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MSU Math Professor Strips Naked In Class

October 1, 2012 Michigan State, MSU, The Dirty 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you heard what happened at MSU?  Some math professor went crazy in class and then proceeded to strip naked in front of all of his students.  Then he was arrested outside of the classroom.  Sources say that he is now in a hospital and basically had some sort of mental breakdown.  Click here to read full article. 

Bath salts.- nik

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What Does RackStar Do For A Living

March 29, 2011 Dallas, Detroit, Michigan State, The Dirty 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I’ve always wondered what some of the Dirty Celebs do for a living besides get +2′s and get wasted.  Well someone told me that RackStar is a stripper and with her massive +2′s I totally can see that being true.  You know like what the hell does Freddy Fags do?  He is always traveling the country and slaying some hot ass girls?  But anyway with RackStar being in Dallas for the Superbowl I without a doubt believe that she is a stripper or why else would she have gone down there?

I don’t think she is a Stripper. I think she is a hired gun. She always goes to major American events every month without her husband… sounds pricey.- nik

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RackStar At Her 25th Birthday Bash

June 10, 2010 Detroit, Michigan State, Rackstar, The Dirty 45

RackStar Back

RackStar Back

RackStar Back

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rackstar turns 25 are bares it all.  In the pictures she p0sted a lot of them are blurred out because her nipple were hanging out the whole time.  I guess at 25 she still doesnt know how to handle her alcohol, because with parents and family being there she should have kept it a little classy until they were gone at least.  And Nik I cant stand the fact she is engaged, I’m in love with Rack Star.

Don’t worry… her and her dude (assistant) are on the rocks.  They constantly fight and none of Rackstar’s friends like him.- nik

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Caption Of The Day

April 26, 2010 Caption of the Day, Michigan State, The Dirty 57

DIRTY ARMY, here is your beautiful picture for “Caption of the Day”.  Ari Golden’s College Years? Please be funny and not racist.

Winner of this Caption of the Day wins a DIRTY ARMY Shirt guy or girl!



Last Caption (Click Here) Winner: Cheba

Criss Angel’s new trick….making his *ss disappear.

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Nik Would You Pull A Hugh Hefner

April 12, 2010 Detroit, Michigan State, Rackstar, The Dirty 31

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is some new pics of DA favorite Rackstar and her sexy *ss brunette sister.  By looking at the second picture its obvious this 2 girls are very close.  My question to you Nik is would you pull a Hugh Hefner and bang em both at the same time?  How could you not want to sleep blonde and brunette sisters at the same time.  I would for sure.

Your offer sounds cool in 2005 when the stripper look was cool for about a week.  These girls are gross… Rackstar would not be a star without the Rack.  She is pretty pointless without the +2′s.- nik

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Rackstar Enjoying Miami

March 16, 2010 Detroit, Miami, Michigan State, Rackstar, The Dirty 14

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here are a few pictures of Rackstar’s lastest vacation down in Miami.  Looks like she was hanging out with a few very powerful people in the music industry, my question to you nik is whats the chance that she cheated on her fiance?

100%, I got a text from one of my boys in Miami that she was kissing some black guy in the club.- nik

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Rackstar’s BFF Claims Hers Are Real

January 28, 2010 Detroit, Michigan State, Rackstar, The Dirty 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tiffany (Brunette) with the +2′s. Even her minor league boyfriend is convinced they’re real, or he is just whipped. Look’s like the $2k Buy one, get one special. What do you think master Nik Richie?

In my professional opinion I think they are real too.- nik

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Spartica’s Divorce

January 28, 2010 Cougars, Michigan State, San Diego, Spartica, The Dirty 25

Exclusive:Spartica's Divorce! Cougar town?

Exclusive:Spartica's Divorce! Cougar town?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Spartica’s is divorced. We all knew it would happen. “You can’t turn a Wh*re into a house wife”…..She’s back to old habits, going to the bar, shopping with Daddy’s credit cards, doing drugs….I really had hope for her. I will continue to pray for her and her family…what a disgrace!

Spartica, congratulations on being a real person now.  Your Dirty Celeb meter just went up a couple points.  If you are still in San Diego come out to my birthday party Feb. 11 at the Hardrock.  I can talk you through the fake depression.- nik

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