Shannon Breaux

December 9, 2013 New Orleans 6 6,107 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Is Shannon Breaux, Nasty no good skank ass skeeza…. If its not one thing it’s another, She rather stick A needle in her Arm than take care of her kids, her husband In jail. she thinks she is everything, She aint nothing but a stank ass c*nt, I feel bad for her kids!!

I feel bad for her customers.- nik

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Marlowe Has No Soul

December 5, 2013 New Orleans 81 6,100 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I begin!!! This piece of trash is Marlowe Marie. He is originally from Gretna Louisiana but currently resides in Carrier Mississippi. He shoots Heroin into his veins!!! Those guns in the pic are ILLEGAL because he is a FELON!!! He is a major criminal!!! He even robbed his own grandmother’s house a few years back!!! Also, a few years back, he was arrested and accused of shooting another man in Mississippi where he currently lives with his trashy hoe wife! The only reason he wasn’t convicted of the shooting was because he had a flimsy alabi. Mississippi police KNEW he did it BUT they are like the Keystone Cops! I hate to say this Nik, but he has two kids that have major health problems because when he impregnated his wife, he was soo pumped full of different drugs that I guess his sperm is tainted! PLus, he doesn’t pay child support and even sells their food stamps!!! This guy has no soul!!! No one in his family that he grew up with wants absolutely NOTHING to do with him!!! He rarely ever works! And when he does, it is only the occassional odd job around his trailer park. Beware of this creep because he is MAJOR TROUBLE!!!

He could stuff a lot of contraband into those jeans…- nik

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Houma Tranny

December 3, 2013 LSU, New Orleans 32 7,370 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this thing resides in houma louisiana….It prays on young innocent boys and will try to sweep your husband up right from under your feet. He thinks hes the hottest thing walking the streets and obviously thinks he is a woman…….hide ya kids , husbands and male relatives and be cautious of this clown.

He needs to lay off the push-ups.- nik

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Bad Breath Deanna

December 3, 2013 New Orleans 33 10,654 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: She is just a all around whore who sleeps with Peoples husbands…. she throws her self as t anybody. She llooks like a pig… she will do anything for drugs.. simply she is a whore… What do you think nik?

Whatever’s under that tat was clearly a mistake.- nik

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Covington’s Mother of the Year

December 2, 2013 New Orleans 18 8,853 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I introduce to you, Brittney Rowzee. She had a baby and I’ve seen her out almost every night since the baby was born. I saw her at the bar every weekend while she was pregnant, too. Her child can’t be much older than a month or two. I don’t know who she’s throwing her kid on, but God Bless them. She’ll lay down with whoever offers it to her. She’s just plain nasty. Instead of being at home with her baby she’d rather get drunk all the time. You can clearly see she tries really hard to be hot but when she’s really just a hoe. Someone needs to take her baby away. Mother of the year award goes to her! I guess drinking and getting high is worth more than your child. Guys, don’t go for it. I’ve heard from multiple people she’s carrying a few things. So Cheers to you! The nastiest, skankiest, girl and “mother” to walk the streets of Covington. Tend to your kid, not the d*ck.

Must be hard to tailor your own shorts with such a soggy bottom.- nik

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2 For 1 Special

November 30, 2013 New Orleans 12 7,900 Views


Nothing special about em.- nik

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Terrebonne Parish’s Nastiest

November 29, 2013 New Orleans 5 6,601 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty ass hoe likes to troll around and fck with other women’s men. She’s ENGAGED and sending them nasty ass pictures and texts talking about “when you gonna come fck me!”! Women keep your men locked up because she’s quick to act. Hoe looks like she’s got some shit on her chin from kissing to much ASS! UGH

Hair can only cover-up so much.- nik

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Ms. Long Beach Is Done

November 18, 2013 New Orleans, The Dirty 44 94,564 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I will send you the link but remember Miss Long Beach…. well. The talk of the town is her and her skanky friend Amber May/Smith murdered this guy… they don’t have enough evidence yet. All of this guys friends say he would NEVER committ suicide. Besides who watches someone committ suicide and then drags the body and takes off his clothes and dumps them on the beach. NO EFFING WAY.

Can someone include the link in comments? I’m curious about this mess.- nik

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