Ft. Campbell’s Biggest Douche

May 9, 2014 Clarksville, Nashville 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet SSG Michael Kirby Kelly, 23 of Ft. Campbell KY, ladies. Originally from Apple Valley, CA. You can catch him cruising around in his 2013 Subaru Legacy with whatever dependaho he has for he weekend. This man (or boy, rather) is a true snake. He lives with a man and his daughter, and has no place of his own. This man had no car, lived in the barracks, and was always broke as fck (or so he pretended to be). He used one particular woman he met back in 2012 for two years to see him through a deployment. He used her for money, rides, and a place to stay because he hated the barracks so much. HE claims this woman was his “first love\”. However, he cheated on her with some Asian slut in Nashville the week after her birthday. In November of 2013 after he made E-6, bought his car, and found someone else to mooch off of, he dumped her after having Thanksgiving dinner with her family the night before. He led her on for five months saying they would “work things out” up until March of 2014. So, it turns out he was banging out a fat redhead that goes to APSU the whole time (where the drd rate is 75%). He lied about going to the field and was fcking this cow the whole time. He says he has only been with 4 women. If he thinks you’re drunk enough, he will try to fck you. Watch out for this soul-sucking cheap ass cheating asshole. He will use you for everything you have and then dip out when he thinks he got away with everything. Now I know why they say that gingers don’t have souls.

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Sara Green

May 6, 2014 Nashville 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sara Green. You can find this pill whore at Henrietta trailer park in Cheatham county going towards Clarksville. So let me just tell you why I call this woman trailer trash, She relies on the government to take care of her 4 boys, because shes to busy knodding out from all the Oxycontin she sucks dick for. This nasty bitch has been spreading her legs and drds around Cheatham county for far too long, Watch out for this fugly bitch. She\’ll stick with you forever. Everyone sees you Sara, you fcking ugly skank.

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Yana “Elizabeth” Crouch the Russian

April 23, 2014 Nashville, Tennessee 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, allow me to introduce to you Yana “Elizabeth” (Liz) crater face Crouch. This is one of Middle Tennessee’s easiest bags of the night. She can usually be found hanging around inside (or behind) Dirty Jim’s bar in Murfreesboro. She uses men, pretends to want to have a family with them, let’s them buy her things, then cheats on them OR begins to have an abusive relationship with them! Currently she is on probation for hitting her ex boyfriend while she was high on drugs. She spends her life gossiping about everyone she hates, (all while pretending that she is a changed Christian) being checked for drds, and picking all the acne she has plastered across her face, and plotting against the world because she is a miserable, nasty skank that everyone knows is about as easy as they come! Even her own family can’t stand her!! She’s a home wrecking whore, who’s ruined marriages and even stolen money out of the wallets of the guys she’s screwing while they were sleeping! This girl tried to get one over on me and I honestly hope that no good man ever falls for her disgusting tricks!

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Crazy Horse Megan Halcomb

April 18, 2014 Nashville 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: Public Warning Megan Halcomb will give you an drd!This sloot Watch out when shes not busy dishing out the herps @ the strip club she is busy hustling the government for welfare and food stamps. I have heard stories of things turning up missing around her and this White trash tranny is a known petty thief! Her face has been published in just busted magazine for it and she uses and alias on the internet!! She goes out 7 nights a week and leaves her child with some junkie to babysit.She has to be Nashvilles worst Mom by Far

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Josh Goins

April 11, 2014 Nashville 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Let me introduce you to the male of middle Tennessee Josh Goins that every female needs to stay clear of. This mommy and daddy rich little fuck is screwing over every female I know. He puts on this sweet guy act and then fcks them and never talks to them again. I worked with him at MTek. He got fired for fucking every dudes wife/S.O. there he could and constantly was getting his ass kicked. This dude is the definition of DIRTY. Keep in mind he does this all while he is with his girlfriend of years that he never tells anyone about. Ladies if he contacts you RUN THE FCK AWAY SCREAMING. You will just be another notch in his belt. This is coming from one male to all the females. He is cocky as fck and knows how to play games. I haven’t said anything in the past but now that you have fcked over one of the nicest females you could have ever met Josh I’m putting you on blast. Also if you HAVE had sex with this tool bag go get yourself check for DRD’s.

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Ashley Smith Nashville Homewrecker

April 1, 2014 Nashville 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this is Ashley Smith. She ruined my bestfriends marriage by sleeping with her husband. Im honestly surprised no one hadn’t ever posted about her before. She will do ANYTHING if you get her drunk. Biggest hoe in Nashville. She has no friends, no job and lives with her mother and she’s 19! She gets extra cash by selling herself. She seems all sweet and innocent at first but will ruin your life. Such a tramp. People need to know about her and STAY AWAY.

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Craig Robert Davis Mr. Weasel

January 31, 2014 Nashville 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Crsig Robert Davis from Kentucky. Hes as big weasel as you can he!! Hes such a desperate fool that hes always posting on craigskist personals to find a date. And let me tell ya about this dork. i went out w him and his breatth stunk like ass and and hes such a cheapo that he alwats insisted on eating at wendys.. He says he works out everyday which is bullshit as you xan see from this pick hes a porker.. Also hes got a small pecker and it sooo hairy from too to bottom.. Ive never seen a more hairy animal than him.. and it very unruley down there…. He a dorky dork.. Watch out ladies from this man on craigslist hes a weasel….

Do you get free food when you work there?- nik

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Republican Bill Sanderson Is A Phony

January 27, 2014 Nashville, The Dirty, Vanderbilt 71

108th General Assembly -  House of Represenatatives

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I recently got messages from a certain TN representative, thought I’d share for the world. I wonder if his wife knows what he’s doing when he’s out of Obion, Lake and part of Dyer Counties? Gotta love the gay politicians that are hiding behind the closet doors and pretending to have a Republican view. Bill Sanderson is truly one scared cookie.  Click here to read the texts messages.

Make sure you read the text messages. I believe the submission is referring to this guy: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/house/members/h77.html.- nik

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