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14 Year Old Philip Chism Charged As Adult In Murder Of Teacher

October 23, 2013 New England, The Dirty 280

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, so here we go again with another school killing. Law Enforcement have not stated how the young woman was killed or how they linked it to this young man, but the 14 year old is being charged as an adult. Happened in Massachusetts. The little punk had to take his anger/depression/misery/whatever out on this poor young teacher. She looks like a really nice, happy, and caring person. I just don’t get it. What is it with all the psycho kids these days? You can’t trust anyone anymore. Do you have any ideas about how to stop this from happening again? We need to hold parents accountable for the actions of their psycho children. On a side note, I know if Obama had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin, but this kid looks exactly like Obama. Probably the reason why the media isn’t covering this either.

That teacher looks like that one actress… ugh I forgot her name. Someone help me.- nik

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What Happened To Tom Brady

October 23, 2013 Dirty Athletes, New England, The Dirty 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tom Brady. He used to be a pretty solid football player for the New England Patriots. Now he spends his time choking the life out of mine, and millions of others fantasy football teams. A picture really is worth 1000 words. Also I heard his wife is an out of touch, stuck up b*tch.

Tom Brady is still the best QB in the NFL.- nik

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Instagram Beauty

October 18, 2013 New England 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, been stalking this chick for awhile on instagram, doesn’t appear to be a model and could use some +2s.

Stop stalking.- nik

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Aaron Hernandez Is The Hottest Man Alive

October 9, 2013 New England, The Dirty 306



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I’m a little behind because I don’t care about sports, but this morning my boyfriend was watching this trial about a guy named Aaron Hernandez and OMG that has to be the hottest guy on earth.  Something about a bad boy that turns me on.  I’m not even kidding, I took a few pictures and went to the bathroom and masturbated to him.  Um God he had me so sweaty and I was picturing him doing really really nasty things to my body and all my holes.  Tonight when I have sex with my man, Ill be thinking about Aaron the whole time. HOT!!!!

Aaron Hernandez and ScarJo should make babies.- nik


Hottest Guy On The Planet

Hello Hottest Man Alive

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Tara Lovasco

October 4, 2013 New England 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: BE WARNED of this girl guys…She is from the PREGNANCY PACT town so that should have been the first RED FLAG… So my dude who is a Fire Fighter meets this dumpster (he told me all about the skank) and of course she bangs him like the filthy pig she is within days of meeting him (come on ladies make us work for it) and this girl thinks she is the hottest piece of ass to hit the east coast!!! She is so shallow, fat, and has a flat ass!!! My boy only stabbed her guts because he hadn’t gotten laid since being dumped by his insanely hot ex over a year ago poor guy hope he got it out of his system… Anyways, now he is going to get tested and hoping he doesn’t have anything because this girl was so loose and sloppy he could tell she has given it up just as easy to a whole slew of other gregs!!! She is a “hair stylist” at Ambiance Hair Design in Rockport MA and her poor clients end up looking like they went into a Jersey Shore machine and came out looking well SHORISH!!! PUT THIS CHICK ON BLAST so the next desperate soul can maybe get away before this whale beaches on top of him…. DA Strong!

Your gunna pick up a lot a flack from that “make us work for it” comment.- nik

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My Child Stopped Believing In God Because The Patriots Released Tim Tebow

September 3, 2013 Dirty Athletes, New England 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, had a question for you.  My child is now 11 years old and we are some die hard Catholics. My boy has been the biggest Tim Tebow fan and because the Pats released him, my son has lost all faith in God. He doesn’t believe in him any longer and refuses to, he told me if there really was a God, that Tim Tebow would be a starting QB in the NFL and keeps asking my why God is punishing someone like Tim Tebow that has devoted his life to God and God is not doing anything for him. He has a good point?

Maybe God has a bigger purpose for Tim… more than football.- nik

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YouTube’s Brooke Julia Silva

August 19, 2013 New England 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! There’s this chick from my town (Tewksberry Massachusetts) that made it big on youtube. Goes by sayanythingbr00ke she’s got all of these ‘fans’ that think she’s so innocent. She’s got this whole girl next door act going on in her videos but in reality she was once (and probably still is..)a junked out goth f*cking two guys in an abandoned truck after a concert. She used to live on north st where I was living at the time, when she got on methadone the first time it was the talk of the town. She claims to be “drug free” as she words it also graduated collage ect at the tender age of 26 she finally left home and all seems well but could it be? I guess my question is Nik can you be a slutty goth one day on and off dope for years on methadone twice then all of a sudden a model citizen? do you think her past will catch up with her? I wonder if she’d have fans the way she does if they knew her how our town knows her.

I love New Found Glory.- nik

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I Love Ciara Price

August 12, 2013 Hollywood, New England, The Dirty 123


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if I may I would like to nominate Ciara Price for hottest chick 2013. You have to pull the trigger before this year is up, stop procrastinating. Ciara is 100% natural like your 2012 girl Amber Heard and she has been on the cover of Playboy numerous times, including the newest September issue. Time to pull the trigger, your army deserves the best.

Ciara needs to lose 8 more pounds before I would even consider i

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