DJ Vitrano

February 11, 2014 Navy, Virginia Beach 0 8,962 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, this guy is named David and he’s in the navy! I talked to him a few times off this website called meetme, we exchanged numbers. Anyhow, he got mad that I wouldn’t send him nudes!! He even told me that he’s married with 5+ kids!!! He’s a lying, cheating creep who needs to be put on blast!!!

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The Devil is Real

February 7, 2014 Navy, San Diego 1 7,610 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Fake is Tyren Leggins aka Tye bka TJ by his family oh and don’t not look at the beat up old bitch next to him name Tara Jones. They call themselves a couple. More like a couple of idiots. He use to date one of my friends and more so used her for help. He blames his PTSD for everything including being bipolar and way passed crazy. He is a Veteran but also a Mason who has no problem telling you or anyone that he worships Satan. He has a shrine dedicated to satan and practice rituals on my friend who was a victim of posession until he met that pig in the picture. He lied to my friend saying he was working on weekends when he was with Tara touching her kids at night. He has slept with his sons mothers Sister Tiffany on numerous occasions to get revenge on Tiffany (yes Burnett hey boo bet you didnt know he fucked Trisha) LMAO! If you come across this couple they may try to steal your kids and sacrifice them for their demonic reasons. He believes he is untouchable but the police are looking for him. He is such a pussy he had his mother calling my friend and her family to make sure she moved out peacefully when he was the bitch to call a sheriff to make sure she didnt wreck his apartment like she should have. How many men need cops and their mommy to help them end a relationship? He has 4 kids total but only claims 2 and one he can’t see cause her mom moved her out of state. (Smart bitch) We know so much about the Mason’s that he should be burned at the stake for exposing them (considering they are a “secret society”) They deserve to be exposed for being pussies! They call her job everyday to harrass her not knowing she has a protective order and the police are looking for you two bitches! She wasn’t calling your phones idiots but now you both will be somebodies bitch in jail. I hope her kids know they’re real dad cause thats who they’ll be with for about 15 years. You may want to check and make sure your son is not gay like his Tara…. Or that his son hasn’t molested your daughter. Better yet check to make sure he really is into you Tara and not your son you know he is GAY!! You both will get what you deserve real real soon.

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West Side Player Strikes Back

January 23, 2014 ASU, Navy, Westside-AZ 0 8,378 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first of all, thank you for posting my story exposing Will as the lying scumbag he is (ALSO SEE). My friends and probably other ladies I don’t know in my side of town are grateful. So Will messaged me a couple weeks ago, asking if we could “talk”. He then asked me… Scratch that, he BEGGED ME to take down the post I submitted to the website because “he was getting married soon”. I swear, I was super dumbfounded because this scumbag was actively hitting on me the month before. He claimed that his fianceé (who is supposedly EXPECTING HIS BABY) did her homework and found her man on, and confronted him with the information posted. According to him (which I have in over 20 screenshots that I posted on my page), she made him feel like the garbage he is, and he admitted that he just wanted to sleep with me because he was a jerk who wanted to hurt as many women as possible, that he would have kept lying to every woman if he wasn’t caught, and that I outsmarted him and “saved him”. Then he kept asking me to remove the post, because he’s looking to get a job in another city, that he wants to “move on and own up to his mistakes” and that he will apologize to me in person because he said I deserved a real apology in person, but honestly I don’t trust him. For days I was in a dilemma about writing to you and requesting the removal of the post I submitted because I almost bought his story, but I decided to not do so and applied the “block and delete” treatment on him. Men like Will (and women who are up to no good as well) need to understand that all their lies and wrongdoings will ultimately catch up to them, and the mess will be REALLY HARD TO CLEAN UP. Like a friend who also fell for Will’s lies told me, “nobody did this to him but himself”. Sweeping the dirt under the rug will do nothing to keep the floor clean, just like removing the post will do nothing to keep Will from lying to other women in the new city he’s planning to move.

