Kyle Heywood

March 20, 2014 Montreal 5 6,047 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kyle Heywood. His family is fucked up, and he fell right into their footsteps. He has a son, and raises Katie’s daughter as his own. Poor Kids. They make they look a good family but really they not. Kyle still a big coke head, always see him around sniffing dope wit Katies best friend Jamieleigh Frenette smdh! Have some class! Not only does he try so hard to be black, but he always bragging about being in trouble, whether it be fighting or D.U.I.’S. C’mon man. Grow up!

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Cassandra Spiers

March 20, 2014 Montreal 6 7,746 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little hoe is Cassandra Spiers for people who don’t know.. She is a little girl who runs around the west end of windsor. She fuks and sucks anything she don’t care. Her whole family are alcoholics and low life’s jus like her! She is dating this dude named siraj who is her friends baby’s dad. Poor Kelsey LOL! I guess that nigga Mitch got tired of this young bitch running game. Stay far away from this dirt ball!! All she does is smoke weed all day and roam the streets. No one gives a fck u drive bitch LOL get a life girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if this big toothed native bitch got a**s!!

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I Would Stay Away From Niki Chartrand

March 19, 2014 Montreal, The Dirty 31 95,926 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so the reason I am writing about this girl, is because she was my waitress saturday night! She was f*cking rude to me. Little does she know that she slept with my brother and his friend. She is even slept with her boss! Everyone was laughing about this. Some Italian grease ball who owns the restaurant BOTTEGGA in little Italy! I actually feel bad!

If she had +2′s she wouldn’t have to sleep with greece balls.- nik

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Closet Case Rapper

March 19, 2014 Montreal 16 5,802 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: well basically this guy is the fakest,dirtiest,wana be gangsters in mtl.he says he a drug dealer but never sold a 5 piece.he cries all the time over his ratchet dirty ass baby momma sarah and the bitch has the biggest pssy in mtl.the guy never bathes,talks and dreams too much,thinks he a rapper,he thinks he a gangster..the guy even went as far as to fuck his dog then kill it.this guy says he about money,but waits for the first of the month to eat.he thinks he a lover boy but really loves guys.on the street his name is broke ass pig pen.he thinks girls love him but they jus nice to him cause they feel sorry for his homeless ass.the word on the street that he a certified snitch.all you ever see is him downtown drunk roaming with his stupid friends trying to rob rob montreal watch out for this grimey wana be rapper/gangster/hustler..

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Ratchet Godoy

March 19, 2014 Montreal 38 7,656 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girls name is Kiana Godoy. Shes one of the biggest skanks known in Montreal, Im surprised she hasn’t been posted on here yet. I believe shes only 16 or 17 and I can promise you she’s slept with more people than she can count on her hands and feet. Ive heard from several people that her private are smells and tastes really awful and ive heard she has chlamydia. She cheats in EVERY relationship shes in and shes into the older guys. She’ll hook up with any guy even if hes in a relationship and shes super easy. Shes currently in a relationship with a guy named Stan and im sure shes cheating on him already too haha. Ive heard stories of her going to raves and hooking up with randoms while shes there.

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St.Albert Scat Lovers

March 18, 2014 Montreal 6 6,074 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Dan and Natalie Visscher. As owners of DVT Contracting you think they would have more respect for the community they live in but that is not the case. For starters they have trespassed on others property, harassed people in their neighbourhood, have destroyed others property, ran some new arrivals to the neighbourhood from QC and NB out the neighbourhood, allow their children to use others property as a playground, and can not even comply to a simple bylaw as simple as parking a vehicle. One thing that pisses me off the most is that Dan and Natalie have trained their dog to shit all over the neighbourhood, on the boulevards, on other peoples front lawns and all over the Elementary Montessori School field and park directly behind them, and even thought their kids go to the school as well. Bylaw and the RCMP have been contacted more than once, and by more than one person, in regards to their conduct and about their dog with no resolve. Further, one elderly individual in the neighbourhood who had enough of the dog shit all over the neighbourhood actually spent half a day collecting and scooping up Dans and Natalie’s dog shit, to then pile it on their driveway. Natalie the psychotic piece of work (who even yells at random people for no apparent reason and makes unfounded and wild accusations of people) then took it upon herself to toss all the dog shit on the lawn of a sick elderly lady with MS (who actually just recently passed away, succumbing to her illness). These two scat loving menaces to the community also have 2 incorrigible children who have been photographed (along with their school friends) taunting, provoking and throwing things at their neighbour’s dog when on recess (neighbours who Dan and Natalie also have a problem with). Nik, I am just wondering, do all jews and half-blacks behave this poorly? I see the Schamehorns from St.Albert also made The.Dirty, who are jewish as well – there seems to be a trend of poor and self-entitled behaviour amongst the jewish, perhaps I can I list many more jewish families living in St.Albert, who are very wealthy and highly self-entitled. Anyways, it seems these two are perfect for each other – and you just got to love their kids half jew curl, half nappy hair!

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Inlove with her Nephews Grandpa

March 18, 2014 Montreal 8 9,527 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Tamara Cote. This girl or should I say (adult) claims she is lesbian , But she is dating her nephews grandpa and is now pregnant with his kid. She must be so proud! Talk about incest much?

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Chelsey Bruce

March 18, 2014 Montreal 5 9,048 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This poor excuse of a mother , better yet human being is Chelsey Bruce. She has just turned 18 and is with a 24 year old by the name of Titan Cote. They have a 6 month year old together and dont even give him much attention. You may have seen photos, But don’t let them fool you! Chelsey surrounds herself around drama rather than taking proper care of her son, and fights in front of him, and goes behind Titans back to kiss other guys while he’s at work , forgot to mention she cheated on him and screwed some random while she was on her rag on an air mattress… how classy!

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