Cheating Loser

November 8, 2012 New York 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, put this cheating asshole on blast.  All he does is break girls hearts and leaves them to want more of him . He is a bad person and broke my heart.

Does this guy have a name?- nik

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Hurricane Sandy Has Caused Major Destruction

October 30, 2012 Manhattan, New York, The Dirty 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, whoever the idiot that wrote Hurricane Sandy didn’t cause that much damage must be living on the west coast.  I live her in New York and let me tell you the city is flooding, its currently still raining and streets are full of water.  Luckily, I’m still alive and so is my family.  Everyone is ok but we live on a 33rd floor so not much to worry about.  As the electricity gets back on and more pictures are released you guys will see the damage it has done.

Why is NYPD trying to drive in that water? Are they really that smart? My thoughts and prayers go out to the Yankee players who are on vacation at golfing resort destinations.- nik

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Hurricane Sandy Is Worse Than A Drunk Girl At The Bar

October 30, 2012 Atlantic City, Jersey City, Manhattan, New York, The Dirty 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Sandy Hurricane has messed the east coast up.  Over 20 people dead so far, countless people can’t even live in their place due to the floods.  Over 20,000 flights have been cancelled since yesterday and more are going to be coming.  Its crazy how hard it hit the people over there.  But the good news is that FEMA is actually coming out to help, luckily we have a great president who is here to help the people, not like Bush did back in the Katrina Hurricane and left people to die and figure it out themselves.

Not to be a party pooper, but I haven’t seen any pictures or anything on TV that make Hurricane Sandy look tough. She sounds like a little bit of extra rain.- nik

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I Totally Agree With Nik Richie About Lance Armstrong

October 17, 2012 Dirty Athletes, Hollywood, New York, Paris, The Dirty 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m totally with you about Lance Armstrong being the biggest scam in sports history.  My mother and father both died of Cancer and for the past few years I have donated every year to the LiveStrong foundation.  I’ve been a huge supporter of Lance because I could totally relate to him and his pain.  But now to know that piece of sh*t got Cancer due to all the steroids and illegal PEDs he was putting in his body and it makes me sick for all the donations I have given.  I lawyer’d up this morning and fired off a lawsuit against LiveStrong and demanding my money back.  I’m not supporting this lying piece of sh*t. Nik please help me and other to file a class action Lawsuit against Lance Armstrong and LiveStrong.

I never trusted this guy. There was something about his name and face that made me think con-artist.- nik

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I Just Want An Honest Opinion

October 17, 2012 Manhattan, New York, The Dirty 224

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just wanted an honest opinion.. my boyfriend tells me I’m beautiful but thats normal for him to lol. Just wanted to hear what a random person would think.

I think you need a nose job and proper hair extensions to hide the size of your forehead and thinning dead hair. If you feel generous, cheek implants would be a bonus… but I can live without them.- nik

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Who Is This Emily Fox Girl From New York

October 9, 2012 Dirty Business, Hollywood, Manhattan, New York, The Dirty 88

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik,  so me and my boy came across this so called Emily Elizabeth/ Emily Fox whatever name she goes by. She claims she’s from New York and spends a lot of time in LA specifically Hollywood. She also claims to work as an event planner in New York and used to intern at Pacific design in Hollywood. She instantly began to tell us she would be coming down from New York soon and wanted someone to take her around town and to hang out with. Then it gets interesting when she all of a sudden ask us to send her pictures of us and she would send us back better ones of herself. After a few basic pictures she starts sending us these wild nudes of her blasting herself hahaha. Do you think you can find dirt on this chick or if anyone in the LA or New York area know of her.

Sounds like a faker trying to get naked pictures of your Greg to sell on the black market.- nik

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Malicia Santana Has An Amazing Back Side

October 7, 2012 Manhattan, New York 6

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, me and my n*ggas were at Greenhouse a while back and I met this big booty h*e Malicia.  Shawty was a dime when we was in the club and the lights is all dim.  Ended up taking her back to my crib so I can give her that purple crayon(you a fool for coming up wit that).  That ass was so big it was incredible, woke up in the morning but really wasn’t feeling shawty when that make up was off, but I was cool wit it.  We started seeing each other and after a week or two I realized how conceited and crazy this broad was.  Never have a met a girl so confident in herself that shouldn’t be.  All she talked about how big her butt was and how she could have any rich n*gga and wonder why she was  f*cking wit a n*gga like me?  Had to drop her off the line up cause I couldn’t deal wit it.  Long story short, shawty’s ass ain’t real.  Totally fake, so erreyone beware of that.

That ass is fake.- nik

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The Girl 99% Of NYC Slept With

October 4, 2012 New York 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, her name is Jowin lives in queens and attends FIDM. This girl has slept with every guy in new york including myself. If she wasn’t such a who*e she is total wife material. Im 21 and have never gotten better head in my life. She will f*ck any1 and anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE. I f*cked her in numerous clubs/restaurants/closests and have a sh*tload of sex tapes. The reason im writing this is because shes f*cking two of my friends and one is my bestfriend who has no idea about the other kid. He thinks shes a good girl and is totally clueless so I need to put this girl on blast. Let the HUNDREDS of men shes f*cked see this and post on here to prove it to this kid. When I tell you there will be hundreds I mean it. I even showed him the videos of me and the girl and he still doesn’t get it. I know once this is posted there will be numerous men in the new york area ready to spill their dirt on this whore. Please help save my friend! The new york city area and queens need to be warned!

Your friend sounds like an idiot.  You should never date a chick whose slept with all your friends.- nik

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