Trophy Wife is a Porta Potty

November 7, 2013 Fresno, Manhattan, New York 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik I finally get what Trophy Wife Julie Lin is about and where she’s getting her money for all her hooker accessories. She’s a Porta Potty. Here’s a question from a Toronto woman who has come to her blog about how to create accounts on SeekingArrangemen[]: (click here for article) Girl asks if she should stay loyal to one Trout. Trophy Wife say, “Spread your wings and legs – don’t get tied down to just one sugar daddy! Who knows maybe a new one has even more assets to offer? Men are like designer handbags, diamonds and shoes: the more you have the better. Unless you and your sugar daddy have had the exclusive conversation, feel free to collect as many dudes as possible – because you never know how many other bitches he has on the side.” Spoken like a true professional. I wonder how much she charges??

She looks like the tag along.- nik

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You Wanted Dirt

October 28, 2013 Jersey, New York 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik there is this chick. Her name is Kayla Taglieri. She is 24, and her highest level of education is high school. She makes 127 dollars a week working in Dunkin Donuts. Then there is this kid. He is an active duty soldier that just came back from a year long deployment in Afghanistan. He considered Kyla one of his closest friends, even though she constantly asked him for money because she couldn’t pay her phone bill, and regardless how she could afford her living expenses even if that meant having a part time position as a… you know what (cannot confirm, nor deny it). One day the kid and her got into an argument. She claims she is anti-government, although she is trying to get government housing. Now, I don’t judge her political views, if there are any (that’s not why I am here), but during that fight her stupidity went beyond possible, and she said that she wishes that the kid does not come back from his next deployment. That sparked up a lot of hatred towards her by his military friends and anyone who has at least some respect for the military. Wishing death upon someone is already not a good thing, but wishing someone dies during a deployment is just beyond everything. All in all, she’s just an inbred whore that has no money, that keeps asking people to pay her bills, that sleeps around with differed guys just to have a roof above her head and a bite to eat, that can’t do better than DD, and that is not interested in higher education. She likes to take pictures of herself in very awkward positions with her mouth open and her tongue stuck out showing off her tongue piercing (hint-hint?). She also have absolutely no sense of fashion. Your opinion?

That’s a pretty graphic greg face.- nik

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Toni Diamondz

October 21, 2013 Manhattan, New York 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK this is Toni “Diamondz” this little slut thinks shes a dime but shes fat and needs to see a dentist. She always wearing the same bra, and is just dirty. She borrows clothes she obviously can’t buy her own, even though she used to be a prostitute who fcked anyone if she was told too. Shes a skank and needs to be put on blast! She sent my boyfriend nudes.. he didn’t even ask for them! But we sat there and laughed at her little fat ass. Honestly I think every slut should be put out there.. so put her on blast! Oh and I heard she has some issues down under from fcking in ratchet club bathrooms.. oops poor ugly fat girl.

That muffin should be covered up, and her nose should be smaller then her mouth (just saying).- nik

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I Want To See This Computer Genius Get This Post Down

September 26, 2013 Manhattan, New York 18

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirtbag is trav burkenstalk or trav lippman. I met him online and he took me out in NYC. He claims to work on wall st. He swept me off my feet and I was so vulnerable I actually fell for it. He told me I was perfect, he was going to introduce me to his family, he was going take me away and we were going to go to church together. Stupidly I let him stick his needledick in me. He never called me after and is already with a new girl. Anyway the next morning after being with this loser I got a yeast infection most likely from his dirty dick. This kid claims to be a computer genius id like to see him get this post down.

Nobody wants to see a pic of your discharge, its embarrassing.- nik

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King Beatz Lives A Way Better Life Than Nik Richie

August 27, 2013 Cancun, New York, The Dirty 87



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, keep hating on my boy Mexican Pixar aka KBizzle aka King Beatz aka The King Of Nightlife aka Mr. I Got More Money Than You and Your Whole Crew… anyway, I wanted to give you a first hand explanation on why KB’s life is better than yours… do you see the difference in the picture of you two?  Well, the one of Nik Richie is in Cancun at DayGlow and the other one is KB at DayGlow… do you see the big difference?  Look how much respect KB gets, they gave him a top notch gun… while they gave Nik Richie a toy gun.

The difference is I get paid to shoot the gun.- nik

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Hafiz the Stalker

August 20, 2013 Albany, Dublin, New York 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ay Yo Nik!!! please put this crazy ugly loser on blast! this is Hafiz and he always brags to my friends about being a proud “crckhead” he brags about living in Germany and in Norway and how many girls he can score with! this guy is a major loser! hes probably 30 but looks damn near 1000!! he has a weird obsession with posting photos of naked dogs and dog genitalia! he acts like he’s tough and when he comes around, everyone leaves!!! he talks about hating Islam as well, even though he’s a muslim! listening to his anti-islamic rants are hilarious! I also would like to warn any girls to keep his name in mind because he likes to prowl and find girls underrage as well! NIK, for the sake of all females on earth! put this loser on blast

That bottom pic looks like a chat roulette pose.- nik

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A Potential Threesome Was The Death Of Rob Reichl

July 22, 2013 Manhattan, New York 8

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Rob Reichl of Bay Ridge fell to his death after being lured to the top of a Sunset Park building for a tryst. He went expecting two women offering him a good time; instead, he found three men who maced and robbed him of $2,000. The macing caused Reichl to lose his footing and plummet to his death.  The people were arrested but they are not sure if they are going to charge them with murder, since that was not the intent.  Crazy right?  Beware of threesomes.

It sounds like murder to me.- nik

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Tierany Rudolph

July 16, 2013 Albany, Manhattan, New York 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty troll was posted on here back in January and she actually just found out that she was on here and is telling everybody because she thinks shes “famous” or something now. she just got out of jail not to long ago for posession of a controlled substance in the 7th degree. shes actually proud to be the nasty cr*ck whore stripper, hooker wanna-be barbie bitch that will fck for a free meal from mc donalds and some crack. she also thinks that you owe her money for posting her on here. LOL just thought i’d let you know that and also really really REALLLLLY think that she needs to become a dirty celeb. what do you think? I’m sure others would agree.

She aint no reindeer.- nik

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