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Photoshop Queen

April 27, 2012 Naples, The Dirty 30

photoshop queen

photoshop queen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this first photo is a picture of the real Melanie Marciano (left). It was posted on fb by her friend. The second photo is the photoshopped version. Please tell this beast to stop. We all know what she looks like in person.

Her head is way tooooooo small for her unorthodox body.- nik

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Beware Of Jesse Renda

December 12, 2011 Dirty Predator, Naples 5

Beware of JESSE RENDA!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: So after a long night of partying n waking up with no idea what happened around my graduation it turns out that this guy drugged and raped me. and videotaped it. What a sick bastard he ruined my life and I was only 17. He also gave me an incurable drd. Please beware of Jesse Renda and do NOT let this sicko ruin your life like he did mine. Also, it turns out that he uses roofies. Please beware of him, this rapist.

Those are some harsh allegations.  The only way were gunna settle this is if you send in that video.- nik

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Careful Kissing This Frog

October 6, 2011 Dirty Predator, Naples 21

If You Kiss This Frog- All you will get is WARTS.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Jesse Renda has been sleeping all around SW Florida for YEARS now. He is fully aware that he is infected with genital drd) as his penis is covered in them, and has already cought c twice. He goes out to different parties and bars and gets girls drunk or slips roofies in their drinks and then proceeds to rape them with NO PROTECTION and then videotapes it also without their consent or knowledge on his MAC laptop. I know of several women who he has done this to who are far too frightened and embarassed to come forward, and unfortunately, he often convinces them that they were just “too drunk”, and it’s not his fault that they didn’t remember. They leave whatever scummy apartment he is living in (that his mom pays for) and usually have NO clue that they have been videotaped and photographed in humiliating positions and are more often than not walking away infected with horrible drd’s. This guy is a MONSTER! He has no limits to how far he will go, and also does these horrible things to girls who are underage. I really hope that you post this Nik, because until this sociopath is rotting in prison, it may be one of the few warnings that young girls in the Florida social scene have access too.

If only his grandma was sexually active, then he could steal condoms from her.- nik

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She Is Clueless To Her Baby Daddy Sleeping With Half Of Florida

September 30, 2011 Naples, The Dirty 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, apparently, this girl just had a baby. Not only is she OBSESSED with the baby daddy (who f*cks everyone in FLORIDA) but she thinks her short fatass is a model.  Jus cuz you have blue eyez and an OKAY smile don’t mean sh*t you black boy chasing h*e. Not to mention…SINCE she had the baby shes slept with 3 different guys in a week. If you can’t have class at least have enough common sense to wrap it up so you dont have baby daddy 2!  She makes me sick to my stomach.

I am trying to figure out what part of her is a Model or a Mother?- nik

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Gabriella From Naples Is Amazing

June 28, 2011 Naples, The Dirty 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here in Naples FL, we have some super hot home grown girls. Wanted to show you Gabriella, she is without a doubt a dime piece… Nik, thoughts on this cutie?

Besides her hair I really don’t see it. Her body shape is so awkward that her +2′s look detachable.- nik

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Robbie The Deadbeat

June 28, 2011 Naples 17




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just want to warn you all about a deadbeat father out there who will knock you up and then leave you. his name is Robbie Demann of Lehigh Acres, fl. i was with him in december of 2009 when he told me he loved me and wanted to get married and have a child. he was very convincing and i believed him because hes a great liar. well turns out he only said that stuff so he could get in my pants without a condom, he took advantage of my heart and i got pregnant as planned. he left me for a fat ugly mexican b*tch named LINDA and she told him never to speak to me or the baby and ignore us completely so he did. he blocked me from everything just so he wouldnt have to see our daughter. then he got a dna test because he said the baby wasnt his because he didnt want to pay child support, but of course shes his and now the douchebag has to pay but i doubt he will. this is a warning to all you girls of lehigh acres, robbie is a deadbeat and hes admitted to me that he is bisexual. he will try to win you over with sweet talking but its all fake. and by the way his girlfriend linda is the biggest SLOOT in lehigh. have a nice life with your ugly b*tch robbie. by the way, all he does with his life now is play dungeons and dragons, WoW, and live with his mother.

You can’t trust fat desperate guys they’ll do anything for a warm hole, I bet he lost his virginity to you.- nik

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