Steve Weaver

August 18, 2014 Nashville 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet the 46 year old drug addict…can you tell?

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Chelsea Parker

August 13, 2014 Nashville 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch should be the commander of the dirty army. she is a xanax popping bar hopping floozie. she claims to be a nurse but the only thing she is nursing is a bottle of booze and her footballs. she is training little raeghan to be the next in line. her fat ass needs to buy some new clothes bc her two outfits are wore out. she even bought a guy a car for a little play. bitch u need to spend that money on your kid. you can catch her at the bent wrench nightly giving head for a drink out b y the fire. this hoe should be the commanding general of the dirty army.

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Amanda Allen

August 13, 2014 Nashville 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda Allen has been featured on here before for being a lying ho. Now she is with some band called Miles Flatt and dating the guy named John who is in the band with her but secretly seeing other people. It’s a known fact she hooks up with justin Myers, another Nashville player let alone various other guys. She loves to play the victim and will make it like she’s in such a bad situation all to use you and get her way. Ladies and guys beware. I hear she’s also got the DRD. Tell this little troll that she isn’t a model, or anything to look at, that her 5 head is way distracting, and that with all the singing she does she want want to go back and take lessons because she is way too pitchy. Watch out Nashville and surrounding areas!!

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This one will Break your Heart

August 5, 2014 Nashville, Tennessee 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Miss Amanda is a pill popping whore who will sleep with any guy for money, pills or anything to get a high. She’s a selfish piece of shit who cares about herself more than anything or anyone else. She makes guys fall in love with her then uses them and breaks their hearts when their supplies run out. She has been arrested several times and recently lost any custody of her daughter. Just watch out cause she’ll fool you but she is the biggest pos out there.

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Hailey Haslam

July 24, 2014 Nashville 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: SO Hailey haslam from murfreesboro,tn. she’ll go down on anybody with the d or anybody with a pill to go up the big snout, crack,meth, or just whatever u have to offer, like usual with these basic hoes. She is always bouncing between her baby daddies, cant make up her mind & now has moved on to an unknowing bystander which isnt unusual for her scary ass. she will spread those thighs for anybody willing to crawl up in it. she is a homewrecker and not only that she makes remarks about other small children comparing them to her own, which only makes her look insecure about her own childrens look, saying the other daughter of her ex boyfriends is ugly and retarded. what kind of “”mother” would say that about another child. she is a sorry excuse for a mother who acts like she loves her kids so much but she never really has time for either of them aside from posting on facebook pictures that her grandmother sent her, between getting the d , finding her next fix and staying laid up in a bar getting drunk looking for her next victim, some might think she is alright looking from far away but up close her face is a big a mess as her life is STAY AWAY from this ratchet ass, You better ask somebody before you fall off in it. She has been known to have multiple drds at one time without alerting anybody she is sleeping with at the time until it is too late. GROSS

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Lindsay Williams – Homewrecker

July 15, 2014 Nashville 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Lindsay whore ass Williams is literally what this girl is known as in Nashville. She sleptwith some many married men she had to move two hours out. She slept with my husband of thirteen years for months while he told her he’d fck her & be with me. Gave me std. Curable thank god! She also tried to break up his brother marriage. & many more. Married people watch out she loves to be side chick because no one actually will be with her & she desperate for anyone who will throw it to her. Notice how she only has pics that dont show her fat disgusting body. Ur not fooling anyone.

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Lauren the Cheater and Abuser

July 10, 2014 Nashville 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Lauren Jones. She might look normal but girl is a complete physco. Aside from the fact that she cheats on her husband she also has no respect for her child. Lauren, remember when you threw wine glass at your kid? Lauren is known to be a heavy drug and alcohol user. She is rarely home with her kid and will disappear to other states such as California and Florida with no warning. Unstable much, Lauren?

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Men Like This

July 7, 2014 Nashville 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: He’s a piece of work. Thanks to a bartender in Nashville i was sent to this Website. The sleazy lawyer is now acting as a personal trainer to get girls. Good thing hes staying in shape because this 42 year old is in a club or bar every day of the week. He’s also a liar. I asked him if he was single and he said yes. A bartender thankfully filled me in about his girlfriend. he gets away with dating a ton of women because she’s a news anchor named Tiani Jones in Alabama. When GF is away he plays. But what’s sad is my coworker is friends with his girlfriend, and says she knows he cheats! Is he putting a spell on these women?

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