Good Girl Gone Bad Or Bad Girl Pretending To Be Good

June 9, 2014 Montreal, The Dirty 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Elizabeth Huynh aka Elizabeth Tequilla and under many more….It’s time I expose this dirty unclassy gold digger whore-bag. I should let the whole city know how it really went down.  She is not what she portrays to be. I don’t even know where to start by describing this gold digger whore… She used to work at the clubs, especially while she was bar tending/waitressing for NYE at Radio Lounge. She would come up to our table, just because we had bottles (talk about a bottle whore). That’s not it, she is recently into ASIAN MEN. Actually it’s pretty funny because she would always tell ME that she did not like asian men and would only stick to white men.

A few months after, I saw her dating S.L (won’t reveal the full name since I don’t want to embarrass him..) He did everything for her, drove her here and there, bought her whatever she wanted, basically she would always nag him to do this and that for her. After a while, their relationship was over. Why? S.L got fed up of her sh*t and her gold-digging ways. I also have a few friends who had one night stands with this girl…life is hard but I heard you were easy to get. Whatever happened to not liking ASIAN people? All I see now is you hanging around them and oh right.. You’re “engaged” to one. Why? Because they’re nice and they make a decent living!  BE WARE OF THIS GIRL. SHE IS A HYPOCRITE, LIAR, GOLD-DIGGER AND YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!

She is not even hot enough to waste money on… I don’t get it?- nik

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Mike Fili – St Laurent Bartender

June 6, 2014 Montreal 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is a trash bag. He was kind enough to give me an drd and I find out that hes had a girlfriend for some time. I did some fishing around after having a great visit to the clinic. I learned that him and his crazy girlfriend have quite a history. Hes cheated on her with any pair of tits pointing in his direction and hell tell people that shes crazy and they are broken up or that he doesn’t have a girlfriend period. Then shell post a pic online of him or his dog and realize hes full of crap. Did I mention they live together? The old chunky bird brain spends her days writing to every girl he cheats with asking for answers. HUN GET A CLUE! If it isn’t all that then maybe the hundreds of drds infested in your overly faithful, dried out pussy should probably send you packing. OK, you might think Im an asshole but come on! Id feel bad for her if she wasn’t such a dumbass. This vermin not only cant have a faithful relationship if his life depended on it but hits his girlfriends too (Ya, I couldn’t believe it either, his 15 year old face is fooling) If being stupid was a crime the girl would be facing the death penalty 20 times over. I guess that’s what happens when you hit 30. Remind me to settle down before I hit the age of desperation. For some reason he still manages to get a lot of girls (or so I hear) even with the tiny worm he has in his pants and should be a dead giveaway the moment you take a look at his teeny hands and height. So if you don’t want an drd (or a message from the psycho girlfriend glued to his hip) Don’t go near this parasite!

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Porsha Porsha Need A P Renovation

June 2, 2014 Montreal 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Dear Porsha ..! Karma is a bitch ratchet always gonna get exposed and now it’s ur turn .She have a daughter that she hide bcoz she’s a slut that jumpin dick to dick claiming she’s a bad bitch but she is nothing LOL she’s 25 still suckin dick to get a ride no liscence no car u a broke ass bitch Jumpin balcony to balcony during winter with ur fat ratchet cuz lmao

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Brian Timbs… just a GWC (Guy With Camera)

June 2, 2014 Las Vegas, Montreal, Ottawa 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: This creep is Brian Timbs, he advertises on Kijiji “Professional Photographer offering free Boudoir Photos”. Here are a couple adds that he has posted: As you can see from the adds, the photos are stolen from the web. He claims from one of his adds that he\’s packing up and moving his “studio” to Las Vegas. When questioned about seeing his portfolio or if he has a website, he only refers to his posts on Kijiji. Watch out ladies, all this perv wants to do is get you naked and who knows what else afterwards. He has no credentials, skill or recommendations to back up his claims.

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Should I w/ Arianna

May 30, 2014 Montreal 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear nik this is Arianna A pretty girl that i’ve seen around a couple of times. She’s very nice but she can also be very mean. I’ve had a lot of my guy friends tell me I’m wasting my time because she turns down everyone but I also hear she’s been back n forth with some guy for years.Does anyone know her story?

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Karine Dagenais Loves Men

May 27, 2014 Montreal 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch needs to be exposed. Me and this little hoe just broke up a week ago because she’s a dirty bitch. Karine Dagenais a.k.a Mrz tana likes to take men in happy relationships, harrasse their girlfriends and make them look crazy so the dudes will leave them for her.

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No Booty Kassanra

May 22, 2014 Montreal 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kassandra Gauthier. This girl is amongst the biggest trash bags Verdun has to offer. After law school ( she’ll probably pass the bar for sucking all her teachers dicks) she’ll probably be doing pro-bono work defending toothless hookers because she understands that women need to use blowjobs and sex for attention, money and to resolve daddy issues. Besides the fact that she’s hooked up with almost every guy in verdun and p.s.c, she also went down on that dirty mutt Vanessa Campbell at a little house party we were at..Now she has stank breath that matches her already stank puss. She’s had all kinds of drd’s and I’m sure she’s known at the abortion clinic. She tries to play innocent with that can opener smile, horribly done tatts, the mcdonalds gut and bye bye arms and sexy with her no booty pics.. I guess letting a train run through you would give you a flap jack ass! Keep doin them squats girl!And put your crusty tongue away, it smells like c*m.

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Lame Hoe

May 21, 2014 Montreal 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this girl claims shes the baddest thing out there…. shes pretty pathetic hates on ppl but when it comes down to it she dont want to scrap uhhh…. why did u open your mouth then?? All bark & no bite shes a hoe yupp an escort ppl she lets ppl bust nuts in her mouth & she will swallow for 20+ but she calls other hoes nasty drd nasty little girl i bet your man like tasting next mans kids lol

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