Selfies Are An Illness

June 30, 2014 Montreal 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: So here is a link to an article outlining social media obsession. It is now diagnosable as a mental illness, comparable to narcissism, body dysmorphic disorder, and linked to addiction. Not at all surprising, looking back at the long list of a**holes that have been called out on this site for posting their stupid skanky photos all over IG and FB. I wonder if one can be capable of self diagnosis to get the help they need? Luckily, we have The Dirty, maybe through your website they can become more self aware…(click here for article)

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Lill gogo 200 Trash

June 30, 2014 Montreal 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This red head slut! Dream life for her is to be a stripper at a shity bar called 200! She had am amazing boyfriend and a good life but gave it all up for a drug addict named Alex who is a “dj” usualy plays at the pyramid. She pretends that she is not really seeing this dj guy but spend most of her days fucked up on drugs with him when she is not at work being a nasty slut. Doing anything for extra cash and shity drugs.

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Isabella the West Island Sloot

June 23, 2014 Montreal 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: Isabella is the skankiest girl in the whole west island. She is the definition of rachet. This dirty bitch goes around giving C***dia to everyone she touches. I know for a fact that she has slept with over 12 guys since October.. She’s only 20 but she’s the dirtiest girl. Watch out for her she will give you some sort of disease. She’s nasty. Stay away!!!

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Plastic Pipe

June 23, 2014 Montreal 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dude here is the biggest fck boy out of Roxboro Patrick Smickle aka steel pipe. This lame ass dude is the biggest punk in the world but he thinks he’s so hard just cause he goes to the gym everyday and lift weights. this lame ass cat takes videos of himself at the gym post them on YouTube he takes videos of himself in the park doing pull ups on the monkey bars post them on YouTube and calls it still pipe TV. Patrick likes to go to the firm West Island and Sir Winston Churchill to pick fights with little white guys but when real niggas test his shit he ain\’t nothin but a bitch. He didn’t do shit when that tdot cat robbed his chain. He didn’t do shit when but cry when his girl left him. He didn’t do shit when dem boys run his ass out da club. He didn\’t do shit to dat cat who banged him out at monster gym..check out his Facebook “steel pipe” lolololol this nigga maddddd at the world for no gud reason. Dont let the muscles fool yu. This bitch cant fight for shit wit his 2 inch reach…. this nigga is like 4’9. Lol my girl taller than yu fck boy… hahaha.small manz complex

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Ronnie Midlash Scammer

June 23, 2014 Montreal 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is montreals biggest scammer and douche bag anybody heard of this guy before or gotten ripped off

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Another Poser

June 13, 2014 Montreal 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Matthew Legault or French Denaro as he likes to call himself on facebook, it’s more like No Denaro if you ask me, unless he is trying to impress some new hoe! He goes around announcing to everyone that he is a drug dealer and it surprises me that he hasn’t got caught yet. He is really only a poser!! – The Ex

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Calvin Aman Is An Online Scam Artist

June 11, 2014 Montreal, The Dirty 112

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, be careful of Calvin Aman as Montreal’s biggest scam artist. He scammed me and a lot of people I know and won’t pay me back! I wanna give a big shout out to Calvin Aman and his buddy Joseph Atallah who is his bitch for being professional Online Scam Artists!!! You both knew exactly what you were doing when you used me to get what you wanted!!! How can you live with yourselves??? You obviously have no conscience or heart!!! Too bad KARMA is A Bitch and your reputation you have earned will stay with you ALWAYS!!!! Stop taking people’s money online!!! Stop faking your lifestyle to your online followers!!! Your deceiving others by showing them a fake lifestyle you love!! He is a compulsive liar, he has lied to me for over a month saying he was gonna pay and ALWAYS A NO SHOW!!! Learn from my mistake and do not trust this guy. He pretends that he will help you but instead will take your money and party with it on YOUR EXPENSE.

What’s the play?- nik

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Purple Crayon Chasin

June 10, 2014 Montreal 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: I present you Anny Chanchaleun, asian whore. Actually PAN! Only like black guys. I feel very bad for her fiance now..because she\’s cheated on him about 10 times..and NO, not only once as he think she did. Why do you think she quit Benihana and closed her facebook?! Because that’s how she got caught. She is a lying, cheating, dirty whore! She sleeps around with everyone and tells the whole world that she is in an “open” relationship! I’ve had colleagues that worked with her back then and now at CGI and let me tell you, she is a lying whore! Be ware of this pure uglyness.

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