Kathleen Hale

October 21, 2014 Manhattan, New York 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kathleen Hale is getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. She is an author and openly admitted to stalking one of her reviewers who didn’t like her book. The backstory can be read here: / It’s some seriously crazy stuff and she’s even an admitted animal abuser. If anyone deserves to be on The Dirty,

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Slore of Rotterdam

October 20, 2014 Albany, New York, Rotterdam 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl BobbyJo Parker has slept with my boyfriend while she is with her current husband Bill Joralemon. She is now pregnant and we are worried it might be his!!!!! Now I have drd because of it. Thanks BobbyJo. Oh ya she has a hair salon where she meets all these guys at Mainstream Hair Studio . Her employees have told everyone about her whoring around Rotterdam. BEWARE

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Balding Cheating

October 15, 2014 Maryland, New York 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Tony Geisler is a cheating husband, actually he’s my ex husband now. He cheated and then demanded a divorce. He had the nerve to bring his new girlfriend to a wedding but I heard he left her pregnant. In Japanese I often call him a baita (whore) or ano yarou (that bastard). Don’t go near him. He seems harmless but he’ll just blame you.

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Former Fatty

October 15, 2014 Manhattan, New York 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so nik this little hooch, who will fck anything anything or anyone to get her fix! We are talking selling herself, yes her pooder STINKS! and is WIDE AS HELL! I’d stay far away from her, she will burn you in every way imaginable the word “BURN” can be used.. HINT HINT… I know this for a fact because my cousin is one of the guys she burned. Just stay far far away….

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Marcee Wesley the Albany Hoodrat

October 10, 2014 Albany, New York 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey NIk! This beast neglects her son to go clubbing! she claims to be in a relationship yet she posts photos of 8 random guys! not celeb photos too! candid photos of guys in her house! so yorue inviting these random sleazy guys around your own kids? white kinda “mom” are you? she has caught several drd’s and the guys talk about her being “fishy” down there! I guess thats why she is always posing with her legs open! to air out the the smell of hot rotten fish! she calls herself gorgeous! she is the only one who calls ehrself that! not even she believes her delusional lies! she tells herself that to keep herself sane! because if she came into terms with how she REALLY looks, she will go insane! this beast is Marcee Wesley! this hag has been picking on my beautiful friend for a long time! she is a jealous ugly hoodrat! she has a child that she doesnt take care of! she has 2 pics of the baby but has 1000 of her fishy coochall over FB! stinking up the internet! she is obsessed with curvy females like Sophie dee,Vida guerra,Rosee divine butt models! but she has no figure! she looks like a scrawny roach! she walks bowlegged and has the nastiest mouth ever! She doesnt know the identity of the baby’s father either but she is sure to attend every club night when hoodrats get in for free! you guys! SHE IS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED! THIS LEVEL OF UGLY REALLY DOES EXIST! her attitude matches her looks Nik,please expose this bitch!

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Andrea Haas Pearson – Social Snake

October 6, 2014 Dallas, Manhattan, New York 163

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was associated with Andrea haas pearson in the past. I have lived the horror. She is crazy and left me for a rich guy finally. I am thankful. I have custody of our daughter. I tried to save our relationship but she always wanted to be rich and famous. I gave up on her many times as i would catch her lying and sleeping with my friends. But I loved her and was very codependent on her. Also being a father, I have to be together due to our son. Andrea has habit to dropping names of politicians and rich people. She would show me pictures of famous people posing with her. I have no idea how she pulled all this the least to guess using sex. Currently, I hear she works for NASA. I keep away from her but want to ensure people knew she is a sweet talker but she is a social snake. She will take pictures with you and then misuse them by positing on social media to become more famous and jack more people. Thank you for listening. Please feel to write to me, if you have questions.

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Russians Not Worth It

October 3, 2014 Manhattan, New York 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Anna Yudicheva St. Petersburg Russia (via Salavat) basically fcked her way into New York alledging to be a student at Baruch U. Graduate program. She will put up with and do and say anything to insinuate herself into your life. Then when she wants more which is impossible, finds your relatives and kids, and threatens you with extortion. She is not worth the fuck. No tits or ass and a face like a freight train , it was like fucking a dude. Besides claiming to be really good at sex anytime anywhere is really a joke. Claims to be a traditional girl. Yeah, right? More like a hooker for money, a green card and A BABY! Made my life HELL for five years. Claims to be tormenting men in Berlin,Germany. Beware! I have nothing good to say about her. I regret the day I stupidly met her, a total waste of time, money, and hamburgers. She likes to eat hamburgers after you fuck her.

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Rory Will

September 26, 2014 Manhattan, New York 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Two days after we hooked u, I went for a routine medical checkup and less than a week later I was told I had a sexually transmitted disease. I was devastated but determined to warn others and checked all Rory Will’smobile phone records. I discovered he’d been dating nine other women. Most of the women Rory Wil targeted were lonely and tired of the dating scene. One of his girlfriends, Sumay, whom he had been seeing for a year and a half, followed my advice and got tested for drds. But the news was much worse: she had tested positive for H**. Soon after I found out I had A**s. Two weeks later, I told the police. While they began investigating, Susan and I took matters into our own hands, setting up surveillance across the road from his house. We took down numberplates and tracked down more than 23 women to warn them. Twelve had H**. I filed charges against Rory Will and two years later, his case came to trial. In court, 10 of us – all H** positive – testified against him. Philippe was found guilty of six counts of aggravated assault using a deadly weapon – the deadly weapon being his bodily fluid. The court was able to prove Philippe knew about his condition in 2013 and continued to have unprotected sex. I’ll never know his exact motivation, perhaps a deep-seated anger towards women? He was given les years and won’t be eligible for parole until he is 35. For now my health is stable; I feel less anger but I can never forgive him. He changed our lives for ever. On the d

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