West Banks Finest

June 16, 2014 New Orleans 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even have the words to explain this hot mess. She thinks she’s god gift. She has 2 different baby daddy’s and neither of them even take care of their kids. She is what you call white trash. Always having different guys in and out her house. If you need your d*** sucked just calling on her. She’s a stupid dumb hoe and her daughter, sad to say, will end up just like her mom.

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Alyssa Jade Miorana

June 16, 2014 New Orleans 40


THE DIRTY ARMY: homewrecking ho, desparate stalker, rot black vagina pics will be sent to your man while you’re in bed. begs for dick of guys she cant have even when they threaten restraining order.. no self-respect, or self esteem. talk to her like the diseased dog she is and she’ll fck u for sure, especially if u have a girl

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Baton Rouge Mud Shark

June 13, 2014 New Orleans 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ka*a Bennett of Baton Rouge…. Lives in Central. She used to be a FAT ASS now she just goes from guy to guy sucking the life out of good guys breaking hearts and going psycho!!! She is all over the purple crayon as well as the DRD filled kitty!!! Broke *ss psycho sloot from hell!!! Hangs out @ the L bar in Baton Rouge, Wet T shirt photos!!! with Jessica “Bonez” Pike & Jody Mann. She goes to Razzoo & Masquerade’s Total LEECH!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!! UPDATE SHE GAINED THE 90LBS BACK, LOST HER JOB AND EVE THE BROTHA’S DONT WANT IT!!!

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Houma’s Mother of the Year

June 10, 2014 New Orleans 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Britney Pierre you think your a good mom?? But you hang around with every known drug head in houma& a chick that abandoned her own daughter! How sad are you and you call yourself a woman?!?? Girl please!! How about you get a DNA test for your baby and stop wording about other peoples kids& families I mean you do have FOUR kids you would think you wouldn’t have time to be a hoe but we all know your kids aren’t your main priority!

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Paula Hicks

June 6, 2014 New Orleans 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is paula hicks… she plays the fiddle of her sob stories to get men to feel bad for her. She whore around town when don’t spoil her. She fcks over friends and family for money claims to be independant but lives at home and can’t even maintain herself much less a child of her own got to get others to pay for it and expect nothing in return. Word ok n the street has it she spreading herpes and funk dick. So keep it wrapped and go get tested if you been with this bbw. She thinks she’s gods gift to man. Hood rat is too much of a compliment for this dope head.

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Rodrigo Camuce Revision

June 3, 2014 New Orleans, Ottawa 110

THE DIRTY ARMY: His wife Nadine Marie Middleton is just as much of a loser as he is. She’s a downtown mth head who has done DNA tests on her daughter 8 times. She told me about a time where rod put tuna on her vagina and had the cat lick it, like omfg who does that? She lives off her parents they buy her everything and they are oblivious of all the dick sucking she does to get meth. Cas was recently called on her cause she’s so mean to her poor daughter. And rod tries to be big and scares her by yelling at her. This couple is the worst and they own a shit company called tool tech which all the tools they use were stolen from homedepot where he worked before. He also claims to be a member of the bells angels and threatens everyone saying he will get them to **ll them if they are mean to him or his family! Most screwed up couple in ottawa

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Loose Linzie

June 2, 2014 New Orleans 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Linzie smith she’s from dulac, la and she’s pretty known on the bayou for sleeping with everyone’s man && even once her own cousin !! Always so quick to hate on other girls && call them hoes when in reality she’s one of the biggest sluts around. She did’t even know who her baby daddy was she had to have a DNA test done just to find out. Sadddd case. Maybe instead of being a jealous bat shit crazy stalking bitch over a man who makes it clear she ain’t shit to him. she needs to be worried about going get herself checked. She’s been known to burn people before in the past. If you looking for a good time && you’re in the area she’s the one to hit up isn’t much work to get her in bed. Give her a blunt or xanax && she’s yours just make sure to strap up!! Also she is always claiming she’s so independent yet still lives at home with her mother && lives off child support. To top it off she is driving around with no insurance . How you independent && can’t afford to insure your vehicle haha.. Time to wake up and join the real world. She needs being so worried about everyone else && get it together. Time to get off the hot mess express!


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Houma hoe

June 2, 2014 New Orleans 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Linzie smith she’s from Houma la && is known on the bayou for sleeping with everyone\’s man. Can\’t get her own man bc all guys want to do is hit and run a female like that nobody wants to be in a relationship with a woman who didn’t know who her baby daddy was. Had to get a DNA just to figure it out! Lmaoo && to make things worse she is sleeping with people spreading chylmidia!!!! So if you have slept with her GO GET CHECKED!!! She claims she is so indepependent yet still lives with her mom pays none of her own bills riding around in a car with noooo insurance. Haha lemme find out you riding round with no insurance haa! Sweetie it’s time to grow up get off the tit && get a taste of the real world ! A independent woman doesnt live off parents or baby daddies ( now that you know who it is ;) real women get out there && work && pay their own bills! Stop sleeping with everyone’s man while their girlfriends are at home!! Then maybe you wouldn\’t have the problem of a burning leaking nasty vagina!! That is just sick. Also it’s not cute to be a jealous crazy ex girlfriend who can\’t let go of a man that wants nothing to do with you && tells you this. Haha don’t worry one day you will find you’re own man… Considering you’re track record I doubt it . better luck next time!! Try being classy instead of trashy….

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