Maria Rahimi

April 8, 2014 Albany, New York 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Maria rahimi is a 30 year old Afghan female she is married and a mother of two she lives in government housing units in Schenectady NY. It’s about time she gets on here I was actually surprised that she wasn’t on here already because she has been cheating on her husband for 13 years with so many different men. Let me name “some”. Jonathan,Derek,Moe,Mazzy,Bebe,Khibar,Manny,Baha,Mansor, Mohsin,Tyler,Bakir,Alex,Khan,and Ahmad. Her husband is also called Ahmad but hes not included in this and I’m not gonna include myself either. It’s unbelievable how many men she slept with I only know about 15 of them Im sure there are many more. She has a nasty gaping big vagina thats basically a tunnel she has a mark on her right v**ina lip and she has a scar going across her belly with Strech marks all over, she also has a birth mark on her left butt cheek she loves anal/hardcore sex and loves to blow random guys that she meets in night clubs and hookah bars. If anyone else slept with her / got dirt on her or have a question from me leave a comment below. It’s time she gets exposed for the better of her family so her husband can let her go and get custody of his kids. I honestly feel sorry for her two daughters they are suffering so much from their moms sexual life style already, imagine how they are going to be if they grow up around her smh. I swear to GOD whatever I said on here is nothing but the truth and the truth only. They say you don’t have to defend the truth it defends it’s self. I have so much more to say but I will leave it at this.

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Demented Autumn Searles

March 10, 2014 Albany, New York 564

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t even know where to start with this one. This is Albany’s biggest (pun intended) Autumn Searles aka Rose Clark, with her old fat guy with tits she recently ‘married’. If that’s whatcha wanna call their courthouse ceremony. She has 6 kids, all different fathers, one of her ‘baby daddies’ is incarcerated for life on murder charges. She is the true definition of uneducated ghetto white trash! She’s a liar and a racist to boot! She loves spending ALL her time harrassing/stalking people via fb. Her main obession is defending homewreckers’(those poor innocent women) lol. She made a fb page dedicated to her demented insane quest called ‘The Flip Side.’ She got so involved she failed to keep her own man happy, and he ended up in the arms(or should I say between the legs) of one of her ‘beloved homewreckers’. Of course she kept him. How desperate and sad is that? Maybe it was her own karma coming back at her for already being involved with another man, when she meant her current titty man husband. In her own words ‘if you accept scraps, then you deserve scraps. Good advice Autumn, maybe you should take it. She’s constantly bashing everyone else’s looks, and calling them fat. She seems to think shes the hottest thing to walk the face of the earth LOL. She can’t be serious? Not only is she OLD and beat up looking, she’s ugly as sin, with bad skin/hair. She’s obese and as big as a house herself. Just the site of her in that cheap big ass king size sheet wedding dress, is going to forever give me nightmares!! This trash needs set straight, how can she give advice when she can’t even keep her own man happy or maintain any longterm relationship. Everything about her is a joke. Just not a funny one.

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Dirtiest girl in the Capital District

January 23, 2014 Albany, New York, Syracuse 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kate Calabrese has just got her 21st restraining order on her from 21 different guys. She thinks she’s a “model” when really she pays people to take her pictures. She breaks into peoples houses, steals things, she stalks people she is absolutely beyond crazy. She is a home wrecker sends guys with girlfriends naked pictures and even married men. She has such bad acne is orange and not one person has ever said something nice about her. She is a terrible no good person who needs to be put on blast. She tries to ruin relationships she makes fake facebooks and twitters to harass people. She is disgusting has slept with over 100 guys in over a year spand for money. She is by far the most hated girl in the Albany, NY. I have never met one person that likes her or has ever said anything good about her.

How bout a coffee to help pinch it out?- nik

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Mehak Khans Loveless Marriage

January 21, 2014 Manhattan, New York 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo nik, So how much damage can you do to your body in three years? This chick (mehak khan) from Queens used to be a cute lil’ morsel with big boobs and a bubbily personality. Now she’s married to a man she doesn’t love, grew a second chin and is miserable. She is supposed to be a good, respectable muslim in her community, but she sucks and fucks like a catholic priest.

