Paul Felice Sleeps With His Students

December 30, 2013 Lexington, Nashville 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I really feel that I need to warn the entire community about this cheating disgusting guy who thinks he’s a rockstar. Paul Felice plays in bars all around Lexington but thinks he is some hot shot rock star. He teaches guitar lessons but always ends up luring young girls back to his class for lessons in exchange for sex. He lives in his dads basement at almost 40 and has no money because he is to busy banging students and young girls to actually get any real shows that pay money. He has been divorced twice and has two kids from two different women that he can’t even see without a court ordered supervisor because he claims his ex wives are crazy bitches but really this guy has a violent past. He also sleeps with married women all the time on top of his young guitar students. He even tried to smother her on a bunch of occasions because it didn’t leave any marks. Don’t let any one in Lexington take any lessons from this lying and cheating violently abusive fake rock star who lives in his daddys basement. He’s already hurt too many girls who are trying to make it.

Doesn’t help that his room doubles as his office…- nik

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I wonder what she wants for Christmas

December 23, 2013 Nashville, Tennessee 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Warning .. Her sister Sybille Whaley just got out of prison for k**ng her husband .. It’s hard to believe that someone would ever touch this unfortunate ogre .. What’s worse is the amount of untreated ‘s she carries. If you run into this chick just be sure you run as far as possible. Her psychotic behavior and family history of mental illness makes it impossible for this woman to accept any help or treatment of any sort. She refuses to treat any of her current conditions which include ***. Sabrina doesn’t care who she sleeps with and is broke jobless and staying in a trailer when she’s not taking selfies , you can find her at almost any place that has any pathetic cover band playing. She came to nashville looking for a rockstar and does whatever she can to act like she’s young again . Nik you be the judge.. What\’s your thoughts on this beauty ? I think she would kill to have someone like you.. For 39 years Sabrina does all that she can to live by her only life motto “support live music, sleep with a musician”

A face lift…- nik

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Putting Desiree Lacole On The Radar

December 8, 2013 Nashville, The Dirty 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just saw and met this girl in Nashville. When I first saw her my jaw dropped. She’s got perfect long legs, big t*ts and little waist. She is beautiful but also has one of the coolest, down to earth personalities. I want to marry this girl and I am sure other guys want to… to. I thought I should put her on the radar. I think she said she is originally from a little town called Ortonville in Michigan. What do you think?

I think her shadow doesn’t match the trim.- nik

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She Is A Perfect 10

December 5, 2013 Nashville 10

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Carly, a girl I used to work with. She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, there’s no way you could disagree!

I totally disagree.- nik

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Pathetic Ass Momma

December 2, 2013 Nashville, Western Kentucky 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Courtney Nacole Martin recently changed to Wiley because people talked SO much shit about her(just telling the truth about her) is still at it her sons 6 years old and if he’s not in school he’s at her Ex boyfriends grandparents (65 & 70 years old) because since birth she’s never done shit for him she’s 24 and has no job and lives off the state and now has no license because she lost it to a DUI because shes pathetic she’s had other ppl take him trick or treating this year so she could party if she’s not doing that at the bar to pick up a guy to fck her nasty ass she now has a 18 month old that JUST learned to walk because she keeps him in his crib or playpen ALL DAY she even went off to Chicago and left the youngest with her grandmother who is 70 and her eldest with her ex grandparents ( which her ex isn’t the father) and no one knew where she was but she was with her boyfriend of the week. She has bounced around from friends to family’s houses in the passed 2 years and she’s tagged along the youngest somewhat if he’s not at his dads and the eldest she would go weeks without talking to and he would cry and no one would know her number because she changes it weekly. Before she got pregnant with her second child she even left her eldest with her ex boyfriends grandparent so she could live in Montana with a man she met online. Her family says she’s bipolar and screams at the kids the whole time if she does have them. She will jump for a guy before she will keep her kid … She’s fcked up in the head and should not be allowed to reproduce because her poor kids already don’t have dads.and they might as well not have a mother . Sad thing is she isn’t even pretty she wears WAY to much bronzer has a horse grill and a huge vein pop out of her forehead along with her saggy bag eyes … Sad waste she is… I just wish her kids would have a better home with loving parents .

Changing your name won’t help.  Coming out of the corner (of the frame) will.- nik

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Meg’n Cooper

November 29, 2013 Nashville, Would You? 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Meg’n Cooper, pretty sure her name isnt really Meg’n but sure ok, anyway she is constantly blowing up everyones newsfeed on fb with constant “selfies” and updates on when she farts, she thinks she is gods gift to this world and its getting super annoying!! She claims to be a christian and wants a good christian guy but my guess is they are all hiding in the hills since she gave her last guy **.. one question, would you?

Answer: No, she exposes away her age marks + hot people are in constant search for attention.

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Not So Sexy

November 20, 2013 Nashville, The Dirty 248

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Brandy Nicole Stansberry from Tennessee, she decides to become a working girl in.  Anyway, I don’t get how it works.  I thoughts girls were suppose to be hot and fit.  Not have back rolls all over the place.  Thoughts on her Nik?

The tag on the underwear really bothers me. I can’t get past it to even see what she looks like.- nik

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David Dubbs The Internet Marketing Douchebag

November 6, 2013 Nashville, The Dirty 65


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is David Dubbs. He’s a 40+ yr old self proclaimed rockstar and millionaire internet marketing guru. He also works in bodybuilding. He is linked to Allison Lamar who has been featured on your site for Scottsdale as a fellow scam artist. The guy is married with a kid, but dates girls from other cities and sleeps with chicks at bodybuilding expos. He visits them but doesnt allow them to come into his hometown. He lies about business, relationships, and even about his own son.

He claims to live a luxurious lifestyle, but his house has a lien on it and he owes the IRS a lot of money. He pretends to own luxury cars to lure people into his internet home businesses, but the guy drives a Ford Focus. He also claims to make $450,000 a month in networking marketing, but the guy can barely pay child support or his bills.

He keeps on scamming people into internet home businesses. He has a track record of thousands of people losing their life savings to him and him leaving them high and dry. He is a very good sales person and can manipulate just about anybody. He is a very deceiving guy. He’ll seem friendly and cool as hell, but if he doesnt get his way, watch out. Dont date or do business with with guy!! He is not helping you and only wants success for himself.

You had me at Ford Focus.- nik

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