Nashville | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Number One Trumpet

August 26, 2013 Nashville 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy right here will let you believe he has all this ass ton of money, cars, and connections to whatever fuking celebrity out there. He tries to impress people with the “my dad is a DOD GS-14″ or whatever. Who fcking cares. In reality, he is a fcking womanizer. He will fck anything walking. Or at least try too. He is probably out there spreading some disease. WHO THE FCK KNOWS. He is just another army toolbag that sucked so bad in real life he had to join a band of almost all idiots. He has be caught in many lies, about how he went to Africa and was in a war zone there, how he is blowing shit up where he is now, and probably trying to say that he has killed someone. When in REALITY, the first sign of anything, he was FCKING SCARED. That is the kind of soldier this fucktrumpet is. Ladies beware, he will use the fuk out of you. Oh, don’t let me forget to mention, he has fathered a baby. Has he ever seen it? No, I am pretty sure his family doesn’t know. He is trying to use that as a gain to live off of post. He is a FCKING IDIOT. One last thing. HE DOESN’T KNOW LUKE BRYAN AND FOR CHRIST SAKE, HE DRIVES A FCKING ALTIMA.

That smile is definitely for the gays.  I decided.- nik

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Ms King

August 26, 2013 Nashville, Would You? 6

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Erika King. She thinks every guy wants her and she falls in love with a new guy every month. She claims she wants to be a bikini competitor next year. She  loves attention so we should give it  to her

Answer: No, she shouda used something to cover-up her flap.

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How Bad Is Molly For You

August 8, 2013 Nashville, The Dirty 559

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hey whats up? I was reading a post earlier about what other drugs you have done and I got interested. Because I smoke weed everyday and its never been a big deal cause its just weed. On occation I will do some ‘Cid cause that sh*ts just fun, but only like 4 times a year. I also refuse to have a drink. All my friends have been doing Pepsi for about a year now but I’ve never touched it. But then I went to Bonnaroo this year in Tennessee! The first two nights I was there I just got completely railed off some dank headies! But the third night I tried some Molly. And ever since to be honest with you I have been fiendin for it. But I still would not consider weed a drug. But Molly is honestly the funnest thing I have ever done. But what I wanted to know from you guys is, how bad for you is Molly?

Molly is bad, but I’d love to hear thoughts from drug addicts on Molly… please leave your love notes in the comment section on this post.- nik

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Jim Made Her This Way

July 26, 2013 Nashville, The Dirty 149

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jim and Whitney Mongiat.  They are a Tennessee couple whose nasty argument went viral and are headed for divorce court. It all started when the couple of 15 months were headed on a weekend trip to the lake, when Jim had a change of heart about going. This set off Whitney’s temper, as she had an epic tantrum, and Jim got it all on camera.  I’ve been in the same shoes as this girl before and I know her husband egg’d this on.  Trust me, there is a ton before the video starts that we don’t see.  I have no doubt he pissed her off so bad and mad her crazy and then started recording.  I hope this loser gets what he deserves.

Poor Jim.- nik

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It’s Our Time – Lawyer Mike

July 23, 2013 Lawyer Mike, Nashville, The Dirty 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I went and checked out our old buddy Lawyer Mike and see if hes dropped any new hits.  Dude, hes blown up huge, mikes getting 100,000 views per vid almost 200,000 on this beaut.  If im not mistaken he’s banking off Youtube now.  I noticed you don’t have a anthem might I propose Lawyer Mike, dude’ll kill it.  I’m sure you could even pull off a green screen colabo…think about it, its his time!

I’d be honored if Lawyer Mike dropped a Dirty Anthem.- nik

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Sabrina Whaley

June 27, 2013 Nashville 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sabrina Whaley once again .. She says she’s 38 .. Nik would you ? She’s got a great list of +++ she’s almost 40 living with roommates, she will buy you and all your friends enough alcohol to when you are finally drunk enough to convince yourself she’s not a tranny. She knows people in cover bands !! Although she’s usually avoided by most because of her awkward desperation for attention. Did I mention Sabrina whaley is unemployed !! I think she figures the piggy wiggly seniors discount is only a few years away .. As you may have noticed she comes with a boatload of disease and is a stage 5 clinger. Maybe it’s all that m*th she’s buying everyone. Sabrina’s also a great actor you might recognize her from the classic show Sesame Street !!

She’d have a hairline <40.- nik

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Army Sloot Still At It

June 25, 2013 Las Vegas, Nashville 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Since my last tip in February, Denise has been with 3 Army Guys. She averages about 1 Army guy (Or Prior Army guy) a month  Things magically do not work out when the men do not want to: A. Move in with her B. Give her money because she is too lazy and fat to work or find a job.  Just a warning to all the men in Clarksville and Ft. Campbell! Beware!!!

Guys tags are safe once the memo’s sent out.  Tables have turned on her, now she is the playee.- nik

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Kyle Mass

June 21, 2013 Dirty Craigslist, Nashville, Tennessee 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: WHO: KYLE MAAS WHEN: NOW WHY: Because people need to know WHERE: MT. JULIET TN  WHAT: …….. If you know Kyle Maas you know he comes across as a smart, sarcastic, witty, intelligent individual. He is your typical tall, dark, and andsome charmer. He uses the “oh i own my own business” “i love to travel” “i snowboard” ” i love the outdoors” cards to get his women. Kyle Maas comes across as a guy who is as he would say “very picky” about what girls he chooses to be associated with and if you didn’t know him you would probably agree. What you all don’t know about Kyle is his one flaw that he doesn’t like to share with people. Kyle Maas has drd, and no I don’t mean drd of the mouth. He has GENITAL drd. I bet he never told you all about that secret. He chooses to not inform the girls he sleeps with that he has this disease because that would as he says “fck up his game”. Well for all you ladies out there who think Kyle is such a perfect catch remember  it doesn’t go away, for all you ladies out there who HAVE slept with Mr. Kyle Maas please go get yourselves tested, and for all the gentleman out there who have slept with any of these ladies who have slept with Kyle PLEASE GO GET YOURSELVES TESTED. KYLE MAAS YOUR SECRET HAS BEEN REVEALED as it should be. As if that isn’t bad enough Kyle is known for cheating on every girlfriend he has ever had. He cheated on the girl he dated for almost 5 years with a 52 year old woman he met at a bar one night. He has slept with over 145 different girls, As long as “it has a vagina he will fck it. KYLE MAAS IS NASTY!!!!!!! For all the dudes out there, here is a List of some of the know girls he has been with. 1. Brooke Leichhardt – fat as fuk 2. Jessie Mason – whore who had a fiance 3. Jessi Turner – busted redhead bitch 4. Morgan Tomlinson – has drd, and was married at the time 5. Crystal Watters – ghetto bartender 6. Brittany Ussery – gave her drd  7. Allie Moffit – butter face 8. Alli Williamson – who hasent fuked her 9. Angie Mazzucchelli – big ole gal 10.Ryanne Rother – the old bitch 11. Katy Parris – friends girlfriend

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