Katie Who

March 6, 2014 New Orleans 23 6,124 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This whoville resident is famous for bed wetting in random guys beds, sofas, floors etc. if you meet her out just be sure to lay down some plastic before sleeping with her.

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Beat Down Douche

March 4, 2014 New Orleans 90 10,360 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: These 2 have been together for a long time. Shes a good friend of mine but she needs a reality check. Tot and Joel are engaged and moving into there own house soon. She is so blind by this deceiving devil its not funny. In no way does he deserve such an amazing girl like here. Joel watts cheats on her all the time. Every female he calls his “best friend” hes fcking behind tots back. Theres been times when he beats on her to and claims its because he does ufc and his anger gets the best of him. His excuse for cheating? He brain washes her into believing its the girls fault he cheated with and that he had no part in it. News flash!!! It takes 2 to tango. Little does tot know he lies to the girls and denies having a girlfriend. He thinks hes such tough shit and cant be touched but on my opinion he looks gay and trys to hard to be punk. Your art work and tattoos are as fake as your love for tot. He only got enaged to her to make her think he wants her but in reality he uses her for her money and looks as eye candy for his friends. She slaves cleaning his house and doing chores for him while hes laid up in another girls naked body. I wish she would see that she deserves so much better then him maybe this will show her that he will always be a cheater!!! Hes alrdeay cheated on her with 6 girls that we know of. Open those big blue eyes and see what kind of no good loser he is and that he just brings you down.

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Worst Bartender

March 4, 2014 LSU, New Orleans 3 10,422 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the worst bartender in the city. She over charges the bill and claims that other people have put their drinks on your tab. Speaking to the manager about it is useless because he’s f’n her and is cool with it. Do yourself a favor and avoid her when buying drinks at Fat Harry’s.

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Cheetahs Bartending Scam Artist

February 27, 2014 New Orleans 2 5,753 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sasha Gaskin is a scam artist and an alcoholic! She is a bartender at cheetahs in palm beach Florida . She has a breathalyzer in her car just to start it and is desperate for money and will do anything to get it!She told a friend of mine that her boyfriend was beating her and that she needed a place to live because she needed to get out of the abusive relationship she was In. Out of the kindness in my friends heart he rented her a small apartment that he had for pennies on the dollar . She assured him that she would be the best tenant ever and with tears In her eyes she thanked him for all the help he gave to her. A few months into her living at the condo my friend got a letter from an attorney saying she was suing him saying that she”injured herself on his property l! She is trying to say that she had already hurt her ankle and was using crutches to walk UP stairs (who on this planet walks up stairs with crutches first off) and because of a loose floor board she fell and now needs five figures due to her injuries!! Now I know what ur thinking that this may actually be a legit injury but there was no Bruises , no scrapes on her body that would be there if someone fell down a flight of stairs and there is no loose floor board for her to have tripped on to begin with ! This girl is just trying to use my friends kindness for weakness and get money any way she can and it’s disgusting! So if you come into contact with Sasha gaskin stay FAR AWAY! She will do whatever it takes to take your wallet for a ride

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Breaux the Sloot

February 24, 2014 Baton Rouge, New Orleans 22 9,292 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik wondering if you would because it seems all of Nola, Lafayette and Baton Rouge has. But first here’s her hofax report: she thinkss she famous bc she had 5 mins on a wannabe knockoff show of Jersey shore ( a real winner, right ? NOT ) to show how she has sex with randoms and yes on tv ( your parents must be real proud that they raised such trash), she gets plastered every night of the week to the point of where she passes out in bars and in guys cars and yes I have seen her laid out ( all star weekend ring a bell Mattie ? ) I woke at several clubs so yes I get to witness this trash on her nightly sessions, she looks like a giraffe on crack when she drinks (she’s like 9 feet tall), be careful when she smiles bc it makes us cringe. If you’re so “famous” Mattie get your teeth fix bc they hurt our eyes every time you smile at us. All this girl has accomplished is getting more turns on her vagina then a durn knob has. Every time we see her out the only thing she talks about is that show, no one even showed up to your “premiere” party. Congratulations on being “famous” for being Nola’s biggest sl*t. By the way the pics you sent two of my guy friends (yes they showed us) you need to learn to keep your clothes on !

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Church Daughter

February 21, 2014 New Orleans 41 7,129 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Daddy must be so proud of his pride and joy. Guys, meet Melissa crespo or shud I say crusty mell-hoe. This my friends is Melissa. Shes such a gift from god!! Not!!! How are you the daughter of a man who is a decon of the church and u act like this? Nik this girl party’s every weekend and gets sloppy drunk to where she has to be carried out the club. She pops her Molly and smacks her weed all night while chugging down drinks like adog. She smokes cigs and her breath smeals terrible. Shes white trash as u can see with her coochie Cuttin shorts on. She is always making out with some one at the club guys and girls. Afta a night of getting blacked out drunk and driving home sloppy drunk, she makes sure she’s in church the next morning pretending she’s an angel. She the type of ratchet hoe that be like turnt up bra can’t even function tonight its sat. And sun morning be like Luke 4: verse 7…she needs help. God watches your 2 faces girl

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Owners Of Saints And Sinners, Keith Kurtz and Channing Tatum

February 21, 2014 New Orleans, The Dirty 90 90,565 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Keith Kurtz the Biggest Asshole I’ve ever met. He owns the bar Saints and Sinners with Channing Tatum on Bourbon Street. He might as well call himself HITLER-I used to work there and I got to meet Channing Tatum who was a great guy and was always really nice. But this f*cker KURTZ ran this business like it a damn boot camp. Completely unfriendly to staff, only is nice to the customers. Suspends or fires everyone for anything. DUDE, this is The Big Easy relax a little, your not even a local, you will never make it here, go back to michigan or wherever your from. He fired me for suspicion of stealing alcohol with no real proof AT ALL. Then he calls cops and they show up to charge me with theft. Month later I seen him walking from bar in quarter and Punches me in the face. I call the cops and still waiting to here if he is getting charged for battery, so I can sue his ass. F*ck the NOPD. How can a guy with felony’s for fighting not get arrested for sucker punching me, Oh yeah that’s right your such a bitch you have to pay the cops off. F*CK KURTZ!!! Fuck Saints and Sinners.

Why are you not suing the venue for wrongful termination? Depose Channing Tatum and see what evidence they have for firing you. I’m sure a local Nola judge will give you a fair trial.- nik

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Sickey Frickey

February 20, 2014 New Orleans 21 7,514 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Victoria frickey. This girl right here is well known on the westbank. She use to be a fat hobbit till she trapped this poor guy and got knocked up. She use to go arpund telling people she had a disease that she was dying from and that she wasnt gonna lice past 20. Well ink she’s 25 now, a single mom and still mooching off her good old hard working mom and dad. This skank trapted my poor into having sex with her by telling him she was dying and couldnt get prego. 9 months lata a kid was born and now my boy wants nothing to do with her cuz of her lies. Victoria is forever switching men to get there money pretending she needs a father for her kids when all she does is gets them to pay her car note, school, and her phone. This trash slept with a set of cousins just becuz she needed her car note paid that month. Shes nothin but trash. She thinks she hot shit becuz she got Lipo afta havin her kid and lost 200 lbs. Guess who paid for her lipo!!! Yeah she fked a doctors son who happened to be a lipo surgeon. She needs to be taken to the curb and put out. Since her mom always has her kid, you shud sign her over to ur mom slut. I dont get how u can be stuck up when all u do is fk for money. Jesus cant even help this slut

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