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Why Do Ugly Girls Think They’re Models

June 25, 2013 New England 231

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So this CREATURE has a “passion” for modeling… I don’t understand who puts the idea in these girls heads that they should attempt to be models. Never mind the fact that this monster posts about how she doesn’t care about the negative comments that people make because modeling is her passion.. blah blah blah, she has no problem making fun of other people for their looks… UGLY AND HYPOCRITICAL! Put this disaster on blast!!!

Cause guys like easy targets.  Colorful hair and tattoos couldn’t make it any easier for them.- nik

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Is Aaron Hernandez The Next OJ Simpson

June 24, 2013 Dirty Athletes, New England, The Dirty 86

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m a DIE HARD Patriot fan like you.  We have the most prestige NFL team with an outstanding reputation of following the rules and winning Superbowls.  I wanted to ask you about this Aaron Hernandez potential murder that is an ongoing investigation.  Personally, I have never liked this guy and I’m not surprised to see this.  It is said that any day now they will have a warrant for his arrest and we will see how this will go down.  Wanted to get your opinion on it.


June 18th, 2013: Odin Lloyd’s body is found in North Attleboro, MA about a mile from Hernandez’s house.

June 18th, 2013: Hernandez’s is questioned & his house is searched regarding the murder of Odin Lloyd.

June 19th, 2013: Reports that Hernandez shot a man in the face in an altercation outside of a strip club in Miami.

June 19th, 2013: Hernandez’s pre-draft history is revisited. He is scrutinized by NFL teams deeming him risky.

June 20th, 2013: Reports that Odin and Hernandez were together the night of the homicide.

June 20th, 2013: Reports vis Twitter from Pete Wilson of night club altercations in May for Hernandez.

June 20th, 2013: SI reports Hernandez’s arrest is likely.

June 20th, 2013: Coaches ask Hernandez to leave Gillette Stadium.

June 20th, 2013: ABC reports that Hernandez destroyed home surveillance and cell phone.

June 21st, 2013: Arrest warent prepared for Hernandez’s arrest.

June 21st, 2013: Conflicting reports of Hernandez arrest warent.

June 21st, 2013: Hernandez begins losing endorsements, starting with CytoSport. (Credit to Rich Stowe)

June 22nd, 2013: Police search Hernandez’s house for nearly four hours. Leave Hernandez’s home with potential evidence.

June 24th, 2013: Police in scuba gear searching a body of water near by Hernandez’s home.

Patriots don’t need him. He is just a by-product of Tom Brady. Whoever Tom wants to make into a star, he will. Good bye Aaron, I hope it was worth it.- nik

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Succubus Loves Famous People

June 6, 2013 New England, The Dirty 35

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here are a few more (of many) pictures of Ashley Flynn aka Succubus. I can’t believe it took this long for her to be exposed. Everyone in NE is happy to finally have a DC, especially one like her who fiends for attention.

I wonder if Ron hit that?- nik

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Ashley Skittles Is Still Fat, Still Not Famous

June 5, 2013 New England, Yale 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Last year someone posted pictures of Ashley’s fat gut. Some of her friends disputed her being fat. Well Nik, here we are alittle over a year later and she still has a fat gut. In the group photo Ashley is on the left side, look at that gut. Look at the cellulite in her thighs. This girl thinks she is gorgeous and modeling material. I think she needs to lay off the booze and do some crunches. What say you Nik?

Her legs look wider then the ones in jeans.- nik

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Hottie Huntin’

June 3, 2013 New England, The Dirty, Would You? 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am submitting this in hopes that someone will know the identity to this perfect woman. If her +2′s were bigger it wouldn’t hurt but overall she is 10/10. She almost has Shayne’s profile, so tell me would you?

Answer: No, the tip of her nose bugs me. Tell me more though.

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More On Succubus

May 31, 2013 New England, The Dirty 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, the name Succubus is PERFECT! I died laughing when I read it. Anyway, she was out and about at Ocean Club this weekend with her typical crew of girls just like her…. They all look like hot messes if you ask me.

Succubus’ BFF has bad saggers… wear a bra please.- nik


Ashley Does Have What It Takes To Be A DC

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Ashley Does Have What It Takes To Be A DC

May 28, 2013 New England, The Dirty 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is more dirt on that girl Ashley. Personally, I think she is an escort. I see her out all the time at all the Boston clubs, and she is constantly getting comped or hooked up with free bottles or free tables because she “knows” all the owners and promoters, if you get what I mean. She is such trash and is always seen with a different group of old ugly guys. When she is not partying in Boston she is in Vegas, doing god knows what. She really NEEDS to be a dirty celeb!! What would you call her? Do you think she has potential to be a DC?

I want to call her Succubus.- nik


Does Ashley Have What It Takes To Be A Dirty Celeb

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Does Ashley Have What It Takes To Be A Dirty Celeb

May 24, 2013 New England, The Dirty 21


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Ashley. She is a Hooters girl (at like 26) and still seems to have all the money in the world. She is ALWAYS out at clubs, practically 6 nights a week. She has had more work done than anyone I know, and she has no shame in admitting it. She is so self obsessed, she uploads a ton of selfies to instagram on a daily basis, and is constantly having people take pictures of her when she is out. Even though she works at Hooters, she drives a really nice car, and always wears Gucci, Prada, LV, Fendi, Red Bottoms, you name it. Personally, I think she is a sugar baby. She’s done some “modeling” for Playboy Golf, now she thinks she is God’s gift to the world. This girl NEEDS to be a dirty celeb.

I like her armpits.- nik

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