Sugar Daddys Weekly

July 24, 2014 New Orleans 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what would you do with this cokehead stripper? Meet Katee who has many trades. She so much of a hoe she got fired from her old job cause she slept with all her customers a married man and made him leave his wife and kids. she needed new meat and started working at jiggers. she worked at jiggers my dawg gave her a lil sniff and banged her in the parking lot. She fell in love after that until he cut her off and just fuked and ducked. All she needs from you is a little bit of cke, any other drug and a parking lot and she will try to make your night. She claim to be a cosmetolojist but she aint nothin but a bartender stripper and a trick. Her girls at works with even say how shes aint nothin but a lil hoe that will work for any drug and goes outside to her car and tells them she gonna smoke and the dudes come back inside talkin bout she hit the head. thats why she prolly why the owner tappin it to. I dont even want a beer from her with all the dicks that been in that hand.

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Old Age Crisis

July 17, 2014 New Orleans 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Some times old people go through midlife crisis and alot of times they hit it hard. This is amanda. She is in her late 30′s and has a husband and 4 kids. For some reason, she all of a sudden hit a speed bump in life, went out got her ole man to buy her boobs and constantly hits the clubs. She is trying so hard to be 21 again that she went and died her hair red and now hangs out with kids who are from 18-25. She believes that using the money she stole from her sugar daddys and her husband’s work money if she goes clubbing at night she will regain her youth. She even smokes weed with her 14 yr old daughter. Some one needs a lesson from Oprah

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Zea Mays Tyrrelll and her Boytoy

July 17, 2014 Los Angeles, New Orleans, Oregon 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: This child is always harassing a well known model in oregon , who recently moved to LA. All because this model used to date Zeas new boyfriend Lalek Farrell-smith. This model (Aye) left him because he was a drunk/crackhead. Zea had been fcking him on the side for a YEAR until aye found out. Zea now spends hers time harassing and stalking aye and posting her on blogs like this. even Zeas friends talk about how sea is solo obsessed with Aye and always showing them her model pics and asking if aye is pretty or asking people why they are friends with Aye. pretty LAME seeing as though Aye doesn’t even care about the two of them and has changed her number many times so they will leave her alone but they always find it andharrass her. Lalek and Zea have a history of smoking crck or you can find them downtown getting so sloppy drunk they both fall over and piss their pants. lalek has and 2 DUIs and is still a drunk fish he likes to beat his girlfriends up and is a broke joke. also his dick is 2 inches long and he fucks like a child. NO SKILLS AT ALL Zea is known for doing drugs going to wellsprings (an alternative school for kids that can’t function) smoking crack rocks and stealing.. sounds like fish brains to me they both live in springfield with all the other tweakers. If Zea was smart she would learn from Aye and get herb mind and money right. WACK ASS HOE

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His Wife Is Clueless

July 14, 2014 New Orleans 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Brad Henry, an alcoholic loser who would rather sit at home and pop pills while playing video games while his sweet, yet clueless wife works all the time to pay the bills. He’s so deeply addicted that he pays men in sexual favors to get these pills. People have tried to warn his wife, but she is too stupid to see him for the real loser he is. Please put this pathetic loser on blast and maybe his wife will believe this now!

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Married Prowler

July 11, 2014 New Orleans 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is B*thany W*nger. This Gangster Wannabe chases after the purple crayon, married a white dude to please her daddy he beat the shit outta her after he found out she was f*cking my boy Chris. She f*cks for money pills and ciggarettes. This bitch was a pill head and coke head in high school.worriedmore about chasing them rocks and cocks rather then her schooling. Josh sure dis pull his head outa her ass bedore she sucked him dry. The bitch got fat as fuck. Would you nik ?

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Busted in Nola

July 10, 2014 New Orleans 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut is Katerina Kay. She is a busted out porn star from New Orleans. She is on multiple sugar daddy sites and will bang any one for $250.00. She told my boy she was a newly divorced ex. After he tested positive for a std he looked her up and saw her all over the internet in multiple porn scenes. Just another testament these ho’s ain’t loyal. Stat away unless you want a fat shot of Penicillin and a side of drd for breakfast.

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Rotten Womb

July 9, 2014 New Orleans 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Destiney Howell from waggaman. She has been with every guy in waggaman. Instead of getting a job, she lives off the government and sells herself to pay for tattoos and piercings. My friend said as soon as she opened her legs he left. The smell was HORRIBLE!

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Jennifer Comeaux aka Barbie Angel

July 2, 2014 New Orleans 18

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Mandeville, Louisiana is one of those small, everyone knows everyone towns. There was a little girl that lived there back around 89-90. Her name at that time was “Jennifer Comeaux.” Jennifer was the easy A kinda girl. Hell, I hit it in the back of my boy’s Cutlass with ease. Back to the original point. Lot’s of time has passed. Jennifer has changed into Barbie Angel now. A Max Hardcore prodigy so to speak. Pretty fucked what they do to her, but she chose to walk that path. Here is why I am putting the word out. My good ole bud, we will call him Dumb Ass for privacy reasons. D.A. runs into Barbie in the beautiful state of Tenn about a month ago. For some odd reason D.A. fcks little trashy ass Barbie with a naked head. D.A. now has a case of herpes for the rest of his Dumb Ass life. POINT OF MY MOUTHING IS, “STAY THE FCK AWAY FROM JENNIFER COMEAUX AKA BARBIE ANGEL!!”

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