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Sarah Holder

November 20, 2014 New Orleans 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: SARAH HOLDER. Run as far away from this disgusting slut as fast as you can. She will use you for everything and every penny you have. I used to be friends with her, until I found out she was a sociopath, lair, cheat, thief, con artist, USER, and a WHORE. To much to list. First off, she fuks and sucks guys or girls for money, cigarettes, rides, DRUGS and anything of value. She has no morals or a Conscience. She OWES so many people SO MUCH MONEY. Hundreds of dollars. She lies to your face, will stab you in the back as quick as you turn around. She left her family in. Louisiana Because they “didn’t trea Her right” idk if I bel that. SHE FCKED HER BROTHER. And posted a pic of them kissing on her face book. She KILLS ANIMALS. She will destroy anything she touches. She is with some loser deadbeat now. And ***she has a child, who, I might add, lets go around Her biological mom. Who. She told anyone who would listen how she sexually abused her for years. ?? That poor child. She is the best liar and manipulator out there. She can and WILL snow you with a sob story. Heed my advice, stay away from this SKANK. She will destroy your life. Did I say she was a liar, fcked her own brother, a whore,a manipulator, DRUG addict, prostitute and moral less person. Stay away. You have been warned. She kills animals. And will fck anyone for anything.

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Crater Face

November 17, 2014 New Orleans 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Mallory seibert. She has always been a whore and always will be. She just craves so much attention and will fuck anyone. She might as well just be a hooker all the dick she sucks . I’m surprised I haven’t seen her on here b4, she’s the biggest whore of the east bank area. If anyone wants some free pussy just hit her up, but I suggest you wear a condom. And possibly a body suit. Make SURE to wear some type of nose clip. her pussy smells like shredded Muslim carcass sprinkled with rotten donkey dick topped with the shitty anus of Barack Obama.

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Andrew V. Klaila

November 17, 2014 New Orleans 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man is a drunken, violent, rapist. He has had charges pressed against him for sexual assault, strangulation and other things. Stay away from this person. He is toxic.

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Poor White Trash

November 11, 2014 New Orleans 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this big, fat, nasty thing is Stephanie Perret. Shes a fake ass lesbian, who takes dick on the side. She thinks she’s god gift to whoever would stick a dick or finger in that thing. She’s a rat with a big mouth who’s constantly starting some type of drama on Facebook. She’s always talking about her “haters” yet she has no job, no car, and no education. Who’s hating on you Stephanie?!?!

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Plastic Jordan Walsh

November 5, 2014 New Orleans, The Dirty 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, when will it stop? My poor friend is so insecure. She has tried so hard to look like Kim K and has not succeeded. I’m concerned. Jordan has changed her look several times over the years. Always taking athlete’s money and using it on plastic surgery. Please help her. If I can’t get to her maybe you can.

I bet those fake breasts hate each other when she is naked. I can see them running for the pits when the clothes come off.- nik

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Brittany Laws

October 31, 2014 Nashville, New Orleans 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this is Brittany laws , she is from Tennessee, she moved down to New Orleans about a year ago , she met a man name Wes Rodgers which was married to a woman name Rena Adams she passed away in January , Brittany and him met right before Rena passed, they got together two weeks later and now engaged , she is still sleeping with other men Sleeping with multiple , she has became westbank trash . Almost every man on the westbank done had that, I even got told that stank. It’s only been nine months since Wes wife has passed and around 9 months that they been together and they got engaged about a week ago . She sleepin with different men everytime some one turns the corner . She sleeps with men more then she changes her underwear. She is using him for his money because he works offshore. Every day that he is off she has a man come to his house some times more then one man. She likes sleeping with a lot of men at a time. Wes is getting told about her sleeping around , not believing it but questioning why is she never home. That’s just some westbank trash. Please hoe get some help.

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Nasty Cakes

October 29, 2014 New Orleans 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here, is a girl who has never grown up, her name is Cristina C**l Kottem**, besides being the best at picking rotten men to play daddy to her son, she has drained her dads wealth as well as every man she has ever dated, or married. Oh did I mention she is the best friend to anyone who will even slightly cater to her immediate yet petty needs and wants, afterwards she will insist she does not know you or that you were never friends. she is so desperate for attention she was screwing around on her husband with some guy who she claimed was her bestie at the time, when her husband found out about it, she lied o the cops and said he beat her up, just to get him arrested and end the marriage. Now this girl just makes and sells nasty cakes while trying to hook up and destroy other peoples lives. trust me misery loves company, so if your looking for a dumb girl to hit and quit, try this town bicycle, she deserves it.

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Gold Digging Harlot

October 29, 2014 New Orleans 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is casey folse, a gold digging little military whore. she doesnt care if the guy is married or in a relationship, she will spred her legs to any military guy who will open their wallets for her. then she will bleed you dry till you are beyond broke and in debt, then she will leave you for your best friend. she doesnt even take care of her kids, she just pawns them off on anyone she can find so she can go bouncing from dick to dick

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