Montreal | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Natalia Knaj

October 22, 2014 Montreal 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Katherine Arsenault Jarvis, Katie, Natalia Knaj, DELUSSIONAL BITCH? Now that I have your attention, I had no idea what a ridiculous liar you are. How dare you. Who do you think you are?? You are the most rancid piece of toilet dump ever. Look at you, you have a buffalo head, flabby gut, no taste or standards, a frightening face, a bad attitude, its like I’m describing a monster. And the MODELING photos online- LOL! That’s the ONLY thing that made me laugh about you. A 5 yr old knows how to airbrush pics online you dumb bitch. The only reason you don’t do porn for your drug fix’s because your nasty stomach makes real guys puke. There’s no way you’ll ever get off the drugs & alcohol so PLEASE make the world better & please **yourself. No one will care, do it.

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Elisa Klok

October 22, 2014 Montreal 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girl is Elisa Klok, from Montreal, Quebec. Someone please give her a reality check! She used to go to ESSDS and she was the fattest and ugliest bitch i’ve ever seen! Now, she complains about how people are ugly and always posts facebook and twitter status about how hot she is and how other finds her hot. Someone please give her a reality check! She’s fugly and thinks she’s the shit! Bitch please, stop posting things at the gym and your million selfies! No one gives a shit and stop lying to your friends! You’re a pathetic little bitch from the west island!

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Sarah Jane Taylor

October 20, 2014 Montreal 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I took this girl home the first night I met her at k bar. All I had to offer her was some white. She is the worsted I’ve ever had in bed. Can anyone say dead as a fish and spelled like one too?!

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Aisha Rose

October 20, 2014 Montreal 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This land wale Aisha rose from montreal kept sending my ex boyfriend naked pics of her fat self I heard she slept with another girl man at her work and gave him a nasty dtd she apparently always trying to mooch guys for free food there\’s even a picture of her eating McDonald’s during Ramadan this pig has no self control as is a disgrace these are the most recent pics I could find but keep in mind she is growing at a alarming rate bitch also doesn’t take care if her kids sucks dick for 40 bucks at the massage parlour then goes home and kisses her kid Aisha Rose you are one dirty bitch

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Lovin’ the Crew

October 17, 2014 Montreal 167

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies, PLEASE WATCH OUT for this home-wrecking slut Suzanne Faulkner. This dirty slut has slept with 3 of her male “friends”, all of whom were in relationships. This girl was sleeping with her “best friend” all while he was in a 5 year relationship with another woman. Lately, she showed unannounced at her ‘friend’ Justin’s house knowing that his baby mom wasn’t suppose to be there that night. She knocked on the door and was begging for him to let her in a fck her. Even surrounded by all the pictures of him, his baby and babymom…surrounded by all of the baby’s toys. Problem is, is that the baby mom ended up showing up and caught her ass in the bed where she and her daughter sleep and right next to the baby’s crib! The bitch was so scared and jumped and ran out of the house naked! Luckily the baby mom has chose to go after the guy first and he had ended up restraining her from getting to this slut. by the time she broke free and ran after the bitch she was peeling off in her car. This bitch is the definition of the word NASTY. What woman shows up to another woman’s house? This bitch is beyond nasty. She hasn’t had a man in over 5 years because she’s content just fcking her friends. Go find a man bitch..if you had enough balls to come to another woman’s house then you should of stuck around and let the girl confront you..but instead you run butt naked down the street like a punk.

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Broke Down

October 15, 2014 Edmonton, Montreal 70



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this broke dirty slut from Montrael named Henriette aka Hennie goes around from city to city,town to town spreading drd’S & drd’S. all she does is play games with both guys and girls. She uses anoyone to get what she wants. She steals and takes money from anybody who tries to help her ugly ass, and the best part of all; this hoe has no morals she fucks anything that has a dick. warning to the guys in Edmonton/ Alberta in general watch out for this drd spreading bitch. triple up your condoms or you will regret playing with this cunt She is not worth anytime nor money with her ugly, useless, whoring self, & attitude. Nik, this needs to be posted so that everyone in Edmonton/ Alberta is safe.

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Cheated Too Many Times

October 13, 2014 Montreal 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t assume things when it comes to her smile.. This woman had caused numerous problems for many families, today, she is still doing it. She has a husband and an eleven years old son, but we aren’t sure of his exact age. Even with a family, she continues to ruin others’. She also has two daughters back in Vietnam but she refuses to admit it to anyone. Be careful, this woman lied to everyone she took notice to, and to endless amount of men. She even lies to the men she is interested in that she divorced with her husband. She makes up excuses so that her friends babysits her son when she plans on going on a date. We realized that her son is innocent but he has the right to know the horrifying things his mother does to others. We have to stop this two faced monster.

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Frankie Johnson Gets Naked

October 10, 2014 Montreal, Quebec City 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is from Quebec Canada and says on his Facebook he is a ” stay at home dad” yet he is a nudist? How is being naked around your toddler son who looks 4 or 5 allowed to be legal in Canada? Are they that focused on hockey that they don’t enforce child abuse laws? Someone please strip away custody of Loyk from Frankie Johnson!

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