Pimpin’ aint easy, but Pippin is

March 25, 2014 New Orleans 11 7,832 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: who better to entertain an old journalist with a new story then the shard queen of the gutter. Upon meeting this derelict, i knew the story was shallow. kiddy pool shallow. like any bottom feeder, the bait was of insignificant value. she showed no promise for a journalist whom desperately seeks the story that one report that will turn rags to riches. I could not believe upon getting to know this predator of meth how uninteresting and shallow she is. no skills. no hobbies. no education. just a sixth sense to follow all men or women who have enough mth and a spare needle at their disposal. the only cost she has paid for any of the meth shot into her arm: her soul. i spent several months tangled into her mindless and simple, “scratch the surface, uncover deceit” style of lies and story telling. basically, she thinks of herself as a kingpin in the meth trade… actuality, she has fucked her way to the middle-man of the trade. she has garnered no respect from these men. if only she knew what is said about her behind closed doors from her peers, she would maybe then stop thinking so highly of herself and maybe perhaps fulfill her adult responsibilities, such as: find a job, a home, TAKE CARE OF HER BROOD. whom she once in a while brings up as sympathy, but never once in the time I’ve spent with her actually made any effort to so much as speak to on the phone. i always ask the questions people do not want to answer… but here are a few questions/answers I’ve had recorded or made through text messages to uncover what is really thought about her. very little good was said. she may have had two actual friends in the bunch. one of which is a friend of mine. he refused to say any personal details. he too was blinded and made to think she wanted more out of him then the material and shards he had. “i put almost a stack into trying to get a lawyer to work her custody case. she didnt show up to meet with him. didnt call him. didnt show any interest.” ~ my friend whom interested me enough with his story to start a journal about the new orleans meth amphetamine scene. 9/10 people say she just follows the guy who gives her m(th. 7/10 men i have asked have claimed to have had sex with her. she of course denies it, but further investigating proves she may be falsifying information to keep up the illusion that she is more than just a common succubus. if you are able to even feel love or express it to those who are more than just superficial friends with drugs. then seek out the ones you hurt and spend the rest of your life apologizing for hurting them by showing you love and care for them. enough is enough. get your soul back. there are several people who once loved and cared about you… get them back.

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Courtney Serio Pt. Two

March 25, 2014 New Orleans 78 9,895 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s a really nice girl, but she’s been exposed. Not a self post btw.

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Dirty NOPD

March 21, 2014 Dirty DUI, New Orleans 6 9,120 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Sargent Gary Calico of the NOPD. He is about as crooked as they come. He takes advantage of girls in stressed situations and plays the white knight roll to get in their panties. Typically pulls girls over or meets them at other calls and gets their numbers off of reports and sends them creepy text messages. But that’s not why he is here. He was arrested in 2008 for fleeing from an officer in his Porsche (how’d a cop get that ride I have no clue). He had 2 open containers when he was caught and no telling what he had time to dump before arrest. Then the good ole boy crooks that run the police dept allowed him back on the force! Until Dec 19 when he was chased down again. He was clocked doing over 90 mph, ran 8 miles into his gated community (how he affords that is another mystery) and the cops supposedly couldn’t get in because the gate was locked (right, there’s no telling what he was hiding)… So they finally find the house with his car in the driveway and he sends his son out like a coward to tell them he isn’t home. If that would’ve been a regular citizen the doors would’ve been kicked down and the wife and kids smacked to the ground. His court date in on March 24, let’s see is Louisiana throws the book at this prick or lets him walk like they do other people with connections. How’s it feel punk? I’ll take care of your wife for you while you’re meeting the toss salad man on the daily. (9click here for article)

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Brittney Reyes Needs To Wake Up

March 18, 2014 New Orleans 11 7,958 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok so this nasty whore Brittney Reyes is just straight trash. She cheats on her man, throws tantrums everytime he is supposed to get his son and trys to keep him away from his 9 month old son because shes jealous of a child. She cheated on her boyfriend and when he found out she screamed rape. She assulted her boyfriend then pressed charges on him. She is an attention/ drama whore. Her boyfriend is a dumbass for staying with her. But he will learn.

