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Bailey Ravich Far From Gods Gift

April 25, 2014 New England, Would You? 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I love your site. I have been DA Strong for years. Honestly I am surprised this self proclaimed “Gem” Bailey Ravich hasn’t been posted on here before. This girl really thinks she is something special. She truly believes shes Gods gift to the world. Shes only 20 years old and already beat. Her on again off again boyfriend Max cheats on her all the time. But who could blame him? She shares an apartment with her ex boyfriend Nick Mercier. Who she also still sleeping with. This girl also parades around with Katrina George and Rachel Chittick (Rachel has been posted several times on here). Lets not forget her “modelling career”. This girl couldnt even pay her way into scam modeling online contests. Bailey is also a drug dealer. Selling prescribtion adderall and was recently robbed. So Nik tell me would you be with washed out whore??

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Ashley Alexiss Is Two Faced

April 19, 2014 New England 95


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, can we talk about the obvious here with Ashley Alexiss, and just how much of a fake she really is?  I’ve seen it a lot recently especially after this weekend and how she manages to photoshop her photos. She says that she is ok with being a curvy girl but it is obvious that she is not since every picture she does she makes sure that her gut looks better than what it is. This is just one of a few things that get to me.  The other was when she won some online competition and was interviewed saying she doesn’t go out a ton, well if you look on her social media she does. She tries to act like a grandma but shes always out with people drinking, but she says she drinks “two times a year”.  Finally she thinks she is a gift, I live close to Philly heard her on the radio and well lets just say she thought she was better than all the others. She really is nothing special at all!  Can we finally get her off of her high horse and show people for who she really is? I’m sick of seeing her portray herself one way but act a totally different.

I’m a true believer that if you weigh over 150 as a female, it should be illegal to take selfies.- nik

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Kelly Koster Stole My Boyfriend

March 27, 2014 New England 175

THE DIRTY ARMY: Like OMG! Kelly Koster Use To Be My Best Friend In The World. Until She Fcked My Boyfriend And Tried To Hurt Me. I Have Never Met Someone So…(tears up a bit)Mean. I Hate Her With A Passion. Did You Know She Fcked Her Father When Her Mother Left? And Omg I Am So Sad To Say This….But She Molested Her 8 year old brother. Why Would Someone Be So Sick And Twisted. She’s A WHORE, SLUT, RAPIST, AND DID INCEST WITH Her father and little brother. I Just hope no one ever crosses paths with this poor child. And the reason I call her a child is because she acts like it. Please everyone keep your distance from this girl….I do not want anyone to go through what I went through.

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UMass Psycho Has Moved

March 25, 2014 New England, UMASS 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the UMass psycho has moved to New York City! Whether it is because she ran out of guys to fck or she was embarrassed by the amount of people that have seen her cooche is still a little unclear. Now, in the last post about this one there were a (very) few people who said this girl was mildly attractive. I would like to shed some light on that falsity….dim lighting, caked makeup, and a semi-skillful crop can do wonders for people. But this post is really about warning the good people of New York, please please do not go down this route, she is the only chick I have regretted DURING sex….damn you whiskey goggles….

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Chivette Britt Domey Needs To Stop Texting My Boyfriend

March 21, 2014 New England, The Dirty 344

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this attention wh*re needs to be put in her place. She is from New Milford, Connecticut. She thinks she is a model because she is on the Chive and has a twitter following of guys who send her pictures of their beards  (she calls herself brittythebeardlover). Even though this bitch is engaged and has a daughter, she feels the need to send naked pictures of herself to girls’ boyfriends (well, mine anyway – and based on what an attention wh*re she is probably many others). When I caught her doing this, she pretended that she doesn’t run her own twitter account (right b*tch because you are sooo famous) and then blocked me so I couldn’t call her out on her slutty bullsh*t. She probably doesn’t want her fiancé to find out what a slut she is… I’m hoping by posting these pictures he will recognize himself and kick her and her bastard child to the curb. She is 28… It’s probably time for her to grow up and be accountable! Her body is admittedly good but I think she’s got a face that leaves a little to be desired. Whaddaya think, Nik?

I think +2′s would make her face look better.- nik

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Danielle Doe

March 13, 2014 New England 45

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Danielle Doe. She’s trying to break into the porn industry! Please repost or use her for your porn ads.

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John Dartnell is For the Gays

March 11, 2014 New England 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’ve seen this dude John Dartnell on your site twice now. Into 2009 you broke a story that he was a gay gardener boy & his model girlfriend had dumped him. Most recently you have a post in the Scottsdale section on this douche bag, but the fact is he’s from New England. Here’s a selfie he he sent me a couple years ago, and a picture of him with his ex transgender boyfriend. I don’t understand why these guys won’t come out of the closet. Clearly he’s gay, and the picture is more then proof. Looks like he has a bunch of sores on his mouth. Hey Dartnell, start protecting your mouth when you suck the Greg! Any thoughts Nik?

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Anyone Know Her

March 5, 2014 New England 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Seen this girl dancing at a bar a few friends and I were at, sick dancer expecially for a hot chick! After getting nerve I went up and talked to her, she was extremely cool and not douchey to our surprise! Even let us take pictures of her with her friends!! Problem…she is extremely hot, cool, BUT I don’t know her name and where she is from??!! Anyone?

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