No consolation for the wild card/underdog eh.- nik

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Former MMA

January 6, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Manhattan, New York 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this psycho Luke Cummo has clearly lost it. This guy is very delusional. His wife divorced his crazy ass and took off with his two kids. He then prceeded to threaten her by email but denies that he even did it. If you scroll his Facebook and You Tube channel you can see just how much of a nutcase he is. He has lost a grip with reality. He thinks that he is more normal than anybody else. He thinks that his way of life is the right way. Did I mention that he drinks his own piss! He wants to reform MMA. He does not believe in hitting on the head. He says bad stuff about MMA but that is what gave him what little fame he had. He seems to have an obsessio with children. Let’s not forget that he thinks he is native. Dana White cut him from the UFC a few years ago. He thinks just cause he was on a reality show, and had a few fights in the UFC that he is all that and more. What a freak. Ray Longo fired him cause of his threats that he laid on his ex wife.Right now he is on bail and living with his parents. Lol. So much for being semi famous. He follows this Jubb diet that makes him look awful. Anybody that comes in contact with this man proceed with caution. He thinks that he is the hottest shit around. Nobody wants a broke ass, no name ex fighter that is clearly out of shape. For god’s sakes buddy clean yourself up and go get some psychiatric help. Oh yeah he looks like he dresses from the 1980′s. Looks like he wears dollar store or bargain clothing. What’s up with the gold nail polish and pink clothing. Gay!

Is he still dieting on his urine.- nik

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Mr. and Ms. Perfect

January 3, 2014 Dirty Athletes, New York, Sacramento 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Santiago (Jimmy) Sanchez- Bats: Unknown, Throws: Unknown. Drafted by the New York Mets in the 40th round of the 1993 MLB June Amateur Draft from Lodi HS (Lodi, CA). This loser that you may see in Applebee’s with one finger in a cup because his nasty fat ass sweats profusely. He will sit there and tell you that he was a pro baseball player and ex-cop with all this Money but works for some warehouse in Lodi making maybe 40,000. However, he fails to tell you that he was 40th round pick for the minor amateur draft. Apparently, people in a small little town like Lodi will think of this guy as some kind of hero-What a fcking JOKE! Guys if you want to get rid of your women then maybe you should have him come hang with you and your girl because he will Fuck her (I’ve heard in front of their men even if they are fat, ugly, dark, or just plain stupid-just ask his current girlfriend?) He claims that he has all kinds of money and currently makes almost 100,000 but when he moved in with his girlfriend that looks like a man he made up some story that he will have to take a huge pay cut to prevent being laid off to cover his lie to his money hungry naïve smelling bitch.I have to give him some props because boozo the clown just look at her eyebrows is supporting this once supposedly famous wanna be nasty ass. But he is only famous for being a home wrecker, thinking he is all hard then playing daddy to someone else’s kids instead being daddy to his own kid. That’s right he has some kid out there that he doesn’t support. He tried to get at me a Month ago while his live in girlfriend was working, talking all this shit about her nasty ass and how he needs to have the lights off(LOL) and how he will be better than my man. What a douche bag and kind of funny how things come around, because this stinky bitch left her husband for this loser. This nasty couple-but you couldn’t pay me enough money to have this ugly mutha fcker touch this~ Jimmy and Vickie you are meant for each other-just as big and ugly on the inside as they are on the outside.

30k’s are a bunch of story tellers.- nik

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Howard Jonson Hoe

December 16, 2013 New York, Saskatoon 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Here Is Brittany Novakoski She works front desk at the Howard Jon**on Hotel In Melville, Lady’s Be careful She’s got a habbit of trying to steal people Fiancées Back in October My Husband went to Melville to work and Once night decided to get drunk with his crew members to witch Brittany decided to sleep with him..after coming back home to me she was still texting calling and wanting him to come live with here so someone can actually take care of her kid Dream, Most girls stop talking to a guy when they find out they arnt single not this one she’s very persistent. Brittany is part of your Job description sleeping with your costumers in there hotel rooms pretty sure if your boss found that out you’d be canned LOL!

Why bother when they look like that?- nik

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Took The Easy Way Out

December 2, 2013 New York, Scranton 177

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Meghan Dipple from Facebook, She is overweight and fake as fck. She recently had surgery to lose some of the weight. Instead of exercising and eating healthy. she’s a big time drinker and partier on weekends. People tell her she’s hot and good looking. When it’s really a lie. She is one of those people who acts like she’s better then others. She use to live in a trailer park. Now she rents a place with friends. please expose her for the fake she is.

Lipo is not progress.- nik

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