Putting Filipina at Shame

August 27, 2014 Montreal 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Karen Charmaine Villegas is one of the dirtiest filipina that exists in Montreal. She put our ethnicity at shame. I am sorry that I am filipina and have to see this girl in our community! She invents story that she was RAPED by her long time ex boyfriend; Marlon What rape? She was the one who was clinging after him and she wanted to sleep with him..after all, she called it a rape..full of bullshit. She dates mens for a “long-term”, they leave her because they realized she is a psyco and she becomes depressed and goes out to tokyo every sunday and gets drunk…..oh and also, she will send you NAKED pictures of herself to all the guys just to get attention..on top of that, she sent naked pictures of her to my boyfriend back then..and I was next to him, we just laughed it off. Nik, this girl is a whore and she puts shame to our filipino community! KAREN CHARMAINE VILLEGAS IS THE BIGGEST SKANKS OF ALL TIME!

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Krista Rat Provost

August 19, 2014 Montreal 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Krista Provost, but everyone knows her as just a whore. she will always be strongly hated by many she steals boyfriends, one of the biggest home wreckers I know (not even bullshitting shes stole my boyfriend and a friends) and i just thought its time she was posted up here. she must be really easy to get as much dick (or to steal as much dick) as she does because damn is she fcking ugly. I dont know any guy that truly wants a white washed toothpick with a cracked ass smile (and family for that matter) and a flat chest and ass. they all must only want her opened legs.and no way in hell would anyone really want the kind of dirty personality she has either. attention seeking sleezebag is what she is. i feel bad for her boyfriend, i have a friend that she cheated on him with who sadly had ch***dia, so guess shes got it and gave it to her bf, wonder if she even told him.

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Stephanie Van Rijn

August 19, 2014 Montreal 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is a total attention seeker, liar and fraud! She claims to have every possible diseases on earth to get sympathy and attention. She shows herself half naked and gets mad if you make comments about her breasts or body, telling she’s doing art… yeah right! Underboobs are art! ;) If you disagree or dislike her, you are a troll. She also makes campaigns to get money for her ‘movies” on indigogo (you know, she’s a famous moel, actress and writer… -__-), but you will never see those ‘movies’. She’s using people’s cash for herself. Yeah, that’s a fraud! Aside from the whole I-have-every-disease-on-the-planet thing and ‘don’t look at my boobs”, it’s hilarious that she thinks Van Rijn is some special dutch last name. It’s like saying the last name Jones or Brown is noble. Her real last name is Vincent, but again, that was too normal for her.

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Dutty no Brow Natalie Buckingham

August 15, 2014 Montreal 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik let me interduse to you again Miss Natalie Whale Buckingham. This girl continues to put innocent ppl on the dirty. She is still 300 pounds with a huge nose and flat ass however she has changed her look probably cause so many ppl are looking for her. This girl has screwed so many ppl in Montreal passing around her drds (the non curable type). She steals from every one she knows friends, friends of friends and family. This girl should be on the front page always cause she truly is the definition of dirty. One day I seen this girl walking in the rain and her eyebrows leaked all down her face . She put so many ppl on here and continues to do it she must be exposed her name on facebook is Talie Skyy . Thx nik for posting this , this girl is problems ppl need to stay far away from her she is a terrible human being.

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Bee Garreau, Cornwalls Bicycle

August 15, 2014 Montreal, Ottawa 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brigette “bee”  Garreau. She has two children, gave them both up and doesn’t have the slightest clue who the father of either one of them is. (Yet her daughter is living with one of the possible fathers) She has to take BV pills to have miscarriages because she’s had more then five abortions a year. But goes around writing statuses about other girls being “baby killers” . She calls everyone around her a slut/whore/drama starter but she’s a stripper who sells her dirty pussy for low ball prices in the back. She has no friends because she sleeps with everyone’s man, and when she does find a new friend she dusts them somehow to. She likes to have what she can’t get, and then starts a bunch of bullshit when she loses. She claims everyone loves her “princess peach” she needs to take a step back and realize they only love it because it’s a sure lay for the night, she’s easy sleezy and full of diseasiez. LOL watch out Cornwall. Can’t trust a hoe.

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Jenny from the Block

August 15, 2014 Montreal 132

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, this is Jen ortel, I dont know how this ratchet bitch has not been put up here yet..I would like to start off by saying this stupid idiot moves every 3 months from place to place because she cant keep a house cause of her heavy drug use.this chick is so stupid her boyfriend cheats on her all the time, even tho there in the same house,he cheated on her with her own bestfriend tams in her own house..he even cheated on her on camera at one of there friends wedding.She is a low life that smokes crack with her kids in the house! how she still even has her kids is beyond me!.. she is a manipulating con artist and this crack head needs to be exposed!

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Hamid Nassim Babazadeh

August 13, 2014 Montreal 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hamid arbatsofla babazadeh , hamid babazadeh, hamid arbat or ( Kevin ) is a con artist , thief, scam artist kolavardar in montreal quebec . He has scammed many poeple . Hamid sais that he gets anyone approved in credit applications for cars , or mortgage approval , loan from the bank , property investments or for Iranians or anyone that dosent have a Canadian passport that he has connections in the immigration . But what he is most good at is scaming woman ages35 to 60. He goes for 2 type of woman the one that are either single mothers or single and for woman that are divorced or married . He starts by telling them that he wants to help and his always there if you need anything . He uses words like un conditional love , loyalty , we need to built , soul mate , friendship is forever , I know what women want when I look in their eyes and talk about astrological signs .He pretends that he relates to you that he made it from the bottom to the top ( the top is when he makes 3000$ a month ) he flirts and smiles a lot for no reason his a smooth talker and acts like a gentleman it’s ALL PART OF HIS SCAM until he gets the cash .He wears his club clothes or a cheap suit to make it look like he has a good job and money . Hamid leases cars under someone’s name and after 6 months pretends he had a accident when usually the cop just takes it away. Hamid arbat has a suspended license for over 5 years until now with 6 court dates

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Scotian Envy

August 8, 2014 Montreal 157

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet the worst woman u can possibly meet Alice Williams aka destiny aka Scotian envy. This girl is a gold digging manipulator. She escorts and smokes crck. She has 5 kids and they all were taken from her 6 yes ago. She’s an unfit mother. She’s sleeps aaround for money andspends it all on crack. Now she has her oldest daughter and instead of showing her beautiful child to finish school and get a good education she smoking up with her and allowing her to sleep around. This chick nerds to be exposed.

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