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Homewrecker Deandre Spellman

March 17, 2014 New Orleans 9 8,489 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: MzBabyD, her self proclaimed nickname aka Deandra Spellman is a lonely miserable female with daddy issues. You not only seeks/craves the attention of every man she comes in contact with she needs woman’s attention as well. Deandra loves to spend her time chasing after men who are taken and pushing herself on them. Even when she knows she is over stepping her boundaries and men tell her they only see her as a friend. She spends her free time sucking dick at her job and is supposed to have a boyfriend. Women from LaPlace, Reserve, and New Orleans all alike need to Beaware of this HOE.

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Once A Stripper

March 11, 2014 Jackson, New Orleans 22 9,604 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Courtney Lane or a.k.a “Roxie” she thinks she is God’s gift & entitled to everybodys man plus hers. She claims to be “friends” with all these guys but the ones she doesnt f*** has a rep for being a major tease. Not that she’s not a sloot, oh believe me she is a her*on adict , cheating , evil , dumbest , bf stealing skank. She’s pretty much been stripping in New Orleans since she was 3 doing God knows what for $ and bar hopping til the next afternoon , purposley causing mayhem with innocent people she claims have “scratched her” wtf? Dumbass. All this plus she is bat sh** crazy claiming “humans are the inferior race” and aliens blah & she is chosen because she is more evolved! and they dont like the ugly people !!! actually came out of her fat mouth while claiming to love God & rebelling against the american gov. what??!!! pshyco . she spreads chl**dia . posed in cheap nudie mags .Lets not forget her man whore brother is spreadin’ his nasty around here now probably tryin to hide from his statatory rape charges in Alabama or to help her whore couisin “Falin” get her 18th abortion! ha runs in the family . just nasty. She really needs to go back to the swamp she crawled out of in LA. This girls playin’ around gonna get f**** up in Jackson

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Certified Psychopath

March 7, 2014 New Orleans 181 6,668 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this psychotic westbank trash, Jonathan Eden or Baby J. E a wanna be movie extra and wanna be rapper who is so delusional and thinks hes actually good but hes far from it, is the biggest man-whore user around! he likes to juggle girls and lie to them all saying how he is in love with them and wants to spend the rest of his life with them and how there\’s no one else for him but that girl, he uses them all for money, a place to sleep and a ride. he has been with way too many females and he DOES NOT use protection or pull out. he is literally the scum of the earth. he admitted to me that he is a pimp but his baby momma (he has 2 kids with her) actually supports him and he abuses her physically and verbally and the crazy part is that this girl still stays in the motels he sleeps at with him because he lives like hes homeless, and he fucks guys for money bc hes actually gay but uses all of these females as a cover. he posts men seeking men ads on craigslist, uses plenty of dating sites and uses his facebook page (edenz palace) to get money and try to holler at other females. we were dating for 3 months and he was telling me he loved me and wanted to get a place with me and all of this BS when I found out all of this and how he was using me just for a ride and how he was staying at crack motel and had two rooms one for the baby momma and the other one so he could see one of his exes and supposedly “work things out” with aka cheat on me with since she just got back in town. AND all three of them were on the maury show (show title: did he make another baby with his ex from feb 2014) and they both know hes was cheating on both of them! this guy will literally do anything for money, lie about anything even his real age (27) and manipulate everyone he comes into contact in the process. I am ashamed to even say I dated him or even knew someone like this, he needs to be locked in a mental institution and Im not surprised hes been put on the dirty before.

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Katie Who

March 6, 2014 New Orleans 23 6,115 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This whoville resident is famous for bed wetting in random guys beds, sofas, floors etc. if you meet her out just be sure to lay down some plastic before sleeping with her.

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