Thrift Shop

August 25, 2014 New Orleans 73


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here are some more westbank trash hoes to add to ya list nik. As you can see, they are both in there finest attire. The blonde must have taken the song thrift shop a little to seriously. Sweet heart, they didnt mean to really ask you grandpa for his clothes so please return them. Maybe you should use that money you tricking with to buy you and ya friend some real clothes. Both are drug addicts who need to lay off the white girl. Stop sucking dick and get a real life. You can find these to posted up in your local westbank hole in the wall bars. Passed out in the corners of old mens laps. Some one please intervene them and get them some jesus on sundays

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Put This Cheater Jenna Jo Faul On Blast

August 22, 2014 New Orleans, The Dirty 398

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jenna Jo Faul. She’s a former voodoo football cheerleader, nurse, and a sorry excuse of a human. She’s been cheating on her husband with some loser that barely even has a job while her husband is out of town on business and paying her bills and tuition for her to go back to school. He found out after 3 weeks of her whoring around and she moved into the guys run down crappy little house. She was so busy whoring around she didn’t even bother to visit her father in the hospital after he had a stroke. Now she’s threatening to bankrupt her husbands business and demanding huge sums of cash in exchange for not taking half of the business. Put this chick on blast Nik!!!

The picture says it all.- nik

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Another Cheating Military Wife

August 18, 2014 New Orleans 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, long time reader, first time submitter. Here’s another usual story of a military spouse’s infidelity. My poor girlfriend has lived the last 10 years supporting her husband and their 5 small children while he deploys 8 months out of the year. She does everything for him, and THOUGHT she was with her best friend and soul mate. This past week she found an old iPod, plugged it in to charge, and realized he was having an affair. She could see all the texts, emails, and disgusting pictures that were on the iPod. I don’t understand how this disgusting woman can live with herself. How you get off destroying a family and ruining 5 children’s lives is beyond me. This dirty little slut is soaking up all the attention she can get from a married man, and has no conscious to what the long term consequences are. I want everyone to know what this fat little miss piggy looks like, so you can make sure to keep your husband’s FAR away from her. This little troll has a son of her own, no doubt she’s going to fck up her own kid’s life as well. If anyone would like free naked pics, email []this whore will surely send some over. Or feel free to text or call her at [removed[. Nik, give my girlfriend a slice of justice and put this tramp on blast!

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Amanda the Succubus

August 14, 2014 New Orleans 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Amanda. This piece of work is a coke addict and a narcissist who will do whatever or whoever it takes to get her fix. If she approaches you in the bar or club, beware. She tries to come off as nice and friendly and will act as if she is into you and lead you on in order get what she wants (drugs, money, or free drinks). The second she realizes that she can’t con you into buying her drinks, drugs or straight up giving her money her true colors come out and she flips a switch and becomes a raging bitch. She fancies her self as some party girl who is a knockout…She has the body of a prepubescent teen boy. Saying that she needs +2s is an understatement! The girl has the breasts of my Uncle Remus, has bad posture as she walks with a hunch like Quasimodo and has “druggy eyes” pair that with her personality and this girl has ZERO going for her. All I can say is when you see her coming, walk the other way and don’t give her the time of day.

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Westbank Repository

August 11, 2014 New Orleans 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Powerful Chin Stephanie Vick. While the Westbank is known for its skanks, she’s in the top tier. Only 18 years old, she’s ridden enough dick to have a collection of drds worthy of a Guinness Record. Always DTF, always ready to ride raw, as long as you have some pills or pot for her she’s good to go. She’s a home wrecker too. I just don’t understand why anyone would think she’s cute. I mean yeah some people might have a thing for dopey eyed chicks who look like a deer… But that powerful ass chin makes me think she’s a tranny!

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Low Rent LeBlanc

July 30, 2014 New Orleans 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: This whore Jolie LeBlanc here will fck anybody for cash and if they don’t have that foodstamps. Her man knows what she does but he such a bum doesn’t care. If you want a $20 blowjob she your girl. Just don’t look at her fcked up tits of cottage cheese body, Don’t leave your pills or money around her or it will be gone. She’s hAd so many abortions I don’t know how she has a urturus left. Lock up your cash and pills cuz girl will steal everything you have.

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Turning Tricks

July 30, 2014 Jackson, New Orleans 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Tabitha from Louisiana. She married my boy who took in her and her two kids. She was shady from the start, and we all told him so. Demanding +2s, and an infinite supply of money all of the time. She’d act shady, and then when he called her out on it she’d freak out on him and accuse him of everything under the sun. He’d give in, and then give and give. They’re split now. And when she’s not trying to hit him up for more money, she’s hitting up the baby daddy, or an abundance of sugar daddies she has lining her pockets. That’s right, word is she’s turning tricks in backwoods Ms. She’s a heartless, cold succubus that will use you for everything you have. And then cuss you for not having more. She\’s sexy, but dumb as a brick and crazy as fck. A lethal combo. My boy got away, but the rest of you watch out.

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Sugar Daddys Weekly

July 24, 2014 New Orleans 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what would you do with this cokehead stripper? Meet Katee who has many trades. She so much of a hoe she got fired from her old job cause she slept with all her customers a married man and made him leave his wife and kids. she needed new meat and started working at jiggers. she worked at jiggers my dawg gave her a lil sniff and banged her in the parking lot. She fell in love after that until he cut her off and just fuked and ducked. All she needs from you is a little bit of cke, any other drug and a parking lot and she will try to make your night. She claim to be a cosmetolojist but she aint nothin but a bartender stripper and a trick. Her girls at works with even say how shes aint nothin but a lil hoe that will work for any drug and goes outside to her car and tells them she gonna smoke and the dudes come back inside talkin bout she hit the head. thats why she prolly why the owner tappin it to. I dont even want a beer from her with all the dicks that been in that hand.

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