Claudia Muller

June 3, 2013 Nashville 161

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Claudia Muller from Canada. Shes jealous of many other people and has put them on saying that they did things that they never really did, last December, 2012. Her favorite thing to do is troll social websites such as bangme. She likes to talk shit on other people that she’s jealous of because they clearly look better than herself. She is a no-life, not low life lol, bitch who needs to try to get a life. She likes to call pretty girls fat when she wears size 19 and has weighed over 200lbs. I ain’t a bad person, but I’ve been put on here multiple times by her fat ass and now when you look my name up on google images, I come up and an embarassing pic of me that doesnt look as much like the real me is on it. So this is clearly payback. She likes to play little games online with people and pretends to have bfs. Honestly, I do not have any clue why she wastes her time, but here ya go look at the pics you’ll see what I mean. She posts nudes of her fat self + pictures of her face that don’t really look like her real face, and thinks she’s every guy’s dream come true… She’s a lying hypocrite!

Quarter shots are so deceitful.- nik

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Ladies Beware

May 3, 2013 Cleveland, Nashville 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vada Horner, This man is the most manipulative piece of shit I have ever met. Ladies beware. He is a con artist,sociopath, master manipulator. He will tellu whatever u want 2 hear & whatever sounds good only 2 get what he wants. Hes a selfish prick who only cares about himself. He has a beautiful 6 yr old daughter who he doesnt support & every time he gets a new gf which is all the time he ignores his daughter & wants nothin 2 do w/her. He treats her as an option instead of a priority. Getting a piece of ass has always been the only thing he cares about. Once he gets what he wants ull become old news & he’ll be like Jay-Z “on 2 the next 1″. Hes a thief. He has robbed many ppl including his own mother & nephews. He also has a huge criminal record including numerous Domestic Violence charges. Real stand up guy. Lmfao. He has 3 active warrants 4 his arrest rt now soon 2 be 4 due 2 non payment of child support. Hes the biggest liar. Its pretty scary how twisted this individual is. If u see him RUN!!! IF uve been w/him or u still r still RUN..’

Thumbnail size pics are so ghetto.- nik

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Lower Broadway Groupie

April 10, 2013 Cougars, Nashville 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who : Sabrina whaley spents every night sweeping the streets of lower broadway looking for someone she can take home. You would think her taking a glimpse in the mirror would stop her from ever leaving her nasty apartment. Shes also a M*TH head and goes around trying to sleep with married men .. Honestly I think she just takes what she can get …

Judging by her age she chases cover bands.- nik

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Marrying Women For A Raise

April 9, 2013 Nashville 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy, Wade Bevis has a habit of trying to marry girls for a raise from the Air Force apparently. When you get married, the service gives you a good bit of a raise than when you’re single status. He used his ex wife for a raise, her credit (because he had none), and put everything (his car, bike, credit cards) in HER name. He pretty much used her. He’s on the prowl again! This time, he is trying to marry Meriel Howlett so he can get his raise back. Maybe she has good credit? Who knows WHAT she sees in this douchebag. He has been arrested 3 times, not to mention his excessive pornography and gambling addiction, and he constantly asks his mother and grandmother for money monthly. Poor girl, she needs to take some advice. She must be desperate to stoop so low. Maybe girls are into douche bags like that these days? Anywho, thank goodness his ex wife got smart and left his ass. Beware of this guy.

So that’s why these guys get married before they get shipped off…- nik

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Give It To Me Straight

March 27, 2013 Nashville, Tennessee 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi, Nik. I’ve always wondered what sort of thing I could do to distract from my large forehead. Is there any sort of way to lower my hairline? I was also planning on fixing the tip of my nose, but I don’t know where to start. I included a recent photo to see if you could help?

Bangs!  If you have a puffy neck cut down on things that make you bloated and watch it shrink away.- nik

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Nashville’s Liz Khalifa

March 5, 2013 Nashville 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the dumbest girl in the Nashville area! She calls herself Liz Khalifa to make her feel like a bad ass! She is the lamest girl out there! She sleeps with anything that walks so they will get her alcohol and drugs! She does anything for attention!  Girls, watch out!  She will do anything to get with any man! The amount of makeup she wears is ridic!!!!! She also photoshops ALL of her pictures and stuffs her bra to make her tits look big!

What the hell is this?- nik

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Nashville Home Wrecker Kimberly Crausaz

February 28, 2013 Nashville 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik listen It\’s just this easy KIMBERLY CRAUSAZ is a big ole SLUT, SCALLY-WAGG,WHORE,NASTY BITCH…. Who won\’t stay away from other women\’s men…. I\’m tired of her textin and callin my husband…. So ladies if u see this dirty home wrecker send her in the other direction.

Stop texting her husband Kim.- nik

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Trailer Park Reject

February 27, 2013 Nashville 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Misty bonnell, stephens, mofield, vantlin byrne, (she goes thru men like abortions her mom shouldve had) is an egg donor of 6 kids & she lost custody of ALL! Never paid support to any baby daddies, but thinks she is one hot skinny stripper living the good life. her 5th victims a trashman and they even had their trailer repo\’ed! shes a mongo!!! Looks like someone threw hot nickels at her face mixed with a jerrys kid twin!!! (she cant even take her kids to the park without swingin on a damn poll & posting it!)

0-6, is embarrassing.- nik

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