Lame Hoe

May 21, 2014 Montreal 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this girl claims shes the baddest thing out there…. shes pretty pathetic hates on ppl but when it comes down to it she dont want to scrap uhhh…. why did u open your mouth then?? All bark & no bite shes a hoe yupp an escort ppl she lets ppl bust nuts in her mouth & she will swallow for 20+ but she calls other hoes nasty drd nasty little girl i bet your man like tasting next mans kids lol

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Lying Twiggy Player

May 21, 2014 Montreal 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ookay, so this is Jordan Keizer, a two timing, inconsiderate asshole. He\’s a manipulative, lying sleaze. Probably one of the biggest attention whores I know as well! He was recently in a relationship and the whole time all he cared about was fucking around with other guys, going to gay clubs and partying! He\’s just as slutty as his sister Briel Keizer! He likes to use people for his enterainment and company because he doesn\’t like to feel \”alone\” but once he\’s finished using you and probably giving you a**s or drd whatever he has he fucks off and tries to pretend like nothing ever happened. This guy is the definition of a man whore!

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Meaghan Burrell

May 20, 2014 Montreal 111

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ratchet skanky bitch flirted with the wrong girls boyfriend and im gonna call her out on her shit!! im surprised that she ain\’t on this place already but here we go. this girl seems all nice and sweet, but she plays up being shy and innocent. guys fall for it because she flirts with them taken or not she dont give a fuck, she\’s just a selfish slut!!! little cunt. she always texts and flirts with all kinda of guy fat ugly bitch. so watch out, she may seem innocent and shy at first, but she really just a slutty ham beast.

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Shareese Reily MTL Undercover

May 20, 2014 Montreal 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, let me introduce you to shareese riley aka itsreesie on ig. First of this girl is from the west island she use to be a nobody until she had her baby and started chilling downtown.. She doesnt take care about her kid all she does is be on instagram all day with her pounds & pounds of makeup looking like a fkn dead clown. She’s dumb.She sells her pussy and acts like she dosent.. WE ALL KNOW U HAVE SEX FOR MONEY SHAREESE & IF U DIDNT KNO THEN NOW YOU DO.. her lil sister JAMEKA is going hard with the escort!! Her boyfriend kian is her man/pimp! she buys all kinds of expensive weave and makeup, like baby bonus cnt afford that go mind your child and not your appearance gosh… This girl and her sister needed to be put on here.

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Christina Baggs

May 20, 2014 Montreal 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this girl is the defention of a nigga lover all she does is suck and fck black dick not once have you seen this girl with a white guy does anything for black dick and even runs trains for her main man this girl has been hopping from black sick to black dick since 16 from verdun to Psc to st Henri to lasalle to ndg pretty much anywhere this trick can get a black dick in her hands miscarriages from the lastn4 guys all behind her boyfriends back poor gangster he thinks he\’s hard as hell gun man of the year gets beat boyfriend and crawls back to him after she\’s done with whatever dick of the week .so good luck this hoe has been tricked fcked passed around and beat so enjoy what’s left

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Shyla the Beast

May 15, 2014 Montreal 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik! This is Shyla Foster, where do I start….well I’ve known her long enough to tell you she has sucked enuff dicks to please her for life! This girl is really dirty! She never cleans her house and now has two kids with her crackhead baby father! Yes that’s right I said CR*CKHEAD, he’s been to rehab soooo many times and still manages to use every summer! Certified waste man! Meanwhile he’s in rehab she’s suckin every black dick she could find instead of keeping it loyal! I’m sry nik but this girl is very dirty! She’s had drds on her lips since high school but yet guys still touch her! Ewe! I’m sorry Shyla but you fcked my boyfriend so this is what you get hoe! Being drunk is not an excuse! Dirty bitch! Get a life and stop trying to ruin others!

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Laaureen Keenzie Lymsz

May 14, 2014 Montreal 161

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little piece of nasty is what we call a 19 yr old closet whore.She leads people to believe she is all innocent while fucking anything with a cock between his legs.She especially loves fucking her boyfriend’s friends. She has a daughter who is around 1 yr old and does not even take care of her properly. The baby’s grandmothers are raising that baby. She is one of those girls you have to watch around your man ladies cuz she will not think twice about sucking your man’s cock and letting him do whatever he wants to her and the best part is the men do not have to worry about protection cuz she claims to be allergic so she don’t make them wear a condom. Oh and also she is known for abusing abortions because she has had plenty as in like 5-8 abortions.She should try staying home with her baby and keep her legs closed.

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Lisa the Pro

May 12, 2014 Montreal 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: This stankin ass hoe sleep with anyone the will paid her for sex she is a alcoholic she fcked all her babydaddy friends she will suck a dick for a bottle to get lady’s watch your man when Lisa Dow is around she even his 514 get paid on her leg now the whole world knows she a whore

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