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Fake Musician can’t handle a little attention

December 18, 2014 New York 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Mr nik, what we have here is a delusion D grade uppity musician who gets a little attention and affection then puts a warm innocent brah in jail for 2 years and presses more charges recently. Ashanti, R&B hip hop artist is accusing Dear Hurd of criminal harrasment, based on a picture taken in NYC with the singer’s family and Mr Dear. Outshined and overrated, Ashanti cannot make good music in her genre like other artists TLC, Allyah, Mariah Carey, J-Lo to name a few so she has resorted to putting this man in jail for years because she got some texts she didn’t like. And to top it all off he even likes her and thinks she’s cute which is weird! &DirtyCelebs &nyc Lots of bias and unjust reports in the news: (click here for article)

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Sergey Starobinets

December 18, 2014 Manhattan, New York 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik. I work with this steaming HOT……piece of shit! He thinks he’s a ladies man but he is so far from it. He’s actually an uncircumcized, princess of a pretty boy with soft hands. He thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips, when in fact a bag of doritos has a bigger penis. He uses his accent to try and lure you in, but really you can’t understand what the hell he is saying. Who knows if he even knows what he’s talking about half the time because he’s not the brightest color in the crayon box. He shows up to work everyday in his scrubs and pilot sunglasses like he is some male model. I don’t know why, all of us have caught on to his game. He’s a user! He was married for years then cheated on his wife with some of my co workers. He is only interest in sleeping with girls with his, ewwww, uncircumcised creepy little dick. He has no intentions of any kind of relationship with anyone he tries to sweet talk. He is Russian/mean to his women. Plus did I mention he’s a method head!!!!! All I can say ladies is that if you see this pale ass face and clammy soft hands, run, run far far away!

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December 3, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan, New York 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So, I’m a big fan of your site. I see women on here all the time that are super hot. However, most of them have tons of makeup on. Natural beauty seems to be a rarity. So many girls walking around think they are GOD’s gift when in truth, once they wash their faces, many of them are hideous. The reason I bring this up, is because I have a friend who is super hot and never wears makeup, ever. I have wanted this girl since the day I met her. She’s smart, gorgeous, funny, has the best heart and is successful. She came out of a situation that leads many woman to drugs or to become red bottoms, but she used her past as motivation to be a well respected business woman. Alas, I am destined to be in the friend zone forever, she’s a lesbian. FML. I wanted to get your take on her. Pictures don’t do her justice, she’s even better in person. (All of these pictures are without makeup or with just a little lip gloss on.) The crazy part is that this woman has no idea how good looking she is.

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Crusty Christine Anne Della Rocca

November 14, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan, Nashville, New York 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Meet Christine Anne Della Rocca aka Crusty Christine. This clown will get down for any old man who wants a go. So, if you’re in Staten Island or New York and want to laugh your ass off check out this old 5 head. Seriously, that head needs it’s own zip code!! She tries to edit it out of pictures, but she should spend her time being a parent to her 3 kids, rather than trolling Facebook for her next victim. She’s easy but beware of the crust she’ll leave behind.


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Happy Treasuress

November 11, 2014 Manhattan, New York 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This ugly Indian FOB has gotten on my last nerve. This bitch looks like Mr.Burns from the Simpsons! she has no name! LITERALLY! she makes blogs/youtube videos but never discloses her real name! if you RESPECTFULLY disagree with one of her videos, she will BLOCK YOU! her youtube channel is called “happytreasuress”. Where she tells delusional indians and women of color how to apply makeup! how a person applies makeup is their business and preference! if someone likes to be pale! thats them! if someone likes bronzey..thats them! you are not the foundation or the makeup police! Especially when youre using NC20 white concealer! She has an instagram of her sloppy spongebob boxed figure! he has no butt or breasts! she is coniving and spineless! Someone who has videos on Youtube and showing their 1/2 naked GROSS body thinks posting their real name is intimate? I did some digging and found out information! her husband is gay and he contacts male trannys in the NYC area! she is a compulsive liar, someone outed her for drug use! a close friend! thats is why she doesnt reveal her real name and thats why in her FAQ she stated she cut many people out her life! when people know the truth about you and who you REALLY are,you tend to block them! You can block me and others from Youtube, just for disagreeing with you! your problems run deep! how about you stop bragging about your fiancee who is receiving “Services” from gay men?

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Stay Away From Natalia Vichevskaya

November 10, 2014 Manhattan, Montreal, New York 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this b*tch is the dirtiest wh*re in the city. She loves to f*ck guys just for fun. Her whole family come from dirt. They are the dirtiest people on earth. She is a real estate agent but in reality this is how she meets guys to take their money. She is all about money and who she can screw. Men be aware of this woman! not only she is a wh*re she will take every penny you have like an angel. She has been known in the city to do this. She sleeps with some 60 years old man now from NYC and she is in her early 20′s. Her mother is a prostitute and her father is a con man. Beware!

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Lifestyle Coach Erika Nicole Finn

November 6, 2014 Manhattan, New York 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ho Erika Nicole Finn thinks she is a lifestyle expert but everybody knows the only thing she is an expert at is trying to break up her senior law partner’s marriage with her oversized vagina, and then spending the rest of her life eating. Ever since Jesse dumped her she has been taking secret trips to West Africa to pay well-endowed black men to satisfy her sexually. I don’t think she will ever find love in New York, because her body shape is too wide. Is Africa her only option?

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Rhahim Smith and his teen girlfriend

November 5, 2014 Houston, Manhattan, New York 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rhahim Smith is a 23 year old man that plays online video games like GTAV and trolls the lobbies looking for little girls to stalk.He lies about his age and says he is 19.He is currently in a relationship with a 16 year old girl named Sammii.They send eachother nude pics and im pretty sure thats child porn somebody needs to stop this pedo.He blames it on his mental illness but knows its wrong and continues to do it so everyone look out for your teenage daughters this sicko is a thirsty old creep.

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