Toilet Paper Model

June 26, 2014 New Orleans 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: so this is another dirty celeb who actually uses being on the dirty to try and gain fame. Mindi here is the type of female who pays professionals to take her pics and then goes around telling every one she is a model. she has NO ass and NO titties. She doesnt even have a pretty face any more. She use to dance for the new Orleans voodoo dolls till she had a random drug screen and oppsie came back with cocaine in her system. She moved away from the city in hopes to cover her name after she got caught in a married mans bed and beat up by his wife. This girl use to be so pretty and had a lot going for her, but now her head got so big from the drugs and attention of the voodoo dolls that she slipped down hill faster then a fat man tripping over his ball sack in the skating ring. She is on so many pills that she claims she slept with and toured with lil wayne, drake, and even Justin Bieber!! yes even BIEBER. She also claims that channing tatium cheated on his wife with her when he was down here filming a movie. These drugs must be super awesome if she believes all that. What do you think nik?

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Twin Peeks Mom of the year

June 25, 2014 New Orleans 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This skank is Brittany Victoria Pixton. She has loves to brag she a manager at twin peeks in Metaire and Houma. She is only a bartender though. She wines about her loser baby daddy and will lie to anyone to send her money. She is a pill head that was arrested for pills and fake ids. She loves to try and hook up with Married Men with money. She also has a 2 year old she pawns off on the regular to hit night clubs party and date married men.

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Fish Lips Stabs Boyfriend In His Back While He Is Holding Their 2 Year Old Child

June 24, 2014 Fish Lips, New Orleans, The Dirty 232


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shealyn Guidry “FISH LIPS” stabbed her boyfriend Friday while he was holding her 2 year old son. He found out about her being a Sugar Daddy site and having one herself.   He was leaving her or so he thought. He picked up his son to leave and she stabbed him in the back collapsing his lung.  Crazy ass b*tch.  See what happens to these girls that sell their souls for Red Bottoms?

I can confirm this is Dirty Celeb Fish Lips.- nik

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Looking for Anything

June 19, 2014 New Orleans 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chic right here will sleep with anyone and anything, does not matter color or are. that’s right she just wants attention. I mean come on why get +2s and flaunt it all over fb and instagram. look desperate to me. hey nik would do her?? better watch out-she sleeps with married men I know for a fact and when they wont leave there wife she will go key up your vehicle (def know this first hand-biggest mistake I ever made) no wonder she has so many baby daddys. she even tried sucking me in after I rejected her by telling me she was late.

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Alyssa Jade

June 18, 2014 New Orleans 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: You did the same thing with MY Husband remember. I know both these girls, Alyssa on the Dirty, while Tracys in church. and yea 2 years beggin a guy with a gorgeous girl. and another 50 guys during that 2 years, Is this the girl he don\’t want? I cant tell. Of course since Alyssa offers her black vag 24/7, a man till take it, then what? oh yea, tell her to leave right after.. till he gets his good girl back. Isnt this him tell u to fk off and stop stalkin?

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Catfish Kristin

June 17, 2014 New Orleans 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty slut is kristin. She is so fckin stupid, I let my boy frd be with her for a week just to get money from her bc she claims she was a famous model and she was so desperate to find a man on fb. She is fake as fck . What do you model? Cheesecakes? Her profile she only has pics of her tittys up bc she’s actually just a fat slut who likes to cry about her pssy shit baby daddy. She will tell you she’s 130 pounds bit she really weighs 220. She paid all my his bills and even gave him extra money that he gave me to go shopping. My boy frd told me afta the first night with her she tried to fck him but her pussy smelled like old rotten catfish. Shes so pathetic all she does is wine about her baby daddy and how shitty her family is and how she wishes she cud give her kid away. My boyfrd had to talk her out of it and made her keep her kid. Shes just nothin but trash who needs to invest in a real job and not pretend shes a model. How u live at home with your parents, work at a pizza place and have no life or future and pay no bills? Maybe if shes exposed she will get a real job or go to school to support her child

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West Banks Finest

June 16, 2014 New Orleans 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even have the words to explain this hot mess. She thinks she’s god gift. She has 2 different baby daddy’s and neither of them even take care of their kids. She is what you call white trash. Always having different guys in and out her house. If you need your d*** sucked just calling on her. She’s a stupid dumb hoe and her daughter, sad to say, will end up just like her mom.

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Alyssa Jade Miorana

June 16, 2014 New Orleans 49


THE DIRTY ARMY: homewrecking ho, desparate stalker, rot black vagina pics will be sent to your man while you’re in bed. begs for dick of guys she cant have even when they threaten restraining order.. no self-respect, or self esteem. talk to her like the diseased dog she is and she’ll fck u for sure, especially if u have a girl

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