Beware Of This Dog

January 24, 2014 New Orleans 3 9,930 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bud Wiemann. This guy is a complete dog. He is the biggest liar, playboy wanna be. Likes Cocaine and big nasty ho’s. While dating him he cheated on me, I only found out because he gave me an DRD. He hangs out in the nasty of strip clubs all the while lying. Big LIAR! Big Wanna Be Player. And he’s not even cute. Girls lets stop this big nasty from getting away with it!

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Who Is Elliot

January 23, 2014 Baton Rouge, New Orleans 269 12,050 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: My bf and father of my 10 montg old daughter decided to start cheating on me with this thing 3 months ago right after my grandma who was pretty much my mom passed… he says her name is Elliot… da I need info. I texted her and was nice out and asked her to please not contact him and she refused to respond. So help me out. I know she’s a troll and I promise if it was’t for my daughter is post a pic to prove I’minfinity times better.

Whats the milker for?- nik

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Goth Nola Gutter Trash

January 6, 2014 New Orleans 19 9,063 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this wonderful piece of New Orleans trash is the ultimate groupie/druggie/deadbeat parent/whore. She will sleep with anybody for a few dollars. She considers herself a musician and sucks tremendously. She makes these horrible voodoo dolls that look like a 5 year old made them. Also she has 2 daughters in Mississippi that she has never paid a dime in child support going on 11 years now. She abandoned them to pursue her “music” career (which after all these years has still gone nowhere, time to give it up) She prefers partying, drugs and sleeping with every retard in New Orleans. Just a warning.

You shouldn’t need a warning for people whose hairs falling out.- nik

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This Guy

January 2, 2014 New Orleans 7 9,035 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Andor balog. This nigga here. Home boy thinks he looks like the movie stars. Rides around crusing in his stang. Hes such a punk douchebag that he moved all the way up north cuz I was bout to re arrange a nigga face he owes me so much money for drugs it ain’t funny. Then him and his boy toy tried to take out my mercedes tires. Dude a fake bitch bra. He need some explauding. Homie needa man da fk up and pay up son

The couple G’s he spent on his car sunk him deep into overdraft.  I decided.- nik

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Jen the Thief

December 31, 2013 LSU, New Orleans 8 8,413 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Jennifer Elise Soileau or Jen Elise is a thief go figure. Any one who knows of this girl knows she’s semi crazy I mean she does have 2 kids 2 different dads is always bashing on them. Looks like a circus freak in pictures and is totally beat in person. Will allow married men to stay over and stalks people via Facebook yup people if your her fb friend believe she is stalking you and talking about you and your life to any and everyone she knows. You would think though that for someone her age she would be worried about her kids and not social media, but I guess not because where else is she going to find men to help pay for things?! Men beware because she’s all smoke and mirrors, she will steal from you, use you for things & looks nothing like her pictures. Ladies beware as this gutter trash will do anything to get attention from any male.

Sloots have photographic memories when it comes to credit cards.- nik

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Babymama Slore

December 30, 2013 New Orleans 2 8,154 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Girl, Sarah Rogers, is a slut. She has been trying to fuck my husband for the past year now. Bad thing is, they have a kid together. But the baby lives with us. She constantly harrases my husband and I. She brainwashes the baby (Which is only 3 years old) when she get her visitations. She is putting HER OWN CHILD threw mental abuse. MOTHER OF THE YEAR AY ? She has split personalities and they deff DO NOT TALK TO EACH OTHER ! When my husband told me he had a crazy babymama, i really didnt expect her to be crazy as she is ! Im gonna have to start carrying holy water on me for my sake.

Your a little old for the school girl look…just saying.- nik

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December 24, 2013 New Orleans 41 8,227 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Its a bird its a plane its bigfoot? No its brianna gulliot the slut of sin city. This 6’9 manwhore stuck up rich girl wanna be loves to steal ya husbands. This manly like toad came home from the marines and slept with my husband. I don’t get why though? Is it because she has no titties and a $$ I ask? Or maybe because he likes her broad shoulders and her manly hands and face? I wish I knew but I do know this disgrace to man kind needs to be put to sleep. You can find her at highschool parties blowing off freshly graduate kids when she is a college graduate. This snot nose dragon use to work at hooters in the back. Guess she was the roach replent. She thinks she hot shit and very sexy. She tells every guy she comes across they wish they had her. What do ya think nik? Your type or woman? Would you tap that wide nose giant at hooters?

I think she works in the back.- nik

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Kristen Breen Rollo Is One Crazy Wife

December 23, 2013 New Orleans, The Dirty 7 94,238 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so I just wanted to out Kristen Breen Rollo. Men beware this thing claims she’s divorced, but isn’t. Ladies, she will sleep with your husband as she has no morals. She calls pretty girls crazy, yet she’s the one who went to jail recently for trespassing. She’s always making stabs at her “ex” even though she’s still married. I personally don’t know anyone could have sex with her unless she got them wasted because no sober man I know would want to commit beastiality. Just thought the people in the Shreveprt area should have the heads up on Mrs. Rollo.

Let me guess… she is a fan of the brothers.- nik

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