Its his only card left to play.  Don’t believe the hype.- nik

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Cicely Bayview Hills Slore

November 8, 2013 Navy, San Diego 7 9,729 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She acts like she’s so grown up and she has this perfect life and perfect marriage. She talks so much shit about everyone she knows. She claims that she has never done a bad thing to anyone yet her own husband doesn’t even believe this dirtbags lies. Everyone can see right through her. All she does is drink and smoke pot in her filthy garage… Aka the whore house. Explode this lair for who she really is

I love the photoshop attempt (bottom right of top pic).- nik

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Need I Say More

November 5, 2013 Navy, San Diego 14 9,334 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: These fat fcking cows are a couple or Navy whores that sit around, talking about other people’s lives on a daily basis because they don’t have one of their own. Cicely Davis’ husband has been on deployment for close to a year and, instead of working like a normal near-thirty year old, she goes out and parties, smokes weed, and spends her husbands hard earned money. and Bernie… what does she do? Certainly not take care of her children, that’s for sure. While Cicely chose to abort her child and lie about miscarrying to her husband, Bernie chose to pop out 452 kids so that she would have an excuse to sit at home on her lazy ass instead of working as well. All the while her kids are running around, filthy as fuck and eating food off the floor. Both of these girls really should cease to exist. The whole world would be a lot better off, Nik.

Are these one of those gag costumes?? I thought girls all tried to look hot.- nik

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Slooty Sailor

October 28, 2013 Navy, Seattle 14 8,571 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Long and short, get little miss PO3 Chelsi Danielle Allen drunk and she’ll fck anyone six ways from Sunday. Her husband caught her red handed with texts proving 4 different guys (undoubtably more) and you know what the best bit is? Because she was hooking up with her officer, she got put into a cushy shore position while the other guys got booted outta the navy. Lt. something or the other likes his piece of ass it seems. Today, you can find this 25 y/o piece of ass whoring around Bremerton racking up DUI’s (14 Aug 2013 in Bremerton anyone?), fuking anyone with a bottle, and generally screwing her way outta trouble. Can’t let this whore slide ladies and gents, the world must know…

I can’t get past the eyebrows, its like she headlighted herself.- nik

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Remember The Face

October 23, 2013 Navy, San Diego 22 6,292 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This man and woman prey on other people both of them are married to other people and are living off of your working dollar! They joke around saying there “married” but end that statement with ” to other people” they both look for people to join in there bedroom to meanwhile spread there diesease not informing the other of the males DRD/***s the woman brags about to other people cheating on her husband with many men and saying she got std while being a whore while her husband was on deployment, she even lets her kid sleep in the same bed with the men she has sex with GROSS! The man is really gay but tries to hide it from people! Please help protect out military men and woman by spreading the word about this disgusting couple I really feel bad for the daughter and the husband and wife they are doing this too! This is who is out there serving your country be careful America!

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Salute Amber Ihnot

October 7, 2013 Cleveland, Navy 6 7,811 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we have to salute US Navy GSM Engineer, Amber Ihnot! She’s worked so hard to be where she’s at now, good for her! If only she wasn’t a conceited, stuck up freak and didn’t try to sleep with the other US Navy workers, she would be more respected. She’s thirsty for any kind of attention, good or bad. She goes after and dates younger guys since she can’t get a guy her age or older. She once tried to hit up an arabic guy out of her league to hang out, and he straight up rejected by hanging up the phone on her when she texted him like a creeper and he called her to see who it was and she told him it was her. She also begged a guy to come over her house so she could give him head, while her parents were home! She started spreading rumors about herself that she was lesbian since she couldn’t get any guys. That did nothing for her, since she totally failed trying to hook up with another lesbian who didn’t want her at all. She legit tried bringing this girl McDonald’s fast food and disrespectfully let herself in this girl’s house without knocking first while this girl’s family was sleeping. The funny part about that is, the girl took the fast food and told Amber to leave right after! After that fail, she tried hooking up with the girl’s brother! Nik, Amber is mad gross and dirty. Would You?

Answer: No, that uniform doesn’t look like a ladies cut.

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