Kimberly Yanes

May 14, 2014 New Orleans 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wants to act like her shit don’t stink but over there sending inappropriate photos of her self.what a role model she is must be nice living off all your babies daddies money and still have the nerve to say your grown.maybe if she put her clothes back on she could support her kids on her own and not need to be waiting for them monthly checks.people shouldn’t talk down on others when they have no room to talk.look at yourself before you look at others especially when you can’t even respect yourself and she wonders why she cant find a good get what you attract

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St Tammany’s Cougar Tammy Mcintyre

May 14, 2014 Cougars, New Orleans 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik here we have the biggest cougar known to man– and boys. This is Tammy mcintyre. She has an eighteen year old daughter and has sex with the kids boyfriends, not only that, but I hear she like to fight people her kids age and she also sets great examples for her by bouncing between men pretty much the kids whole life. Because of this, the girl turned into a slut herself. She slept with three brothers of kin and likes to steal people’s boyfriends.. But don’t worry the little slut jr and her mom both have a boyfriend whom they keep on a very sneaky leash. These two whores should be nominated for mother and daughter of the year. They will fck you for money, drugs, alcohol, and a place to crash because they’re broke and mooch off everyone

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User and Abuser

May 14, 2014 New Orleans 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Heather Brumfeild, she is mother to a wonderful son. But she uses him to get what she wants from females. She pawns him off to whatever female and their family that she can. She uses girls for a place to live and someone to take care of her child. She is a meth and heroin user. She will make a girl fall for her then play her. She also has been engaged a few times. She proposed to me with a ring I bought! She also puts her hands on 90% of the females she’s been with. I just want her exposed for what she is!

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Fake Thugs

May 13, 2014 New Orleans 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Man dese niggas hea da 2 fakers niggas I kno every body tryna hop on dat rake train wen dat nigga speak stupid shit. They praise him like he god but he not. His dad a preacher an yet he be cursin talkin bout killin females and beatin dem he be talkin bout drugs and gangs and yet his dad still supports him. Dat nigga ridin his dead friends train tryna get famous off his death and by us in his twin brotha to suck the fame from him friends. This dude need a go an get his heat right he ain’t shit and the fat dude his bitch suckin his dick and play in wit his balls to try an be in his good graces

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Chantelle the Bride

May 12, 2014 New Orleans 69

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THE DIRTY ARMY: hi my name is chantelle marie falgout forrest im 23 years old just got married on valentines day slept with the groom barley a month after getting married I went to florida for spring break got my husband locked up and left him there and drove his new car back home I slept with a 40 year ol boat man jack that same day!!! ohh do I love my jack!! now im knocked up and have no clue which one is my childs father….. idk why im such a slut guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I love to send pics of me fcking myself with my broken vibrator but who cares cause I do what I want

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Nastiest Weave In New Orleans

May 10, 2014 New Orleans, The Dirty 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this raunchy white girl here is Jena Brooks. As you can tell by her nappy ass weave of braids she thinks she is black. She is a nasty 2 timing stripper here in NOLA.  She and her side kick lover Katie aka barbie (whos really a man that had a lot of plastic surgery and female transition surgery) transport the drugs down every month. This nasty bitch gets botox but it still won’t help her face. She got ass and breast implants but still has to take pictures poking her ass out or turning backwards to make her body look better.

What cheap fake braids… I’m seriously waiting for the eggs to hatch in that thing.- nik

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Unfaithful Shorty…Literally

May 9, 2014 New Orleans 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dude here used to be a big player but im not gone to lie he is faithful when he is in a relationship, but he has a past , but we all do . His daughter is really pretty, people spread rumors about him but no one knows what this boy has been through in life he is crazy when it comes to being cheated on and he can fight really good for his size ive seen him beat the shit out of 6 guys on bourbon st he used to sell drugs and he did time in the feds for his past but i wont put that out there but hes not what everyone making him seem he is funny as hell and gets along with everyone he has a horse cock lmfao i seen a picture from a friend he used to date but that thing is big he has a son on the way or already had it but he has 2 baby mommas but one is fcking crazy and her name is candice i got respect for this dude he just has a past that not everyone knows just the people he grew up with this dude goes through some shit but im not hating or dogging him just thought i would put him on here since everyone else is on here ! He goes by the name tito the rapper !

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Duckface Dawson

May 8, 2014 New Orleans 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Gabby “Duckface” Dawson. She thinks she’s famous because she has simply had sex with every guy in Lafayette. She now has to commute to NOLA to find a West Bank sleeze to stick it in her. She has been fcking a married man for a while now that she met escorting and he has bought her a car, clothes and many other royalties including implants she’s scheduled to have done soon. The sad part is she has drd1&2. She never makes dudes wear rubbers and lets everyone dump in her. Just last week she was in Vegas with more of her escort friends and she’s claiming to the FBI that Darren Sharper “raped” her. Nik, do you buy that story?

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