Houma hoe

June 2, 2014 New Orleans 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Linzie smith she’s from Houma la && is known on the bayou for sleeping with everyone\’s man. Can\’t get her own man bc all guys want to do is hit and run a female like that nobody wants to be in a relationship with a woman who didn’t know who her baby daddy was. Had to get a DNA just to figure it out! Lmaoo && to make things worse she is sleeping with people spreading chylmidia!!!! So if you have slept with her GO GET CHECKED!!! She claims she is so indepependent yet still lives with her mom pays none of her own bills riding around in a car with noooo insurance. Haha lemme find out you riding round with no insurance haa! Sweetie it’s time to grow up get off the tit && get a taste of the real world ! A independent woman doesnt live off parents or baby daddies ( now that you know who it is ;) real women get out there && work && pay their own bills! Stop sleeping with everyone’s man while their girlfriends are at home!! Then maybe you wouldn\’t have the problem of a burning leaking nasty vagina!! That is just sick. Also it’s not cute to be a jealous crazy ex girlfriend who can\’t let go of a man that wants nothing to do with you && tells you this. Haha don’t worry one day you will find you’re own man… Considering you’re track record I doubt it . better luck next time!! Try being classy instead of trashy….

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Houma’s Mother of the Year

May 30, 2014 New Orleans 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Britney Pierre from Houma, Louisiana. The girl is 27 with 4 kids for 3 different guys. Yes you read that right she has 3 baby daddies an a ex husband. Let’s get started by how she loves attention from any guy she can’t get it from. She makes it seem like she only has 2 kids and its rear if you see her other 2 kids. Not only does she open her legs to everyone she is money hungry. She was in the bar 2 weeks before she had her last child which is no SUPRISE since she leaves her kids with whoever is willing to watch them including leaving her 1 year old with a 14year old family friend. She is usually seen with majority of the drug heads from Houma. If you have her on Facebook she pretends to be this great mother but the next second is posting pics on Instagram in her bikini. Stop chasing the boys& drugs and take care of YOUR kids!! To make her seem any more of a dumb bitch she has my baby daddy name tattooed on her& they aren’t together!

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Engaged Slore

May 29, 2014 New Orleans 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Casey Lynn Bufonne. She is engaged with a little boy but does that slow her down? NOPE. Every guy or girl she slept with she still focks. Yes Mr. FIANCE! She snapchats naked pics of herself. Go look at her scores on there and all the guy friends she has, you will she. But casey I just ask for you…. to just stop being a whore.

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rachet wanna be

May 29, 2014 New Orleans 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girls name is Tara Lang. She is obsessed with herself clearly. She is constantly on instagram and facebook bragging abour her 4.5 carat engagement ring and her 80,000 dollar car. Last time I checked a real woman with class never brags about the things she has much less say how much they cost, that is so disgusting. She also has a new fiance or boyfriend all the time andhas a child by one of them but this time its the real deal. Womder if they will even make it to the alter. Tara noone gives a shit about you and stop saying how you dont care what other people think because yiu clearly do its all you ever write about on facebook. Oh and nik she also likes to express herself in front of the camera, arent these the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen? Photoshop couldnt fix this mess it dosent even look like they used it. Anyway tara, sticke to your day job at sallys. Oh and please stop with the selfies I unfollowed you and your nasty ass still keeps popping up. Thanks for posting nik. DA STRONG

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Houmas Bayou Trash

May 23, 2014 New Orleans 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Houmas finest been on here before. At least before she had more meat on her bones. Heres a tip-stop doing drugs.

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Worst banks finest

May 19, 2014 New Orleans 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this puffy slore here is Veronica Bauer she works at Oshner main campus and she is the definition of a trifling bitch, she\’s tasted the purple crayon many a time back when she lived in Alabama and dated low life thug nigger drug dealers. She recently lost some weight and got a pair of fake tits, she\’s still fat and her tits are lopsided even though she’s gone back and had em redone. She thinks her shit don\’t stink and has an opinion about everyone and everything, she\’s never wrong! When she’s not having threesomes and sleeping with friends of patients she meets at work she’s sleeping with randoms she meets on cruises or going to tibadoux to give it up to some fireman, she likes to play house with someone else’s kid and ex… Who she lives with so she doesn’t have any bills.. She’s a cheating back stabbing selfish and unprofessional asshole, fair warning not the kind of person u wanna be friends with

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Hailey Gill

May 19, 2014 New Orleans 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Hailey Gill. Yea, she has a dirty (FILTHY) past, but that’s not why I’m here. This girl is dumber than a box of rocks. She posts on Facebook all day asking people where she can find this or that. GOOGLE IT!! That’s what a search engine is for. Facebook is NOT a place to look for a mechanic or ask stupid questions. Like I said, GOOGLE IT. We are all TIRED of seeing your dumb posts. Also, she edits most of the pictures she posts. And it is seriously noticeable that she edits her pictures. I just can’t take the stupidity anymore. I know, I could “unfriend” her but I have friends that know her better than me and all they talk about is the dumb sh*t she says and does. I don’t understand how her boyfriend puts up with it. But aside from all this, let’s take a trip to her past. She would screw around with EVERYONE. Guys and girls. She couldn’t keep those legs closed; which makes me wonder, is she really that faithful to her boyfriend? Heed both these warnings: 1. Don’t get in a conversation with the girl, you will come out of if dumber. And 2. Don’t try to pursue her. I’m sure she’s cheat on her boyfriend and she could possibly have drd from all the people she’s been with.

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Jett Riggs

May 16, 2014 New Orleans 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jet Riggs from New Orleans, LA is a stoner pot head who works with children at a christian school that shall not be named. Smokes weed before church, family gatherings and before he goes to supervise young children. Also smokes weed while driving everyday and before he goes to his other place of work. Prefers the company of his video game apps on his phone as opposed to his company. CHEATER, LIAR, MANIPULATOR, SEXUALLY CONFUSED, HYPOCRITE, OUTSPOKEN, POSSESSIVE, TRUST ISSUES, CONTROLLING, WOMANIZER

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