Unfaithful Shorty…Literally

May 9, 2014 New Orleans 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dude here used to be a big player but im not gone to lie he is faithful when he is in a relationship, but he has a past , but we all do . His daughter is really pretty, people spread rumors about him but no one knows what this boy has been through in life he is crazy when it comes to being cheated on and he can fight really good for his size ive seen him beat the shit out of 6 guys on bourbon st he used to sell drugs and he did time in the feds for his past but i wont put that out there but hes not what everyone making him seem he is funny as hell and gets along with everyone he has a horse cock lmfao i seen a picture from a friend he used to date but that thing is big he has a son on the way or already had it but he has 2 baby mommas but one is fcking crazy and her name is candice i got respect for this dude he just has a past that not everyone knows just the people he grew up with this dude goes through some shit but im not hating or dogging him just thought i would put him on here since everyone else is on here ! He goes by the name tito the rapper !

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Duckface Dawson

May 8, 2014 New Orleans 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Gabby “Duckface” Dawson. She thinks she’s famous because she has simply had sex with every guy in Lafayette. She now has to commute to NOLA to find a West Bank sleeze to stick it in her. She has been fcking a married man for a while now that she met escorting and he has bought her a car, clothes and many other royalties including implants she’s scheduled to have done soon. The sad part is she has drd1&2. She never makes dudes wear rubbers and lets everyone dump in her. Just last week she was in Vegas with more of her escort friends and she’s claiming to the FBI that Darren Sharper “raped” her. Nik, do you buy that story?

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Dat Fish Doe

May 8, 2014 New Orleans 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Whaaaannnn these 3 right chea man they all work at bourbon beach selling shots, drugs, and pusay. But I guess yew gotta make a living some how huh? Meet 3 of the most trifling ass britches the west bank got. Bunnie the ring leader is there god. Wat ever she does they follow. If she says suck dick kaylyn sure to get on her knees. If she say brush my hair, the other girl runs to get her a brush. There all westbank trash. Maybe bunnie shud pick them up and move them to vegas where they can be pimped out legally. The middle one got drd from kissing on bunnie. Watch out fellers bunnie got genital w**ts. I think yew shud be tested for drds before given a job on bourbon watcha think nik

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Natalie ‘Naty’ Cerise

May 8, 2014 New Orleans 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Natalie Cerise. She straight up looks like a man. One day she’s straight then the next she’s gay. I get it if your bi, but you can’t literally switch back and forth. All she does is workout and bring people down through Facebook. She doesnt let her daughter’s father ever see her. Like, why would any girl want to look like a man? She’s gross, raunchy and all around dumb. She thinks she looks hot as f**k with her body like that but she in fact doesn’t. And she constantly shaves her head! THAT IS NOT ATTRACTIVE! The only person who finds it attractive is her boyfriend, who she left once for a girl, then decided she was straight again and went back to him. I’ve heard MULTIPLE stories from people about how she went after their man/girl and felt no shame about interfering in someone else’s relationship. I want to put this b*tch on blast FAST. Don’t mess with her, she might try to steal your man or woman. YUCK!

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Jessica Sheppard Is Not A Model

May 7, 2014 New Orleans 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ll keep it short and sweet, Nik. This is Jessica Sheppard. This ugly sloot is a stripper and THINKS she’s a model. She’s ugly as all hell and I wouldn’t pay a dollar to see this thing strip. I wouldn’t buy a magazine or picture that had her in it, either. She has kids she SHOULD be taking care of, but instead she spends her nights getting f**ked up at the club and taking her clothes of for gross old men. She slept with one of my good friends and now he’s living with all kinds of drd from this nasty bitch. Stay away from Jessica Sheppard! Nik, what do you think about her “modeling” pictures?

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Mommy’s Fake Lil Spoiled Sloot

May 6, 2014 New Orleans 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: This SLUT right here, her name is Michelle Marie Simmons of Laplace, La. She is 24 years old and has a 4 year old son. She still lives at home with Mommy who buys everything for her and her child, including taking care of the child! She is a major slut, she sleeps with any and everybody, age, race, and sex does not matter, and she has a new “boyfriend” every month. She is the fakest person you could ever meet. One day she is your best friend the next day she hates your guts. She wears way to much make up, to make herself try and look beautiful. She basically paints on her eye brows, which looks hideous. She wears big fake ass weave to go with her fake ass body, and personality. She is covered in diseases. Half the time she barely has clothes on, you have a child maybe its time you start acting like it. She rather go out and fck someone than take care of her child. She is covered in tattoo’s which is not bad, but it is trashy when you are suppose to be a roll model for your child. And lastly, she has big fake ass boobs to make guys like her, maybe you should have thought about fixing your fcked up grill before anything. She is a selfish, self center, stuck up bitch, who will never mount to anything.

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Ding Ding

May 1, 2014 New Orleans 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Buddhist wanna be Indian whore here. She trif we went to school together. She is the biggest hoe I know. Her nick name at Curtis is ding dong ditch cas she so dingy niggahz hit it and ditch. She got an ole man but he dont care he be pimpin ha out cas he tried of her stuck unless. She don’t take baths and she stink who the fck don’t take baths or shave they under arms but rich and got money cas they mom be fckin niggahs to pay her bills? This girl got some issues. Her mom a got a old ads husband that pays her trips out of country promising him she going sell stuff for his company when she really takin her daughters and going fck every man out there that will hit. This girl jus like her momma. She a dike too. That hoe be tryna fck britches in the bathroom at school but they all say ha prissy stank. Some one need a tell ha the truth so she can douche

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Married Slore

April 24, 2014 New Orleans 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Lauren…she is a cheating whore. She cheated on her husband the night before they got married and has continued to cheat on him with 7 different people throughout their 3 years of marriage, including 2 of her husbands best friends. She is sleeping around with other people while her husband thinks she is out “RUNNING ERRANDS”. She is also smoking cigarettes behind her husband’s back & for some reason she thinks that he doesn’t know. She is disgusting & wears clothes that are 4 sizes to small for her & claims she is losing weight. She is a 30 year old who thinks she is 18 that can’t catch an drd. She claims to “LOVE” her husband but can’t seem to STOP SPREADING her legs for any one that gives her even the littlest bit of attention. If you value an type of relationship keep your significant others AWAY from HER….

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