showrrs. Beware guys she says shes irish or italian and. Shes not. I showed my friend her picture tovmake sure ifit was her my boy told me he bonned her. Shes a white girl trying to be black. What fukin guy wants her??? She just ruins relationship gives drds and onky fcks dudes.. She will never get a real man anf if she does she will cheat on him becsuse shes a hoe. Beware guys and becareful she goes by bella most liekly will change her name……her pu ssy eas realll dirty. I will never go back to her place.

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Kiki Mane

November 3, 2014 Montreal 108

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This Bitch is the definition of trouble. Not only does she strip, she’s a prostitute. She’s always getting pimped and beat up. Dudes wanna smash her face in and so do women. She sleeps with other women’s men knowing that they are taken. I honestly find her kinda sad cuz she’s a pretty girl and she can have any man she wants but instead she settles for being a side chick just to get under a bitches skin. Shes also a horrible friend. She only makes friends so she can talk about them behind their backs. She’s fcked every black dick in montreal which is disgusting. Maybe that’s why she got all those pimples on her pssy. Go get checked out girl. U may be pretty on the outside but with all that dick u be sucking and fcking u must be rotting on the inside. Beware guys. Make sure u use a condom with this girl or ur dick might fall off.

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Don’t trust this Noodle

October 29, 2014 Montreal 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s about time this hoe gets exposed. Her name is Stephanie Le, more precise; Stephanie Phuong-Anh Le. This girl whores around with 2-3 guys at the same time which I find it DISGUSTING!!! She’s been seeing this white guy and asian GUYS at the same time!! I don’t even know where do begin, she’s been complaining that the white guy is broke that’s why she’s into asian about being a HOE and a GOLD DIGGER on top of that. She needs to be stopped. My friend has been played by her and I have to warn the whole population about this dirty whore. She saw that my buddy had money at IMADAKE (Where she works) and tried flirting with him..we then found out that she was seeing a few guys at the same time. Absolutely disgusting. I don’t even know why she would laugh about MY LING AND AMY’S post when theyre innocent and she’s a little hoe! Stay away from this bitch!

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Don’t Trust It

October 28, 2014 Montreal 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Robyn Mcqueen. Has a beautiful 5 year old girl, has a awesome boyfriend that just loves them. But as usual Robyn thinks selfishly, she was too busy making sure her and her household was well stocked with meth because when they weren’t it would lead to war in her house and with a 5year old living there people need to stay calm. But the bitch got her kid taken out of that house thank god. Now while her child is away this mama will play. She used her friends and loved ones right up. Since the chick had to leave her home…cause she got the cops called and her kid taken and they found all the drugs. They told her that it was best if she didnt go back. So she moved in to her bbf house. She lived with them for about 5months. And mean while not paying for a thing. So during the day she would chat up her bff and hit on her try to convincing her it would be fun to “play” then when her bff’s boyfriend came home from work she would go down to the basement with him smoke bongs and eventually it lead to her fucking him and pretty much wrapping him up with her little finger. She denyed the whole thing and making her bff look like she is crazy and talking a bunch of bad shit against her. Robyn is a lying bitch. She has a really cool and mellow personality but she cant help but lie and cheat. U need to be careful around her cause she will use u up and throw u away like ur nothing and as long as she isnt affected then its all good. This is her words. I just feel sorry for her bf. She has slept with all his friends! Oh anyone will tell you, she stinks!! Take a shower Robyn its honestly like she never washed off the other guys dicks. I don’t know how Justin could even go down on you eww. Ah poor laker

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Natalia Knaj

October 22, 2014 Montreal 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Katherine Arsenault Jarvis, Katie, Natalia Knaj, DELUSSIONAL BITCH? Now that I have your attention, I had no idea what a ridiculous liar you are. How dare you. Who do you think you are?? You are the most rancid piece of toilet dump ever. Look at you, you have a buffalo head, flabby gut, no taste or standards, a frightening face, a bad attitude, its like I’m describing a monster. And the MODELING photos online- LOL! That’s the ONLY thing that made me laugh about you. A 5 yr old knows how to airbrush pics online you dumb bitch. The only reason you don’t do porn for your drug fix’s because your nasty stomach makes real guys puke. There’s no way you’ll ever get off the drugs & alcohol so PLEASE make the world better & please **yourself. No one will care, do it.

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Elisa Klok

October 22, 2014 Montreal 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girl is Elisa Klok, from Montreal, Quebec. Someone please give her a reality check! She used to go to ESSDS and she was the fattest and ugliest bitch i’ve ever seen! Now, she complains about how people are ugly and always posts facebook and twitter status about how hot she is and how other finds her hot. Someone please give her a reality check! She’s fugly and thinks she’s the shit! Bitch please, stop posting things at the gym and your million selfies! No one gives a shit and stop lying to your friends! You’re a pathetic little bitch from the west island!

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